150+ Mean Girl Names That Are Perfect for Your Child

The list of Mean Girl Names can inspire you to name your daughter something classic or edgy. This list includes names with many meanings from many cultures, so you’ll discover one that fits your child. You’ll find your daughter’s perfect name and grasp its meaning by the end of this essay.

Mean Girl Names have cultural references. The most famous is Mean Girls, about a group of high school girls obsessed with popularity and fitting in. The film’s title relates to the females’ cliquey and sometimes bullying behavior, which many of these names share.

First, some Mean Girl Names are positive. This list has many strong, bold names for a little girl who will change the world. While some names have an edge, they all have a feminine quality that makes them charming.

Mean Girl Names

So whether you’re looking for a name that reflects your daughter’s inner strength or one that will make her stand out from the crowd, the list of Mean Girl Names is sure to have something for you.

1. Amber—Arabic for “gem.” Amber suits a rare and precious girl.

2. Carmen—Spanish for “song.” Carmen is a fiery name for a spunky little singer.

3. Destiny—Greek for “fate.” A girl destined for greatness should be named Destiny.

4. Raven—English for “blackbird.” Raven is a dark name for a gorgeous, intriguing female.

5. Samantha—Hebrew for “listener.” A terrific buddy named Samantha is nice and compassionate.

6. Savannah—Spanish for “treeless plain.” Savannah is a fiery and lovely girl’s name.

7. Sydney—English for “broad meadow.” Sydney suits an adventurous girl.

8. Trinity—Latin for “three.” A blessing in disguise is named Trinity.

9. Vanessa—Greek for “butterfly.” Vanessa is a sweet name for a graceful and vivacious girl.

10. Cassidy—Irish for “curly-haired.” Cassidy is a lively name for a spunky girl.

11. Dahlia—Arabic for “flower.” Dahlia is a lovely name for a fresh-faced girl.

12. Lila—Arabic for “night.” A lovely, intriguing girl named Lila is dark and sultry.

13. Natalie—Latin for “birthday.” Natalie is a beautiful name for a world-gifted girl.

14. Phoenix—Greek for “dark crimson.” Phoenix is a strong name for a brave girl.

15. Scarlett—English for “red.” A courageous and lovely girl is named Scarlett.

16. Dominique—”Lord” in French. Dominique is a royal name for a little lady destined for greatness.

17. Eleanor—”Light” in English. Eleanor is a sweet name for a sunny girl.

18. Isabella—Italian for “devotee.” Isabella is a lovely religious name for your precious daughter.

19. Jade—Asian for “gem.” An unusual and gorgeous girl deserves the name, Jade.

20. Kaitlyn—Irish for “pure.” Kaitlyn is a charming girl’s name.


21. Liliana—Spanish for “lily.” Liliana is a sweet name for a flower-like girl.

22. Madison—English for “son of Maud.” A young girl with immense potential is named Madison.

23. Naomi—Hebrew for “lovely.” A joyful girl’s name is Naomi.

24. Nicole—Greek for “victorious.” A fighter’s name is Nicole.

25. Olivia—Latin for “olive tree.” Olivia is a timeless name for a girl.

26. Samantha—English for “listener.” A pleasant, friendly girl named Samantha.

27. Tiffany—English for “manifestation of God.” Tiffany is a beautiful name for your precious girl.

28. Victoria—Latin for “victorious.” A young girl with immense potential is named Victoria.

29. Jenna—Hebrew for “gift from God.” Jenna is a sweet name for a blessed newborn girl.

30. Trinity—Latin for “threefold.” A tiny girl who will change the world is named Trinity.

31. Veronica—Latin for “genuine image.” A unique girl deserves the wonderful name, Veronica.

32. Willow—Anglo-Saxon for “slender and elegant.” Willow is a sweet name for a kind girl.

33. Zoe—Greek for “life.” A lively girl named Zoe.

34. Nina—Slavic for “grace.” Nina is a beautiful name for a sweet girl.

35. Raven—Anglo-Saxon for “dark-haired.” Raven is a lovely and enigmatic name for a charming little girl.

36. Carmen—Spanish for “song.” Carmen is a joyful name for a child.

37. Samantha—Hebrew for “listener.” Samantha is a kind name for a friendly girl.

38. Brooke—Anglo-Saxon for “stream.” For a kind, pure girl, Brooke is a great name.

39. Ashley—English for “meadow of ash trees.” A gorgeous, calm girl named Ashley.


40. Stephanie—Greek for “crown.” Stephanie is a noble name for a young lady destined for greatness.

41. Melanie—Greek for “black.” Melanie is a beautiful name for a confident, sophisticated girl.

42. Erin—”Ireland” in Irish. A brave and dazzling girl named Erin is proud and lovely.

43. Shannon—Irish for “ancient and wise.” Shannon is a mature name for a young girl who will succeed.

44. Caitlin—Irish for “pure.” A beautiful, pure girl is named Caitlin.

45. Katie—Greek for “pure.” Katie is a great name for a gorgeous girl.

46. Aidan—Irish for “small and furious.” Aidan is a zesty name for a cute but feisty girl.

47. Keegan—Irish for “son of the black-haired.” Keegan is a powerful name for a brave and aggressive boy.

48. Liam—Irish for “strong-willed fighter.” Liam is a brave name for a little child who will succeed.

49. Sean—Irish for “God is gracious.” A generous and gentle youngster named Sean will bring delight to everyone he meets.

50. Connor—Irish for “dog lover.” A boy who loves to run and play is named Connor.

51. Aiden—Irish for “little and firey.” A lively child named Aiden will keep you on your toes.

52. Bradley—English for “wide clearing among the woods.” Bradley is an outdoor-loving boy’s name.

53. Cameron—Scottish for “crooked nose.” A youngster named Cameron will stick out in a crowd.

54. Logan—Scottish for “from the depression among the rocks.” Logan is a good name for a solid boy.

55. Benjamin—Hebrew for “son of the right hand.” Benjamin is a lucky name for a boy who will succeed in everything.

56. Daniel—Hebrew for “God is my judge.” Daniel is a noble name for a youngster who will become a fine man.

57. Samuel—Hebrew for “God has heard.” A devoted boy named Samuel will bless everyone he meets.

58. Nathan—Hebrew for “gift from God.” Nathan is a beautiful name for a youngster who will bless everyone he meets.

59. Matthew—Hebrew for “gift from God.” Matthew is a generous name for a guy who will make everyone happy.

60. David—Hebrew for “beloved.” David is a beautiful name for a family-loved boy.

61. Cohen—Hebrew for “priest.” Cohen is a religious name for a boy who will become a good man.

62. Levi—Hebrew for “united in harmony.” A boy named Levi will get along with everyone.

63. Mason—French for “stoneworker.” Mason is a strong name for a little kid who will become a fine man.

64. Xavier—Latin for “new house.” Xavier is a new name for a happy boy.


65. Theodore—Greek for “gift from God.” A lucky boy named Theodore will succeed in life.

66. Garreth—Irish for “spear carrier.” A valiant child named Garreth will protect his loved ones.

67. Declan—Irish for “prayer.” Declan is a religious name for a devout boy.

68. Damian—Greek for “tame.” Damian is a sweet name for a faithful boy.

69. Michael—Hebrew for “like God.” A future leader should be named Michael.

70. Gabriel—Hebrew for “God is my strength.” Gabriel is a brave name for a powerful boy.

71. Raphael—Hebrew for “God heals.” Raphael is a gentle name for a kid who will comfort others.

72. Uriel—Hebrew for “light of God.” Uriel is a bright name for a boy that will make everyone happy.

73. Ezekiel—Hebrew for “God will empower.” A boy named Ezekiel will overcome any challenge.

74. Joel—Hebrew for “God is willing.” Joel is a contented name for a happy boy.

75. Jonah—Hebrew for “dove.” A youngster named Jonah will bring harmony to his surroundings.

76. Noah—Hebrew for “rest.” A youngster named Noah will provide new life to people he meets.

77. Joshua—Hebrew for “God is my salvation.” A boy named Joshua will provide hope.

78. Samuel—Hebrew for “God has heard.” Samuel is a spiritual name for a dedicated boy.

79. Benjamin—Hebrew for “son of the right hand.” Benjamin is a lucky name for a blessed boy.

80. Elijah—Hebrew for “the Lord is my God.” A boy named Elijah will be a loyal devotee.

81. Nathan—Hebrew for “giver.” Nathan is a kind name for a boy who will make others happy.

82. Ryan—Irish for “small king.” A powerful leader will be named Ryan.

83. Sean—Irish for “God is generous.” Sean is a caring and sympathetic name for a child who will soothe others.

84. Connor—Irish for “lover of hounds.” A boy who loves to run and play is named Connor.

85. Aidan—Irish for “small and furious.” Aidan is a zesty name for a cute but feisty girl.

86. Fiona—Irish for “white and fair.” A little girl named Fiona will grow up to be magnificent.

87. Erin—Irish for “Ireland.” A proud little girl named Erin will love her country.

88. Shannon—Irish for “ancient and wise.” Shannon is a knowledgeable and mature name for a strong and supportive little girl.

89. Keely—Irish for “slender and fair.” Keely is a gentle name for a gorgeous girl.

90. Maeve—Irish for “intoxicating.” A girl named Maeve will be the life of the party.

91. Chloe—Greek for “green shoot.” Chloe is a lively name for a little girl who will make others happy.

92. Lily—Latin for “lily.” A girl named Lily will be as graceful as the flowers she’s named after.

93. Sophia—Greek for “knowledge.” Sophia is a smart name for a smart girl.

94. Emma—German for “universal.” Any female can be named Emma.

95. Olivia—Latin for “olive.” Olivia is a peaceful name for a little girl who will provide calm to others.


Mean Girl Names From ’90s Films

Naming your daughter may be your most significant decision. Why not consult ’90s movie characters for advice? This blog post discusses the top mean female names from ’90s movies and their connotations. This helps parents choose names that suit their daughter’s personality and future.

96. Regina George – Mean Girls— Regina George is the queen bee of North Shore High School in the 2004 film, Mean Girls. She’s gorgeous, she’s popular, and she’s got a sharp tongue. Regina’s name comes from the Latin word for “queen,” making her the perfect name for a little girl who will one day rule the world.

97. Amber Atkins – Clueless— Amber Atkins is the rich, popular girl in the 1995 film, Clueless. She’s beautiful, she’s smart, and she always gets what she wants. Amber’s name comes from the Arabic word for “amber,” which is a precious stone. This name is perfect for a little girl who is as rare and valuable as a jewel.

98. Nomi Malone – Showgirls— Nomi Malone is the aspiring dancer and stripper in the 1995 film, Showgirls. She’s tough, she’s ambitious, and she’s not afraid to flaunt what she’s got. Nomi’s name is Hebrew in origin and means “pleasant.” This name is perfect for a little girl who is as sweet as she is strong.

99. Cristina “Chris” Perez—I Know Cristina “Chris” Perez. I’m the 1997 film’s protagonist. I’m brilliant, frightening, and never forgive. Spanish “son of Peter” surname Perez. This name suits a determined and daring girl like me.

100. Hermione Granger—Harry Potter— Harry Potter’s smart, brave companion Hermione Granger. Her wit and brilliance always save the day. Greek Hermione means “well-born.” This name suits a strong and smart lady like Hermione.

101. Jordan Baker—The Great Gatsby—Jordan Baker is Daisy Buchanan’s gorgeous, affluent acquaintance. She’s stylish and usually in trouble. Jordan means “to descend” in Hebrew. This name suits a free-spirited lady like Jordan.

102. Daisy Buchanan—Gatsby— The Great Gatsby’s Daisy Buchanan is Nick Carraway’s gorgeous, affluent cousin. She’s classy and lively. Daisy’s English name means “day’s eye,” a flower that shuts at night and unfolds in the morning. This name suits a daisy-like female.

103. Tracy Flick – Election— Tracy Flick is the overachieving, manipulative student in the 1999 film, Election. She’s ambitious, she’s conniving, and she always gets her way. Tracy’s name is English in origin and means “brave traveler.” This name is perfect for a little girl who is as bold and fearless as Tracy.

104. Meredith Blake—The Parent Trap—The spoilt, privileged girl in the 1998 film. She’s selfish and spoiled. Welsh Meredith means “mighty king.” Meredith-like girls should get this name.

105. Elle Woods—Legally Blonde Legally Blonde stars effervescent blonde Elle Woods. She’s brilliant, determined, and always follows her heart. French Elle means “woman.” Elle-like girls should get this name.


Mean Girl Names From ’90s books

Every name has a meaning, and some are tied to their origins. The 90s were a time of change, understanding, and high-stakes teenage drama, much of which was portrayed by beloved teen fiction characters. This blog will explain the meanings of mean girl names from the era, highlighting their power and importance.

106. Darcy—Irish Darcy means “black one” or “from the fortress”. Darcy, a proud lord in Pride and Prejudice, despises Elizabeth Bennet at first. Darcy steadily falls in love with Elizabeth throughout the tale. Austen’s Darcy is rehabilitated, but the name remains arrogant.

107. Blair—Scottish Blair means “field or plain”. Blair Waldorf, the seventh-grade queen bee in The Baby-Sitters Club, is rich and spoilt. The series steadily reveals Blair’s softer side, despite her rudeness and manipulation. Blair remains linked with superficiality and elitism.

108. Courtney—English Courtney means “short nose”. American Psycho’s Courtney Lawrence is a rich “nasty girl.” She’s self-centered and judgmental. Thus, Courtney is associated with shallowness and bitchiness.

109. Amber—Arabic for “gem.” Clueless’ Amber Mariens is the ultimate cruel girl. She’s affluent, gorgeous, and cruel to her fashion rivals. Amber might mean something valuable, but it’s also associated with vanity and superficiality.

110. Sasha—Russian Sasha means “defender of mankind”. Sasha Silver is Sweet Valley High’s most popular and wealthiest girl. Beautiful, talented, and successful. Sasha is compassionate and humble despite her status. Sasha can mean strength, compassion, and kindness as well as greed and snobbery.


Mean Girl Names From ’00s books and films

Classic and modern names ruled the ’00s. Mean Girl Names indicate strength and determination, making them intriguing. In this blog, we’ll list the meanest lady names from ’00s literature and movies and explain their meanings to help aspiring authors choose a name for their new character.

111. Abigail—”My father’s joy” in Hebrew. Abigail is powerful and resolute, making her the right protagonist despite her pretty name.

112. Brooke—Brooke means “a tiny stream” in Old English. This name evokes a cheeky girl who’s constantly up to something, making it appropriate for a troublemaker.

113. Caitlin—Gaelic for “pure.” It’s excellent for a girl who’s both innocent and tough.

114. Erin—Eireann means “Ireland” in Irish. This name suits a strong, independent, kind girl.

115. Hannah—”Grace” in Hebrew. It’s a lovely name for a compassionate, fiery girl.

116. Jenna—Jenna means “heaven” in Arabic. This name suits a strong, sensitive, spiritual girl.

117. Jill—Gillian, meaning “young,” is shortened to Jill. It’s a great name for a unique girl who’s young but wise.

118. Katie—The Latin name Katherine means “pure.” This name suits an innocent, strong girl with a golden heart.

119. Kristin—”Christian” in Scandinavian. It’s a lovely name for a kind, religious girl.

120. Monica—Latin for “advisor.” It suits a smart, confident, sharp-tongued female.

Update: For quality purposes, our team reduced the number of Mean Girl Names from 150 to 120. We at ChampW believe quality matters more than quantity to save our readers valuable time.


1. What are mean girl names?

Mean girl names are fictional or real names that have been associated with characters or individuals who display negative traits such as cruelty, manipulation, and bullying.

2. Are mean girl names suitable for naming a child?

While it is ultimately up to the parents to decide, it is generally not recommended to choose a name with negative connotations for your child. Opting for a positive and empowering name would be a better choice.

3. Can I find inspiration for mean girl names in movies and TV shows?

Yes, many popular movies and TV shows feature characters with mean girl personalities, making them great sources of inspiration if you’re looking for such a name.

4. Are there any historical figures known for their mean girl behaviour?

While history does contain examples of individuals displaying negative behaviours, it’s important to focus on positive role models when choosing a name for your child.

5. Can I use mean girl names for fictional characters in my writing?

Absolutely! Mean girl names can add depth and authenticity to your fictional characters’ personalities, making them more relatable and memorable.

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Final Words

We found that the most popular mean girl names are Mary, Brittany, Allison, and Kaitlyn. If you want to make your enemies disappear, give them one of these names! Be sure to use it with caution though – these names will definitely put a smile on their face.

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