200+ Raven Names Ideas For Your Loyal Tiny Friend With Wings

200+ Raven Names Ideas For Your Loyal Tiny Friend With Wings

Raven names echo the haunting beauty of moonlit skies and the mysterious allure of ancient legends. Ravens have been a potent symbol in various mythologies, representing everything from wisdom and transformation to the ominous aspects of prophecy due to their intelligence and adaptability. These mesmerizing, moonless-night-dark birds provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration for evocative names that capture their complex personalities and folkloric roles.

Names such as “Shadowclaw” exemplify the raven’s mysterious nature and gloomy beauty. “Mistcaw” could convey the ethereal, almost magical presence of the bird, evoking images of morning mists dispelled by the raven’s call. Names such as “Sablewing” and “Grimbeak” allude to their mythological roles as heralds or messengers between realms, fusing their physical characteristics with the gravitas commonly ascribed to them.

Take a quick look at Phoenix Names. The realm of raven names feels like a rich tapestry of mythologies and fables, with each name a thread woven with whispers, shadows, and unspoken knowledge. Each name embodies a portion of the mythology and fascination that these birds have inspired throughout history. As we fly deeper into this enigmatic region, we delve deeper into the essence of what makes ravens such captivating creatures, discovering names that reflect the depths of their mystifying allure.

How To Choose The Raven Names?

Choosing a name that conveys the essence of these intelligent and mysterious birds can be a rewarding experience for raven enthusiasts. Observe ravens in their natural habitat or read literature and folklore in which they appear. Notate names that convey their cunning, sagacity, or sinister beauty. Names such as “Muninn,” from Norse mythology, and “Poe,” from Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem, may capture your attention.

Once a list has been compiled, it is time to prune it. Say each name aloud and envision using it in the wild or in a birding journal. Does it invoke the admirable characteristics of ravens? If you are still undecided, seek the advice of raven enthusiasts or online forums. Choose the name that most resonate with you, one that truly honors the mysterious allure of the raven.

Raven Names

Names for ravens frequently reflect their mystical aura, intelligence, and deep black plumage. Raven names, whether for a pet, a character, or a symbol, are usually mysterious and wise. Midnight, Shadow, and Onyx capture their dark feathers, while Odin and Huginn are mythological raven names.

Male Raven Names

For the guy with dark wings that grabs attention.

1. Corvus — Latin for raven, classic.

2. Shadow — Ravens are secretive and sinister.

3. Odin — The raven-god of Norse mythology.

4. Asher — The name means “fortunate” or “blessed.”

5. Zephyr — Creating a raven’s flight wind.

6. Onyx — A gem-inspired moniker for the raven’s black splendour.

7. Noir — French for “black,” describing the raven.

8. Rook — Referring to a raven-related black bird.

9. Morpheus — Ravens are magical, so named after the god of dreams.

10. Midnight — Representing the raven’s midnight preference.

11. Obsidian — A volcanic glass, representing the raven’s black elegance.

12. Ragnar — Powerful and strong.

13. Crowe — Variation on “crow,” referring to the raven family.

14. Eclipse — Creating raven gloom and mystery.

15. Finnegan — An Irish name meaning “fair-haired,” contrasts with the raven’s blackness.

16. Edgar

17. Odin

18. Corbin

19. Huginn

20. Bran

21. Muninn

22. Lucius

23. Nero

24. Mordecai

25. Victor

26. Griffin

27. Quoth

28. Poe

29. Zephyr

30. Alistair

31. Sable

32. Orion

33. Felix

34. Erebus

35. Sterling

Raven Names

Female Raven Names

Names that show how beautiful and mysterious your female raven is.

36. Morrigan — After raven-associated Celtic deity.

37. Luna — Signifying the moon’s impact on ravens’ nighttime habits.

38. Ravena — Female “raven,” embodying the bird’s soul.

39. Aurora — Imagining the raven’s dark splendour at dawn.

40. Nyx — Greek night goddess, reflecting ravens’ nocturnal activities.

41. Freya — Raven goddess from Norse mythology.

42. Hecate — Representing the raven’s charm and mystery.

43. Sable — Symbolising the raven’s sleek black coat.

44. Seraphine — Raven’s heavenly and ethereal presence.

45. Corvina — A feminine version of Latin “corvus,” meaning raven.

46. Ember — Catching fire and the raven’s spirit.

47. Selene — The raven’s nocturnal behaviour is tied to the Greek moon goddess.

48. Nocturna — Latin for “night,” indicating raven activity.

49. Astrid — Meaning “divinely beautiful,” the raven’s appeal.

50. Mystique — Raven-like enchantment.

51. Lenore

52. Morrigan

53. Rowena

54. Elvira

55. Athena

56. Bella

57. Morgana

58. Nightingale

59. Isolde

60. Selene

61. Lila

62. Seraphina

63. Zelda

64. Omen

65. Calypso

66. Nyx

67. Freya

68. Scarlett

69. Eris

70. Ravena

Cool Raven Names

Where smart and cool meet, with names as cool as their shiny feathers.

71. Obsidian — The raven’s dark grace and colour.

72. Eclipse — Raven mystery and shadow.

73. Azrael — The raven’s peculiar aura after the angel of death.

74. Solstice — Raising seasons and cycles like a raven.

75. Zenith — The highest peak, like a raven’s flight.

76. Nightshade — A fantastic moniker for a nighttime raven.

77. Zenith — Recalling the raven’s peak flight.

78. Nyx — Representing night and the raven’s love of darkness.

79. Abyss — Reflecting raven depth and mystery.

80. Cobalt — A brilliant blue against the raven’s black feathers.

81. Quasar — A tremendous cosmic phrase describing the raven’s majesty.

82. Riddle — Capturing ravens’ mystique.

83. Onyx — A gem-inspired name showcasing the raven’s black beauty.

84. Noir — French for “black,” like the raven.

85. Eclipse — A celestial event indicating the raven’s allure.

86. Shade

87. Midnight

88. Eclipse

89. Phantom

90. Cosmos

91. Vortex

92. Mystic

93. Abyss

94. Tempest

95. Whisper

96. Veil

97. Thunder

98. Cobalt

99. Equinox

100. Obsidian

101. Talon

102. Cipher

103. Enigma

104. Solstice

105. Frost

Raven Names

Badass Raven Names

Fearless names that fit the raven’s reputation for being smart.

106. Venom — The raven’s deadly and powerful nature.

107. Ravager — Symbolising a conqueror.

108. Phantom — Reflecting the raven’s enigmatic appearance.

109. Valkyrie — After Norse warrior ladies, reflecting raven strength.

110. Inferno — Capturing a raven’s fiery spirit.

111. Vortex — Unstoppable force like a raven.

112. Dominus — Latin word “master” or “ruler,” indicating raven authority.

113. Obsidian — A moniker for the raven’s darkness and strength.

114. Thunderstrike — Representing a powerful and swift presence.

115. Scorpio — A raven-like aura after the fierce and stealthy scorpion.

116. Nightshade — Inspired by the raven’s love of darkness and mystery.

117. Viper — A moniker for the raven’s cunning and poison.

118. Reaper — Similar to the raven, evoking death and destruction.

119. Havoc — Capturing raven chaos.

120. Dominar — A variant on “dominus,” emphasizing raven supremacy.

121. Wraith

122. Fang

123. Vengeance

124. Diablo

125. Sabre

126. Storm

127. Nemesis

128. Razor

129. Gloom

130. Tyrant

131. Blitz

132. Raptor

133. Slayer

134. Onyx

135. Havoc

136. Scourge

137. Phantom

138. Reaper

139. Dread

140. Chaos

Funny Raven Names

Names as clever as these birds will make you laugh.

141. Squawkzilla — A hilarious take on the raven’s call.

142. Cawmedy — A play on “comedy,” referencing raven calls.

143. Quirk — Reflecting the raven’s odd and fun behaviour.

144. Jestor — Mixing “jester” with “raven,” playful.

145. Ravenclown — A fun name combining “raven” and “clown.”

146. Chucklefeather — Considering the raven’s wit.

147. Wittywing — A charming moniker for the smart raven.

148. Prankster — Representing the raven’s mischievous nature.

149. Whimsy — The raven’s quirky and funny character.

150. Giggles — A raven’s joyful, infectious laughter.

151. Comediwing — Using “comedy” and “wing,” highlighting the raven’s humor.

152. Quipster — A fun term for the raven’s intelligence.

153. Chuckler — A moniker that implies the raven may make you chuckle.

154. Ravenwits — An amusing play on “raven” and “wits,” meaning intelligence.

155. Pranksy — Mischievous raven’s fanciful name.

156. Cawfee

157. Beakman

158. Quotha

159. Feathers McGraw

160. Crowtein

161. Tweetums

162. Cawzilla

163. Pecky Blinders

164. Poe-lite

165. Wingy Dingy

166. Mr. Beakfast

167. Nevermore

168. Edgar Allencaw

169. Quilliam

170. Ruffin

171. Wingman

172. Crow Magnon

173. Beaky Blinders

174. Eggbert

175. Crowella

Raven Names

Cute Raven Names

Capture their cute acts with names that are just as cute as the way they hop around.

176. Fluffernight — Combining “fluffer” and “night,” underlining the raven’s softness.

177. Tweetheart — A loving raven’s name.

178. Featherkins — The raven’s magnificent feathers inspire this lovely name.

179. Whiskerflap — A creative name for a cute raven.

180. Chirpykins — Referring to the raven’s cheerfulness.

181. Cuddleplume — Invoking the raven’s warm affection.

182. Snugglewing — A cuddly raven name.

183. Peepster — Representing the raven’s soft peeps.

184. Breezyfeather — Representing the raven’s freewheeling nature.

185. Huggleflap — Using “hug” and “flap,” capturing the raven’s charm.

186. Puffernest — A word for ravens’ fluffy nests.

187. Charmwing — Signifying the raven’s sweet presence.

188. Fuzzletail — Inspired by raven tail feathers’ fluffy cuteness.

189. Coozy — A cuddly raven name.

190. Snugglequill — From “snuggle” and “quill,” stressing the raven’s cuddliness.

191. Luna

192. Daisy

193. Starlet

194. Cuddle

195. Misty

196. Puff

197. Sparkle

198. Twinkle

199. Niblet

200. Dewdrop

201. Cherry

202. Bubbles

203. Snuggles

204. Feather

205. Pippin

206. Tinker

207. Dolly

208. Lolly

209. Muffin

210. Puddle

Final Words

Names like “Odin,” the Norse god with two raven companions, “Huginn” and “Muninn,” convey mysticism and old wisdom. “Shadow,” “Grim,” or “Myst” convey the raven’s darker, enigmatic nature. Consider the varied symbolism, folklore, and qualities of ravens while choosing a name. Your decision should reflect the raven traits you love most. The best raven names draw from their rich cultural and mythological heritage, making them as memorable as the birds themselves.

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