165+ Complete Animal Group Names Encyclopedia

165+ Complete Animal Group Names Encyclopedia

A complete animal group names list starting from Apes to Zebra for you. The useful list is a great way to learn the collective noun for students. All the names published in this post are animals group name in English and here you will get collective names for groups of animals and birds, but if you are searching for animal rescue group names – this post is not for you.

You can check also the Complete Father of Biology Name Encyclopedia to prepare for GK. Today I will discuss best animal group names, weird names for groups of animals, names of groups of animals list, and funny names for groups of animals.

Top 10 Best Animal Group Names

Complete Collection of best animal group names Encyclopedia like Yoke, Colony, Quiver, Shrewdness, etc. Students from different ages reached us to help them with what are the names for groups of animals. I decided to cover different names for groups of animals including group names for animals and insects to prepare you for the quiz.

Animal Group Name
Lions Pride
Rhinoceroses Crash
Monkeys Barrel
Kangaroos Troop
Buffalo Herd
Zebras Zeal
Wolves Pack
Rabbits Herd
Oxen Yoke
Hippopotami Bloat

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Names Of Groups Of Animals List

Absolutely complete names of groups of animals list with Leap, Parliament, Prickle, Nest, etc. Starting from plural animal group names to interesting names for groups of animals, this list includes both proper names for groups of animals and names of different animal groups. The animal group names are from medieval times, that is why using these names sometimes may sound funny or weird.

Animal Group Name
Goshawks Flight
Hogs Parcel
Hippopotamuses Bloat
Insects Swarm
Lions Pride
Hens Brood
Locusts Plague
Ravens Unkindness
Falcons Cast
Chickens Clutch
Fish School
Capercaillie Tok
Snipes Walk, Wisp
Finches Charm
Cheetahs Coalition
Flies Business
Mallards Sord
Vipers Nest
Dolphins Pod
Bees Drift, Erst, Swarm
Wolves Pack, Rout
Jellyfish Fluther
Monkeys Barrel, Troop,
Hyenas Cackle
Bats Colony
Coyotes Pack
Mice Nest
Deer Herd, Parcel
Rooks Building, Parliament
Ants Army, Colony, Swarm
Wigeons Company, Trip
Goldfinches Charm
Dunlins Fling
Waterfowl Bunch Raft
Hornets Nest
Cats Clowder, Pounce
Flamingoes Stand, Regiment
Zebras Herd, Dazzle, Zeal
Wildfowl Bunch, Trip, Knob, Plump
Oxen Drove, Yoke
Swans Bank, Flight, Wedge, Bevy
Whales Gam, Herd, Pod, Mob
Oysters Bed
Hounds Pack
Choughs Chattering
Martens Richness
Seals Pod
Badgers Cete
Jays Party
Ducks Plump, Badling

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Weird Names For Groups Of Animals

Weird Names For Groups Of Animals

Get weird names for groups of animals like a Caravan, Bask, Skulk, Barrel, etc. Generally, the weird names for animal groups are difficult to remember – so I suggest you either take a note of strange names for groups of animals or read this section repeatedly to mug up names of groups of animals and things. This also answers animal group names including animal names male female young and group and 172 unusual names for groups of animals search queries.

Animal Group Name
Parrots Pandemonium, Company
Pelicans Pod
Nightingales Watch
Minnows Shoal
Sparrows Host
Ibex Herd
Turkeys Gang, Rafter
Starlings Chattering, Murmuration
Wombats Wisdom
Moose Herd
Bitterns Sedge Or Sege
Foxes Skulk, Leash
Boars Sounder
Kittens Kindle
Wrens Herd
Hawks Boil, Cast, Kettle
Mackerel Shoal
Orangutans Buffoonery
Eagles Convocation
Curlews Herd
Crocodiles Bask
Cormorants Gulp
Colts Rag
Larks Bevy
Jackdaws Clattering
Leopards Leap
Pigs Drift Drove
Elk Gang
Elephants Herd
Geese Flock, Gaggle
Vultures Kettle, Committee, Wake
Plovers Congregation, Stand, Wing
Sea Urchins Herd
Turtles Bale, Nest
Eels Bed
Grasshoppers Cloud
Frogs Army
Quail Bevy, Covey
Grouse Covey
Woodpeckers Descent
Dotterel Trip
Antelopes Herd
Snakes Bed, Den, Nest, Pit
Horses Harrase, Team, String
Partridges Covey
Storks Mustering
Penguins Colony, Tuxedo, Convent
Kangaroos Mob
Guineafowl Rasp
Crows Murder Or Horde

Most of the collective nouns will sound weird as they are from the medieval age. Starting from a caravan of camels to a congregation of alligators, an obstinacy of buffalo to an army of caterpillars, an embarrassment of pandas to a kindle of kittens, a grumble of pugs to a bevy of deers, and many more weird but beautiful names are inside this list.

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Funny Names For Groups Of Animals

Solid funny names for groups of animals like Business, Gaggle, Smack, Murder, etc. This hilarious list is made with funny names groups of animals or fun animal group names. Not only answering what are the animal group names, but the list also talks about fight list names of groups of animals and names of animal groups and babies. The animal group names are globally standard names and cannot be changed for personal use, as this will result in causing grammatical errors.

Animal Group Name
Squirrels Dray, Scurry
Coots Covert
Bullfinches Bellowing
Buffalo Herd
Rats Mischief
Owls Parliament
Caribou Herd
Butterflies Swarm, Flutter
Sheldrake Dopping
Giraffes Tower, Herd
Bears Sleuth Or Sloth
Spiders Cluster Or Clutter
Capons Mews
Goats Flock, Trip
Swallows Flight
Doves Dole Or Dule
Manta Rays Squadron
Sheep Flock, Herd, Hurtle, Pack
Cranes Herd, Sedge
Tigers Streak, Ambush
Swifts Flock, Scream
Mules Barren, Span
Beavers Colony
Cattle Mob
Lapwings Deceit Or Desert
Herons Sedge, Siege
Toads Knot
Ferrets Business
Woodcocks Fall
Peacocks Muster, Pride, Ostentation
Magpies Charm, Murder, Gulp
Gnats Cloud
Baboons Troop
Bullocks Drove
Mares Stud
Trout Hover
Turtle Doves Dole Or Dule
Raccoons Gaze
Moles Labour
Pheasants Bouquet, Nide, Nye
Rhinoceroses Crash
Apes Shrewdness
Gorillas Band
Teal Spring
Dogs Pack
Weasels Colony, Pack
Birds Flock, Flight
Barracuda Battery
Rabbits Colony, Litter, Herd, Nest
Swine Drift
Walruses Herd, Pod
Pigeons Kit

Originated from England animal group names also known as venery are globally accepted collective nouns that explain or define animals, birds in plural numbers.

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Why do groups of animals have different names?

Julia Berners (England) published a book naming The Book of Hawking, Hunting, and Blasing of Arms in 1486. The book consists of 165 collective nouns for a group of creatures, from where the distinguishable naming for the different groups is named after.

These names are also termed venery and originated from the English hunting tradition. We are not allowed to change the animal group names during our daily life usage. These are globally standard names aka. collective nouns. Knowing the animal group names will help you to have a good command of the vocabulary and write content that expresses more beautifully.

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Final Words

Thank you for your reading time for your animal group names query. I am pretty sure 165+ Complete Animal Group Names Encyclopedia is where your search will end because I provided you with the ultimate choice list. It takes the ChampW Team to research and continuously updates to maintain the list. Kindly share our words to appreciate our efforts.

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