Top 100+ Crow Names To Capture Spirit Of Intelligent Friends

Top 100+ Crow Names To Capture Spirit Of Intelligent Friends

Crow names hold significance in reflecting the character and personality of these intelligent birds. Choosing a fitting name for your crow is an essential step in pet ownership, as it creates a personal bond and enhances mutual recognition.

Names imbue a sense of familiarity and individuality, strengthening the connection between you and your feathered companion.

Crows have soared in popularity as pets due to their impressive intelligence, adaptability, and unique charm. Their social nature and ability to mimic human speech make them fascinating companions.

Despite their often misunderstood symbolic associations, crows exhibit playful personalities and complex social structures. Attracting people who appreciate their mystery and depth.

How To Choose The Crow Names?

Choosing a name for your pet crow can be a delightful experience, especially if you’re keen on capturing the essence of these intelligent and curious birds. Start by observing your crow’s unique personality traits and quirks.

Crows are highly intelligent and can recognize different sounds, so say each name out loud and observe your crow’s reaction. Does it seem to respond more to one name than the others? Choose a name that resonates with both you and your feathered friend.

Crow Names

Picking a name for your crow is a crucial aspect of pet ownership – it’s all about finding a name that suits their unique personality and intelligence.

Crow Names

Popular Crow Character Names

With pet crows becoming more popular, certain names are rising to the top – these are the names that many crow enthusiasts are favoring.

1. Kakabhushundi

Kakabhushundi is a sage who was transformed into a crow in Hindu mythology. Known for his wisdom and the ability to see past, present, and future, Kakabhushundi narrated the story of Lord Rama to Garuda.

Naming your crow Kakabhushundi links it to an individual embodying knowledge and foresightedness.

This can make your relationship with your pet more profound and meaningful, turning it into a symbol of wisdom in your own life.

2. Kevin

Russell is the affectionate and tenacious Wilderness Explorer from Pixar’s film “Up” who names a large, exotic bird “Kevin”, not knowing its gender.

Naming your crow Kevin could be a fun and unique choice, honoring one of the most lovable characters in animated film history.

This could initiate interesting conversations about your pet crow, its name, and the story behind it.

3. Bran

Bran the Blessed is a giant and king of Britain in Welsh mythology. The name Bran in Welsh means “crow” or “raven”.

Bran is associated with wisdom, rejuvenation, and the otherworld. Naming your crow Bran can imbue it with these traits, symbolizing your acknowledgment of its intelligence and mysterious nature.

Plus, the simplicity and the phonetic charm of the name could make it an easy choice.

4. Kalia

Kalia, a popular crow character from Indian children’s stories, is known for his wit, intelligence, and knack for problem-solving. These stories often revolve around Kalia outsmarting his enemies with his clever strategies.

By naming your pet crow Kalia, you are celebrating its intelligence and cunning nature, paralleling the character traits Kalia embodies.

This can lead to interesting conversations about your pet and the folklore behind its name.

5. Huginn and Muninn

Huginn and Muninn are a pair of ravens from Norse mythology that fly across the world and bring information to the god Odin. The names mean “Thought” and “Memory” respectively, symbolizing the god’s ability to see and understand everything.

Choosing one of these names for your crow can give it a mystical and ancient touch. By naming your crow Huginn or Muninn, you connect it to a rich tradition of wisdom and knowledge, as these birds played a crucial role in Odin’s understanding of the world.

This can make your relationship with your crow more meaningful, turning it into a symbol of wisdom in your own life.

Male Crow Names

If you’ve got a male crow, consider these names that reflect their strength, intellect, and innate curiosity.

1. Odin: Named after the Norse god who had two ravens; signifies wisdom.

2. Corvus: The Latin name for crow, straightforward and classic.

3. Apollo: Greek god associated with the sun; symbolizes light and clarity.

4. Merlin: Legendary wizard; signifies magic and mystery.

5. Nero: Latin for “black”; simple and direct.

6. Caesar: A strong name that evokes leadership and authority.

7. Orion: Named after a constellation; signifies cosmic wisdom.

8. Dante: Inspired by the poet; signifies depth and complexity.

9. Hades: God of the underworld; a nod to the crow’s dark feathers.

10. Victor: Latin for “conqueror”; implies triumph and strength.

11. Sirius: Brightest star in the sky; symbolizes brightness amidst darkness.

12. Magnus: Latin for “great”; signifies grandeur and majesty.

13. Thor: Norse god of thunder; represents power and might.

14. Griff: Short for Griffin, a mythical creature; symbolizes majesty.

15. Archer: Denotes precision and focus.

16. Zephyr: Greek god of the west wind; implies freedom and lightness.

17. Pluto: Roman god of the underworld; signifies mystery.

18. Horus: Egyptian god with the head of a bird; symbolizes divinity.

19. Hugo: Means “mind, intellect”; signifies intelligence, a crow trait.

20. Raven: Another name for a crow, sometimes used to denote males; represents mystery.

Crow Names

Female Crow Names

Honor the vibrancy, wit, and charm of your female crow with a name that truly suits her.

21. Athena: Goddess of wisdom; crows were sacred to her.

22. Luna: Latin for “moon”; symbolizes the mystical.

23. Minerva: Roman goddess of wisdom; signifies intelligence.

24. Freya: Norse goddess associated with love and beauty; implies grace.

25. Isolde: From Tristan and Isolde; signifies tragic beauty.

26. Persephone: Queen of the underworld; symbolizes depth and complexity.

27. Cleo: Short for Cleopatra; represents strength and charisma.

28. Ophelia: A character from Shakespeare; signifies delicate beauty.

29. Artemis: Goddess of the hunt; represents independence.

30. Zelda: Means “dark battle”; signifies strength.

31. Nyx: Greek goddess of the night; implies mystery.

32. Ursula: Means “little bear”; a nod to nature and wilderness.

33. Elvira: Means “white, fair”; ironic for a black crow.

34. Daphne: Nymph transformed into a laurel tree; represents metamorphosis.

35. Diana: Roman goddess of the hunt; represents freedom.

36. Selene: Greek goddess of the moon; symbolizes celestial beauty.

37. Hera: Queen of the gods; represents majesty and poise.

38. Giselle: Means “pledge”; represents loyalty.

39. Sorcha: Means “bright, shining”; ironic for a dark-feathered bird.

40. Venus: Roman goddess of love; symbolizes beauty and allure.

Funny Crow Names

Let your pet crow’s playful side shine through with a humorous name that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

41. Beaky McBeakface: A humorous play on the “Boaty McBoatface” internet meme.

42. Crowbar: A pun that mixes the bird with a tool, adding levity.

43. Poe: A light-hearted nod to the author of “The Raven.”

44. Heckle: Inspired by the famous cartoon magpies, Heckle and Jeckle.

45. Jeckle: The other half of the cartoon duo, adds a comedic touch.

46. Alfred: After Alfred Hitchcock, who made crows famous in ‘The Birds.’

47. Crowella De Vil: A birdy twist on Cruella De Vil from ‘101 Dalmatians.’

48. Quoth: As in “Quoth the raven, nevermore”; a literary joke.

49. Cawfee: A play on ‘coffee,’ for a crow that wakes you up!

50. Blackbeak: Pirate-inspired; adds a touch of whimsy.

51. Wingman: Adds humor; ideal for a social crow.

52. Sir Caws-a-lot: A punny name for a noisy crow.

53. Peekaboo: Funny and cute; great for a playful crow.

54. Scare: A play on ‘scarecrow,’ the crow’s natural enemy.

55. Crowtein: A pun for those who consider their crow a strong buddy.

56. Feather Locklear: A funny twist on the actress Heather Locklear.

57. Count Cawcula: A playful vampire-themed name.

58. Eggbert: A joke about where all crows come from.

59. Cawzilla: A play on ‘Godzilla’; for a crow with a big personality.

60. Tweetums: A funny, ironic name since crows don’t tweet.

Crow Names

Clever Crow Names

If you’re impressed by your crow’s intelligence, why not choose a clever name that recognizes their cognitive abilities?

61. Inky: Describes their black feathers and adds a touch of cleverness.

62. Obsidian: Named after the volcanic glass; represents their dark feathers.

63. Midas: Ironically, the opposite of everything gold.

64. Cipher: Signifying mystery and intelligence.

65. Quantum: For the science enthusiast; represents endless possibilities.

66. Echo: Represents the crow’s ability to mimic sounds.

67. Nexus: Signifies connections, as crows are social birds.

68. Quasar: For the starry-eyed; symbolizes a radiant personality.

69. Solstice: Represents the extreme, much like the crow’s intelligence.

70. Zenith: For a crow that tops all others in intelligence or skill.

71. Vector: Implies direction and force.

72. Nexus: For a crow that seems to connect various elements.

73. Pulsar: Adds a celestial touch; signifies vibrancy.

74. Enigma: Signifies the crow’s mysterious nature.

75. Paradox: For a crow that defies expectations.

76. Talon-ted: A clever play on the word ‘talented.’

77. Sable: Represents the crow’s black feathers.

78. Wraith: For a mysterious, ghostly crow.

79. Saga: For a crow with many stories to tell.

80. Quill: Both a writing tool and a feather; a clever duality.

Cute Crow Names

For those irresistibly adorable moments, these cute crow names are perfect for your feathered friend.

81. Coco: A cute, endearing name.

82. Sparkle: Ironically cute for a black crow.

83. Pebble: A small, simple name to signify their size.

84. Puffy: For a crow with fluffy feathers.

85. Starling: Even though it’s another bird, it adds a cute touch.

86. Jellybean: Colorful and fun, adds a cute layer.

87. Niblet: For the little one who loves to nibble.

88. Snuggles: For a particularly affectionate crow.

89. Twinkle: Adds a bit of light to your dark-feathered friend.

90. Fuzzy: For that downy, juvenile plumage.

91. Button: As cute as a button!

92. Doodle: A playful and whimsical name.

93. Tater: As in ‘small fry,’ adding a layer of cuteness.

94. Cuddle: For an affectionate bird.

95. Sprout: A cute name symbolizing growth and potential.

96. Swoop: For the crow who loves a dramatic entrance.

97. Wiggles: For a crow that can’t sit still.

98. Zippy: Reflecting quick flight and movements.

99. Whiskers: Ironic, since crows don’t have whiskers, but still cute!

100. Tinker: For a curious crow always into things.


1. How can I teach my crow its name?

A: Teaching a crow its name involves consistent repetition and positive reinforcement. Say the name frequently when you interact with the crow, especially during feeding times. Reward the crow with a treat or affection when it responds to its name.

2. When is the best time to teach my crow its name?

A: The best time to teach your crow its name is as soon as you start interacting with it. Crows are intelligent birds and can learn quickly, especially when they are younger and more adaptive.

3. Can I change my crow’s name later?

A: Yes, you can change your crow’s name later but it may take some time for the crow to adapt to the new name. Consistency and patience will be key during this transition.

4. How do I know if my crow has learned its name?

A: If your crow looks at you or comes to you when you call its name, it’s a good sign that it has learned its name. It’s also important to note that each crow is unique and may show different signs of recognition.

5. I have multiple crows. How can I make sure they each know their own names?

A: When dealing with multiple crows, it’s important to use distinct names and to address each crow individually as you train them. This will help them to differentiate their names from others.

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Final Words

Giving your crow a name is an essential step towards building a strong bond with your avian companion. Names hold power and can reflect the unique personality traits of your crow.

As a crow pet owner, it’s important to remember that these intelligent birds require a stimulating environment, a varied diet, and plenty of social interaction.

Be sure to invest time in training and socializing your crow, and don’t forget to maintain a clean and spacious habitat for your feathered friend.

A happy crow is a healthy crow by ensuring their welfare will reward you with a loyal and intelligent pet, full of surprises and unexpected joys.

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