200+ Hippo Nicknames That Will Make You Smile

200+ Hippo Nicknames That Will Make You Smile

When it comes to the magnificent creature hippo, they certainly deserve a moniker that captures their unique charm and grandeur. Whether you are a hippo enthusiast, a curious observer, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of these majestic animals, this blog is here to explore the world of hippo nicknames with a thoughtful tone.

Hippopotamuses, majestic creatures that dwell in the rivers and lakes of Africa, have long fascinated and captivated our imaginations. From their massive size to their fearsome jaws, hippos possess a unique charm that deserves recognition. However, beyond their awe-inspiring physicality, they also possess a gentle and endearing nature that has inspired the creation of countless nicknames.

Join us on this delightful journey as we delve into the realm of creative and endearing names that celebrate the incredible nature of these fascinating creatures.

Hippo Nicknames

Discover the cutest and most creative hippo nicknames. Find the perfect nickname for your favourite hippo today.

1. Hippo Hands-Off— This blog will discuss the hippo’s hands-off nature. Hippos are friendly and non-aggressive if left alone, despite their size and power. This makes hippies “Hippo The Hands-Off.”

2. Gloria—Personification is another fascinating element in hippo nicknames. Hippos are often named after humans to represent their traits. Consider the nickname “Gloria.”

3. Water Dancer— The contrast between hippopotamus bulk and mobility is another topic in nicknames. Hippos are agile in water, where they spend much of their time, despite their size. To convey their enchantment, they are called “Water Dancers.”

4. River Guardian— Hippopotamus nicknames emphasize their duty as ecosystem keepers. Hippos help maintain the delicate balance of their ecology, especially their rivers.

5. In The Endearing Giants, the concept of hippos as gentle giants is yet another important element. Despite their fearsome appearance, hippos are affectionate. They love their children and develop strong social relationships.

6. Carla—“Carla” is another hippo nickname personification. These lovely creatures are affectionate and sociable, thus this name is warm and inviting. It shows that hippos can be friendly despite their size.

7. Hammiest Hippo—“Hammiest Hippo” celebrates hippos’ antics. Hippos always make us laugh, whether they’re wiggling or yawning.

Dolph honours the deep evolutionary link between hippos and dolphins. The unexpected link between these Cetartiodactyla species is further shown by their scientific order.

9. Lightshippo—Imagine a hippo glowing softly in Africa at night. This amusing artwork is called “Lightshippo.” It shows these beautiful creatures’ beauty and serenity under the moonlight.

10. Water Cow—While some may find this term unpleasant, it stresses hippos’ vital function in water ecosystems. Hippos’ feeding and water-oxygenating activities keep their river habitats healthy.

11. Hippos, like the moon, are mystical and calm. This is why they are called “Luna,” symbolic of their ethereal presence and tranquillity.

12. Hippo—Despite their elegant movements, hippos are noted for their stupidity. This nickname, “Half-Witted Hippo,” honours their sluggish wit and reminds us that brilliance is not just intelligence.

13. The moniker “Hippo The Hunnish” refers to hippos and the Huns, the brutal conquerors of history. These animals are powerful and unstoppable when threatened or aggressive, mimicking old warriors’ thirst for dominion.

14. Rose: Hippos may not be the first animal you think of while thinking about flowers, but “Rose” offers a fresh perspective. Like a rose with thorns, hippos are strong and gentle.

15. Hippos are called “Hootie” because they’re like owls—jovial and funny. Like owls hooting, hippos can make unexpected noises that contribute to their attractiveness.

16. River Companion—Lazy Hippo nicknames are associated with leisure and relaxation. Hippos lounge in the water, bask in the sun, or meander along rivers. Their nickname “Lazy River Companion” wonderfully describes their love of peace and tranquillity.

17. The Mystery of Wanderlust—Hippo nicknames have a mysterious and wanderlust aura. Hippos often wander in quest of new grazing pastures. The adventurous spirit of “The Mysterious Wanderer” symbolizes their curiosity and yearning for new experiences.

18. Hippos are amazing creatures and adept ecosystem engineers. Their feeding and excretion routines provide vital wildlife habitats. This topic emphasizes their function as “Nature’s Architects,” affecting ecosystem health and variety.

19. Hippo Harmonizer— Hippos are known for harmonizing their groupings, reflecting their gregarious nature. Hippos live in male-dominated societies and are highly sociable. Vocalizations and physical contact assist sustain social order and hierarchy.

20. Gimmy—“Gimmy” conveys hippos’ curiosity and playfulness. With their huge snouts, these animals like to explore and find new things. “Gimmy” represents their curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

21. Hippo The Hackly

22. Penny

23. Whippo

24. Lippo Hippo

25. Heliconian Hippo

26. Zola

27. Hippo The Ham-Handed

28. Hippo The Heraclidan

29. Haired Hippo

30. Hippo The Hebridean

31. Pola

32. Danger

33. Hippo The Hallucinogenic

34. Hippocrene

35. Half-Hardy Hippo

36. Hudibrastic Hippo

37. Himyaritic Hippo

38. Haemic Hippo

39. Handier Hippo

Cool Nicknames for Hippo

Find the perfect nickname for your hippo. Explore our collection of unique and cool nicknames for your favourite water-loving creature.

40. Lily—”Lily” evokes grace and elegance like the exquisite lily flower. Hippos are beautiful and gentle like lily petals despite their size and strength. This term encourages us to appreciate these majestic creatures’ softer side.

41. Hippos Are The Handiest—Despite their name, hippos can do some things well. They use powerful jaws and mouths to grasp and manipulate objects, showing expertise and coordination. “Hippo The Handiest” praises their environmental adaptability and problem-solving.

42. Heli—”Heli” compares hippos to helicopters’ aerial feats. Hippos are as agile in the water as aircraft. Despite their size, they move beautifully like helicopters.

43. The Half-Cut—Despite their slowness, hippos are clever and ingenious. The term “Hippo The Half-Cut” implies that these animals are more than they appear. Hippos, like scheming strategists, may be deceitful and strategic in their acts.

44. Swimmy—Hippos are water animals with great swimming skills. The term “Swimmy” describes their graceful water glide. Hippos swim rapidly and can cover great distances.

45. Sonia—”Sonia” symbolizes female hippos’ mother instincts and loving temperament. These creatures carefully raise their young and are fiercely protective. As loving and dedicated mothers, “Sonia” represents their emotional depth and dedication.


46. Hippos are friendly and affectionate, hence the nickname “Pat”. This term emphasizes their tendency to form tight ties and touch group members. Hippos communicate and show affection through physical contact, like a pat on the back.

47. Hippos are mischievous and playful, hence the nickname “Squimmy”. These animals are playful, splashing in the water and mimic fighting. “Squimmy” embodies their playfulness and lightheartedness.

48. Orpheus—Named after the Greek mythological musician, “Orpheus” symbolizes hippos’ beauty and melody. Hippos’ deep, resonant call enchants the water like Orpheus’ music. The name “Orpheus” refers to their distinctive vocal powers and capacity to create a symphony in their aquatic world.

49. The term “Hip-Hip” emphasises hippos’ fashionable and trendy personality. Like the term “hip” for something trendy and current, these creatures have flair and uniqueness. The moniker “Hip-Hip” emphasizes their individuality and ability to stand out.

50. The moniker “Andy” represents hippos’ flexibility and versatility. These creatures live in lush rivers and dry savannahs. Hippos can thrive in varied settings like Andy Warhol, who was versatile in art.

51. The name “Hipsterpotomus” plays on hipster culture. Hippos are unique like hipsters, who reject mainstream trends and live a different lifestyle. “Hipsterpotomus” shows their uniqueness and love of being unusual.

52. “Hippo The Habitable” emphasizes hippos’ vital significance in their ecology. These animals carve channels and wallows in rivers and lakes for many species. The nickname stresses their role as “home builders” and refuge for other organisms.

53. Throughout history, hippos have evoked veneration and admiration, hence the nickname “Hippo The Hagiographical”. Many civilizations venerate these creatures for their strength, power, and fertility. “Hippo The Hagiographical” represents their cultural significance and mythology.

54. “Hippo The Hallowed” emphasizes hippos’ spiritual and religious attributes. These animals have been worshipped as divine power by numerous deities. The nickname emphasizes their spirituality and reverence.

55. The nickname “Hippocratic Hippo” describes these creatures’ gentleness and care. Hippos are compassionate like Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, who stressed nurturing and healing. The term emphasizes their empathy and concern.

56. Half-Round Hippo—”Half-Round Hippo” highlights these animals’ distinctive look. Hippos are easily recognizable with their barrel-shaped bodies. The term highlights their unusual appearance and adds humor.

57. Hagiologic Hippo—”Hagiologic Hippo” explores hippos’ cultural and theological importance. Hippos have been associated with divine protection and unique powers in some spiritual traditions. “Hagiologic Hippo” emphasizes their lofty position and rich mythology.

58. The term “Hippo Sanfilippo” honours the conservation efforts to safeguard these lovely species. The nickname honours animal conservationist Leonardo Sanfilippo and symbolizes the fight to save hippos and their habitats. It reminds us to preserve these species for future generations.

59. Hippolyte

60. Hippo The Half-Track

61. Half-Calf Hippo

62. Hippo The Half-Blooded

63. Tampopo Hippo

64. Hippo The Hertzian

65. Flossy

66. Hippo The Hairiest

67. Hairier Hippo

68. Hippo The Half-Starved

69. Moody

70. Hieronymic Hippo

71. Hands-Off Hippo

72. Hippo The Hand-Held

73. Snorty Sam

74. Hagioscopic Hippo

75. Handed Hippo

76. Bobbafett

Funny Hippo Nicknames

Discover a collection of hilarious and creative hippo nicknames. Unleash your inner comedian and find the perfect nickname for your favourite hippos.

77. “Hippo The Hackneyed” analyzes these creatures’ prevalent myths and caricatures. Hippos have been misunderstood as lethargic or aggressive throughout history. The term defies these outdated ideas and promotes hippos’ genuine character.

78. The Half-Dozen Hippo— Hippos’ remarkable reproduction abilities earn them the nickname “Hippo The Half-A-Dozen”. These mammals have the highest birth rates, typically having numerous offspring in one pregnancy. “Hippo The Half-A-Dozen” emphasizes their fecundity and population support.


79. “Hygeian Hippo” examines these animals’ hygiene. Hippos spend a lot of time in the water cleaning and grooming. The term emphasizes their dedication to cleanliness and precise grooming.

80. Hippos are territorial and protective, hence the nickname “Hippo The Haggish”. Hippos are aggressive in protecting their territory and young, like hagfish, a slimy, viscous species. The moniker emphasizes their fierceness and protection.

81. The hippos’ personalities are highlighted with the nickname “Tammy”. Hippos have personalities and behaviours like people. Some are outgoing and fun, while others are shy. “Tammy” shows how each hippo is unique.

82. Alvin—”Alvin” emphasizes hippos’ intelligence and problem-solving. Hippos, like Alvin the Chipmunk, are smart and intelligent in survival and hunting. They are adaptable and resourceful in “Alvin”.

83. The term “Hungry Hippo” investigates these creatures’ diets and feeding habits. Hippos are voracious eaters who eat a lot of grass and plants daily. “Hungry Hippo” emphasizes their need for food and their significance in ecosystem equilibrium.

84. Half-Starved Hippo—”Half-Starved Hippo” highlights hippos’ food shortage struggles. Malnourished hippos may struggle to locate food due to habitat loss and environmental changes. The nickname emphasizes conservation efforts to save them.

85. The moniker “Helladic Hippo” investigates the cultural and historical significance of hippos in ancient civilizations. Hippos symbolized fertility and abundance in Helladic art. “Helladic Hippo” honours their influence on history.

86. “Hippo The Handled” explores human-animal relations, notably in captivity. Hippos have been treated by humans in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries as ambassadors. The nickname recognizes humans’ custody of hippos.

87. The moniker “Hefty Hannah” emphasizes hippos’ size and power. These animals are among the largest herbivores on land and have amazing physiques. “Hefty Hannah” highlights their dominance.

88. The nickname “Hippo Restrepo” investigates hippo social dynamics and hierarchy. The famous Colombian socialite Restrepo illustrates hippos’ complicated social networks and power hierarchies. This term highlights their complex social life and the need for hierarchies to survive.

89. The story “Hippo The Half-Hearted” explores the emotional aspect of hippos. These animals are amiable despite their appearance. This term refers to their compassion, sensitivity, and profound emotional relationships with their social groupings.

90. Hello, Hippo— Hippos are affable and gregarious, hence the nickname “Hail-Fellow-Well-Met Hippo”. Hippos are playful with each other and other species despite their reputation for violence. This term shows their friendliness and propensity to bond.

91. The term “Horatian Hippo” emphasizes these creatures’ artistic and creative sides. This moniker references Horace, the Roman poet noted for his wit and brilliant writing, and the many artistic renderings of hippos. “Horatian Hippo” highlights their aesthetic influence in literature, visual arts, and popular culture.

92. “Herbivorous Herb” examines hippos’ diets and feeding habits. Hippos eat grasses and other plants despite their size and strong teeth. The term emphasizes their unique diet and ecological importance.

93. The nickname “Hippo The Harmonious” investigates hippos’ social dynamics and communal organization. These animals have intricate social behaviours and close families. “Hippo The Harmonious” promotes their cooperation and capacity to work together for the group.

94. Happy Hippo— Hippos are playful and joyous, hence the name “Happy-Go-Lucky Hippo”. These big animals are noted for their frolicking and comedy. The term honours their ability to enjoy simple pleasures and emphasizes the value of lightheartedness.

95. “Hippo The Handyman” examines hippos’ flexibility and inventiveness. Their powerful jaws and teeth mould and transform their environment, forming passageways and water channels. The term emphasizes their creativity and capacity to adapt to their circumstances.

96. Hipposaurus—”Hipposaurus” emphasizes hippos’ ancient lineage and evolution. Hippos and whales shared a common progenitor millions of years ago. “Hipposaurus” emphasizes their unique relationship to an ancient world and evolution.

97. Hippocratic Hippo—”Hippocratic Hippo” emphasizes these creatures’ kindness. Hippos adopting orphaned calves are inspired by Hippocrates. The term emphasizes their empathy and friendliness.

98. Potty

99. Gladwell

100.  Gab

101.  Aqua

102.  Connor

103.  Haematoid Hippo

104.  Hammered Hippo

105.  Bren

106.  Helvetic Hippo

107.  Hippo The Half-Calf

108.  Hertzian Hippo

109.  Faya

110.  Hyppo

111.  Hasidic Hippo

112.  Entrepreneurshippo

113.  Smurfy

114.  Thor

115.  Hippo The Helladic

116.  Editorshippo

117.  Hippo The Handless

118.  Gummybear

Cute Nicknames for Hippo

Looking for cute and fun nicknames for your hippo? Look no further! Check out our list of adorable names for your beloved hippo.

119.  “Hippo The Hibernator” explores hippos’ sleeping habits. Contrary to popular perception, hippos do not hibernate but torpor, reducing their metabolic rate. Named for their ability to adapt to their surroundings and conserve energy under scarcity.

120.  Hippie Hippo—”Hippie Hippo” describes these creatures’ tranquillity. Hippos spend much of their day in the water, creating a peaceful atmosphere. The term represents their peace and affinity to nature.

121.  “Hippo The Heroic” explores hippos’ bravery and protection. Hippos are friendly yet powerful when defending themselves or their offspring. The nickname honours their fortitude and resilience in the face of adversity.

122.  The moniker “Homo Hippos” refers to the likeness between a hippo and a fully grown human while submerged in water. This nickname gives these creatures a whimsical name and evokes a sense of affinity between humans and hippos in their water-dwelling habits.

123.  Pygmy—The word “Pygmy” refers to pygmy hippos’ diminutive size. Most hippos are huge, but pygmy hippos are smaller.

124.  Landon—”Landon” honours hippos’ originality. Every hippo has its own personality and traits, like humans. The nickname highlights the unique identity of each hippo, highlighting the diversity and uniqueness of all living things.

125.  Bagel—”Bagel” plays with the hippo’s doughnut-like physique. Hippos’ huge bodies and barrel-shaped torsos resemble bagel shapes. The nickname lightens our view of these wonderful animals and reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously.

126.  His moniker is “Haematogenous Hippo” because hippos secrete “red sweat.” This red fluid protects hippos from sunburn.

127.  The term “Handsome Hippo” highlights these creatures’ outstanding attractiveness. Hippos are graceful and charming despite their fearsome appearance.

128.  Hippo—The “Half-Door Hippo” breathes through their heads while submerged in water due to their unusual nostrils.

129.  The term “Shornel” comes from a hippo’s dense, coarse hair. Many people think hippos are hairless, however they have a small coating of hair for insulation and sun protection.

130.  The moniker “Roxie” represents hippos’ tenacity and resilience. Hippos are tough and can survive harsh situations. Their nickname shows their fortitude and reminds us to persevere in the face of hardship.

131.  The moniker “Theo” emphasizes hippos’ gregarious nature and strong herd ties. Hippos establish close-knit colonies for companionship and security.

132.  The moniker “Dawdly Doo” describes hippos’ laid-back demeanour. These creatures spend most of their time relaxing in the water or the sun.

133.  The moniker “Tumi” analyzes the cultural significance and meaning of hippos in ancient Egyptian mythology. Hippos were once linked to fertility and protection in ancient Egypt.

134.  Trixie—The term “Trixie” emphasizes hippos’ mischievous activities, especially when they interact. Hippos joyfully chase each other, splash water, and fake battle.

135.  Hippo The Hallucinatory—”Hippo The Hallucinatory” raises questions concerning hippos’ unusual hallucinogenic qualities. While it seems unlikely, some experts believe hippos can swallow herbs that cause hallucinations and alter mental states. This nickname makes us wonder about hippos’ unique and mysterious behaviour and biology.

136.  “Hippo The Haemic” explores hippos’ bloodstream and circulatory system. Haemic means blood, and its term emphasizes the necessity of proper blood flow to these creatures’ well-being. It highlights hippos’ complex physiological systems that ensure their existence.

137.  Hippo The Haemorrhagic—”Hippo The Haemorrhagic” highlights hippos’ susceptibility to bleeding illnesses and traumas. Though powerful, these animals are not invincible. This nickname makes us think of safeguarding and caring for these gorgeous animals.

138.  Habitable Hippo—”Habitable Hippo” examines hippos’ habitat needs and adaptability. Hippos need specific environmental conditions despite their size. They survive and protect themselves from rivers, lakes, and marshes. This nickname emphasises hippos’ need for proper habitats.

139.  Diva

140.  Ernie

141.  Hippo The Himyaritic

142.  Ella

143.  Hand-Picked Hippo

144.  Hippocrates

145.  Heraclean Hippo

146.  Hand-To-Hand Hippo

147.  Dido

148.  Hippo The Hippocratic

149.  Vero The Vegan

150.  Hippocampus

151.  Sanfilippo Hippo

152.  Lulu

153.  Tomtom

154.  Hairy Hippo

155.  Hippo The Handsomer

156.  Vero

157.  Olive

158.  Hercules

159.  Hackly Hippo

160.  Hippo The Hadal

161.  Hippo The Holarctic

Water Dancer

162.  Heraclitean Hippo

163.  Whiz

164.  Tank

165.  Hippo The Half-Dead

166.  Tallullah

Unique Hippo Nicknames

Discover the perfect nicknames for hippo. Browse our collection of unique and fun names for your beloved pet. Find the perfect fit today.

167.  Hallucinative Hippo—”Hallucinative Hippo,” asks how hippos affect our creativity. Hippos have always inspired painters, storytellers, and musicians. This term makes us recognize hippos’ significance in inspiring creativity.

168.  Dawdly-Doo—”Dawdly-Doo” emphasizes hippos’ calmness. The term describes their laid-back lifestyle and the significance of enjoying life’s simple pleasures. It tells us to relax and find peace in the middle of daily life.

169.  Ferny—”Ferny” refers to hippos’ diet of plants. Herbivorous hippos eat grasses and other flora from their habitats. This nickname emphasizes the importance of balanced ecosystems and hippos’ relationship with plants.

170.  “Hippo The Hacking” shows hippos’ extraordinary defence of themselves and their territory. Hippos are violent, especially when their space or young are endangered. This term reminds us of these meek creatures’ powerful protective instincts.

171.  Marita—”Marita” examines hippos’ mother instincts and nurturing abilities. Female hippos defend their young for years, forming tight bonds. This term represents hippos’ affection for their offspring and their families’ deep emotional bonds.

172.  “Hippo The Hygeian” examines hippos’ cleanliness and grooming. Despite their relationship with water, hippos are dirty animals. Mud and water are common ways for them to cool down and protect their skin from the sun. This nickname emphasizes the importance of personal hygiene for our health.

173.  Hamular Hippo—”Hamular Hippo” examines hippos’ dental and feeding habits. Hippos’ large, curving incisor teeth can reach 51 centimetres.

174.  Beck—”Beck” refers to hippos’ vocalizations. Hippos communicate and express emotions through roars, grunts, and bellows despite their size.

175.  “Hippo The Hudibrastic” highlights hippos’ lively and hilarious nature. These creatures play in the water, blow bubbles, and mimic fights.

176.  Hippo The Halted—”Hippo The Halted” illustrates hippos’ conservation struggles. Hippo populations are dropping rapidly due to habitat loss, illicit hunting, and pollution.

177.  The social dynamics and hierarchy of hippo groups are examined in “Molly”. Hippos live in pods with one dominant male, many females, and their progeny.

178.  Haloid Hippo—”Haloid Hippo” refers to hippos’ skin and qualities. Hippos’ red oil-like “blood sweat,” which protects and moisturizes their sensitive skin, is secreted.

179.  Hippo The Hebridean—”Hippo The Hebridean” examines hippos and their environments. Hippos inhabit sub-Saharan Africa’s rivers, lakes, and wetlands. This term emphasizes the unique environment these creatures need to thrive.

180.  Hector—”Hector” honours hippos’ strength. Hippos are among the largest and most powerful animals due to their size and thick skin. This term reminds us of hippos’ awe-inspiring presence.

181.  Hippo Heraclite—”Hippo The Heraclitean explores hippos’ flexibility and tenacity. These creatures are recognized for their environmental tolerance. From droughts to floods, hippos have adapted to change.

182.  Hippos’ distinctive morphological traits are explored in “Hairless Hippo”. Hippos have few short, coarse hairs on their body, despite their namesake. This term highlights hippos’ unique traits.

183.  “Hackneyed Hippo” shows hippos’ prejudices and stereotypes. Hippos are complicated animals with behaviours and traits that defy popular opinion.

184.  “Habit-Forming Hippo” stresses the importance of creating beneficial habits and routines. Hippos have precise feeding, wallowing, and resting schedules. This nickname emphasizes constancy and discipline.

185.  Hippo The Typo—”Hippo The Typo” highlights the language difficulties of “hippopotamus.” This moniker emphasizes the need for precise communication by highlighting common mispronunciations and misspellings of these animals.

186.  “Hippo The Superhero” refers to hippos’ amazing powers and adaptations. Hippos are notable for their formidable jaws and water speed.

187.  Gnasher—”Gnasher” examines hippos’ dental skills. Hippos use their enormous tusks and powerful jaws for territorial disputes and self-defence. This nickname highlights hippos’ amazing oral modifications.

188.  Safina—”Safina” examines hippos’ maternal instincts and familial ties. Female hippos are fiercely protective of their young, showing a gentle and loving side. This moniker emphasizes family and motherhood.

189.  Harmony—”Harmony” stresses hippos’ ecological importance in their surroundings. Hippos graze on the grass near water, forming “hippo trails” that help other animals get water. This nickname emphasizes environmental interdependence and species influence.

190.  Hippozos

191.  Hi-Ho

192.  Daisy

193.  Jemmy

194.  Hippo Repo

195.  Snorty

196.  Hippo The Hagioscopic

197.  Habited Hippo

198.  Hippo The Homeric

199.  Guiness

200.  Hippo The Half-Timbered

201.  Pink Pippo

202.  Maya

203.  Hunnish Hippo

204.  Hippo Typo

205.  Half-Bred Hippo

206.  Marigold

207.  Mentorshippo

208.  Habitudinal Hippo

209.  Lola

210.  Marley

211.  Haemorrhoidal Hippo

212.  Harrovian Hippo

213.  Cookie

214.  Dingdong

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Final Words

The world of hippo nicknames is a testament to the rich symbolism and affection that surrounds these magnificent creatures. From the reverence bestowed upon them in ancient mythology to the celebration of their tender and playful qualities, each nickname tells a different story about the awe and admiration that hippos inspire.

So why not join in the whimsy and affection and come up with your own special nickname for these beloved creatures? After all, hippos are not just majestic creatures of the wild but beings that help us discover the beauty and wonder in the world around us.

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