550+ Succubus Names: Lust, Innocence and Daring

There are numerous succubus names, although some are more popular than others. The most well-known succubi include Lilith, Morrigan, and Cupid. Every individual has a tale to tell and a distinct personality. Whether you know them or not, you should incorporate these terms into your Halloween vocabulary.

Both the Bible and Dante’s Divine Comedy mention the succubus as a demon. Succubus is not entirely understood, although it is commonly believed to be a feminine figure with a demonic aspect who seduces and leads men astray. Some think that the succubus is the evil spirit of cold, darkness, and death.

The succubus name is frequently derived from the Bandai Namco Entertainment role-playing game Demon Souls. There are three succubi in the game, each with its own distinct name. There are three names: Dormin, Lilith, and Morrigan.

Names of Succubus With Meaning

The following is a list of names of succubus with their respective meanings.

  • Lilith: The first wife of Adam.
  • Samael: The fallen angel of lust.
  • Samael: this name means “venom of God” and is a powerful name for a male succubus.
  • Incubus: this name means “nightmare” in Latin, which is fitting for a creature that preys on humans while they sleep.
  • Asmodeus: Asmodeus, whose meaning is “destroyer of God,” is the ideal moniker for a malignant succubus.
  • Lucifer: This moniker, which means “bearer of light” or “morning star,” is fitting for the ruler of all succubi.
  • Beelzebub: Beelzebub, which means “lord of the flies,” is another suitable moniker for the underworld’s king.
  • Astaroth: Astaroth, which means “prince of demons,” is an ideal name for a formidable succubus.
  • Leviathan: Leviathan, which means “sea monster,” is an apt moniker for a succubus that is as dangerous as she is gorgeous.
  • Baal: Baal, which means “lord” or “master,” is an appropriate name for a9.
  • Belial: Belial is an appropriate name for a succubus that embodies all that is bad, as it implies “worthless” or “wicked.”
  • Xistyse: Xistyse was known for her intelligence and quick thinking, always coming up with innovative solutions to any problem.
  • Vilinola: Vilinola was renowned for her artistic abilities and creativity.
  • Tinsya: Tinsya, on the other hand, possessed an incredible knack for music.
  • Jillienne: Jillienne excelled in the field of diplomacy and negotiation.
  • Hyrrya
  • Feltora
  • Brizvyn
  • Vhesiesh
  • Ysertora
  • Sarvienne
  • Phislisa
  • Felrelle
  • Eshiranya
  • Glysvienne
  • Fyrelesh
  • Irinana


Male Succubus Names

When naming a male succubus, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. First, the name must be both captivating and potent. Second, it should have a meaning befitting a succubus’ nature. In light of this, the following is a list of male succubus names.

  • Usinysha: Meaning “the one who brings dreams,” Usinysha is a powerful name for any male succubus.
  • Qheseva: This name is of unknown origin, but it conveys a sense of mystery and unearthly power.
  • Iphisreia: Iphisreia means “eternal life,” and could be an excellent choice for a male succubus seeking immortality.
  • Vhesora: This name means “bringer of knowledge,” and could be a good pick for a male succubus who seeks wisdom.
  • Zellera: Zellera is a name of unknown origin that conveys a sense of strength and power.
  • Lilynore
  • Nessyxih
  • Jillenne
  • Fyrelysh
  • Bwynsya
  • Uhryra
  • Felysh
  • Isirnell
  • Kylyla
  • Risyra
  • Orinrelle
  • Elriness
  • Fyserarah
  • Jynyera
  • Rhelvia
  • Dhysvia
  • Charvienne
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Demon Succubus Names

When selecting a name for your succubus, you should take its connotation into account. In the end, a name is something that will last forever with your demon. In light of this, below are some of the most common demon succubus names, along with their definitions:

  • Agrat Bat Mahlaht: This name is derived from Jewish mythology and means “the demon queen of the night.”
  • Naamah: This Hebrew name is Naamah, and it means “pleasantness.” In the Bible, Naamah was one of Lamech’s daughters and Noah’s wife.
  • Sariel: This Hebrew name has the meaning “God’s instruction.” According to Jewish belief, Sariel is a fallen angel who seduces mortals with forbidden knowledge.
  • Azazel: This word, which is derived from the Hebrew Bible, refers to a demon linked with the scapegoat ceremony. According to legend, Azazel is also the leader of the fallen angels.
  • Asmodeus: Asmodeus is an ancient Hebrew name that means “devil of lust.”
  • Belgamor: This name derives from the Hebrew language and means “lord of Canaan.”
  • Orias: This name is of Hebrew origin and means “bearer of light.” Orias is a fallen angel associated with the constellation Orion in Jewish belief.
  • Gusion: This name is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is “shattered.” Gusion is a fallen angel involved with the downfall of the world in Jewish belief.
  • Samyaza: Samyaza is an ancient Hebrew name that means “626.” Samyaza, according to Jewish legend, is the leader of the fallen angels.


Female Succubus Names

A succubus is a demonic creature that assumes the guise of a woman to entice men. They are renowned for their beauty and seductive abilities. This article will provide a list of female succubus names along with their meanings.

  • Aisha: This name is of Arabic origin and means “life” or “alive.” Aisha was a common succubi name in medieval Arabic folklore.
  • Jezebel: Jezebel is a Hebrew name, and its meaning is “immoral.” According to Christian legend, Jezebel was a prominent succubus.
  • Mara: This name derives from the Hebrew language and means “bitter.” Mara was a succubus mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures.
  • Yrelorin
  • Wylinsya
  • Mhyrorin
  • Nemorvienne
  • Harelvia
  • Orinnixi
  • Yniselin
  • Nessvielle
  • Zrixesha
  • Uhrith
  • Krynienne
  • Wylinana
  • Xisyera
  • Nymlia
  • Ginoraith
  • Bwyntora
  • Winith
  • Hyrlienne
  • Ginorneth
  • Wylinesh
  • Hareloria
  • Berinsyss

Vampire Succubus Names

Vampires have a rich and varied history, which is frequently reflected in their names. Included among the most renowned vampires are Dracula, the Count of Cagliostro, and Nosferatu. Typically, a vampire’s name represents their personality or desires.

  • Lynnsya: A name of unknown origin, Lynnsya is said to be the ancient patron of succubi and vampires alike.
  • Tintyse: Tintyse is an old Norse name meaning “One of the Dark Kind”. It is said to be the name of a powerful vampire succubus.
  • Xenryssa: Xenryssa is a name derived from Old English meaning “Protector of the Night”.
  • Alastayra: Alastayra is a name of Greek origin meaning “Destroyer of the Night”.
  • Catyssa: Catyssa is a name of Greek origin meaning “Protector of the Dead”. It is said to be the name of a vampire succubus who was believed to guard the souls of the deceased.
  • Mhyrthine: Mhyrthine is an old Irish name meaning “Mistress of the Night”.
  • Zellnys
  • Vyleth
  • Shynell
  • Qyrvynia
  • Cahrtyse
  • Zaehryss
  • Meridrahne
  • Jaenyla
  • Qyroth
  • Ysertyse
  • Iphisthine
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Cute Succubus Names

Consider succubus if you’re looking for a name that is both cute and seductive. Succubi are often viewed as both seductive and dangerous. Additionally, they are renowned for their dark beauty and ability to seduce men.

  • Vilinlienne: Meaning “mischievous elf” in French.
  • Keltia: Meaning “from the land of the Celts” in Greek.
  • Drenrahne: Meaning “magical dream” in Welsh.
  • Lilinaya: Meaning “night beauty” in Hebrew.
  • Carilrelle: Meaning “little beloved” in French.
  • Catryna
  • Grynyera
  • Bwynyla
  • Rhelvyra
  • Azaerriane
  • Prisvielle
  • Charnila
  • Azaerneth
  • Rhelthine
  • Mezaela
  • Urilora
  • Prisiana
  • Orynore
  • Bwynvielle
  • Catesha
  • Fyrienne

Good Succubus Names

There are numerous suitable succubus names for people who wish to attract a companion who is both vicious and lethal. These names are likely to please whether you’re looking for a name with an esoteric connotation or something a little more mysterious.

  • Wysyla: This name is derived from the Polish word “wysyłać,” meaning “to send.”
  • Shyora: This name is derived from the Hebrew word “shyor,” meaning “a wall.”
  • Berinoth: This name is derived from the Hebrew word “berin,” meaning “to choose.”
  • Jynlyn: This name is derived from the Welsh word “jyn,” meaning “fair.”
  • Orillia: This name is derived from the Latin word “oriri,” meaning “to rise.”
  • Irinora
  • Eshirysha
  • Rhelryss
  • Lynnienne
  • Heliana
  • Ynissya
  • Bwynriane
  • Phisnixi
  • Qyryera
  • Sareva
  • Helnys
  • The lira
  • Phisryss
  • Lynnryna
  • Orinrya
  • Bwyniesh
  • Fyseraith
  • Sarieth
  • Jiliesh
  • Risesh


Succubus Last Names

Hello everyone, This article will examine a list of succubus surnames with their meanings. Succubi are a sort of demon renowned for their sexual appetite and seductive abilities. Following is a list of some of the most famous succubi throughout history.

  • Abraxas: A succubus who seduced Emperor Constantine.
  • Cerberus: A three-headed succubus who is known as the “Hound of Hades”.
  • Daemon: A male succubus who is known for his knowledge of secret arts.
  • Incubi: A male succubus who seduces women in their sleep.
  • Leviathan: A large succubus who is known as the “King of the Seas”.
  • Mammon: A succubus prince who is known as the “Lord of Wealth”.
  • Plutus: A succubus prince who is known as the “God of Wealth”.
  • Samigina: A succubus marquis who is known for his knowledge of necromancy.
  • Samyaza: A fallen angel who became a succubus after being banished from heaven.
  • Satan: The most famous succubus who is known as the “Prince of Darkness”.
  • Set: A succubus king who is known for his cruelty and violence.
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Anime Succubus Names

For months, anime fans have excitedly anticipated the debut of new seasons of their favourite episodes. But what about the episodes of Series Stalker that have been shown continually for years?

  • Pennixi: Pennixi is a name derived from Latin origins, meaning ‘of great strength and power.’
  • Rhelania: Rhelania is a name derived from Greek, meaning ‘divinely beautiful.’
  • Lilesha: Lilesha is a name derived from Sanskrit, meaning ‘powerful and majestic.’
  • Qhesyla: Qhesyla is a name derived from Hebrew, meaning ‘noble and exalted.’
  • Helyxih: Helyxih is a name derived from Greek, meaning ‘ruler of the home.’
  • Lilnara
  • Kelrelle
  • Haemorrhage
  • Helesh
  • Nessryss
  • Daemoria
  • Ariesrahne
  • Lilysh
  • Kelarah
  • Irintila


1. What is a succubus?

A succubus is a female demon or supernatural entity that appears in dreams and seduces men, often draining their life force or energy.

2. How do I choose a succubus name?

When choosing a succubus name, consider elements of seduction, allure, and mystique. You can also draw inspiration from mythology, and literature, or create your own unique name.

3. Are there any famous succubus names?

Some famous succubus names from literature and folklore include Lilith, Lamia, Erinyes, Empusa, and Naamah. These names can serve as inspiration for your own unique choice.

4. Can I use a succubus name for my character in a book or game?

Absolutely! Succubus names are often used to add intrigue and fascination to fictional characters in books, games, or role-playing scenarios. Feel free to get creative with your character’s name!

5. Are there any traditional meanings behind succubus names?

Succubus names don’t generally have specific meanings attributed to them as traditional names do. However, they are associated with sensuality, temptation, and the supernatural.

6. Can I use a male version of the term succubus?

The male counterpart of a succubus is called an incubus. If you’re looking for male demonic names with similar characteristics as a succubus, consider exploring incubus names instead.

7. Is it possible to find online generators for succubus names?

Yes! There are various online tools and generators available specifically designed to help you generate unique succubus names. These generators often provide a list of options to choose from or inspire your own name creation.

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Final Words

Succubus names are a matter of personal preference and should not be interpreted as portents of coming disaster. Additionally, it is essential to note that succubi are frequently associated with darkness, Evil, and witchcraft. If you are uncomfortable with your chosen name, you should change it before things get out of hand.

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