250+ Vampire Names That Will Haunt You

250+ Vampire Names That Will Haunt You

Vampire names have always held a tantalizing allure, with their mysterious and seductive qualities. These monikers effortlessly conjure up images of haunting beauty, eternal youth, and a sense of danger that lies just beneath the surface.

From ancient folklore to modern literature and cinema, vampires have taken on various identities with equally mesmerizing names.

Whether it’s the classic charm of Dracula or the alluring elegance of Carmilla, vampire names often reflect both power and vulnerability. They evoke a sense of darkness intertwined with desire, as characters like Lestat or Rosalind walk the line between love and destruction.

Female Vampire Names

If you’re a fan of the supernatural and looking for the perfect name for your female vampire character, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll explore a fascinating array of names that capture the allure, mystery, and power associated with vampires.

1. Maryse—An elegant and sophisticated name for a female vampire who embodies grace and charm among humans.

2. Lilith—A name haunted by folklore, Lilith is commonly linked to Adam’s first wife in Jewish mythology.

3. Elisabeta—A regal and ancient name, appropriate for a centuries-old vampire with authority.

4. Seraphina—This name, with celestial connotations, contrasts with vampires, suggesting inner conflict and hidden depths.

5. Morgana—A name that evokes enchantment and magic, ideal for a vampire with mystical powers.

6. Nisha—The Sanskrit word for night, Nisha embodies the nature of a vampire who thrives in darkness.

7. Ivy—Reminds of a seductive, elusive vampire, resembling ivy vines.

8. Isabella—The name Isabella conveys sophistication and refinement, perfect for a vampire with centuries of wisdom and grace.

9. Esmeray—This exotic name evokes a mysterious aura for vampires, implying unrevealed secrets.

10. Velorina—A name that reflects elegance and sophistication, ideal for a vampire with sophisticated tastes and grace.

11. Asphodel—A hauntingly beautiful name, Asphodel evokes ethereal and mystical vampires. The delicate petals of an asphodel flower hide their elusiveness and secrets. Seraphina—This name calls to mind angelic beauty and grace.

12. Asra—This name evokes mysterious thoughts of starry nights and ancient rites. It implies that the vampire is strongly connected to the supernatural and understands magic and mysticism.

13. Delilah, with its enticing voice, evokes a deadly and intriguing vampire. This name implies seduction and clever intelligence that permits the character to manipulate others.

14. Polemic This name conveys power and authority. It suggests a fierce, unrelenting vampire who commands respect and fear.

15. Livia—A sophisticated vampire, Livia embodies elegance and refinement. This name denotes knowledge, wisdom, and superb taste.

16. Bella—An everlasting vampire symbol, Bella captivates with her simple beauty and charm.

17. Selene—A name of mystery and mysticism. It suggests a moon-connected vampire with supernatural powers. Graceful and airy, Selene could be a guardian or protector.

18. Samara—A Name of Strength and Darkness, Samara depicts a mysterious and secretive vampire.

19. Nerezza—A name of mystery and evil. The vampire is cryptic and elusive, lurking in the shadows and terrifying their prey.

20. Drusilla—A vampire with a magical aura, Drusilla evokes a supernatural bond. This name suggests ancient wisdom and spiritual power, appropriate for a character with magical abilities.

21. Enyo

22. Gisela

23. Aamon

24. Jezebel

25. Sabina

26. Celeste

27. Magnifica

28. Leona

29. Essie

30. Luna

31. Lethia

32. Akasha

33. Keket

34. Liliana

35. Desdemona

36. Amaya

37. Amber

38. Elena

39. Mira

40. Marceline

41. Adrienne

42. Zella

43. Sun

44. Daeva

45. Buffy

46. Thana

47. Lenora

48. Fala

49. Gwendoline

50. Briar

51. Raven

52. Akshayaa

53. Lucinda

54. Amaris

55. Callidora

56. Belladonna

57. Victoria

58. Rosceline

59. Adrielle

60. Azrael

61. Hecate

62. Nerine

63. Jett

64. Chime

65. Ambrosia

66. Lauden

67. Ailith

68. Katherine


69. Ciarra

70. Elisaria

71. Blackwin

72. Amalaric

73. Silvester

74. Warin

75. Grimald

76. Cornelius

77. Anastasius

78. Godsven

Male Vampire Names

Vampires have long captivated our imaginations with their haunting allure and immortal existence. From the seductive Count Dracula to the brooding Edward Cullen, male vampires have become iconic figures in literature, film, and popular culture.

79. Tia, a vampire with a unique name, evokes mystery and intrigue. Its might and sophistication suggest a hidden depth in this everlasting person.

80. Lenore, a name taken from Edgar Allan Poe’s poem The Raven, conjures a spooky and gothic atmosphere. It’s gloomy and sad, expressing vampires’ misery.

81. Damien—A powerful and dominant vampire name.

82. Jasper—A strong and resilient name, Jasper is ideal for a moody and intriguing vampire. This fascinating vampire has piercing eyes and a seductive appeal.

83. Lucien, a timeless name for an everlasting being, exudes sophistication and grace. This vampire has perfect taste and manners.

84. Elvira, a name that combines beauty and strength, is ideal for a seductive and captivating vampire.

85. Senna—A vampire with an ethereal grace and otherworldly aura, Senna comes from the Latin word meaning blessed.

86. Davina—A name of mystique and power, perfect for a vampire that demands respect and fear.

87. Vladislav—A vampire with a strong and dominating name, steeped in history and tales.

88. Kol, a name associated with mystery and mischief, is a vampire who embraces his wild and unpredictable nature.

89. Aiden—A vampire associated with grace and elegance, Aiden embodies charm and refinement.

90. A vampire named Kachiri is wise and knowledgeable about the magical realm.

91. Eva, a name associated with grace and beauty, is ideal for a vampire who exudes elegance and composure.

92. Alessandra—Alessandra, a mysterious vampire, intrigues others.

93. Lestat—A name associated with power and authority, Lestat evokes both terror and attraction.

94. Tara

95. Absalom

96. Renée

97. Hoyt

98. Louis

99. Angel

100. Elinor

101. Caius

102. Lucy

103. Nandor

104. Irina

105. Deacon

Unisex Vampire Names

Vampires have captured us for centuries with their mystery and seduction. With their sharp fangs and enticing charm, these immortals are legendary in literature, film, and folklore. We generally equate them with darkness and danger, but these nighttime creatures are intriguing. Now, enter the world of unisex vampire names, where gender is undefined.

106. Nukpana— Nukpana, meaning evil, is a name that perfectly captures the essence of a vampire. Whether male or female, this name evokes a sense of power and mystery.

107. Moriarty— Moriarty, derived from the Irish surname Ó Muircheartaigh, takes on a whole new meaning when used as a vampire name.

108. Sylvan— With its origins in Latin, Sylvan means of the forest or woodland.

109. Ascelin— This name has a rich history dating back to medieval times, and it carries an air of sophistication and elegance.

110. Oleander— Derived from the poisonous plant with delicate yet deadly flowers, Oleander is a fitting choice for a vampire name.

111. Tohopka— This Native American-inspired name holds a sense of mysticism and power.

112. Golgotha— Derived from the biblical location where Jesus was crucified, Golgotha brings forth a sense of darkness and sacrifice.

113. Atieno— This African name means born at night, which perfectly captures the essence of a vampire.

114. Lorelei— This enchanting Germanic name conjures images of haunting beauty and seductive allure.

115. Vespers— This name evokes a sense of mystery and evening, perfect for a vampire character who thrives in the shadows.

116. Serenity— This serene and peaceful name might seem contradictory for a vampire, but it brings forth an element of calmness amidst their eternal struggle.

117. Ares

118. Grimoire

119. Corentin

120. Loki

121. Salem


122. Ambrose

123. Hastie

124. Bora

125. Jela

126. Myres

127. Manson

128. Sage

129. Brone

Vampire Names from Movie & Story

Our imaginations have long been attracted by vampires’ seduction and immortality. These nocturnal creatures have captivated us from gothic fiction to film. Their mysterious names, which frequently reflect their darkness, contribute to their mystique. In this post, we explore some famous vampire names from movies and TV shows.

130. Thibor— Thibor, also known as Thibor Ferenczy, is a name that resonates with power and ancient lineage.

131. Boris— Boris, a name that exudes a sense of old-world charm and sophistication, has become synonymous with the image of a suave and charismatic vampire.

132. Roman— Roman is a name that exudes an air of sophistication and charm. It brings to mind images of a vampire with impeccable style and refined tastes.

133. Janus— Janus, a name derived from the Roman god of beginnings and transitions, is often associated with a vampire character who embodies duality.

134. Paris— Paris, a name that evokes notions of beauty and romance, has been immortalized in popular culture as the epitome of an alluring vampire.

135. Otis— Otis is a name that conjures up images of a mysterious and enigmatic vampire. With its dark, brooding connotations,

136. Strahd— Strahd is a name that carries an aura of power and dominance. Often associated with vampiric royalty or nobility, it evokes images of a charismatic and fearsome vampire ruler.

137. Azusa— Azusa is a name that brings to mind a vampire with an exotic and alluring presence.

138. Alucard— Alucard is a name that embraces the darkness within a vampire character.

139. Riley— Riley is a name that adds a touch of modernity to the vampire persona.

141. Severen

142. Celeste

143. Edimmu

144. Morticia

145. Rhona

146. Cassius

147. Claudia

148. Cody

149. Boone

150. Rowan

151. Calum

152. Jules

153. Urado

154. Maharet

155. Hexxus

156. Roddy

Cute Names  for Vampire

157. Severin— Severin is a name that has become synonymous with seductive and dangerous vampires. This name gained popularity through the 1983 movie The Hunger, where David Bowie portrayed a charismatic vampire named John Blaylock, who went by the alias Severin.

158. Lestat— Another famous vampire name that cannot be ignored is Lestat.

159. Noire— Noire, meaning black in French, perfectly embodies the mysterious and alluring nature of vampires. This name has been used in various vampire-themed works, adding an air of sophistication and elegance to the characters who bear it.

160. Magnus— Magnus exudes power and dominance. Derived from Latin, this name means great or mighty, making it a fitting choice for a formidable vampire character.

161. Fergus— Fergus brings a touch of ancient Celtic folklore to the realm of vampires.

162. Valeria— Valeria is a name that evokes both beauty and strength. Derived from the Latin word valere, meaning strong or healthy.

163. Everald— Everald is a name that exudes power and authority. It has Germanic origins, with the elements ever, meaning wild boar, and wald, meaning rule or power.

164. Rhys— Rhys is a Welsh name that carries an air of mystery and intrigue. It means enthusiasm or ardor, reflecting the passion and intensity often associated with vampires.

165. Draven— Draven is a name that evokes darkness and mystery. It has English origins and is derived from the word raven, symbolizing intelligence and cunning.

166. Lazarus— Lazarus, on the other hand, holds biblical significance as it refers to the man Jesus resurrected from the dead.

167. Ammar

168. Layzal

169. Alaric

170. Ozul

171. Draco

172. Panas

173. Jarlen

174. Cleo


175. Dorian

176. Vesper

177. Valentine

178. Ascelin

179. Astaroth

180. Lucius

181. Necro

182. Ciaran

183. Akeldama

Cool Vampire Names

184. Ambrogino— Ambrogino is a name that echoes ancient power and mystery. This vampire name originates from the 1994 film Interview with the Vampire, based on Anne Rice’s popular novel of the same name.

185. Alessandro— Alessandro is a vampire name that exudes sophistication and charm. It first gained prominence in the 2009 film The Twilight Saga— New Moon, where it was used for one of the powerful Volturi vampires.

186. Athan— Athan, on the other hand, carries an aura of strength and authority.

187. Amdis— Amdis is a vampire name that has a hauntingly elegant sound to it. This name made its debut in the 2013 film Only Lovers Left Alive, portraying a timeless and enigmatic vampire character.

188. Aramis— Aramis is a name that evokes images of mystery and intrigue. It draws inspiration from Alexandre Dumas’ novel The Three Musketeers, where Aramis is not only a skilled swordsman but also an immortal being with vampiric qualities.

189. Bartholomew— Bartholomew is a vampire name that has a dark and ominous feel to it.

190. Cassandra— Cassandra is a hauntingly beautiful vampire name that brings to mind elegance and mystery. T

191. Baldassare— Baldassare is a vampire name that exudes strength and authority. It represents a vampire with centuries of experience and wisdom. This name has been featured in various vampire stories, often portraying a cunning and manipulative character.

192. Blade— Blade is an iconic vampire name known for its association with the eponymous Marvel comic book character. Blade is not your typical vampire; he possesses all their strengths but none of their weaknesses.

193. Cassius— Cassius is a vampire name that carries an air of mystery and sophistication. It evokes images of a refined and elegant creature of the night. Cassius is often depicted as a charming and seductive vampire, using his allure to manipulate those around him.

194. Ceridwen

195. Mikael

196. Sookie

197. Petyr

198. Siobhan

199. Emmett

200. Kebi

201. Amun

202. Margot

203. Juliette

204. Athenodora

205. Morticia

206. Rosalie

207. Marcus

208. Armand

209. Benny

210. D’Arcy

211. Darick

212. Damien

213. Drake

214. Gabriel

215. Godfrey

216. Horace

217. Joshua

218. Kenia

Dark Vapire Names

219. Sulpicia

220. Renesmee

221. Malivore

222. Riley

223. Claudia

224. Sasha

225. Nadja

226. Viago

227. Oliver

228. Baron

229. Elijah

230. Freya

231. Colin

232. Laszlo

233. Eli

234. Zafrina

235. Harth

236. Laurent

237. Aurora

238. Edward

239. Aro

240. Eleazar

241. Marcel

242. Lettie

243. Kieran

244. Lafayette

245. Luther

246. Leon

247. Make

248. Martel

249. Melchior

250. Nikolas

251. Orpheus

252. Raul

253. Rodolfo

254. Silas

255. Stefan

256. Talon

257. Timandra

258. Vladimir

259. Zane

260. Zaros

How To Choose The Best Vampire Name?

When it comes to choosing a vampire name, it’s important to consider several factors.

  • Consider the imagery and meaning you want your vampire name to conjure first. Want something sweet and enticing like Luna Bloodrose or intriguing and evil like Draven Nightshade? If your vampire is attractive and captivating, name them Cassandra Ravencourt.
  • Consider vampire history and culture. Mythologies can enrich your character. Branwen Blackthorn and Fenrir Shadowheart are Celtic names that encapsulate ancient legends. If you like a modern, elegant approach, Aurelia Vontrezza or Sebastian Vanthorn may be better.
  • Finally, originality matters! Don’t be scared to be creative with your vampire name—Dracula or Angelus are common options. Try different sounds and letters to create a unique name. After all, vampires—in fiction and real life—must stand out to survive.

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Final Words

Vampire names have played a significant role in literature, folklore, and popular culture. From Dracula to Edward Cullen, these names have captured our imagination and added an air of mystique to the vampire archetype. Whether you are a fan of traditional vampire stories or modern interpretations, there is no denying the allure of a well-chosen vampire name.

So next time you dive into a vampire novel or watch a vampire movie, pay attention to the names that are given to these immortal creatures. They hold a special power in shaping our perception of vampires and their dark world. Embrace the fascination with vampire names and let them transport you into a realm where darkness meets desire.

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