250+ Catchy & Funny Safety Slogans For Work

Safety Slogans For Work

As you all know Safety First should be the main motto for an industry. Many industries and also govt enforcing Safety as the priority and for influencing labours and worker of industry there should be a unique and catchy Safety Slogans For Work.

For each of your needs Champw team is there to help you with all types of Safety Slogans For Work. These safety slogans and sayings might serve an organization well for elements like signs, posters, emails, and other reminders to workers and managers.

The reason behind using safety slogans on safety posters is that the slogans catch their attention and stick to their mind like glue. Hence, they can be very effective for safety awareness.

Best Safety Slogans For Work

Find the BEST list of safety slogans for work right here! We have 250+ slogans for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a funny slogan or else everything is listed here.

  • Safety isn’t permanent.
  • Just because you have always done it that way does not make it right.
  • Stop, think, then act.
  • Safety starts with me.
  • Safety requires ongoing efforts.
  • Plan ahead to put safety first.
  • The safety of people comes before the production of goods.
  • Alert today, alive tomorrow.
  • Do not seek to place blame, seek to find solutions.
  • Do what is right, not what is easy.

Funny safety slogans for work

Below are a few subcategories of safety slogans for work that are Funny.

Sl No. Funny safety slogans for work
1 Working here is optional, safety is not.
2 Safety can get old, but so do the people who practice it.
3 If you think working safely is a pain, try being injured.
4 If you think safety rules are a pain, try having an accident.
5 We have two rules here. 1. Work safe. 2. See rule #1.
6 Working safely is a choice. A choice that keeps you healthy and employed here.
7 “I regret working safely” – said no one ever.
8 Safety glasses: All in favour say “eye!”.
9 When you gamble with the safety you bet with your health.
10 Life is short. Practice safety so you don’t rush it.
11 Chance takers are accident makers.
12 Safety first because injuries last.
13 Machines and tools do not have brains- use your own.
14 Hearing protection is a sound investment.
15 Seatbelts are more comfortable than coffins.
16 Seatbelts are more comfortable than wheelchairs.
17 Harnesses and lanyards are more comfortable than casts.
18 Make safety Plan A- it is much more fun than Plan B could be.
19 Put the phone down, save your neck.
20 Choose proactive safety measures to avoid reactive medical treatment.
21 Keep a grip on life- protect your hands and fingers.
22 Work safe today- heaven can wait.
23 Safety- Don’t keep it to yourself.
24 Guard your coworkers’ safety- even the ones you don’t like.
25 Your hands do not come with a lifetime warranty.
26 Tools do not come with brains, use your own.
27 Heavy machinery does not come with brains, use your own.
28 Look twice, save a life.
29 Stay alert, don’t get hurt.
30 When in doubt, check it out.
31 Work smart from the start.
32 Be aware, know where. (Referring to emergency equipment, exits, etc.)
33 Shortcuts cut life short.
34 Take 5 to stay alive.
35 Expect the unexpected to stay protected.
36 Safety rules are the best tools.
37 It’s a good sign if safety is on your mind!
38 Don’t be a fool, use the proper tool.
39 Shortcuts can lead to deep cuts.
40 Make it a mission to address unsafe conditions.
41 Prevent the worst, put safety first.
42 Lockout, tag-out so you don’t get zapped!
43 Electricity- great for the lightbulb, not great for the human body.
44 Avoid the shock.
45 Spare the shock of a shock.
46 Keep wires at bay.
47 All employees have the power to follow electrical safety.
48 Electricity can turn you off.
49 A faulty wire can cause a fire.
50 Before you start, turn the power off.
51 Do not be a fool, inspect your electrical tools.

Catchy safety slogans for work

Here are some of the Catchy safety slogans for work.

Sl No. Catchy safety slogans for work
52 Don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.
53 Think Safety – It Couldn’t Hurt
54 Save Life to Obey the Traffic Rules
55 If You Think Your Safety Specialist is a Pin – Try a Leg Fracture
56 Stand Up for Safety
57 Follow Traffic Rules – Save Your Future
58 Be Alert – Accidents Hurt
59 When Putting Away a Chemical Shipment – Remember Personal Protective Equipment
60 You are the key to your safety.
61 Protect Your Back – Use a Jack!
62 Precaution is better than cure.
63 Safety Begins With No 1
64 Safety First Makes Us Last
65 Safety You do Make a Difference
66 Caution – I Brake For Stop Signs!
67 The Best Car Safety Device is a Rear-View Mirror with a Cop in It
68 This Machine Can Kill You
69 Safety is Something You Can Not Live Without
70 Our patients rely on your well-being, take time to maintain it!
71 Pencils Have Erasers – Mishaps Don’t!
72 Lift With Your Legs – Not Your Back
73 Make it your mission, not to live in unsafe condition.
74 When Walkways Freeze – Walk Safely Please
75 Everyone is responsible for safety on the job.
76 Prepare to prevent.
77 Safety is a 2 Way Street – Look Both Ways
78 Disobedience of Traffic Rules Exterminate the Purpose of Life
79 Safety is a Value – Not a Priority
80 Safe Crane Operation is Uplifting
81 Seat Belts Are for Kids – Hug Them at Home – Belt Them in the Car
82 Being Accident-Free is Doing Your Part
83 If You Leave Accidents Behind Don’t Leave a Forwarding Address
84 Pretend Like You’re Invisible When Driving a Motorcycle or Bike – Because a Small Percentage of People Driving Cars Will Never See You
85 Get Smart! Use Safety From the Start
86 Safety is a Frame of Mind
87 Call 1st – Call Fast – Gotta Make That V-Fib Last – Till We Shock ‘Um – Make ‘Um Jump – Get a Rhythm – And a Pump
88 When It Seems There is Never Enough Time to Do Things the Right Way – Remember There is Always Enough Time for an Investigation
89 Learn From Others Mistakes – Don’t Have Others Learn From You
90 Save Tomorrow Think Safety Today
91 Every Accident – Every Time – If it’s Predictable – It’s Preventable
92 Have Another Day – By Being Safe Today!
93 Use Your Head Figuratively – Wear a Helmet!
94 A spill, a slip, a hospital trip.
95 Safety is a Race We Can All Win
96 Safety Ventured – Safety Gained
97 Safe Today- Alive Tomorrow
98 Safety is Not Just a Slogan – It’s a Way of Life
99 A Harness is Better Than a Hearse
100 Death Lurks in Confined Spaces
101 Proactive safety measures yield better outcomes than hopeful medical treatment.
102 Your Good Health is Your Greatest Wealth
103 Practice Fire Safety –  Watch What You Heat
104 Is better to lose one minute in life… than to lose life in a minute.
105 There Aren’t Many New Accidents – But There Sure Are a lot of New Victims
106 Safety Pays
107 Prevent Hunting Accidents – Know Your Target Before You Shoot
108 Trying to Make Up Time Could Cost You Your Life
109 Hazards- recognize and mitigate.
110 Team Safety – It’s Just Good Business
111 Don’t send your life in a text message.
112 Safe to Do? Ask
113 Lead the Way – Safety Today
114 Safety by choice, not by chance.
115 One Split Second of Carelessness Could Change Your Entire Future
116 Make it your mission, not to live with an unsafe condition
117 Don’t Be Hasty When it Comes to Safety
118 Success is No Accident
119 If You Drink and Drive – You Might as Well Smoke
120 Safety First because Accidents Last
121 Dig in Your Heels Against Accidents
122 A spill, a slip, a hospital trip
123 Leave Firework Displays to Professionals
124 If You Don’t Think It Will Happen To You – Find the Person Who Had it Happen to Them
125 Safety Fits Like a Glove – Try One On!
126 When in Doubt – Safety Wins Out
127 Stop! Think! Then Act!
128 Are You Part of the Safety TEAM (Together Employees Accomplish More)
129 Safety is the priority. Quality is the standard.
130 Mixing Bleach and Ammonia Can Be Deadly
131 You are the key to your safety on the road.
132 Guard Against Man Eating Machines
133 One safeguard does not make it safe.
134 Stop accidents before they stop you
135 Safety does not occur by accident.
136 Safety Pays All Ways
137 Working safe does not happen by accident.
138 You, Will, Achieve the Level of Safety Excellence That You Demonstrate Your Wants
139 Think Safety 1st
140 To See or Not to See – Use Eye Protection!
141 Being Safe is Like Breathing You Never Want to Stop
142 Safety You Will Regret If You Forget
143 Safety requires ongoing efforts.
144 Good enough is not good enough.
145 Unsure? Stop work!
146 If You Don’t Have Time to Do It Safe – Do You Have Time to Do It With a Man Down?
147 This Tool Will Punch You in the Face – If You Let It
148 Informed is Better Than Deformed
149 Safety Rules Are Your Best Tools
150 If You Can’t Be Good – Be Careful. If You Can’t Be Careful – We’ll Get a Call

Unique safety slogans for work

Check some of the Unique safety slogans for work that are exceptional and unique to use.

Sl No. Unique safety slogans for work
151 A Spill – A Slip – A Hospital Trip
152 The Difference Between Preaching and Practicing Safety is Measured One Safety Rep at a Time
153 Safety – It’s in Your Hands
154 If You Mess Up – ‘Fess Up
155 Prepare to prevent negative outcomes.
156 Safety is Success by Purpose – Not Accident
157 Night Doubles Traffic Troubles
158 Failing to Prepare = Prepare to Fail
159 Forgot Your Hearing Protection? Forget About Hearing!
160 Zero injuries does not indicate the presence of safety.
161 Practice Safety in All You Do – Everyone Depends on You!
162 If Caught in a Riptide – Go With the Flow
163 As Temperatures Rise – Stay Safety Wise
164 Safety is Something You Learn From the Start
165 Make Your Plant the Best – Safer Than All the Rest
166 The Best Safety Device is a Safe Worker
167 Success is the fulfillment of potential.
168 Personal Floatation Devices – Don’t Leave the Dock Without Them!
169 Safety rules are your best tools.
170 You Can Never Over Do Safety
171 Work safe, together.
172 When Disconnecting Cords – Pull the Plug Rather than the Cord
173 Get the Safety Habit
174 Be safe, drive smart.
175 Safety – Everyone’s Full-Time Job
176 Take the Extra Step for Safety
177 If You’re Going to be Stupid – You Have to be Tough!
178 Unsafe Acts Will Keep You in Stitches
179 Let Safety Be a Sponge – Soak It Up
180 Safety – The Measure of Success
181 In Case of Injury Remember RICE – Rest – Ice – Compress – Elevate
182 The outcome of safety is the sum of decisions and actions of the individuals in a workplace.
183 Prior to Games – Check Playing Field to Avoid Fields of Screams
184 Accidents Hurt – Safety Doesn’t
185 Know Safety – No Injury – No Safety – Know Injury
186 When safety is first, you last.
187 You never know which safeguard could be the difference in preventing an injury.
188 It’s Easier to Ask a Dumb Question Than it is to Fix a Dumb Mistake
189 Work together, work safely.
190 Anger is One Letter Away from Danger – Drive Gently
191 Safety first, to last in life.
192 Tomorrow – Your Reward for Working Safely Today!
193 Take Time Out for Safety
194 Operating a Boat While Intoxicated is Illegal
195 Better Dead Sure than Sure Dead
196 Protect Your Hands – You Need Them to Pick Up Your Pay Check!
197 Safety is You
198 So Concentrate on It – All the Time
199 Safety and Quality Go Hand in Hand
200 Safety Will Set You Free

Safety Slogans for Industrial Work

Do check the below Safety Slogans for Industrial Work.

Sl No. Safety Slogans for Industrial Work
201 A fire today – no job tomorrow
202 Make Safety a Part of Your Workday
203 The Safe Way is the Right Way
204 Know safety No Accidents
205 More Waste Prevention + More Recycling = Less Waste = Less Landfill
206 Never Give Safety a Day Off
207 Safety is a State of Mind – Accidents Are an Absence of Mind
208 Don’t Be a Fool – Cause Safety is Cool – So Make that Your Rule
209 Always Think Safety No Matter What the Task
210 A Casual Attitude Toward Safety = Casualty
211 You Fall – You Call – We Haul – That’s All
212 Working Safely Each Day Will Keep the Doctor Away
213 Organ Donor – A Person Who Doesn’t Wear His or Her Helmet
214 Safety glasses: All in favor say “Eye!”
215 Safety:  To Be or Not to Be – There’s No Question About It!
216 Your Safety Gears Are Between Your Ears
217 Safety of people comes before the production of goods.
218 No Injuries to Anyone – Ever
219 Safety Records Don’t Happen by Accident
220 Generating Safety – Is a Mega-Watt Savings
221 When in Doubt Get Out
222 Safety First – Avoid the Worst!
223 Safety Will Improve – By Controlling Every Move
224 Never take safety for granted.
225 Be Hand-in-Glove with Safety
226 Check for Safety Then Recheck
227 Do not seek to place blame, seek to find solutions.
228 Hearing Protection is a Sound Investment
229 If In Doubt Check it Out – Safety First
230 At Work, At Home – Let Safety Be Known
231 Slow Down! Your Family Will Be Waiting for You
232 Keep Safety in Mind – It Will Save Your Behind
233 Every task, the right way, every time.
234 Ten fingers, Ten toes, if you are not careful then, who knows?
235 Under the influence? Hand over the keys.
236 You Bet Your Life When You Take a Chance
237 Use the Right Tool for the Job
238 When treating injuries, take time to prevent one from occurring to you!
239 Hug Your Kids at Home – But Belt Them in the Car!
240 Wear the Right Protective Equipment for the Job
241 Accident Prevention – Your Number One Intention
242 Road safety is everyone’s responsibility.
243 Safety Doesn’t Slow the Job Down but Mishaps Do
244 Time Runs Out on Luck – Do the Job the Safe Way
245 Behind the wheel, anger is one letter away from danger.
246 Plan ahead to put safety first.
247 Why Wear Safety Glasses?  If Not – You May End up in the Dark
248 Safety isn’t permanent.
249 When Safety is First – You Last
250 Never Forget About Safety
251 Before You Do It – Take Time to Think Through It
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