150+ Gremlin Names for Your Mischievous Companion

Gremlins are familiar to cinema and folklore fans. These wicked critters cause havoc wherever they go. Gremlins are charming despite their notoriety. You’re probably pondering what to call these little animals. We have a list of fun Gremlin names. This collection features charming, silly, and terrifying names for everyone. Relax and let’s explore Gremlin names.

If you love naughty and clever critters or need a unique name for your pet gremlin, you’re in the correct place. Gremlins’ unique personality and unusual features have made them a popular topic in folklore, literature, and pop culture for decades. This site will give you a huge selection of gremlin names to encourage your creativity and imagination. Relax and read!

Over time, gremlins, those naughty little critters that wreck our lives, have developed a cult following. These critters are beloved for their mischievousness and playfulness. If you’re a fan or just interested in their world, you’re probably wondering about these unusual creatures’ names. Luckily, we have a collection of the most clever and original names for Gremlins to ignite your inner Gremlin. Explore Gremlins and their unique names with us.

Names for Gremlins

Pop culture loves naughty Gremlins. Their charm and quirks have won them fans despite their frightening reputation. These characters’ names are amazing. Gremlin names include Stripe, Gizmo, Lenny, and Dizzy. This article will include a comprehensive list of Gremlin names that will make you think about these beloved critters. Let’s explore Gremlin names and their origins.

1. Stout—This Gremlin is short and stocky. Strong Gremlins can dominate weaker creatures and battle.

2. Dapper—Dapper Gremlins are more sophisticated and fashionable. These Gremlins wear expensive hats and suits and are very vain. Dapper Gremlins are smart and cunning, utilizing charm and wit to obtain what they want. They control others using their social talents.

3. Snippy—Gremlins who love mischief are called Snippy. These Gremlins torment others with their sharp tongues and quick wit. They bug even the most patient people. Snippy Gremlins can use their knowledge and cunning to solve difficulties and escape sticky situations.

4. Grim—Gremlin culture’s evil underbelly. These Gremlins establish group order with their raw strength and menacing appearance. They use brute force to acquire what they want. Grim Gremlins are feared by their fellow Gremlins yet admired for their loyalty and resolve.

5. Cyclops—One-eyed Gremlins are called Cyclops. These Gremlins stand out for their distinctive feature. Cyclops Gremlins with one eye can blast laser beams or see better. They are curious and risk-takers.

6. Ziggy—The more imaginative Gremlins are called Ziggy. Gremlins with paintbrushes and instruments express themselves and add color to the environment. Ziggy Gremlins are the most happy and outgoing, often striving to cheer others up. They are crucial to any Gremlin community and offer joy and fun.

7. Tricky—Tricky Gremlins are masters of trickery. These Gremlins are known for pranking others for fun. Tricky Gremlins may outwit even the toughest opponents with their fast thinking and reactions. They keep the other Gremlins in check and are always present.

8. Artsy—Ziggy Gremlins aren’t the only creative ones. Many Gremlins are creative and use it. Gremlins push cultural norms in fashion and graffiti. These Artsy Gremlins innovate and disrupt the status quo with their brave and unusual methods.

9. Angel—Gremlins who are gentle and compassionate are called Angels. These mild Gremlins are the group’s peacemakers and carers. Angel Gremlins are kind and understanding. They balance the group and are crucial to Gremlin communities.

10. Techie—Gremlins who excel in technology and invention are called Techies. Tinkering with gadgets and machines, these Gremlins enhance and create new innovations. Techie Gremlins are the smartest and most resourceful, always finding ways to enhance things. They are crucial to any Gremlin society and create a sense of growth and advancement.

11. Athletic—Gremlins who are agile, powerful, and good in sports are called athletic. These Gremlins show off their speed and agility in races, obstacle courses, and other competitions. Athletic Gremlins strive for excellence. They motivate people to do their best and are vital to any Gremlin community.

12. Dawg—Loyal and protective Gremlins are called Dawg. These Gremlins guard their fellow Gremlins with their strength and tenacity. Dawg Gremlins are the bravest and most eager to risk their lives to protect their loved ones. They are vital to any Gremlin community, providing safety and security.

13. Coyote—Gremlins are famed for their intellect and cunning, often outwitting their foes. The tricksters of the bunch, these Gremlins use their wit and creativity to overcome obstacles. Coyote Gremlins are the most resourceful and strategic. They are crucial to any Gremlin community and provide inventiveness and originality.

14. Wiggles

15. Flash

16. Knight

17. Daring

18. Bucket

19. Sticks

20. Assassin

21. Fox

22. Guns

23. Queen Bee

24. Pops

25. Maniac

26. Porky

27. Dusty

28. Pug

29. Gigi

30. Digger

31. Chappie

32. Charisma

33. Sheep


Male Gremlin Names

Gremlins wreak havoc on mankind. Have you considered their names? Male gremlin names have deep meaning and history. Each name conveys a unique personality and collection of traits that make these monsters fascinating and dangerous. We’ll thoughtfully explore male gremlin names and their origins. This blog will captivate mythical creatures and Gremlins fans alike.

34. Wiggles

35. Tigress

36. Machine

37. Chef

38. Digger

39. King

40. Freak

41. Beauty

42. Loco

43. Slayer

44. Marvel

45. Skipper

46. Pops

47. Merry

48. Creep

49. Penny

50. Izzy

51. Blondie

52. Big Dog

53. Gigi

54. Uncle

55. Dusty

56. Stuffy

57. Jumper

58. Rags

59. Fancy

60. Wiz

61. Bones

62. Birds

63. Bunny

64. Mouse

65. Coocoo

66. Dice

67. Mule

68. Mitzi

69. Wheels

70. Spark

71. Dizzy

72. Fire

73. Big Boy

74. Bigshot

75. Ox

76. Bigby

77. Chappie

78. Sparkle

79. Mamba

80. Shorty

81. Rip

82. Shrimp

83. Fish


Female Gremlin Names

Mythical female gremlins are mischievous and fanciful. With their unique personalities and attributes, these cheeky and crafty creatures have captivated narrative cultures. We have female gremlin names for pets and fictional characters. This blog will discuss some of the most imaginative and clever female gremlin names to give your character depth and personality. Let’s find your female gremlin’s perfect name!

84. Grim

85. Black Magic

86. Speed

87. Flash

88. Boots

89. Sticks

90. Buzz

91. Starfall

92. Dragon

93. Reaper

94. Slayer

95. Animal

96. Lion

97. Indie

98. Major

99. Dash

100. Trey

101. Wiggles

102. Fury

103. Landslide

104. Fortuna

105. Red

106. Chip

107. Tug

108. Peanut

109. Jackhammer

110. Daring

111. Jade

112. Mouse

113. Dapper

114. Smiley

115. Joker

116. Rip

117. Bulldog

118. Smitty

119. Hawk

120. Freak

121. Dimple

122. Wild

123. Mitzi

124. Daydream

125. Dodo

126. Beauty

127. Coyote

128. Sailor

129. Comet

130. Big Boy

131. Ox

132. Oracle

133. Hurricane

134. Bullseye

Cute Gremlin Names

Gremlins have supernatural beings with distinct personalities. Name your Gremlin carefully. A good name defines your Gremlin’s personality and individuality. Thus, their name must be charming and match their personality. In this blog post, we’ll explore cute Gremlin names and offer some thoughtful options to help you give your cherished friend a name they’ll treasure forever.

135. Grouch

136. Bambam

137. Honey

138. Barber

139. Fury

140. Lightning

141. Maniac

142. Jumbo

143. Beast

144. Hound

145. Dandy

146. Fortuna

147. Scoop

148. Smiley

149. Twinkle

150. Shy

151. Princess

152. Hurricane

153. Hammer

154. Crow

155. Sketch

156. Merry

157. Tiger

158. Silver

159. Silly

160. Knight

161. Blondie

162. Deedee

163. Barber

164. Gator

165. Honey

166. Worm

167. Tigress

168. Glide

169. Goose

170. Grim


Evil Gremlin Names

Why do bad Gremlins have such scary names? Even the bravest warriors fear Stripe, Mohawk, and Spike. How did these Gremlins get their names, and why are they so intriguing? This article will analyze the history of some of the most popular bad Gremlin names and why they continue to fascinate us. We’ll examine these notorious creatures and their names, from their origins to why we like them. Sit back and enjoy the exciting adventure into the land of nasty Gremlin names!

171. Coyote

172. Bunny

173. Blue

174. Penny

175. Blade

176. Buddy

177. Lioness

178. Bullet

179. Mania

180. Hammer

181. Cyclops

182. Vulture

183. Old Buck

184. Bad Boy

185. Jumper

186. Miracle

187. Beast

188. Smasher

189. Dazzle

190. Daddy

191. Mac

192. Pitch

193. Wildy

194. Mugsy

195. Lightning

196. Tricky

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Final Words

Overall, the world of names for Gremlin is rich and diverse, revealing much about these iconic creatures we have come to love. From cultural nods to personality traits, these names provide insight into what makes Gremlins such beloved fictional beings. It’s clear that their appeal lies not just in their mischievous tendencies, but in their unique personalities and quirks that are captured in their names. So, the next time you watch a Gremlin movie or read a Gremlin book, take note of the names and appreciate the thought and creativity behind them.

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