6 Best Ways to Get Free Fire Elite Pass For Free 2021

Check Free Fire Diamond Hack 2021 trick given here

Free Fire Elite Pass For Free: Garena Free Fire is a mobile battle royale game, developed and published by Garena Studios has over 500 Million downloaders World Wide. By using only 500 Diamonds you can buy Elite Pass. But you can get Free Fire elite Pass for free.

Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile. Many informative blogs really misguiding you with wrong information here I got 6 Working tricks that might be helpful for 750+ Top Free Fire Guild Name You Must Try and using those valuable diamonds you can get Free Fire Elite Pass For Free.

Well, Garena Studios is a big brand, and you can’t get a free Fire elite pass for free from any crack or hack. You ethically have to pay them a small amount of money to get the Elite Pass for your account. Do you now think about how you can arrange that amount of money? Here is a trick. What if I tell you, You can arrange this sum of money with just a few clicks on your android or iOS device on which you are playing your favorite game Free Fire.

6 Working Tricks for Free Fire Elite Pass

Top 6 Free is given like you have complete Free Fire Elite Pass For Free

, you can earn 1000 if you follow the tricks for a month.

1.Free Fire Hack Version Download

Diamonds are one of the main currency used in the game. You can use them to buy items such as t-shirts, pants, and hats. They don’t give any advantage to your character but aid appearance. using this Free Fire hack version Download you can easily get Unlimited diamonds and by which you can buy Free Fire Elite pass for Free.

2.Youtube Giveaway [100% works]

Free FireDiamond Hack: Youtube Giveaway [100% works]


This is the easiest method to get free Diamonds in Free Fire. You simply have to open the Diamonds Giveaways Live Videos on Youtube & participate in the custom rooms to Win Free Free FIre Elite Pass.

But the question is where you can get Free Fire Free Elite pass and Free Fire Elite Pass giveaway channels in youtube. Please follow the steps

  • Open youtube from your device
  • Search for Free Fire Elite pass giveaway for free or Elite pass giveaway like that
  • Mainly go to the live stream going on, they ask you to subscribe comment
  • Just comment and subscribe to participate in the event.
  • chances are less but there has a chance at least

3.Google Play Store Credit

FREE FIRE Diamond Hack: Google Play Store Credit

Some time google itself to give you some discount on in-game purchase so you can go and check your offers in google play store. If you don’t know about Google play store gift card then follow these steps

  • Go to your Phone and open you Google PlayStore application
  • Tap on left side menu >> Then go to Notification. Where you gonna found Some game credits and some pre-register games and all.
  • Here in the play store, every single email has different discount offers.
  • Sometimes you gonna gets almost 99% and 100% of some in-game purchase so please go and watch you notification always before buying anything.
  • Here you have to spend some money so if you are not happy to spend money then please read the gift card section.

4.Free Fire in-game events

There are frequent events that offer Free Fire free diamonds or give some exclusive discounts to buy them. A player should keep checking the latest in-game event to save some money if they plan on buying diamonds. There are events called 100% Bonus Diamond top-up event that can give you a buy one get one discount.

Free Fire Diamond Hack: Free Fire in-game events

5. Third-Party reward application

Therein market lots of applications available where you can go and do some tasks like website visit, application download, and all. Here I am not going to tell about this application If I am gonna tell someone gonna say that this is a paid post on it so for that reason sorry.thats one of the tricks to get free fire elite pass for free.

FREE FIRE Diamond Hack: Third-Party reward application

6.Gift from Friend

FREE FIRE Diamond Hack: Gift from Friend

A gift means If you have a good friend and family member if they are happy to spend some money on your game but we all know that lots of our friends and family member not happy with that.

sometimes if you are a good player and you record your gameplay then some brand come to you and give you some money and all so you can get free Diamonds in Free Fire


Yes, you also can get Free Fire Elite Pass for Free and some Diamonds if you show some regularity and patience. Try to use these tricks in between a month of a new elite pass, like you can try its upcoming season. please let us know in the comment if you get free Fire Elite pass or Free Fire Diamonds hacks. So happy gaming,

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