350+ Brave Knight Names Matching Their Excellence For Duty

Even in the modern world, there is something about knight names that capture the imagination. Whether it is the code of chivalry they adhere to or the air of mystery surrounding them, knights have always been revered. In this blog post, we explore the reasons why people continue to be fascinated by knights.

Why do people admire knights? It could be because of their bravery in battle, their skill with a weapon, or their chivalrous nature. Whatever the reason, knights have been held in high esteem for centuries.

Take a quick look at Aarakocra Names. The word “knight” comes from the Old English word “cniht,” which meant “boy” or “servant.” Over time, the word came to mean a mounted warrior in service to a lord. Knights were a key part of medieval society, and their origins can be traced back to the 11th century.

How To Choose The Best Name For Your Knight?

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on an appropriate Knight name. In this blog post, I will provide my best advice on naming your new Knight character.

  1. Consider the characteristics of your Knight. What kind of individuals are they? Are they courageous and brave? Or are they more reticent and devoted? Consider the name’s compatibility with their personality.
  2. Consider the history of your Knight. What is his or her history? Are they from a noble family or did they become a knight on their own? This can help you reduce the number of potential names on your list.
  3. Think about the tradition of knighthood. There are numerous names that have been used by knights for centuries. Although you are not required to use one of these names, it is an excellent location to begin your search.
  4. Research name databases Numerous online sources can assist you in finding the ideal name for your Knight. Spend some time perusing these databases to see if any names strike your attention.
  5. Consider all available possibilities. You may discover that the ideal Knight’s name is one that you would never have thought of on your own. Before making a final choice, maintain an open mind and explore all available possibilities.

When it comes to naming your new Knight character, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Use these tips to find the perfect name for your brave and courageous Knight.

Knight Names

If you are looking for a list of good knight names for your next story or game, look no further! Here is a list of some of the best knight names, organized by gender.

  • Hammond the Widow – Hammond is an honorable and ancient knight’s name. The term hamsa means “to roam” in Anglo-Saxon. Its appeal in England and Scotland is largely due to its benign reputation. Hammond’s past demonstrates his humanitarian attitude and wants to serve people.
  • Lina the Brown – Lina is a good knight name since it conveys loyalty, power, and courage. Knights protect the innocent and symbolize justice. Lina possesses these attributes and is a good knight.
  • Bartelot of the Fire – Bartelot of the Fire is a compassionate knight. He’s loyal and brave. He fights for justice. Bartelot is an inspiring role model.
  • Jonett the Beast – Jonett is a strong, flexible knight name. Jonett is short and sweet, great for a friendly giant. Jonett’s shield resembles a large animal, making him a good knight.
  • Loys the Dragon – Loys the Dragon is a strong, noble knight name. Strong, proud Loys are popular. He’s brave and skilled in battle. He’d make a good knight.
  • Maucolyn the Stubborn – Maucolyn is a brave and determined knight who always stands his ground. He’s a great leader who leads his knights into war to protect loved ones. Maucolyn is a great name for someone with a lion’s heart.
  • Barrett the Warrior – Barrett the Warrior is brave, determined, and loyal. He’s a skilled swordsman and fighter. His name has been given to many boys, especially in Arthurian legend.
  • Emy of the Summer – Emy is a distinguishing and gallant knight name. Emyard is a Round Table knight, and Mynydd is white as snow. He’s chivalrous.
  • Engerrand the Timid – Personal inclination can make knight names powerful and protective. One is Engerrand the Timid. This name fits a timid person. This person has strong morals and isn’t afraid to do what’s right.
  • Folke the Fierce – Folke the Fierce is an excellent knight’s name because he is courageous, loyal, and protects his allies. He is also noted for his intelligence and aggressive attitude.
  • Sadon the Courageous – Sadon is a heroic knight name because he has the resolve to never abandon his beliefs. He is an example for others to follow and demonstrates that it is acceptable to be unique.
  • Rolf the Observant – Rolf the Observant is an excellent name since it shows he is devoted to the greater good. The name is also rather mysterious, which can be appealing to some individuals.
  • Rogerius the Merciful – Rogerius is an excellent knight name because he does the right thing even if it costs him. People have always deemed him honest and trustworthy. His name is a byword for virtue and heroism.
  • Nicholas the Muscle – Nicholas the Muscle is a muscular, fearless knight. His family and friends are faithful. Nicholas is a wise role model. Nicholas the Muscle is great for nice kids.
  • Helewyse the Shield – Many appreciate and love Helewyse. Helewyse is a great name for a knight since it reflects his virtues and convictions. Helewyse was born in Gwynedd, north-central Wales.
350+ Brave Knight Names Matching Their Excellence For Duty


Knights are among the most iconic and recognizable figures in medieval history. They are also known for their courage and fearlessness in battle.

  • Gele of the Light
  • Rechemay the Heroic
  • Godefroy the Devoted
  • Henfrey the Muscle
  • Guillemaque the Old
  • Estevenot the Clumsy
  • Nicolet the Bear
  • Johanna the Tenacious
  • Bibele the Orphan
  • Lilias of the Fall
  • Jurdan the Devoted
  • Sukie the Worthy
  • Crislye of the Nightfall
  • Ives the Guardian
  • Rawlin the Rude
  • Ewe of the West
  • Otelin the Warm
  • Lylie the Keeper
  • Wylymot the Highborn
  • Averet the Shepherd
  • Gavinus of the Spring
  • Aldis the Fair
  • Foulque the Divine
  • Giselle the Sentinel
  • Aalez the Poet
  • Bartel the Poet
  • Ameline of the Snow
  • Gonore of the West
  • Rosemunda of the Mountains
  • Wander the Colossus
  • Acelina the Gorgeous
  • Iohannes the Strong
  • Alice the Shadow
  • Aaliz the Lionheart
  • Gilmyn the Dragon
  • Serlon of the Snow
  • Hanry of the Dawn
  • Seloue the Insane
  • Tilla the Magnificent
  • Hamund the Guardian
  • Jacquelin the Courteous
  • Hamelot the Insane
  • Gerbaut the Pygmy
  • Amalone the Green
  • Rayner the Quick
  • Auphrey the Bold
  • Rob, le Titan
  • Adeline of the Fall
  • Eluard the Romantic
  • Gervaise the Shield
  • Joan the Adamant
  • Gele the Deviant
  • Roheisia the Patroller
  • Berengaria the Broken
  • Husewyf the Colossus
  • Warinus the Colossus
  • Jehen the Faithful
  • Janot the Insane
  • Hanekin of the Mountain
  • Gunterius the Bane
  • Taffy the Romantic
  • Joppa the Defender
  • Holger the Smile
  • Sueteluue the Shield
  • Richil the Champ


Knights are often thought of as warriors from a bygone era. But the truth is, they can be just as cool today as they were centuries ago.

  • Richardin the Protector
  • Raollin the Powerful
  • Droet the Silence
  • Clerenbald the Whisper
  • Wichard the Shadow
  • Hermessent the Hawk
  • Immine the Giant
  • Seloua the Angel
  • Drest of the East
  • Heloyson the Bane
  • Col the Deviant
  • Guntard the Horrific
  • Egelina the Stubborn
  • Christaire the Divine
  • Oudet the Maneater
  • Crystina the Little
  • Hemmet the Prodigy
  • Ymenia the Black
  • Godefray the Colossus
  • Bricet of the Dawn
  • Hadwisa the Handsome
  • Griselda the Harbinger
  • Alisone the Messenger
  • Betan the Unbreakable
  • Amer the Demon
  • Joses the Persistent
  • Batcock the Blue
  • Favian the Clever
  • Richildis the Tough
  • Armant the Heartbreaker
  • Theffania the Loving
  • Tibaut the Reliable
  • Hamonet the Resilient
  • Rosomon the Invincible
  • Christie the Humble
  • Ameline the Swift
  • Alfonce the Righteous
  • Percyvallus the Slayer
  • Oddo the Sentinel
  • Josclyn the Shadow
  • Milessent the Brown
  • Dreues the Insane
  • Geuecok the Honest
  • Richemanus of the Sea
  • Bertelemy the Righteous
  • Anot the Dragonslayer
  • Basuin the Romantic
  • Azemar the Deviant
  • Adelina the Guard
  • Owain the Brown
  • Tedbaldus the Swift
  • Galeren the Escort
  • Ilbert the Lionheart
  • Colley the Dragonslayer
  • Guibourc the Eager
  • Maheut the Truthful
  • Loyset the Pale
  • Sagarus of the Dark
  • Ascilia the Faithful
  • Jaquemin the Stubborn
  • Hawise the Champion
  • Iohannes the Shepherd
  • Renier the Warden
  • Mousse the Gorgeous
  • Gawne the Gentle
  • Hildebrandus the Lion
  • Barda the Champ


Knights are often thought of as one of the most iconic figures in fantasy worlds. Whether it’s their chivalry, their skills with a sword, or their sense of duty. Knights embody many of the qualities that we idealize.

  • Hosianna of the Night
  • Elisot the Messenger
  • Beuves the Harbinger
  • Swetyene the Rich
  • Rollin of the Ice
  • Eleanor the Wild
  • Alicia the Horrific
  • Issat of the Mountains
  • Maugier the Daring
  • Clerebald the Blue
  • Bobby the Friendly
  • Warin the Tracker
  • Wischard the Keen
  • Symonnet the Harbinger
  • Gawen the Noble
  • Goffridus the Bruiser
  • Azur the Romantic
  • Richal the Resilient
  • Aaline the Invincible
  • Gozelinus the Muscle
  • Ferrand the Wild
  • Marioth the Honest
  • Elsie the Agile
  • Malcolum the Merciful
  • Hurrey the Guard
  • Issabella of the Lake
  • Albray of the Snow
  • Tephna the Bruiser
  • Walkelinus the Tough
  • Marekyn the Daring
  • Beuves the Friendly
  • Artus the Reliable
  • Raymundus the Cold
  • Ligart the Romantic
  • Yvonnet the Clever
  • Hosannah the Jackal
  • Nob the Faithful
  • Colin the Ugly
  • Merhild of the Winter
  • Galot the Caring
  • Jakelina the Lion
  • Anderewe the Hungry
  • Phrowenia the Unbreakable
  • Havisa the Observant
  • Eleanor of the Nightfall
  • Anchoret the Faithful
  • Cristian of the Dawn
  • Tommie the Humble
  • Maudelyn the Devious
  • Reinhold the Divine
  • Perinnet the Courageous
  • Hanequin of the Sea
  • Wymond the Dragonslayer
  • Tybost the Divine
  • James the Enigma
  • Rykeld the Phantom
  • Ysabiau the Maneater
  • Dumphry the Tracker
  • Teodbald the Scar
  • Powle the Humble
  • Hanecock the Hawk
  • Uranius the Jackal
  • Housewife the Brilliant
  • Bartrem the Defender
  • Ralphwolf of the Ocean
  • Frederick the Brown
  • Milisandia the Mercyful
  • Trustram the Honest
  • Cristan the Swift
  • Linet of the Ocean
  • Janequin the Strong
  • Alienora the Honest
  • Sybbyl the Prodigy
  • Lambequin the Ghost
  • Jacquemin the Clumsy
350+ Brave Knight Names Matching Their Excellence For Duty


Medieval knights were some of the most feared and revered warriors of their time. These well-trained fighting men defended their kingdoms and fought in bloody wars.

  • Gaillard the Hawk
  • Thoumassin the Green
  • Hunfridus the Gorgeous
  • Botolfe the Loner
  • Geffery of the Mountain
  • Richill the Twisted
  • Faramond the Cute
  • Jeane the Kind
  • Evette the Clumsy
  • Girout the Handsome
  • Barnabas of the Dark
  • Fowke the Conqueror
  • Ivette the Handsome
  • Tedric the Loving
  • Radulfus of the Water
  • Ancelmus the Slayer
  • Gauvain of the River
  • Guernot the Dragonslayer
  • Persivell the Wolf
  • Moyse the Eager
  • Dain the Brilliant
  • Roheisa the Gorgeous
  • Isotta the Bruiser
  • Ymbert the Dragon
  • Godfreed the Warm
  • Annot the Highborn
  • Eschina the Relentless
  • Elspat the Adamant
  • Tammie the Creature
  • Guernon the Heartbreaker
  • Elys the Great
  • Ancelm the Keeper
  • Watkin the Heroic
  • Jaspar the Gracious
  • Haymo of the East
  • Edelin of the Fire
  • Hervey of the Mountain
  • Lovel the Relentless
  • Jame the Harbinger
  • Malina the Colossus
  • Rychard the Vigilant
  • Gaunlaya the Widow
  • Besse the Observant
  • Anfroi the Conqueror
  • Ysmay the Heartbreaker
  • Malcolum the Maneater
  • Margery the Fair
  • Libbe the Great
  • Badcock of the Fire
  • Serlon the Vigilant
  • Geffrai the Honorable
  • Maysaunt the Old
  • Henry Haimirich the Confident
  • Imblen the Paladin
  • Avis the Powerful
  • Merilda the Hawk
  • Wymer the Timid
  • Mousse the Maneater
  • Madeleine the Honest
  • Tilly the Brute
  • Jacobus the Brilliant
  • Thomelin the Highborn
  • Mariote of the Dawn
  • Gibby the Relentless
  • Heloise the Brown
  • Oriolt the Silence
  • Amaury the Devious
  • Ybot the Traitor
  • Hodgkin the Black
  • Cristan the Fair
  • Ismenia the Dragon

Final Words

There are a variety of personal and professional knight names. There are numerous alternatives for naming someone; therefore, you should carefully consider your selection before settling on one. Whether you choose to address someone as Sir or Dame, there are numerous options available. Knight names are a matter of personal preference and should be selected with care. Numerous individuals select names that suit their style or attitude. However, it is crucial to choose a suitable name for the individual being Americanized.

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