250+ Pretty Last Names By Different Countries Of Origin

There are quite a few pretty last names out there. Some people like the idea of having a pretty last name, while others feel that it makes them stand out from the crowd. There are all sorts of pretty last names out there, so it’s definitely something to think about if you’re considering getting one.

Pretty last names are becoming more popular among millennials as they try to stand out from the crowd. Here are 150+ last names that you may want to consider if you want to make a statement.

It’s commonly recognized that lovely last names can signify a person’s heritage and culture, and with so many families trying to make their imprint in the world, it’s crucial to choose our last names carefully. This site discusses the beauty and history of some of the prettiest last names to help people choose a meaningful family surname. Examine!

List of Pretty Last names

If you are looking for some beautiful last names for yourself or your family members, you have come to the right place. This blog will provide you with a comprehensive list of pretty last names.

1. Saunders—This English name means “son of Alexander”.

2. Murphy—Irish for “sea warrior” or “of the sea”.

3. Nguyen—Vietnamese for “youth”.

4. Silva—”Forest” in Portuguese.

5. Patel—”Landowner” in Indian.

6. Smith—”Metalworker” in English.

7. Churchill—English for “church on the hill.”

8. Moreno—”Dark-haired” in Spanish.

9. Huang—”Yellow” in Chinese.

10. Kim—”Gold” in Korean.

11. Peterson—”Son of Peter” in Scandinavian.

12. Anderson—”son of Anders” in Scandinavian.

13. Christensen—”son of Christen” in Scandinavian.

14. Jansen—”Son of Jan” in Scandinavian.

15. Rasmussen—”son of Rasmus” in Scandinavian.

16. Pedersen—”Son of Peter” in Scandinavian.

17. Nilsson—”son of Nils” in Scandinavian.

18. Montgomery—”Manpower” in French.

19. Abbott—”Father” in Hebrew.

20. Bergman—”son of Berg” in Hebrew.

21. Cohen—”priest” in Hebrew.

22. Heller—”Holy” in Hebrew.

23. Levy—Hebrew.

24. Rosenberg—”rose field” in Hebrew.

25. Wong—”Yellow” in Chinese.

26. Chang—”constant, steady” in Chinese.

27. Chen—”Great, large” in Chinese.

28. Liu—”Willow tree” in Chinese.

29. Jacobs—Dutch for “son of Jacob”.


Korean Pretty Last names

Given names and family names make up Korean surnames. The first portion is commonly a given name and the second part is a surname. Example: Kim Jong-un Sun-ju. There are a few exceptions. Former South Korean president Park Geun-Hye had a rare last name, Chung.

30. Choi—”Mountain summit” in Korean.

31. Park—”Gum tree” in Korean.

32. Kim—”Gold” in Korean.

33. Kang—”Strong” in Korean.

34. Lee—”Plum tree” in Korean.

35. Ahn—”tranquility” in Korean.

36. Kwak—”Magpie” in Korean.

37. Jang—”Rose” in Korean.

38. Song—”Pine tree” in Korean.

39. Han—”Great” in Korean.

40. Yang—”Sun” in Korean.

41. Moon—”Month” in Korean.

42. Park—”Cypress tree” in Korean.

43. Chae—”Prosperity” in Korean.

44. Shin—”Believe” in Korean.

Irish Pretty Last names

Irish surnames are often colorful. O’Brien, Kennedy, and O’Malley are renowned Irish surnames. The Pretty Irish last names are here—

45. Riley—Irish for “courageous”

46. Lynch—Irish for “seaman”

47. McCarthy—Irish for “son of Charles”

48. O’Brien—”Brian’s descendent” in Irish.

49. Fitzgerald—Irish for “son of Gerald”

50. Doyle—Irish for “dark stranger”

51. Ryan—Irish for “king”

52. Walsh—Irish for “Briton” or “foreigner”

53. Brennan—”Braonain descendent” in Irish.

54. Burke—Irish for “fortress”

55. Doyle—Irish for “dark stranger”

56. Fitzgerald—Irish for “son of Gerald”

57. Kilpatrick—Irish for “church fighter”

58. O’Neill—”Niall’s descendent” in Irish.

59. McKenna—”Son of the handsome one” in Irish.

60. O’Connor—”descendant of Connor” in Irish.

61. Quinn—”Wisdom” in Irish.

62. Murphy—”son of Maurice” in Irish.

63. Kelly—”son of Ceallach” in Irish.

64. Sullivan—”Sulaiman’s son” in Irish.


Pretty Last names of Swedish Origin

Swedish surnames are frequently lovely and uncommon. 8 of Sweden’s prettiest last names

65. Andersson—”son of Anders” in Swedish.

66. Jensen—Danish for “son of Jens”.

67. Hakansson—”son of Hakan” in Swedish.

68. Nilsson—”Son of Nils” in Swedish.

69. Persson—”Son of Pers” in Swedish.

70. Svensson—son. Sven’s

71. Johansson—”John’s son” in Swedish.

English Pretty Last names

English newborns love pretty last names, with numerous variations. Smith, Johnson, and Williams are common surnames.

72. Richardson—”son of Richard” in English.

73. Thompson—”son of Tom” in English.

74. Wilson—”Son of Will” in English.

75. Moore—”Dark-haired” in English.

76. Edwards—”Son of Edward” in English.

77. Harrison—”Son of Harry” in English.

78. Parker—”Park keeper” in English.

79. Edwards—”Son of Edward” in English.

80. Parker—”Park keeper” in English.

81. Brandon—”Broom-covered hill” in English.

82. Carlton—”settlement near the fortress” in English.

83. Lawrence—”From the laurel tree” in English.

84. Powell—”son of Howell” in English.

85. Spencer—”Supply keeper” in English.

86. Stanley—”From the stony field” in English.

87. Barnes—”Barn’s son” in English.

88. Howard—”Braveheart” in English.

89. Smith—”Simon’s son.”

90. Johnson—son. John’s

91. Williams—”Son of William” in English.

92. Brown—Scottish for “son of Brown”.

93. Davis—”Son of David” in Welsh.

94. Miller—”Son of Mill” in English.

Pretty Last names of Spanis Origin

Spanish last names are lovely. Martinez, Rodriguez, and Sanchez.

95. Garcia—”son of Garci” in Spanish.

96. Gonzalez—”son of Gonzalo.”

97. Hernandez—”son of Hernando.”

98. Gomez—”son of Gomez” in Spanish.

99. Rodriguez—kid. Rodrigo’s

100. Lopez—”son of Lope” in Spanish.

101. Alvarez—”son of Alvar” in Spanish.

102. Torres—”son of Torre” in Spanish.

103. Sanchez—son. Sancho’s


Pretty Last names of Welse Origin

Many people have international surnames. Welsh, Scottish, and Irish surnames are common. Others are from remote regions. Some of the most beautiful last names are based on extinct locales.

104. Edwards—Welsh for “son of Edward”.

105. Lewis—”son of Lewis” in Welsh.

106. Morris—”son of Morris” in Welsh.

107. Owens—Welsh for “son of Owen”.

108. Price—Welsh for “son of Price”.

109. Williams—Welsh for “son of William”.

Scottish Pretty Last names

Many Scots are immigrants and have a rich culture and history. The Scots-Irish come from various European countries. Many Scottish immigrants have intriguing names.

110. Wilson—”Son of Will” in Scottish.

111. Campbell—”Son of Colin” in Scottish.

112. Stewart—”Son of Walter” in Scottish.

113. Robertson—”son of Robin” in Scottish.

114. Anderson—”Son of Andrew” in Scottish.

115. McKenzie—”son of Kenneth” in Scottish.

116. Stewart—”Son of Stewart” in Scottish.

117. Reid—”Strawberry” in Scottish.

118. Stewart—”Forest Guardian” in Scottish.

119. Campbell—”crooked mouth” in Scottish.

120. Grant—”Great” in Scottish.

Pretty Last names of German Origin

German surnames are lovely. Engel, Schneider, and Wagner are popular pretty last names.

121. Berg—German for “mountain”.

122. Eisen—German for “iron”.

123. Keller—German for “cellar”.

124. Kline—German for “slope”.

125. Meyer—”Farmer” in German.

126. Rose—German for “rose”.

127. Schmidt—”Smith” in German.

128. Schultz—German for “tailor”.

129. Werner—”Warrior” in German.

130. Goldstein—German for “gold stone”.

131. Silverstein—German for “silver stone”.

132. Frank—”Free man” in German.

133. Goodman—German for “good man”.


Japanese Pretty Last names

Japanese Pretty last names are feminine. Aozora, Amamiya, Kashiwagi, Manaka, and Yano are prominent Japanese surnames.

134. Tanaka—”Rice field inhabitant” in Japanese.

135. Suzuki—”bell tree” in Japanese.

136. Yamamoto—”Mountain base” in Japanese.

137. Nakamura—”village in the midst” in Japanese.

138. Kato—”increase” in Japanese.

139. Shogun—”General” in Japanese.

140. Mori—”Forest” in Japanese.

141. Inoue—”Meadow House” in Japanese.

142. Kimura—”Tree Village” in Japanese.

143. Hayashi—”Forest” in Japanese.

144. Saito—”west of the road” in Japanese.

145. Takahashi—”Tall Bridge” in Japanese.

146. Watanabe—”River crossing” in Japanese.

147. Matsumoto—”pine tree” in Japanese.


Indian Pretty Last names

Some Indian last names are lovely due to cultural and religious traditions. Singh, Kaur, Jindal, and Jain are popular Indian surnames.

148. Singh—”Lion” in Indian.

149. Sharma—”Joy” in India.

150. Chopra—”Precious” in India.

151. Kaur—Indian for “princess”.

152. Patel—”Patron” in Indian.

153. Gupta—Indian for “Protector.”

154. Jain—”Conqueror” in Hindu.

155. Arya—Persian for “noble”.

156. Chaudhary—Hindu for “leader”.

157. Reddy—”King” in Indian.

158. Karnik—”Earnest” in Indian.

159. Menon—”Intelligent” in Indian.

160. Nath—”Lord” in Indian.

161. Bose—”Respected” in Indian.

162. Roy—”King” in Indian.

163. Mukherjee—”Headmaster” in Bengali.

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Final Words

Pretty last names can add a touch of elegance and romance to any name. They also have the potential to show your individuality and set you apart from the rest. So if you’re looking for a unique name that will make you stand out, a pretty last name may be the perfect choice for you!

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