140+ Anime Boy Names That Will Level Up Your Fandom

Whether you are an avid anime fan or simply appreciate the unique and captivating world of Japanese animation, this blog is here to explore the depth and significance of the names given to the beloved male characters we have come to cherish.

Join us on this journey as we unravel the intriguing stories and meanings behind these names, and discover the intricate way they contribute to the depth and development of these unforgettable characters.

So sit back, relax, and let us delve into the enchanting world of anime boy names with a thoughtful and appreciative perspective.

Popular Anime Boy Names

here are some of most Popular Anime Boy Names.

  • Akira – Bright, clear; from “Akira” by Katsuhiro Otomo.
  • Shinji – True second son; from “Neon Genesis Evangelion”.
  • Naruto – Maelstrom; from “Naruto” by Masashi Kishimoto.
  • Sasuke – Help or support; from “Naruto”.
  • Goku – Aware of emptiness; from “Dragon Ball” by Akira Toriyama.
  • Vegeta – A pun on “vegetable”; from “Dragon Ball Z”.
  • Light – As in illumination; from “Death Note”.
  • Lelouch – From the character Lelouch Lamperouge in “Code Geass”.
  • Eren – Saint; from “Attack on Titan”.
  • Levi – Joined, attached; from “Attack on Titan”.
  • Tetsuo – Iron man; from “Akira”.
  • Kaneda – Golden rice paddy; from “Akira”.
  • Edward – Wealthy guard; from “Fullmetal Alchemist”.
  • Alphonse – Noble and ready; from “Fullmetal Alchemist”.
  • Ichigo – Strawberry, but also one guardian; from “Bleach”.
  • Ryuk – From “Death Note”, a play on the word “ryūkō” meaning fashion.
  • Ken – Strong, healthy; from “Tokyo Ghoul”.
  • Yusuke – Mediator; from “Yu Yu Hakusho”.
  • Spike – From “Cowboy Bebop”, possibly referencing his hair or personality.
  • Vash – From “Trigun”, reminiscent of “vashist”, meaning pacifist.

Hot anime boy names

Looking for the perfect name for your male anime character? Explore a curated selection of trendy and stylish hot anime boy names here.

  • Kirito – Kirigaya Kazuto’s avatar; from “Sword Art Online”.
  • Asuna – Tomorrow’s apple tree; from “Sword Art Online”.
  • Luffy – From “One Piece”, inspired by the word “loofah”.
  • Zoro – From “One Piece”, inspired by the swordsman Zorro.
  • Natsu – Summer; from “Fairy Tail”.
  • Gray – From “Fairy Tail”, possibly referencing his ice magic.
  • Erwin – Respected friend; from “Attack on Titan”.
  • Mikasa – Named after a Japanese battleship; from “Attack on Titan”.
  • Gintoki – Silver time; from “Gintama“.
  • Kakashi – Scarecrow; from “Naruto”.
  • Itachi – Weasel; from “Naruto”.


  • Gon – From “Hunter x Hunter”, potentially from the word “gonbe”, a nickname for a country bumpkin.
  • Killua – From “Hunter x Hunter”, possibly derived from killer.
  • Yugi – Game; from “Yu-Gi-Oh!”.
  • Seto – From “Yu-Gi-Oh!”, possibly a play on “setou”, to lock or to set.
  • Kyo – Cooperation; from “Fruits Basket”.
  • Yuki – Snow or happiness; from “Fruits Basket”.
  • Takumi – Artisan; from “Initial D”.
  • Shinichi – One truth; from “Detective Conan”.
  • Kaito – Phantom thief; from “Magic Kaito” and “Detective Conan”.

Cute anime boy names

Find the sweetest anime boy names here!

  • Mob – Short for mob character; from “Mob Psycho 100”.
  • Reigen – Spirit or ghost; from “Mob Psycho 100”.
  • Saitama – After the city; from “One Punch Man”.
  • Genos – Short for “genius”; from “One Punch Man”.
  • Tanjiro – Charcoal and second son; from “Demon Slayer”.
  • Nezuko – Snowball flower; from “Demon Slayer”.
  • Inuyasha – Dog demon; from “Inuyasha”.
  • Sesshomaru – Destruction of life; from “Inuyasha”.
  • Touya – Peach tree arrow; from various anime.
  • Yukito – Snow hare; from “Cardcaptor Sakura”.
  • Shoto – Short for Shoto Todoroki, meaning “burning and freezing”; from “My Hero Academia”.
  • Izuku – “Deku”, meaning one who can do anything; from “My Hero Academia”.
  • Katsuki – Victory and season; from “My Hero Academia”.
  • All Might – Symbol of peace and justice; from “My Hero Academia”.
  • Hawks – After the bird, symbolizing his flying ability; from “My Hero Academia”.
  • Mirio – From “My Hero Academia”, implying mirage or illusion due to his permeation quirk.
  • Tamaki – Ring, circle; from “My Hero Academia”.
  • Dabi – Cremation; from “My Hero Academia”.
  • Touka – A play on “Tokyo” and possibly “kouka” (incense flower); from “Tokyo Ghoul”.
  • Armin – Warrior; from “Attack on Titan”.

Cool anime boy names

Discover the coolest anime boy names for your next character.

  • Reiner – Counsel; from “Attack on Titan”.
  • Bertholdt – Bright strength; from “Attack on Titan”.
  • Kamina – God of thunder; from “Gurren Lagann”.
  • Simon – He has heard; from “Gurren Lagann”.
  • Okabe – Ridge; from “Steins;Gate”.
  • Rintarou – Dragon man; from “Steins;Gate”.
  • Makise – Curtain cape; from “Steins;Gate”.
  • Daru – From “Steins;Gate”, short for Itaru Hashida, implying solidity or being reliable.
  • Ban – From “The Seven Deadly Sins”, possibly related to his immortality and meaning “banishment”.
  • Meliodas – From “The Seven Deadly Sins”, a name derived from mythology, suggesting power or leadership.


  • Escanor – From “The Seven Deadly Sins”, representing the sun or pride.
  • King – The title refers to his position as the Fairy King; from “The Seven Deadly Sins”.
  • Gowther – From “The Seven Deadly Sins”, a name with Arthurian origins, possibly denoting wisdom or mystery.
  • Merlin – The wizard; from “The Seven Deadly Sins”.
  • Gilthunder – Combining “thunder” with a noble flair; from “The Seven Deadly Sins”.
  • Lloyd – Grey; from “Code Geass”.
  • Suzaku – Vermilion bird; from “Code Geass”.
  • Schneizel – A play on “schnitzel”, emphasizing his foreignness; from “Code Geass”.
  • Gino – Short form of names ending in -gino; from “Code Geass”.
  • Jotaro – Joestar and taro (eldest son); from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”.

Good anime boy names

Find the ultimate anime boy names here! Uncover a diverse selection of strong, charming, and memorable names for your characters in any story.

  • Giorno – Day; from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”.
  • Dio – God; from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”.
  • Rohan – Ascending; from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”.
  • Kakyoin – From “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, possibly related to his calm and composed nature.
  • Okuyasu – From “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, implying quick and sharp.
  • Josuke – Composed and helper; from “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”.
  • Yato – Night; from “Noragami”.
  • Yukine – Snow sound; from “Noragami”.
  • Hijikata – From “Gintama”, a historical name denoting strength or discipline.
  • Sougo – Running ahead; from “Gintama”.
  • Kagura – God entertainment; from “Gintama”.
  • Shinpachi – New eight; from “Gintama”.
  • Koro-sensei – Unkillable teacher; from “Assassination Classroom”.
  • Nagisa – Beach; from “Assassination Classroom”.
  • Karma – Fate; from “Assassination Classroom”.
  • Tadaomi – Loyal and true; from “Assassination Classroom”.
  • Ryoma – Dragon horse; from various anime, a name implying strength and nobility.
  • Haru – Spring; a common name in anime representing new beginnings.
  • Makoto – Sincerity; a name chosen for characters that embody honesty and integrity.
  • Daiki – Great glory; a name implying success and achievement.

Unique anime boy names

Looking for distinctive anime boy names? Explore our collection of rare and captivating names to give your characters a unique identity.

  • Takashi – Noble or prosperous; often chosen for characters with leadership qualities.
  • Yusaku – Meditative plan; from “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS”.
  • Subaru – Pleiades; from “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World”.
  • Rem – From “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World”, possibly referencing REM sleep, as her sister is named Ram.
  • Ram – A pun with her sister Rem; from “Re:Zero”.
  • Emilia – Rival; from “Re:Zero”.
  • Beatrice – Bringer of joy; from “Re:Zero”.
  • Reinhard – Brave counsel; from “Re:Zero”.
  • Felix – Happy and lucky; from “Re:Zero”.
  • Wilhelm – Will helmet; from “Re:Zero”.
  • Julius – Youthful; from “Re:Zero”.
  • Puck – From “Re:Zero”, named after the mischievous spirit from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.
  • Astolfo – A knight of Charlemagne; from various anime, often depicted with a whimsical personality.
  • Issei – One that is first; from “High School DxD”.
  • Rias – From “High School DxD”, a unique name within the anime.
  • Akeno – Beautiful sunrise; from “High School DxD”.
  • Yuuto – Gentle person; from “High School DxD”.
  • Kiba – Fang; from “Naruto” and commonly used in other anime.
  • Shikamaru – As a deer; from “Naruto”, representing his calm and thoughtful nature.
  • Chrollo – From “Hunter x Hunter”, a unique name without a clear meaning, symbolizing his mysterious character.

Japanese anime boy names

Browse a diverse collection of Japanese anime boy names, from strong and heroic to charming and mysterious.

  • Leorio – From “Hunter x Hunter”, the name does not have a clear origin but suits his straightforward and earnest personality.
  • Kurapika – From “Hunter x Hunter”, a name that reflects his unique character and quest for vengeance.
  • Hisoka – Secretive; from “Hunter x Hunter”.
  • Ging – From “Hunter x Hunter“, a name that denotes his elusive nature.
  • Nobunaga – From “Hunter x Hunter”, named after the famous samurai lord, implying leadership and strength.
  • Mereum – From “Hunter x Hunter”, a unique name fitting his role as a king.
  • Albedo – Whiteness; from “Overlord”, symbolizing purity or brilliance.
  • Ainz – Own goal; from “Overlord”, symbolizing his quest for power.
  • Demiurge – Creator of worlds; from “Overlord”, reflecting his strategic genius.
  • Sebas – From “Sebastian”, meaning venerable; from “Overlord”.
  • Cocytus – Named after the river of wailing in Greek mythology; from “Overlord”.
  • Shalltear – A unique name in “Overlord”, possibly derived from “tear” as in “tearing into enemies”.
  • Aura – Breeze; from “Overlord”.
  • Mare – Sea; from “Overlord”.
  • Gazef – A unique name in “Overlord”, symbolizing loyalty and bravery.
  • Brain – From “Overlord”, symbolizing intelligence or perhaps irony considering his warrior status.
  • Climb – Aspiring to rise; from “Overlord”.
  • Zenitsu – Good always wins; from “Demon Slayer”.
  • Inosuke – Boar’s next life; from “Demon Slayer”.
  • Genya – Strong wish; from “Demon Slayer”.

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Final Words

Anime boy names offer a diverse range of options for parents seeking unique and meaningful names for their sons. From traditional Japanese names to modern, edgy choices, the world of anime provides a wealth of inspiration. Whether drawn from popular series or lesser-known characters, these names often carry rich cultural significance and captivating origins.

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