Best Whatsapp DP | Sad, Love, Attitude, funny, Cool Whatsapp DP

Best Whatsapp DP

Since launching in 2009, WhatsApp has become the world’s most popular text and voice messaging application. Specializing in cross-platform messaging. People love Whatsapp and also Love to change WhatsApp DP. Your display picture (or profile picture) in WhatsApp is called your DP. Every day people of different types need a DP according to Their Needs.

Now it is a trend to change whatsapp DP according to people’s mood. So people want Sad DP for Whatsapp, Love DP for Whatsapp, Attitude DP for Whatsapp, Funny, Cool DP for Whatsapp, and not only that Whatsapp DP for Girls is the most searched  DP Nowadays.

Best WhatsApp DP

So let’s find out the best WhatsApp DP, Whatsapp Images, and Dp status. Share DP For WhatsApp with your friends and post to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Sad WhatsApp DP Status

It varies man to man and everyone has their own choices to express his/her love or sadness. If you want some Sad Whatsapp Dp to show your special one that you get hurt. The most Popular and most searched type of DP is MOOD OFF DP images for WhatsApp.Choose the list of SAD DP status for WhatsApp.

Sad WhatsApp DP Status about pain


Sad WhatsApp DP Status showing sadness



Sad WhatsApp DP Status No pain but in Pain


Sad WhatsApp DP Status Dard

Love WhatsApp DP

There is a  special need for Love Whatsapp Dp. It’s time to express your love to your Special Man/Woman by changing your  DP.So here is the list of Whatsapp DP Images on Love.

Love WhatsApp DP


Love WhatsApp DP 5


Love WhatsApp DP 4


Love WhatsApp DP 3


Love WhatsApp DP 2


Attitude WhatsApp DP

The right attitude can overcome obstacles. I take some Attitude Whatsapp DP for you to overcome your barrier of life. So let’s see the list of DP to show your Attitude.

Attitude WhatsApp DP


Attitude WhatsApp DP 2


Attitude WhatsApp DP 3


Attitude WhatsApp DP 4


Attitude WhatsApp DP 5

Funny WhatsApp DP

Sometimes making fun of yourself looks cool and interesting. So I made the best Funny Whatsapp DP to make a funny impression, even more, Cuter to your friends and family. So lets our list of Funny DP is given below

Funny WhatsApp DP 5


Funny WhatsApp DP 4


Funny WhatsApp DP 3


Funny WhatsApp DP 2


Funny WhatsApp DP

Cool WhatsApp Display Picture DP

Who doesn’t want to get a cool and Stylish impression to his/her Friend? So here I share some of Cool Whats App DP images to show your Cool image to people follows you in WhatsApp.

Cool WhatsApp DP


Cool WhatsApp DP 5


Cool WhatsApp DP 4


Cool WhatsApp DP 3


Cool WhatsApp DP 2

WhatsApp DP for Girls

Yah Girl they are a “special creation of God“. Their need for  DP is different than others. So I make a list of Whatsapp DP for Girls which they love to put into their  DP.

WhatsApp DP for Girls 4


WhatsApp DP for Girls 2


WhatsApp DP for Girls


WhatsApp DP for Girls 5


1. How to change my DP for Whatsapp?

For changing DP please follow these steps

  • Go to WhatsApp > tap More options  > Settings.
  • Tap your profile photo > Camera icon.
  • You can choose a photo from your gallery, take a new photo with your camera or remove your current photo.

2. How can I Know who viewed my DP?

There is no option in WhatsApp to check who has seen your profile. You can hide your display picture and status to an unknown person(not in your contact list). If you do not have any privacy anyone can see your DP and status.

3. How to see DP if not in contacts?

This is not a technical way but more of a psychological way of doing it.

  • Remove your profile pic for a long time say around 1 month, all those people who get back to you asking “Why is there no DP”? could be the ones looking at your DP.
  • After trying #1 for a good time, Try changing the DP regularly in 10-12 hours and update your status, People(your friends) will become inquisitive to know what buzz are you creating that you are posting new pic everyday.

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Here in this article, I try to fulfill your need for DP in WhatsApp. I have given different types of  DP according to your need. If you want more DP status for WhatsApp please comment for IT. we will definitely add it in between 2 Days.

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