21+ Scott Steiner Nicknames That WWE Fans Remember

Scott Steiner nicknames are well-known. Most people know him as Big Poppa Pump, but you may not know his other nicknames. Scott Steiner’s nicknames will surprise you.

Big Poppa Pump is only one of Scott Steiner’s many nicknames. “The Genetic Freak,” “The Mechanical Man,” and “The Meanest Man in the World” are just a few of his nicknames in professional wrestling.

Scott Steiner uses spine-crushing suplexes and other devastating moves in the ring. His distinctive body comes from years of weightlifting.

Scott Steiner is recognised for… He’s not the shy type. He speaks his mind.

These are just a few of Scott Steiner’s nicknames. If you see him on TV, he may not be named Big Poppa Pump. With so many nicknames, he must have some you’ve never heard.

Scott Steiner Nicknames

Digging through wrestling history can unearth some strange trivia, such as the bewildering abundance of nicknames given to one wrestler in particular: the one, the only Scott Steiner! Whether you know him as Big Poppa Pump, Flexy Lexy, Totally Buff, or even Frankensteiner, prepare to be shocked as we review this impressive – and surprising! – list of Scott Steiner nicknames.

Big Poppa Pump

1. Big Poppa Pump

Scott Steiner is nicknamed “Big Poppa Pump” for his powerful build and aggressive ring style. Steiner and his family emigrated to the U.S. when he was a toddler. He began bodybuilding at 12 and won multiple titles. Steiner was one of the world’s top pro wrestlers in the 1990s.

2. Flexy Lexy

Scott Steiner is Flexy Lexy. He was a pro wrestler and MMA fighter for WWE, ECW, TNA, and Strikeforce. He’s a WWE Raw and TNA Impact commentator.

3. Totally Buff

Scott Steiner is called Totally Buff because he’s muscular and overweight. Since the 1990s, he has won national and international bodybuilding titles.

4. Frankensteiner

Steiner’s bright and eccentric ring costume sometimes contains animal body parts sewed together. Steiner has had this strange face since the early days of professional wrestling, when he used artificial blood to look injured.

5. The Mastodon

Scott Steiner is called The Mastodon for his huge muscles and brawling ability. Steiner has strong stamina and can go long durations without rest. He’s a physical wrestler who loves taking risks.

6. The Man

Scott Steiner is known as The Man for his 1990s WWF outings. Steiner began wrestling at 12 years old. He debuted in 1984 and joined the WWF in 1990.

The Monster

7. The Monster

Scott Steiner’s in-ring ferocity earned him the nickname The Monster. Steiner joined the WWF in 1987 and became a regular. He was called The Monster for his brutal bouts and aggressive tactics. Steiner retired from pro wrestling in 2003.

8. Big Bad

Professional wrestler Scott Steiner is known as “The Big Bad” for his aggression and deceit. Steiner has been charged of violence, battery, and fraud since 1984.

9. Mr. Musclebound

Scott Steiner, born in West Germany in 1963, is known as “Mr. Musclebound” At 16, he began bodybuilding and immediately became one of the world’s best. Muscular frame, stature, and aggressive posing made Steiner famous. Steiner won 7 Mr.

10. Mr. Freak

Scott Steiner began wrestling during Hulk Hogan’s heyday. Mr. Steiner Freak was the Hulkster’s toughest opponent. WCW and WWE tag team champion.

11.The Insane One

Scott Steiner is called the Insane One for his crazy career moves. He began wrestling in the 1980s and became known for his outrageous antics, which led to physical clashes. Steiner is known for his colourful words and strange exploits, including eating live animals and drinking sewage.

The Genetic Freak

12. The Genetic Freak

Because of his unusual genetic problems, Scott Steiner is called the Genetic Freak. Polycystic kidney disease, lysosomal storage disorder, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome are examples. Scott has dealt with these difficulties his whole life and has learnt to cope by being positive and working hard.

13. Big Bad Booty

Scott Steiner is one of the top American professional wrestlers of all time. He’s also known as the “Big Bad Booty Daddy” by wrestling fans. Scott Steiner will be remembered for his crazy temperament and huge size.

14. Booty Man

Scott Steiner aka ‘Booty Man’ If not, you may be astonished to learn he is a famous professional wrestler. His unique style and pompous attitude have earned him a dedicated fanbase.

15. Buff Daddy

Scott Steiner is nicknamed Buff Daddy for his physique. He started bodybuilding in the early 1990s and immediately became popular. Steiner’s powerful physique won him two Mr. Olympia titles.


16. Freakzilla

Scott Steiner is called Freakzilla because he’s always performing. Steiner began wrestling in Japan and became one of the world’s most feared. He’s recognised for his hard-core moves and intense ringwork. Steiner has won seven World Championship Wrestling titles.

17. Scotty 2 Hotty

Wrestler Scott Steiner is called Scotty 2 Hotty. He began wrestling in the late 1980s and became popular rapidly.

18. Sexy Scotty

Scott Steiner is known as “Sexy Scotty” because of his photogenic good looks and confidence. Steiner’s signature mullet and goatee make him look like a sophisticated pirate. He once stripped for an ESPN magazine photo.

19. Ladies man

Scott Steiner is attractive and charming. He’s been a popular wrestler for almost 20 years. Steiner’s female-friendly demeanour attracts followers. He’s nice, attentive, and flattering to women.

White Thunder

20. White Thunder

Scott Steiner is a famous wrestler. White thunder is his nickname. Steiner wears a Nazi SS outfit. Despite his claims, the look is offensive. Steiner was raised by Holocaust survivors and says he always felt strange.

21. Shaman of Sexy

Scott Steiner is known as the Shaman of Sexy because he has a way with the ladies. He knows how to work his body and he knows how to work his mind.

22. The Mechanical Man

Scott Steiner is called the Mechanical Man for his ring skills. Steiner uses power moves and signature throws. His high-flying offence surprises opponents.

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Final Words

Scott Steiner nicknames include “Big Daddy,” “The Animal,” and “The Giant Killer.” He is a locker room favourite and one of the most quotable wrestlers in history. Steiner has memorable nicknames. Then what? Try him!

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