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350+ Best Whatsapp About Status in English and Hindi

Check 1000+ Best Whatsapp About Status in english, hindi, Marathi

Whatsapp About Status: Whatsapp introduced the feature of placing “about status” at the beginning of starting their services. People use their default about status at first but as technology gains, it’s popularity people finding for Best WhatsApp Status for beatifying their WhatsApp account. They now know that with the best Whatsapp DP there should be a perfect Whatsapp About Status For an extreme Cool look at their Profile on WhatsApp.

In the previous article, I wrote about the best WhatsApp status, WhatsApp dare gamesWhatsApp group link, and WhatsApp group name now I borrow a brief list of Whatsapp About Status for you.

Whatsapp About Status 2021

Get the best of best WhatsApp about status from us, love, life, success unique WhatsApp about status for you Whatsapp account 2021 in Hindi, English and Marathi language. As you know WhatsApp about status can decide the complete impression of your profile be careful when choosing the status.

Whatsapp About Status in English

Mainly Huge number of people search for common, cool, and unique Whatsapp Whatsapp About Status. Get 350+ Whatsapp About Status in English as English is the most common language in the world.

Sl No.Whatsapp About Status in English
1“Hold on guys” I’m coming.
2“I’m done with you” is a very rude sentence but also a true one.
3“Results or Excuses” Your choice.
4“Success” all depends on the second letter.
5“YOU” means a lot to someone.
63 priceless things in life. Trust, loyalty, and respect.
7A beautiful life begins with a beautiful mind.
8A book has soo many chapters to read.
9o_____ #My Passion
10BAE: Before After Eat.
11Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.
12Be happy with what you have.
13Be patient, good things take time.
14Be strong enough to walk alone.
15Be strong to be hard.
16Be strong, live strong.
17Be the reason for someones smiling face.
18Be the voice of people.
19Be too busy to have time for regrets.
20Be with it.
21Be you. Not anyone.
22Be yourself! You’re not born to impress anyone.
23Be Yourself; Everyone Else Is Already Taken.
24Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.
25Before You, Judge Make Sure You Are Perfect.
26Believe in you.
27Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.
28Believing in you is the first secret to success.
29Better to be strong from inside than outside.
30Better to be strong than pretty and useless.
31Bitter is little.
32Born to rule not to follow.
33By hook or by crook.
34Careless. Smile more.
35Change the world by being yourself.
36Change your thinking not you.
37Doing nothing is better than something creepy.
38Don’t let negative people hold you back.
39Don’t let people laugh at you.
40Don’t live life to impress, but live life to express.
41Don’t miss it.
42Don’t stop until you’re proud.
43Dreams don’t work unless you do.
44Each new day is another chance to change your life.
45Enjoy life to be healthy.
46Enjoy life. It comes with an expiry date.
47Enjoy life. There’s plenty of time to be dead.
48Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of others.
49Even I have something for you, that’s my heart.
50Every day is a second chance.
51Every moment is a fresh beginning.
52Everyone has different desires in their life.
53Everything doesn’t need to be talked out.
54Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.
55Forget your age and live your life.
56Forget your age and live your life.
57Freedom is the right for all.
58The future belongs to those who know how to wait.
59Genius By Birth, Evil By Choice.
60Girls are like an object which is most distrustful.
61Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.
62Giving up is a coward thing.
63Go and find the correct person for you.
64God Is Really Creative, I Mean…Just Look At M!!!
65Good things come to those who wait.
66Hey, you F off!!!
67HOPE – Hold On, Pain Ends!
68Hope anchors the soul.
69Humans are like insects in this universe.
70I believe in myself.
71I can do anything for you except leaving you.
72I don’t want a perfect life. I want a happy life.
73I don’t want a perfect life. I want a happy life.
74I feel better when you’re with me.
75I just want you in my life.
76I’m The Guy, U Will Hate Nd Your Sisters Will Date.
77I’m The Guy, U Will Hate Nd Your Sisters Will Date.
78I’ve learned if you love life, life will love you back sooner or later.
79If someone makes fun of you let them do this.
80If You Are Bad, Then Call Me Your Dad.
81If you can dream it, you can achieve it.
82If you can’t love then don’t pretend it.
83If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.
84If you forget your past. This means you learn nothing from it.
85If you never try, you’ll never know.
86If you want it, work for it. It’s that simple.
87In the end, it’s all about “SEX.”
88Instagram Status is just an illusion reality is different.
89It could make someone’s day.
90It doesn’t matter what others think. As long as you believe in yourself.
91It is not that how tragically we suffer; it is how miraculously we live.
92It only takes one person to change your life: You.
93Its time to let it go.
94Keep Calm & Just Chill.
95Keep smiling coz you are doing it well.
96King will be always king.
97Learn to find joy in life – that’s the best way to bring happiness.
98Leave me alone or sit on the throne.
99Let people show off because it is their nature.
100Let things happen for some time.
101Let your faith be bigger than your fear.
102Let’s have some fun.
103Life always offers you a second chance. It’s called tomorrow.
104Life is always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act.
105Life is an adventure, so live it up!
106Life is an art of drawing without an eraser.
107Life is an unlimited package of happiness. Enjoy it!
108Life is better when you’re laughing.
109Life is the flower for which love is the honey.
110Life Is Too Short To Waste On Hating Other People.
111Life is too short for a long story.
112Life is too short to do the things you don’t love doing.
113Life is too short to waste on hating other people.
114Life is too short. Don’t waste it reading MY WhatsApp status.
115Life is very difficult when we are true to everyone.
116Live an adventurous life.
117Live and let live.
118Live beautifully and dream passionately.
119Live each day as if it’s your last.
120Live each day as if your life has just begun.
121Live for yourself.
122Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive.
123Live life well and don’t forget to smile.
124Look up to the sky you’ll never find rainbows if you’re looking down.
125Looking for a better one.
126Lost time is never found again.
127Love in life makes life beautiful.
128Love in life makes life beautiful.
129Love in your heart brings life to your soul.
130Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.
131Love is life. If you miss love, you miss life.
132Love yourself.
133Loving is caring but caring is sharing.
134Luck is great, but most of life is hard work.
135Motivate yourself every day.
136Motivate yourself today it will save you tomorrow.
137My Attitude Will Always Be Based On How You Treat Me.
138My Every Status Is A Silent Message To Someone.
139My GF is my GF none of your GF.
140My life is my message.
141My silence is just another word for my pain.
142Nature f**k the whole world when it comes up to it.
143Never Accept To Be Anyone’S Second Choice.
144Never cheat on anyone.
145Never ever say NEVER to anyone.
146Never explain yourself to others.
147Never settle with this.
148No expectations. No disappointments.
149No matter how hard we try, life will never be perfect.
150No more lies I’m tired of it.
151No one will wait for you, just move on.
152Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.
153Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly
154Only when it is dark enough, can you see the stars?
155Only you can deserve my love, the rest of the world is useless.
156Only you can do this.
157Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.
158Peg after peg.
159People always do crazy things when they are happy.
160People change and things go wrong. Just remember, life goes on.
161People deserve better than they think.
162Prince always comes to his princess.
163Problems are not stopped signs, they are guidelines.
164Push yourself to do more.
165Put Me Second And I’ll Make You Nonexistent.
166Quitting things is only for looser.
167Raise your voice to the world it will know your value.
168Remember it’s just a bad day, not a bad life.
169Respect Those Who Deserve It Not Demand It.
170Ruin the thing that ruins you.
171Run if you RUN.
172Run Work Eat Repeat.
173Save trees save you!
174Self Confidence Is The Best Outfit, Rock It & Own It.
175Show off the things only in front of fake people.
176Show them what you are.
177Show your smile today and stay positive.
178Stop regretting after doing such things.
179Stop wishing for it and start working for it.
180Style makes your personality good, not your inner soul.
181Success is not a thing that can be yours anytime.
182Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in & day out.
183Sunshine of my life.
184Take a deep breath and take rest.
185Take breathe and walk.
186Take these broken wings and learn to fly.
187Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your problems.
188Tall people always have issues with their height.
189That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.
190The art of living is in living with a perspective.
191The attitude should have its limits.
192The best revenge is living a successful, good life and just being happy.
193The best way to die is to live.
194The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.
195The burden which is well borne becomes light.
196The expert in anything was once a beginner.
197The first one is always the hardest.
198The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge..
199There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.
200There are no winners in life only survivors.
201There are only a few people on whom you can trust.
202There is always something to be thankful for.
203There is no happy life, there are only happy days.
204There is nothing cheap in this world you just have to know it’s value.
205There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.
206The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.
207Things change, and friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.
208Think before anyone judges.
209Think before speak.
210This is my passion and I will do it.
211This is my personality love this or hate! It’s up to you.
212This is the first and last we met.
213This is your life and your choice of how to live it.
214To live means to constantly struggle and continually win.
215To live means to constantly struggle and continually win.
216To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance & confidence.
217Today I’m giving you what belongs to you.
218Totally available!! Please disturb to me!!
219Totally Available!! Please Disturb Me!!
220When words fail, tears speak.
221Work until your relatives call you for “NO REASON.”
222You are not perfect for me, you just keep my smile.
223You are the extraordinary person I’ve ever met.
224You Attitude Can Hurt Me But Mine Can Kill You.
225You can do anything, but not everything.
226You can me or my memories.
227You can’t force anyone to stay.
228You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.
229You change your life by changing your heart.
230You do not need many possessions to have a happy life.
231You don’t need to be perfect.
232You will need me one day.
233You will never break my heart, I know this.
234Your life does not get better by chance; it gets better by change.
235Your life is worth much more than gold.
236Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it’s inspiring.
Whatsapp About Status in Hindi
Whatsapp About Status in Hindi

Whatsapp About Status in Hindi

Hindi is our national language so there is a huge need for WhatsApp about status in Hindi. And we cover all WhatsApp status we think Whatsapp About Status in Hindi should not be ignored. Choose the best hind Whatsapp About Status from the list below


Whatsapp About Status in Hindi
वो इश्क़ में यारो .. कमाल कर बैठी.. लिख कर “I love यू” send to all कर बैठी
*#मैं 👦 #कुछ_खास 😘 तो #नही_हुँ ☝लेकिन,*
*मेरे_जैसे 😌 #लोग 👫 #कम है ।।
बस इतना सा असर होगा हमारी यादो का.
..कि तुम कभी कभी बिना बातो के मुस्कुराओगे.
**जब अपने ही #परिंदे किसी और के दाने के आदी हो जाएं..!!
**तो उन्हें #आज़ाद कर देना चाहिए..!!
लोगों की औकात देखनी है तो कुछ दिन के लिए निकम्मे बन जाओ सारे रिश्ते खुद -ब-खुद सामने आ जायेंगे
घायल शेर की साँसे उसकी दहाड़ से भी ज्यादा खतरनाक होती है
ख़ौफ़ अपनी आँखों में रखो, हथियारों से दुश्मन की हड्डियाँ तोड़ी जा सकती है हौंसला नहीं
हम ज़रा सा खफ़ा क्या हो गए? जिसे देखो वो तुम्हारा हो गया
कुछ के पास बहाने होते है और कुछ के पास नतीजे
ना पेशी होगी, न गवाह होगा, अब जो भी हमसे उलझेगा बस सीधा तबाह होगा
हम वो है जो कभी नहीं सुधरेंगे,या तो BLOCK कीजिए या बर्दाश्त कीजिए
लोग अपनी औकात दिखा ही देते है चाहे जितनी मर्जी शिद्दत से रिश्ते निभा लो
तेरी अपनी thinking, तेरे अपने thoughts, मैं ना बदलूँगी, तू चाहे जो मर्ज़ी सोच
आजकल लोग अपना ज्यादातर समय अनजान लोगों को impress करने में और अपनों को ignore करने में निकाल देते हैं
अब हम दुश्मनी निभाएंगे मगर… प्यार से
डरे हुए लोग अकसर अल्फ़ाज़ों के पीछे छुपते हैं
मयखाने का दौर गया जनाब ! लहू का दौर चल रहा है …..
दहशत हो तो शेर जैसी वरना खौफ तो गली के कुत्ते भी पैदा कर देते है
एक दिन अपनी भी Entry शेर जैसी होगी ..जब शोर कम और खौफ ज्यादा होगा
कुछ ही देर की खामोशी है…. फिर कानों में शोर आएगा…तुम्हारा तो सिर्फ वक्त है…. हमारा दौर आएगा..
उनकी यादों से हमे पता चलता है,
की जो दिल में उतर जाते हैं,
वो कभी भुलाये नही जाते हैं।
बहुत दर्द देती है वो सजा,
जो बिना खता के मिली हो।
नाम एक दिन मे नहीं बनता लेकीन एक दिन जरूर बन जाता है..!
जब इंसान सफल होने लगता है,
तब इंसान खुश नही होते हैं,
बल्कि जलने लगते हैं।
अगर तुम्हारी गिनती बदमाशों में होती है तो हमारा नाम भी कभी शरीफों की गिनती में नहीं आया !
किसी ने कहा दुनिया प्यार से चलती है,
किसी ने कहा दुनिया दोस्ती से चलती है,
लेकिन हमने जब आजमाया तो ये दुनिया मतलब से चलती है।
सच चाहता है उसे हर कोई पहचाने और झूठ हमेशा डरता है कोई उसे पहचान ना ले !
न जाने किस तरह का इश्क कर रहे है हम,
जिसके कभी हो ही नही सकते उसी के हो रहे है हम।
जितना बदल सकते थे बदल लिया खुद को ,
अब जिसको तकलीफ है वो अपना रास्ता बदले !
जिम्मेदारियां भी एक इम्तेहान होती है,
जो निभाता है न उसी को परेशान करती हैं।
काश कहीं ऐसा होता वो लौट आते,
और हमसे कहते तुम होते कौन हो हमे छोड़ने बाले।
AττiTυdΣ तो ‪अपना भी ‪‎खतरनाक है ,
जिसे भुला ‪दिया SO ‪‎भुला दिया,
फिर एक ‪ही शब्द ‪याद रहता है,Wнo are U ?
#बड़े_लोगों  से मिलने में  हमेशा #फ़ासला रखना,
#जहाँ_दरिया  समुंदर से मिला  दरिया #नहीं_रहता
बुलन्दियों को पाने की ख्वाहिश तो बहुत थी,
लेकिन दूसरो को रौंदने का हुनर कहां से लाता !!
आप हमारे पास तो रहोगे उम्र भर,
चाहे प्यार बन कर,
चाहे दर्द बन कर।
*कमजोरियां मत खोज मुझ में ऐ दोस्त*,, !
*एक तू भी शामिल हैं मेरी कमजोरियों में*..!!
मेरे जनाजे में सारा शहर निकला,
लेकिन वो न निकला जिनके लिये हमारा जनाजा निकला।
जब हम अपने रिश्तों के लिए वक्त नही निकाल पाते हैं,
तब वक्त हमारे बीच से रिश्ते निकाल देता है।
हमारे पास जितनी भी खुशियाँ हैं न,
वो सब तेरे बहाने से हैं,
कुछ तेरे रूठ जाने से हैं,
कुछ तेरे मनाने से हैं।
लड़की की माँ मुझसे बोली – “तूने ऐसा क्या कर डाला जिससे ये रो रही है”मैंने कहा – “Block”
Status तो तुने ‪हजार पढे होंगे.. लेकिन मेरा Status 1 बार ही पढा होगा… क्योकि यँहा Status Copy-Paste से नहीं TYPING से बनते हैं
नाकाम हो जाती है हमारी सारी कोशिशे,
जब वो हमसे रूठ जाया करते हैं।
हमने तो शौंक- शौंक में स्टेटस लिखा था,
पढ़ने वालो को सच-म्मुच शॉक लग गया !
इतना भी गुमान न कर आपनी जीत पर ‘ऐ बेखबर’शहर में तेरे जीत से ज्यादा चर्चे तो मेरी हार के हैं।।।
बाप के सामने अय्याशी, और हमारे सामने बदमाशी,
बेटा, भूल कर भी मत करियो.!
पसंद है मुझे.. उन लोगों से हारना…
जो लोग मेरे हारने की वजह से पहली बार जीते हों..!
में बंदूक और गिटार दोनों चलाना जानता हूं ,
तय तुम्हे करना हे की तुम कौन सी धुन पर नाचोगी..।।
मेरे दिल को यु कैद ना कर,
ए पगली, दिल के नवाब हे, तेरे पिंजरे के पंछी नही.!
अपनी औकात में रहना, सीख ले बेटा। वर्ना
जो हमारी आँखों में खटकते हैं वो श्मशान में भटकते हैं
दुनिया को अक्सर वो लोग बदल देते हैं,
जिन्हे दुनिया कुछ करने लायक नहीं समझती..!
जवाब लेने चले थे
सवाल ही भूल गये
अजब है ये इश्क भी
अपना हाल ही भूल गए
नया #नया है ‪तू बेटे… मैंने ‪खेल पुराने ‪खेले है ?
जिन लोगों के दम पर ‪‎उछलता है तू… ‪
मेरे पुराने वो चेले है..
हम सबके #बाप है, जो उलझा हमसे,
जाके देख लो समसान में उसकी राख है !
प्यार करता हु इसलिए फ़िक्र करता हूँ,
नफरत करुगा तो जिक्र भी नही करुगा !
पगले तेरा नसीब अच्छा है, कि तुझे मेरे “Status” और “DP” देखने को मिल रहे है..
क्या हुआ जो तू तेरी माँ की लाडली है,
हम भी अपने बाप के सहजादे है !
तेरे हुस्न को परदे की ज़रुरत ही क्या है,,
कौन होश में रहता है तुझे देखने के बाद..
किसी को चाह कर छोड़ना बहुत आसान है,
लेकिन छोड़ कर चाहना इश्क कहलाता है।


Whatsapp About Status Marathi
Whatsapp About Status Marathi

WhatsApp about status Marathi

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Sl No.WhatsApp about status Marathi
1*चुक*🤦🙏 झाली तर ✌😍 *माफ* करा पण ते 😘 *प्रेम* कमी 👍🎶करू नका….😀👆कारण *चूक* हे *आयुष्याच*📖📄 एक *पान* आहे😎 पण *नाती*👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👦 आयुष्याच *पुस्तक* 📕📔आहे..
2#गुंडगिरी 😎#भाईगिरी करायची असती तर कधीच #भाई झालो असतो …. पण #आईचीछाया आणि #मित्राची👬👬साथ कधीच कमी पडली नाही त्यामुळे #भाई बनायची कधीच गरजच पडली नाही
3आठवण Aali Nahi Asa Kadhi झालच Nahi, विसरावं म्हटलं tari, विसरता Yet nahi.
4#जे मनुष्य KHOTE *बोलायला Ghabrto, तो Dusrya कशालाच Ghabarat नाही.
5Time Barobar मन Ani मन barobar माणसे, Kashi badaltaat, Kadatch nahi.
6रक्तापेक्षा अश्रू श्रेष्ठ, कारण, शरीराला ज़खम झाली तर रक्त बाहेर येते, पण अश्रूला बाहेर येण्यासाठी मनाला जखमी व्हावे लागते.
7लोकं #Aaplyamude नाही… परंतु #Aplya_sathi रडायला ^Pahije.
8दूरच jayach asel tar, जवळच Yevu nako.
9नाही Baghitala tar chalel, Pan baghun न Baghitlya Sarkha करू
10Kadhi na Kadhi Tula pan Majhi ओढ लागेल… ##मीठ Pan Tula गोड लागेल,# Jeva majhya Premach Tula #वेड लागेल…
11जिच्या सोबत बोलल्याने #Mood चांगला होतो ना
12तिच्यासोबत न बोलल्याने #Mood खराब होतो😘😘
13आयुष्यातील काही गोष्टी कबड्डीच्या खेळाप्रेमाणे असतात तुम्ही यशाचा रेषेला हात लावताच लोक तुमचे पाय पकडायला सुरुवात करतात
14🙏#देवाला बोललो मी 😎‍♂ कधी 😦#मेलो 😰तर मला 💫#तारा बनव कारण 👰👈#तीने 👱🏻😍☝एेखादी #WISH मागितली तर ☝#पहिला मी ⚡#तुटुन ✨पडेण 😘#फक्त 👰#तिच्यासाठी.😎#😘…
16💱मी ☝ तो मुलगा 👨 नाही ❌ ज्याला दरवेळी, वेगवेगळ्या 👭👭 मुली 😍 आवडतात,
17मी 😌 तर 🤗 तो 😉 आहे, ज्याला ☑ प्रत्येकवेळी 💏 तुच 💘 आवडतेस…
18👦👦#माझ्या 👉👉#FB 📖#स्टेटसपेक्षा माझ ❤मन #वाचल असत…तर👦👉❤ #inrelationship मधे ❤तुझच 👸#नाव दिसल आसतं… ..😘😘 👉💔😘😘
19★★★👉त्या ‪#‎वेङीला 👩🏻वाटते ‪#‎मी_👦🏻तीला विसरलो पण…… ‪#‎तिला काय माहीत 👉‪#‎वेळ आणि ‪#‎काळ बदला तरी ‪#‎प्रेम 😘विसरता येत नाही!!★★★
20#_दारु पीओ #_ब्रान्डेड 🍺 कभी 😊 #_खाँसी😷 ना ❌हो ….. और #_छोरी👧 #_पटाओ😘 #_वकील 🎓 की कभी #_फाँसी➰ ना ✖हो…
21आयुष्यातकितीहीचांगलीकर्मकरा, कौतुकहेस्मशानातचहोतं.
22कायमाहिततिलास्वतःचसौंदर्यचाएवढाकागर्वआहे, बहुतेकतिचआधारकार्डअजुनआलेलनसेल.Copy
23Sarve lokanch swapna ya eka vicharamude apurn rahtat, “Loka kay mhantil ?”
24मीआरसासमोरअसतांनाजगाचसर्वात Smart व्यक्तिपाहिलेआहे
25Irsya ek kupch mota rog aahe. Mhanje, Je pan majasi irsya karto tela “Get well soon”
26प्रेमहेरबरासारखअसतं, एकानेसोडूनदिलंतरज्यानेधरूनठेवलंयत्यालाचजास्तलागतं.
27Aamhi tyaj vyaktichi kaadji gheto je tya kadjicha patra asto.. Pratyekala khoos thevayala aamhi kahi JOKER nahi.
28आपल्या Boyfriend ला “माझाबेबी” “माझापील्लु” बोलनारामुलींनो, पुढच्यारविवारीत्यांनापोलियोपाजूनआना.
29Mom say No girlfriend Only “SUNBAI”Bhau bolale… Dev bolale
30Arey Vedi ! Ase tar kiti Diwas Sttus aani DP baghel ? Chal aata hradyala hradyani midu de…
31देवाचे#मंदीर असोकिंवा तुटणारा #तारा… जेव्हापणमाझे डोळेबंदहोतील तेव्हामीफक्तआणिफक्त तुलाचमागेन…
32“Jyachi Bayko MUKI, To srvaat SUKHI”
33Mansane dokyat kahi thevu nay, Nahitar Dokyavar parinaam hoto…
34He bagh bhau ! Jashi drusthi, Tashi Srushti…
35डोकशांतअसेलतरनिर्णयचुकतनाहीत, आणिभाषागोडअसेलतरमाणसंतुटतनाहीत.
36Andharala ghabarat nahi abhada ch sath aahe, Kuna pudhe vaknaar nahi, Mi MARATHIjaat aahe…
37Mi aaj pan single aahe.. Maja 3 girlfriend sobat…


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