125+ Wood Elf Names: From Legolas to Arwen

Wood Elf Names

Dive into the realm of Wood Elf Names, where magical and captivating monikers await. Find the perfect name to bring your fantasy world to life.

When it comes to naming the ethereal beings known as Wood Elves, one might find themselves lost in a world of enchantment and mystery.

These sylvan creatures, who call the deep forests their home, possess names that reflect their connection to nature and their inherent grace. Drawing inspiration from the woods themselves, Wood Elf names often evoke images of rustling leaves, shimmering streams, and sunlight filtering through intertwined branches.

Male Wood Elf Names

Need inspiration for male Wood Elf names? Look no further! Our carefully curated collection of mystical names will ignite your imagination.

Erevan— A Welsh name meaning “from the yew tree Ford.”

Faerandor— A Norse name meaning “journey through the forest.”

Faelor— A Welsh name meaning “from the wolf’s land.”

Elaris— Elven name meaning “mystery of the wood.”

Caelen— Welsh for “victorious people.”

Aldrion— An Elven name meaning “guardian of the trees.”

Thalron— Elven name meaning “protector of the forest.”

Sylvaron— An Elven name meaning “keeper of the woods.”

Aerendil— Elven name meaning “friend of the elves.”

Faelon— An Elven name meaning “wise counsellor.”

Larethorn— An Elven name meaning “silver thorned.”

Evander— A Welsh name meaning “bringer of joy.”

Eladris— A name from Elf meaning “lord of the wood.”

Eldritch— An Elven name meaning “keeper of secrets.”

Thalion— An Elven name meaning “strong protector.”

Aldarin— An Elven name meaning “guardian of the forest.”

Arannis— An Elven name meaning “keeper of the paths.”

Galandir— An Elven name meaning “he who walks the woods.”


Eldarian— Elven name meaning “ruler of the forest.”

Theronis— An Elven name meaning “wise guardian.”

Elrithan— An Elven name meaning “guardian of nature.”

Lorandil— An Elven name meaning “guardian of the trees.”

Maelorn— An Elven name meaning “guardian of the wilds.”

Silvaris— Elven name meaning “protector of the forest.”

Thalosir— Elven name meaning “guardian of the stars.”

Haldirion— An Elven name meaning “guardian of the lands.”

Orinthal— An Elven name meaning “guardian of the sky.”

Sylvanis— An Elven name meaning “guardian of the forests.”

Thalendil— Elven name meaning “guardian of the sun.”

Caelith— Elven name meaning “guardian of the moon.”

Female Wood Elf Names

Looking for inspiration for female wood elf names? Explore our collection of captivating options that will breathe life into your characters.

Sylvana— A Latin “from the forest” name.

Elowyn— Welsh for “white-browed”.

Rosalind— This German name means “gentle horse”.

Aurelia— A “golden” Latin name.

Celestia— A “heavenly” Latin name.

Althea— A Greek word for “healing herb”.

Lyraelle— This French name means “beauty of God”.

Lunara— Latin for “moon-shaped”.

Isolde— This French name means “ice ruler”.

Caladwen— A “blessed beauty” Welsh name.

Amaryllis— A “sparkling” Greek name.

Elaria— A Latin “airy” name.

Elanthe— A “bright one” Greek name.

Sylvianna— A Latin “woodland” name.

Faeris— A “magical being” Greek name.

Lireth— A Welsh “lake goddess” name.

Elysara— A Greek word for “divine protection”.

Melianth— The Greek word for “honey flower”.

Thalassa— A Greek “sea” name.

Aelwen— A Welsh “white beauty” name.

Seraphina— A Hebrew word for “burning ones”.

Thalara— A “blossom” Greek name.

Faelira— A Celtic “mighty” name.

Arwen Undómiel

Aerisil— A Welsh “silver one” name.

Aravindra— Sanskrit for “lotus blossom”.

Loralai— A Hebrew name meaning “Light of the Lord”.

Elysia— A “blissful” Greek name.

Thessalia— Greek for “from Thessaly”.

Miriath— The Hebrew word for “rebellious one”.

Althea— A “healing” Greek name.

Elowyn— A Welsh “wreath of grace” name.

Faelani— Hawaiian for “heavenly flower”.

Unisex Wood Elf Names

Seeking unisex wood elf names that exude mystery and charm? Look no further! Explore our carefully crafted list and bring your story to life.

Maerith— The noble Wood Elf name Maerith means “great strength.”

Sylfire— Beautiful and romantic, Sylfire means “the fire of the forest.”

Illyara— Enchanting Illyara means “peaceful forest.”

Zaelin— The lovely name Zaelin means “protector of the forest.”

Elvar— The royal name Elvar means “ruler of the forest.”

Naestra— The elegant name Naestra means “mystery of the forest.”

Galador— The great name Galador means “forest guardian.”

Faelor— The noble name Faelor means “king of the forest.”

Silva— The lovely name Silva means “the forest spirit.”

Glimmer— The magical name Glimmer means “shining light of the forest.”

Lyra— The elegant name Lyra means “song of the forest.”

Qilane— The exquisite name Qilane means “gift of the forest.”

Ara— The poetic name Ara means “beautiful forest.”

Laenir— The powerful name Laenir means “loyalty of the forest.”

Desari— The noble name Desari means “guardian of the forest.”

Tasari— The charming name Tasari means “fairy of the forest.”

Caelum— The beautiful word Caelum means “heavenly forest.”

Ylvana— The mystical name Ylvana means “blessing of the forest.”

Riorn— The powerful name Riorn means “protector of the forest.”

Elaril— The magical name Elaril means “enchantment of the forest.”

Wood Elf Names From Lord of the Rings

Step into Middle-earth with our compilation of mesmerizing Wood Elf names from Lord of the Rings. Uncover the perfect name for your character.

Legolas— Legolas, a Fellowship of the Ring member, is the most renowned “Lord of the Rings” Wood Elf.

Elladan— Elladan, Elrond’s son, is another “Lord of the Rings” Wood Elf.

Erestor— Erestor, Elrond’s faithful advisor, is Wood Elf from “Lord of the Rings”.

Celeborn— Celeborn, Gal’s husband, is a “Lord of the Rings” Wood Elf.

Galadriel— Galadriel, the daughter of Celeborn and wife of Elrond, is one of Middle-Earth’s most powerful Elves.

Elrohir— Elrohir is Elladan’s twin brother and Elrond’s son.

Círdan— Círdan, the wisest and oldest Elves in Middle-Earth, built the Grey Havens.

Haldir— Lothlórien’s march warden Haldir is one of the three Elven brothers who guarded the forest’s borders. His Fellowship of the Ring friends are loyal.

Elrond— The Lord of Rivendell and one of Middle-Earth’s strongest Elves is Elrond. Father of Arwen, Elladan, and Elrohir.

Arwen Undómiel— Elrond’s daughter Arwen Undómiel is Aragorn’s favorite. Only she has chosen mortality to be with Aragorn.


Gildor Inglorion— Gildor Inglorion leads Rivendell’s Elves and is the ruler of Finrod.

Thranduil— Legolas’ father is Mirkwood Elvenking Thranduil.

Tauriel— Captain of the guard Tauriel is a Silvan Elf of Mirkwood.

Lindir— Elrond of Rivendell employs Lindir.

Celeborn— Celeborn, Lord of Lothlórien, married Galadriel.

Glorfindel— Glorfindel, a Rivendell Elf-lord, helped Frodo Baggins destroy the One Ring.

Amroth— King Amroth of Lórien was lost at sea while journeying to the Undying Lands.

Oropher— Oropher fathered Mirkwood Elf, King Thranduil.

Wood Elf Names From The Elder Scrolls

Journey into the enchanting realm of Wood Elf naming traditions from The Elder Scrolls franchise. Unlock the mysteries of these ethereal and nature-inspired names.

Solonor— “The Forest Protector”.

Fargoth— “The Forest Wanderer”.

Aranas— “The Woodland Daughter”.

Ceridwen— “The Lady of the Woods”.

Ancalmo— “The Silent One”.

Dringoth— “The Ancient Guardian”.

Eryndor— “The Everlasting Protector”.

Teldryn— “The Woodland Guardian”.

Nimriel— “The Forest Angel”.

Gilraen— “The Wisest of the Woods”.

Elbereth— “The Lady of the Stars”.

Malion— “The Dark One of the Woods”.

Firiel— “The Woodland Maiden”.

Taralin— “The Light of the Forest”.

Agonthir— “The Forest Sage”.

Sylgia— “The Silver of the Woods”.

Laralin— “The Shining One of the Woods”.

Elindil— “The Woodland King”.

Arahir— “The Hunter of the Forest”.

Thaeril— “The Forest Sentinel”.

Galion— “The Wise One of the Woods”.

Valindor— “The Lord of the Forest”.

Taralin— “The Joy of the Woods”.

Silivren— “The Light of the Forest”.

Eldrion— “The Defender of the Woods”.

Camilonwe— “The Voice of the Woods”.

Galadwen— “The Lady of the Forest”.

Malareth— “The Shadow of the Woods”.

Aranath— “The Lord of the Woods”.

How to Find a Wood Elf Name?

Do you love fantasy, lost in fairies, forests, and magic? Are you writing a fantasy fiction or role-playing game character? If so, you may be looking for the right wood elf name. Fear not, for we will lead you on a wonderful adventure to uncover the perfect wood elf name that fits your character. Sharpen your senses and let’s explore the elven woodlands!

1. Understand Wood Elf Culture

Before choosing a wood elf name, you must understand their culture. Wood elves are graceful, agile, and attuned to nature. Their names usually reflect nature’s beauty and wonder. Consider trees, animals, seasons, and celestial bodies while naming your wood elf.

2. Draw Inspiration from Nature

The landscape around you can capture the essence of a wood elf. Wander through a beautiful forest, inhale the aroma of growing flowers, and listen to the wind. Let nature’s subtle features inspire you. Look for forest-themed names like “Alder”, “Rowan”, “Willow”, or “Briar”. Use forest creatures like “Foxglove”, “Hawthorn”, and “Wren”.

3. Use Elven Languages

Elven languages feature distinct sounds and patterns. These linguistic components can make your wood elf name more realistic. Try different vowels and consonants to make a catchy name. Use soft sounds like “th”, “s”, or “l” to convey the ethereal nature of elven language.

4. Find Wood Elf Names

The wood elf tale is full of inspiration. Explore J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels or fantasy role-playing games to find a rich tapestry of wood elf names.

5. Customize and Personalize

While inspiration from other names is helpful, you must personalize and customize your wood elf name to make it distinct. Consider personalizing or reflecting on your character. Maybe your wood elf is naughty or has magical powers. These elements in the name can give your character depth and personality.


1. What are Wood Elf names and why are they unique?

Wood Elf names are distinctive names given to the fictional race of Wood Elves in fantasy literature and games. They are unique to reflect the nature-loving, mystical characteristics of these beings.

2. How can I come up with a Wood Elf name for my character?

You can create a Wood Elf name by combining natural elements like plants, animals, or celestial bodies with elegant sounds and syllables. Online name generators can also provide inspiration.

3. Are there any specific naming conventions for Wood Elves?

While there aren’t strict rules, many Wood Elf names tend to have melodic sounds and may incorporate elven language patterns. Names that evoke nature and woodland themes are also common.

4. Are there any famous characters with Wood Elf names in popular culture?

Yes! In J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle-earth legendarium, characters like Legolas Greenleaf and Thranduil are iconic examples of Wood Elves with memorable names.

5. Are there any gender-specific considerations when choosing a Wood Elf name?

Wood Elf names can be gender-neutral in most cases since they often don’t follow traditional male/female naming conventions. However, some individuals might prefer using certain suffixes or sounds to denote gender if desired.

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Final Words

Wood Elf names are rich in history and symbolism. They reflect the deep connection that these magical beings have with nature and their surroundings. Whether you’re creating a character for a fantasy novel or looking for inspiration for a new gaming avatar, Wood Elf names offer a unique and enchanting option.

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