500+ Best PUBG Name Symbols for PUBG Names

PUBG name Symbols

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best Pubg symbols to use. You can use PUBG symbols in your game name for fun and uniqueness. If you don’t know what to do, you can also get custom stickers that you can put on your phone or computer. You can also wear these stickers while you play the game. Some gamers have made their names popular by using arrows and other symbols in their names. These will not only change the picture of your character’s profile, but they will also give your friends and other people more chicken dinners.

There is a Huge need for PUBG Name symbols over the internet but some websites there have shown less focus on PUBG symbols. As I always said when you want to make a Cool PUBG name you must need a unique symbol, which can make your PUBG Name unique easily, and also you can check for your PUBG Clan Names ideas. So we find 500 unique symbols for PUBG for you.

I am is always trying to update the list of PUBG symbols. Indian version of PUBG called Battleground Mobile India BGMI Symbols is specially included. As you know the craze for PUBG symbols is increasing day by day. After the ban in India, they launch BGMI for Indian gamers only.

As you know PUBG is a game of excellence and full of skills we always updating new PUBG symbols and you can check the 10000+ More Cool symbols list if this article is not enough for you.

Common PUBG Name symbols

This list is given so that you can easily pick the Common PUBG Name symbol used by many other PUBG players. That’s not all we make a list of symbols below as well. We divided PUBG Symbols into sections like Korean, Chinese, Bracket type, star, currency, bracket, arrow, and many more types. So that you can pick yours according to your need.

『』 ۝
Ø ⦇⦈
× 【】
Ł 「」 〖〗

Smiley Face PUBG symbols

Below are Japanese smiley face symbols that can be unique to use in your PUBG username.

(* ^ ω ^)
(´ ∀ ` *)
ツ゚ ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
<( ̄︶ ̄)>
ӱ ಠ_ಠ
 (ツ) ӭ のへの
(´• ω •`)
(⌒ω⌒)  (^-^)
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ϡ
 (ツ゚) ت
✌(ツ) =)

>>>  More Japanese Smiley face Symbols

Star type PUBG Name Symbols

This star type of symbol used is very less in PUBG. so making a unique PUBG Name you must choose one of these PUBG Symbols in your username.

 ✵  ✯  ❂
 ✦  ✷  ⁂
 ✩  ✹
 ✪  ✢
 ✻  ✣
 ✼  ✤
 ✭  ✽

 PUBG Symbols

Currency PUBG Name Symbols

This Currency type PUBG name symbol looks very cool for your PUBG in-game user name. It can provide your name a High value worthy.

¢  ៛
 $  ₠  ₪
 €  ₡
 ₥  ﷼  ƒ
 ₦  ¤  ௹
 ₧ ฿

Bracket Type PUBG Name Symbols

Brackets are always a powerful symbol if you use them in math or in your PUBG name. So here is the list of Bracket PUBG name symbols for you…

〈 〉  ︾  ﹤ ﹥  ︻
《 》  ︿ ( )  ︼
「 」  ﹀  < >
『 』  ﹁ { }
【 】  〖 〗  ︺
 〔 〕 〘 〙 〈 〉
 ︵  〚 〛
 ︶ ﹙ ﹚  « »  ‹ ›
 ﹛ ﹜  ︸  ﹝ ﹞

Card and Chess Type PUBG Name Symbols

A symbol like chess or a Card shows your intelligence. So PUBG players use that symbol in their PUBG name. So these are my collection of Card and Chess Type PUBG Name Symbols

 ♝  ♧
 ♣  ♚
 ♟  ♡  ♛
 ♤  ♥
 ♘  ♦

Arrow Type PUBG Symbols

The arrow always shows the direction that may be correct or incorrect. So choose your Arrow Type PUBG Symbols carefully from the list

 ⥆  ⟹
 ⤀  ⟺
 ⤁  ⥜
 ⤔  ⥊  ⥝
 ⤧  ⥞
 ⤝  ⤱  ⥣
 ⤟  ⥦
 ⤢  ⥖  ⤷  ⥩
 ⤣  ⥂  ⥮
 ⥘  ⥃  ⥯
 ⤥  ⥙  ⥪
 ⤪  ⥛
 ⤂  ⥻  ⤌

Special Type PUBG Name Symbols

these are some special picks from ChampW.com. Nobody uses those Symbol in PUBG name I Think

 ㊄  ㈨
 ㈡  ㊅  ㈩
 ㈢  ㊀  ㈧
 ㊈  ㊂

Greek PUBG Symbols

Greek PUBG symbols are for those who are totally independent. If you have a leadership quality you can use these Greek Symbols

 χ α Υ ξ
ψ β Φ ο
 ω  γ  Χ π
 Α  δ  Ψ  ρ
Β  ε  Ω  ς
 Γ  ζ  Μ  σ
 Δ η Ν  τ
Ε θ  Ξ  υ
 Ζ  ι  Ο  φ
 Η  κ Π Κ
 Θ  λ Ρ  Λ
 Ι  μ  Σ ν

Chinese PUBG Name Symbols

Chinese players are always Rules the PUBG Mobile tournament. symbols for PUBG in Chinese can make a sense of PRO player in your friend circle.

 ㊚  ㊖
 ㊛  ㊪  ㊗
 ㊝  ㊎  ㊣
 ㊞  ㊤
 ㊠  ㊑
 ㊡  ㊰  ㊧

Japanese PUBG Symbols

As Japanese PUBG symbols are cool and stylish in look, so PUBG player uses these symbols in their PUBG user name. We also have a lost list of it

 ぃ  ヌ
ノ ハ  ク  ほ
 う  ぼ
 ぇ  ケ  ぽ
 ヒ  ゲ  ま
 ぉ  み
 お  ピ  む
 ザ  も
 き  ゃ
 ぎ  ジ  や
 く  ス  ゅ
 ぐ  ズ  ゆ
 げ  ボ  ゼ  よ
 こ  ポ  ソ  ら
 マ  り
 さ  ミ  る
 ダ  れ
 し  ろ
 じ  ゎ
 ャ  ッ  わ
 す  ツ  ゐ
 ぞ  ゕ
 た  ・  ゖ
 だ  ゚ ゛
 レ  ヽ  ゜
  っ  ロ  ヾ  ゝ
 つ  ヮ  ゞ
 づ  ワ  ゟ
ヰ ヱ  ㍿  ゠
 ば  ァ
 と  ン  ぱ  ア
 ど  ヴ  ひ
 び  イ
 に  ヶ  ぴ  ゥ
 ぬ  ふ  ウ
 ね  ぶ  ェ
 の  ヹ  ォ

Korean PUBG Symbols

PUBG has a different Version of your Korean. So if you use a Korean symbol in your PUBG username that might give a High Popularity in your friend circle.

 ㅰ  ㅙ  ㅊ
 ㄲ  ㅱ  ㅚ  ㅋ
 ㄳ  ㅲ  ㅛ  ㅌ
 ㄴ  ㅳ  ㅜ  ㅍ
 ㄵ  ㅴ  ㅎ
 ㄶ  ㅵ  ㅏ
 ㄷ  ㅶ
 ㄸ  ㅷ  ㅠ  ㅑ
 ㄹ  ㅸ  ㅒ
 ㄺ  ㅓ
 ㄻ  ㅺ  ㅥ  ㅔ
 ㄼ  ㅻ  ㅦ
 ㄽ  ㅼ  ㅧ  ㅖ
 ㄾ  ㅽ  ㅨ  ㅗ
 ㄿ  ㅩ  ㅘ
 ㅀ  ㅪ  ㆇ
 ㅁ  ㆀ  ㅫ  ㆈ
 ㅂ  ㅬ  ㆉ
 ㅃ  ㆂ  ㅭ  ㆊ
 ㆃ  ㅮ  ㅈ
 ㅅ  ㆄ  ㅯ  ㅉ
 ㅆ  ㆅ  ㅇ  ㆆ

Letter Symbols for PUBG

Symbols of alphabets or letters are gaining popularity on the PUBG name symbols field. So we included this list of smart-looking Letterlike Symbols for PUBG.

x ח Ą ǣ Ȩ
y ט ą Ǥ ȩ
z י Ć ǥ Ȫ
À ך ć Ǧ ȫ
Á כ Ĉ ǧ Ȭ
 ל ĉ Ǩ ȭ
à ם Ċ ǩ Ȯ
Ä מ ċ Ǫ ȯ
Å ן Č ǫ Ȱ
Æ נ č Ǭ ȱ
Ç ס Ď ǭ Ȳ
È ע ď Ǯ ȳ
É ף Đ ǯ ȴ
Ê פ đ ǰ ȵ
Ë ץ Ē DZ ȶ
Ì צ ē Dz ȷ
Í ק Ĕ dz ȸ
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1. How to get a name card in PUBG/ BGMI?

You can get a rename card after completing your PUBG level and if you have already received it then play crew challenge and collect 200 points and redeem the rename card.

2. How to add symbols in the PUBG name?

You can add symbols to PUBG. But some symbols are not supported in PUBG. So be careful picking a supported symbol for your PUBG name. Just copy the symbols available here and paste them into your desired PUBG names.

3. how to change the name in PUBG?

First of all, open your PUBG/ BGMI app then go to your ‘inventory‘ Then scroll down at the end of the coupon sections and Click on Rename Card. Now you can Cange your PUBG/ BGMI name.

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So here is my list of symbols for use in PUBG Names. The best list of PUBG Name symbols you can’t find in other portals. Thank you for reading this article. Share this article with your friend so that they can get their symbols for PUBG’s name.

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