550+ Aesthetic Goth Usernames for Instagram & Roblox

Goth Usernames

People all over the world use Instagram, a social media program that allows users to share videos, photos, and other content. If you’re looking for a ‘goth Instagram username,’ here’s a list of some of the many interesting and aesthetic Goth Usernames for both girls and males.

If you are on Instagram, Roblox, or another social media and gaming platform you need a good username that is unique and can attract audiences. So here today I will share some of the goth usernames for your social media and gaming account.

If are one of the so-called Gothics, a member of a Germanic people that overran the Roman Empire in the early centuries of the Christian era, then you should look for these below ideas of Gothic usernames.

Goth Usernames

Here are some great gothic usernames for you to consider—

1.  DementedBitch— The provocative phrase “DementedBitch” sparks a conversation about reclaiming pejorative terms and self-expression.

2. Baalphu —explores mysticism and mythology. Baal was a dark deity in certain ancient religions, and “phu” sounds like a spell.

3.  RavenWhisperer— “RavenWhisperer” emphasizes the strong relationship between gothic aesthetics and nature. Goths love ravens because they symbolize death and darkness.

4.  Melancholic Dreamer— Unlike the other identities, “Melancholic Dreamer” conveys gothic aesthetics’ emotional depth and insight.

5.  Proserpin— The underworld queen Proserpina (Persephone) inspired this username.

6.  Metztlili— From Aztec mythology, the moniker “Metztlili” honours the moon goddess. Moons symbolize mystery, femininity, and life and death.

7.  Wounded Goddess— This username celebrates vulnerability and anguish. By calling themselves a “wounded goddess,” people accept their emotional struggles and life challenges.

8. Dark Angel— It symbolizes good and evil, beauty and pain. This username encourages self-exploration and acceptance.

9.  Euryon— Greek mythology’s enigmatic Euryon inspired this username. Euryon was a wise and connected half-human, half-animal creature.

10.  Kobal— “Kobal” explores demonic symbols and the occult. In esoteric traditions, Kobal is associated with deception, chaos, and reality distortion.

11.  Lageiks

12.  Dawauras

13.  Fraujin

14.  Sunsimma

15.  Chimera/Chimaera

16.  Amethyst

17.  SeductiveBlood

18.  Demous

19.  Jezabel

20.  Marionette

21.  Damian

22.  Semiazabe

23.  HeartlessBitch

24.  Chemon

25.  Semian

26.  Sargagg

27.  Chalice

28.  DeepenedSadness

Goth Usernames for Instagram

Goth Usernames for Instagram

looking for some Goth Usernames for Instagram then check out this long list.

29.  Shadow— Reflecting duality and the interaction between light and darkness, the moniker “Shadow” reflects the hidden, unknown parts of oneself.

30.  Yama/Yamaraja— The username “Yama” or “Yamaraja” invokes the Hindu god of death and the afterlife. Yama judges the dead and decides their fate in Hinduism.

31.  Cunalion— A curious, rebellious username. “Cunalion” combines “cunning” and “lion,” symbolizing a shrewd and forceful force that opposes social standards.

32.  Hwabras— The Old English username “Hwabras” symbolizes transformation and metamorphosis. “Hwabras” means change in Old English literature.

33.  Apausid— The Greek word “Apausid” evokes seclusion and introspection. Apausid means isolation. This username supports solitude and self-improvement.

34.  Maste— Spiritual seekers love “Maste” because it draws from mysticism and old traditions. Sanskrit “Maste” means enlightenment and transcendence.

35.  DeepCut evokes sorrow, self-expression, and healing. “DeepCut” encourages healing and facing emotional traumas.

36.  Thaudemo— The Latin username “Thaudemo” means “to overcome” or “to conquer.”

37.  Damele— Elegant and mysterious, “Damele” embraces mysticism and appeal. It encourages people to discover their seductive side.

38.  Esmerée— The French username “Esmerée” evokes magic and beauty. It invites people to embrace their inner elegance.

39.  DeepNight

40.  Banshee

41.  Patjomal

42.  Colonaiz

43.  BrokenBitch

44.  Siukandn

45.  Ukobalsan

46.  Galeiksar

47.  Aspiradora

48.  SoullessBitch *

49.  Fantaliu

50.  Amenoth

51.  Swegor

52.  NightDepth

53.  Sanctuary

54.  Wednesday

55.  BeautifullyDemented *

56.  Demon/Daemon/Demona

57.  SedatedPrincess *

58.  DeadlyShadeNight

59.  Manteins

60.  Mortualia

61.  Morrigan, the

62.  Arachne

63.  Gaggwaur

64.  Ansitif

65.  Isolde

66.  Vladimir

67.  D’Elormie

68.  Zeisthus

69.  Hades

70.  Frabuth

71.  Ahazude

72.  Rakshma

73.  Abatu

74.  Baalzep

75.  Absinthe

76.  Belial

77.  Faurlag

78.  Avarice

79.  Alcina

80.  Zepares

81.  Digitalis

82.  ExcessHeartAche

83.  Desdemona

84.  Caligula

85.  BloodyObsession *

86.  Sonniskam

87.  Semyazza

88.  Taihswoai

89.  Oleander

90.  Draconia

91.  Willow

92.  Morfran

93.  Morbidia

Pastel Goth Usernames

Here are some Pastel Goth Usernames.

94.  HurtingBitch— This controversial username explores pain and perseverance. People can reclaim insulting names by using “HurtingBitch” as a username.

95.  “SoullessPain” explores mental agony and misery. This account encourages people to use pain to heal and progress.

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96.  Andstaur— Norse mythology’s “Andstaur” symbolizes resistance and disobedience. Old Norse means “against the pillar.”

97.  Leonana— Greek mythology-inspired “Leonana” symbolizes power and femininity. This username is powerful and aggressive, combining “leo” (lion) and “ana” (goddess).

98.  Sanctity— The nickname “Sanctity” represents peace and tranquillity by balancing light and darkness.

99.  Grimoire— The username “Grimoire” comes from magical books. “Grimoire” signifies magical investigation and secret wisdom.

100.  Orchid— The username “Orchid” evokes beauty, elegance, and tenacity. Orchids’ delicate blossoms represent life’s resilience.

101.  Mammon— The biblical personification of riches and materialism is the username “Mammon”.

102.  Frabugj— “Frabugj” represents travel and adventure. The Old Norse word means “free spirit.”

103.  Adadadre— The username “Adadadre” is mysterious. It is a supernatural invocation with ancient roots.

104.  Behernerg

105.  Asya

106.  EmotionalCorpse

107.  Mannist

108.  Usthriu

109.  Barzaibna

110.  Garuns

111.  Batheina

112.  Caspiel

113.  AngelMoon

114.  Tansy

115.  Malphon

116.  Freya

117.  Tartarus

118.  GothicDream

119.  BloodyBitch

120.  Eris

121.  Tenebrae

122.  Miyuki

123.  Skuggwa

124.  Gaggan

125.  BrokenObsession *

126.  Horinai

127.  Airzebu

128.  Minax

129.  Tezrimm

130.  Lughnasa

131.  Necro-

132.  Drauihti

133.  Requiem

134.  Autumn

135.  MoonlessNight

136.  Belladonna

137.  Astolat

138.  Bealtaine

139.  Amenaida

140.  Drealphe

141.  SoullessPrincess *

142.  Midnight

143.  Aldinon

144.  BeautifulMystery

145.  Cloven

146.  Malice

147.  DeepLove

148.  WoundedWings

149.  BloodyPrincess

150.  Meinais

151.  HeartfeltSorrow *

152.  Elsinore

153.  Drauberi

154.  Clove

155.  Succubni

156.  Barbel

157.  Tunrian

158.  Milduf

159.  Saiwand

160.  Betos

161.  Pwccatlip

162.  Nidantus

163.  TormentedBitch

164.  Sanguinaria

165.  Diabaalia

166.  Mortifer/Mortifera

167.  SoullessTemptation *

168.  BloodyOutcast

169.  BeautifullyHurting

170.  Funereal/funerea

171.  Gabugj

172.  DreamingCorpse

173.  Gehenna

174.  Apollin

175.  Malady

176.  Malik

177.  Azathands

178.  Deam

179.  Salem

180.  DeepSadness

181.  Moirai

182.  Kasdeya

183.  Ember

184.  Melanthe

185.  Alloch

186.  Atteiman

187.  Horin

188.  Innominata

Kawaii Goth Usernames

Get some of the Kawaii Goth Usernames.

189.  Bran/Branwen— The username “Bran/Branwen” is based on Celtic mythology. “Bran” means raven and “Branwen” means white raven.

190.  Briar— The username “Briar” represents resilience, protection, and growth. Briars are thorny shrubs that symbolize natural beauty and impenetrability.

191.  “Skalkdd” is mysterious and strong. Many people wanting a mysterious internet persona have adopted it.

192.  Arphan— The username “Arphan” symbolizes a search for identity and connection. The Arabic name “Arfan,” meaning “knowing,” denotes a great desire to understand oneself and others. This username expresses curiosity and a quest for information.

193.  Artemisia— The username “Artemisia” represents bravery and resilience, inspired by the ancient Greek warrior queen.

194.  Euronsim— “Euronsim” combines optimism with enlightenment. This username represents knowledge and hope, made out of the Greek word “euron,” meaning “to find” or “discover,” and the suffix “-sim,” signifying a state or condition.

195.  The username “Eurydice” evokes loss, pain, and perseverance. This username acknowledges life’s tragedies and pain. It represents resilience and rebirth after loss.

196.  “Ayperit” is inspired by alchemy and transmutation. From the Latin word “aethereus,” meaning “ethereal,” it signifies a celestial essence.

197.  BloodyMascara— The moniker “BloodyMascara” combines strength and vulnerability. Human emotions and experiences are complicated.

198.  Giger— Inspired by H.R. Giger, the username “Giger” represents innovation, darkness, and gothic beauty.

199.  Siukan

200.  Adramen

201.  Andwald

202.  Tezcaym

203.  Demoron

204.  Griffin/Gryphon

205.  Verinon

206.  Andrausj

207.  Beine

208.  Samhain

209.  Anubis/Anpu

210.  Adre

211.  Waurdis

212.  Azazel

213.  Foturgre

214.  Hemlock

215.  Tristesse/Tristessa

216.  Diti

217.  EmotionalDream

218.  Oronzon

219.  Thataro

220.  Foxglove

221.  Asmodeus

222.  Belphit

223.  Zothecula

224.  BlackenedPain

225.  WoundedAngel

226.  Nimue

227.  Shabriri

228.  Ithrimm

229.  WoundedHeart

230.  Umbra

231.  Atropine

232.  Leila

233.  Ash

234.  Afarte

235.  Sullen

236.  Naliarna

237.  DementedDream

238.  DementedPain

239.  Pestilentia

240.  Barlguras

241.  BrokenCorpse

242.  Waurrabi

243.  Ariochar

244.  Osiris

245.  Corvus/Cornix

246.  Aggwit

247.  Asmodeu

248.  Inclementia

249.  Chrysanthemum

250.  Merula

251.  Mildufni

252.  Barnass

253.  BitchBloodNight

254.  Twilight

255.  DeepBrokenLove

256.  Ansts

257.  Briggan

Goth Usernames for Roblox

If you are on Roblox then must check the below Gothic Usernames list.

258.  “Severin”— Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s “Venus in Furs” inspired the username. This name captures passion, power, and human interactions. “Severin” as a username shows a passion in love, pleasure, and agony.

259.  BlackenedBeauty— The username “BlackenedBeauty” combines beauty with darkness. It symbolizes humanity’s complexity and light-dark duality. This nickname lets people show their enthusiasm for uncommon beauty. .

260.  Hwaains— The Native American concept of “Hózhózhgi”— “beauty and harmony”— inspired the username “Hwains.” This name symbolizes living in harmony with oneself, others, and nature.

261.  DeadlyNight— “DeadlyNight” conveys intrigue, enticement, and gloom. It symbolizes night’s fascination and human nature’s secrets. This username shows an interest in the forbidden and the unknown.

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262.  Omega— The moniker “Omega” symbolizes completion, wholeness, and cycle conclusion. “Omega”— the last letter of the Greek alphabet— represents completion.

263.  Mitternacht— The German term for midnight inspired the moniker “Mitternacht”. It depicts gloom, loneliness, and introspection. This username indicates deep introspection and a penchant for isolation.

264.  SultryNight— The username “SultryNight” is sensual and mysterious. It symbolizes the seduction of darkness and night.

265.  Ledant— The moniker “Ledant” comes from “l’étudiant,” French for “the student.” It symbolizes lifelong learning and knowledge.

266.  Lolita— Nabokov’s novel “Lolita” inspired the username. It symbolizes youth, beauty, and forbidden longing. A username like “Lolita” suggests a curiosity in innocence and experience.

267.  Armaion— “Armaion” combines strength and compassion. Power and empathy are delicately balanced. This username shows a devotion to inner strength and compassion.

268.  BrokenVampire

269.  Nassus

270.  Narcissa

271.  Maelze

272.  Geryno

273.  Beelzep

274.  Incubis

275.  Sail/Saile/Salley

276.  Kaurbas

277.  DeepWound

278.  Luna

279.  Breviary

280.  Tintagel

281.  Amanita

282.  Bifroth

283.  Haban

284.  Monstrance

285.  Azrael

286.  Cubueros

287.  BlackAngel

288.  Galiubin

289.  TearfulSoul

290.  Liubni

291.  Draven

292.  Zabulon

293.  BeautifullyEmo

294.  DarkGoddess

295.  Dolores

296.  Mikile

297.  Lenore

298.  Tezcara

299.  Waurdistj

300.  DementedBeauty

301.  Leonali

302.  VampireHeart

303.  Lethe

304.  Dies Irae

305.  Berian

306.  MyHeartHearts

307.  Wundang

308.  EmotionalBitch

309.  Annabel Lee

310.  Avon

Aesthetic Usernames Goth

Aesthetic Usernames Goth

Dive into the world of goth aesthetics with our collection of unique usernames. Unleash your inner darkness and stand out from the crowd. Explore now!

311.  Adreip— The username “Adreip” combines “adventure” and “reputation.” It signifies a desire to be remarkable and exciting.

312.  Perdita— The username “Perdita” comes from Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale,” where Perdita symbolizes innocence, beauty, and nature.

313.  Solanine— The username “Solanine” comes from a poisonous nightshade plant alkaloid.

314.  Esdras— The moniker “Esdras” comes from the biblical hero Ezra, noted for his intelligence and erudition. This name symbolizes a thirst for knowledge and truth.

315.  Thorn(e)— “Thorn(e)” is a strong and resilient username. It symbolizes perseverance. This username shows a willingness to face hardships and discover strength.

316.  Shade— The pseudonym “Shade” symbolizes mystery and beauty. It emphasizes secrecy, introspection, and adaptability. This username shows a love of mystery, seclusion, and the hidden.

317.  Lilith— The moniker “Lilith” comes from mythology, where Lilith is powerful, independent, and enigmatic. This name symbolizes defiance of social conventions. “Lilith” as a username expresses a desire to be oneself, break free from society, and accept one’s complexity.

318.  Ague— The username “Ague” comes from the phrase for a fever or shivering spell, commonly connected with malaria.

319.  Dunsany— The username “Dunsany” comes from Irish fantasy and legendary novelist Lord Dunsany. This name symbolizes a love of fantasy and exploration. “Dunsany” shows an interest for storytelling, fantasy, and building alternate worlds.

320.  Hellebore

321.  Naizos

322.  Merihim

323.  Serpent

324.  SedatedHeartbreak

325.  Tezrios

326.  Penance

327.  Liutaro

328.  Dark/Darque/Darkling etc.

329.  Tristan/Tristram

330.  Berithai

331.  WoundedAngelWings

332.  Drausjan

333.  Evilyn

334.  BlackPrincess

335.  Golgotha

336.  Ikaida

337.  Inaith

338.  GothicPrincess

339.  Nephilim

340.  Lamia

341.  Mort(e)

342.  Andrealp

343.  Dragon

344.  Yaotzin

345.  Nin

346.  BloodyBeauty

347.  BrokenPrincess *

348.  Tezcatl

349.  Melchar

350.  Calix/Calixa

351.  Grendel

352.  Kaupaym

353.  Merihwi

354.  BeautifullySoulless

355.  Sabine/Sabina

356.  Candelaria

357.  Deleviat

358.  Morbosa/Morbosis

359.  Lucifer

360.  HurtingWound

361.  Authilp

362.  Nocturne

363.  Zaebetun

364.  BlackGoddess

365.  SoullessBeauty *

366.  BeautifulDestruction *

367.  Faurlagat

368.  Lily

369.  Maniaza

370.  Obsidian

371.  Amducia

372.  Apollyn

373.  Ammara

374.  Xenobia

375.  Chaos

376.  Ahminon

377.  Buthizoz

378.  Reaper

379.  Aym

380.  Anneber

381.  Asura

382.  LoveNight

383.  Winter

384.  Melania/Melanie

385.  SoullessAngel *

386.  Adadrety

387.  Imandrau

388.  Azanidant

389.  Jahtans

390.  Chamon

391.  Sonnigi

392.  Paymon

393.  Agalili

394.  BrokenGoddess

395.  Ahlanass

396.  Astaroth

397.  ICantFeel

398.  Gefjun/Gefion

399.  BlackenedHeart

400.  Abduxue

401.  ChaoticTemptation

402.  Sidhe

403.  Grigori

404.  WoundedLove

405.  Sabrina/Sabre/Sabrenn

406.  Sanguinary

407.  SeductiveEmo

Goth Male Usernames

Discover the perfect username to reflect your gothic persona. Explore our curated selection of badass and enigmatic usernames for goth guys.

408.  Thaithon— The username “Thaithon” draws inspiration from Thai mythology, where Thaithon is regarded as a deity associated with rivers and water.

409.  Ahriman— The username “Ahriman” finds its roots in Zoroastrianism, where Ahriman is the embodiment of falsehood, chaos, and evil.

410.  Mizdons— The username “Mizdons” is a combination of “mystery” and “puzzled on,” representing a love for all things enigmatic and puzzling.

411.  Cunassus— The username “Cunassus” embraces the world of literature and mythology, drawing inspiration from the Greek mythological creature called Pegasus. T

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412.  Thataur— The username “Thataur” embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration, drawing inspiration from Norse mythology and the mighty warriors known as the Vikings.

413.  Gatithan— The username “Gatithan” takes inspiration from Sufi mysticism, where Gatithan refers to a state of transcendence and divine realization.

414.  Metztlith— The username “Metztlith” draws inspiration from Aztec mythology, where Metztlith represents the moon goddess.

415.  Afarnais— The username “Afarnais” takes inspiration from Welsh mythology, where Afarnais is the name of a legendary flaming stag.

416.  Blood— The username “Blood” delves into the realm of symbolism, where blood represents vitality, passion, and the essence of life itself.

417.  Crow(e)— The username “Crow(e)” embraces the mysterious and enigmatic nature of crows, creatures often associated with symbolism and myth.

418.  Valafar

419.  Baltain

420.  Hundawa

421.  Andstu

422.  Thondsta

423.  Medusa

424.  Swas

425.  Ophelia

426.  Emmao

427.  Hecate

428.  Murmur

429.  Pancuronium

430.  Ianthe

431.  Belith

432.  Elysium

433.  Titania

434.  Anomylech

435.  Metztli

436.  Seinas

437.  Wolf(e)

438.  Duatte

439.  Necropolis

440.  Aveira

441.  Vespers

442.  Balor

443.  Maleficent, Maleficence

444.  Sardonyx

445.  Naenia

446.  Ariochor

447.  MurderousObsession

448.  Mephistopheles/Mephisto

449.  Sargati

450.  Lovecraft

451.  Wundands

452.  Afarsama

453.  Samael

454.  Baalzebos

455.  Qathja

456.  October

457.  Niumele

458.  Arjizwa

459.  Ashtazo

460.  Agrathw

461.  Eulalie

462.  Kalma

463.  Raven

464.  DreamingOfPeace

465.  Pawlus

466.  Melancholia

467.  Amalia

468.  Inamon

469.  Cinder

470.  Swegnija

471.  Mara

472.  Hundatl

473.  Aclah

474.  Jack

475.  Dicaculus/Dicacula/Dicax

476.  BloodyEyes

477.  Misericordia

478.  SeductivePain

Goth Username list

How to Find a Goth Username

Are you a fan of the dark and mysterious? Do you have a flair for all things gothic? If so, then you know the importance of having a goth username.

1. Accept Darkness:

Accepting darkness is key to goth nicknames. Geek culture is defined by mystery, darkness, and individualism. Create a unique username with these parts. Use dark terms like “Shadow,” “Raven,” or “Midnight.”

2. Read Gothic Literature to Be Inspired:

Gothic literature has long inspired goths. Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, and Bram Stoker offer inspiration. Find characters or topics you like and utilize them for your username. To honour these literary legends, choose “Dracula’sBride” or “PoeEnthusiast”.

3. Use Gothic Symbols:

Your username might be more meaningful with Gothic symbols. Consider using crosses, bats, skulls, or roses in your username. These symbols represent gothic style and provide symbolism to your online character.

4. Play with spelling and punctuation:

Spell and punctuate your goth username to make it distinctive. Replace certain letters or add unusual punctuation. Instead of “Witch,” try “W!tch” or “W!tch_craft.”

5. Personalize:

While it’s crucial to embrace gothic, personalize your username. Include your hobbies or personality. If you like music, add your favourite goth band or song. Incorporate your favourite gothic fashion accessory into your username.

6. Use Online Generators:

There are many online username generators to help you find the perfect goth username. These generators let you enter keywords or topics and get a list of usernames. They may be imperfect, but they may inspire and get you started.


1. Can I use my real name as a Goth username?

While it’s not common to use real names as Goth usernames, you can incorporate parts of your name into a more Gothic-inspired alias if you wish to maintain some personal connection.

2. Are there any specific rules for creating a Goth username?

There are no strict rules for creating a Goth username; however, it should reflect the core themes of the Gothic culture and resonate with your personal style.

3. Can I change my Goth username later on?

Most online platforms allow users to change their usernames at any time, so you can certainly switch your Goth username if you feel inspired by different ideas or want to redefine your online persona.

4. Are there any resources available for finding inspiration for Goth usernames?

Yes! You can find inspiration for Goth usernames in Gothic literature (such as Edgar Allan Poe), Gothic bands (like Bauhaus or Siouxsie and the Banshees), mythology (vampires, witches), or even nature (black roses, moonlit landscapes).

5. Should I be concerned about privacy when using a unique username

Privacy is always important online. Avoid using personally identifiable information in your username and ensure that any other personal details you share are kept secure.

Final Words

Goth usernames have the power to convey a multitude of themes and emotions. From reclaiming derogatory terms to exploring mysticism, nature, and introspection, they offer a platform for individuals to express their true selves and connect with like-minded individuals.

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