150+ Khajiit Names – The Best Cat Breeds of Tamriel

Have you ever been so enthralled by the legend of the Khajiit, the feline-humanoid species of Elsweyr, that you pondered what fantastic names they may have? As a fan of the Khajiit, I am pleased to bring you this blog article investigating some of the gorgeous and unusual names that the Khajiit have been known to give their children. From flowery names to evocative titles, this post will explore the beauty and significance of the Khajiit names, from flowery names to evocative titles.

It is essential to highlight that Khajiit names are not picked at random, but rather are highly personal and significant to the individual. Most Khajiit names are derived from traditional naming pools, which are based on the Khajiit’s birthplace, family history, and even the phases of Jone and Jode (the two moons of Elsweyr). The feline nature of the Khajiit race is frequently reflected in their names, as well as their native location and culture.

Four sorts of Khajiit names exist: given names, titles, floral names, and descriptive names. Given names are the names given to a newborn Khajiit by his or her parents. Achievements and accomplishments earn a person a title, which is then substituted for their given name. Flower names are derived from the magnificent flowers of Elsweyr and frequently represent the individual’s personality. Lastly, descriptive names are used to characterize the physical appearance or personality of the Khajiit and are frequently provided by outsiders who do not know the Khajiit’s given name.

List of Khajiit Names

Names are part of our culture, and what better way to express ourselves and our loved ones than by choosing a distinctive and meaningful name? Today, we’ll explore Khajiit names and their meanings to learn more about their culture and language. This collection will illuminate Khajiit history and culture through unusual terms and powerful meanings. We hope you find the perfect name for yourself or someone special by the conclusion of this adventure.

  • N’wah—Newcomer.
  • D’rektha—Independent.
  • A’rakh—lucky.
  • S’fara—Traveler.
  • K’harja—Brave.
  • I’aya—Smart.
  • Sh’marra—Defender.
  • C’kai—Soul.
  • Jay’la—beauty.
  • Dawn—D’wah.
  • S’wah—Sunrise.
  • Twilight—T’wah.
  • K’wah—Night.

Khajiit Names

Skyrim Khajiit Names

Here are some distinctive and meaningful Khajiit names for your Elder Scrolls character! This site offers a complete collection of Khajiit names and their meanings, allowing you to design a character that matches your personality and interests.

  • Ahkari — “The Exalted One”.
  • Darahir — “TheLegendary Warrior”.
  • Herihor — “Thekeen Hunter”.
  • Majah — “The Blessed One”.
  • Andarri — “The Daring One”.
  • Kirsei — “The Beloved One”.
  • Saren — “The Wise One”.
  • Balam-Gul — “The Fearsome One”.
  • Lavellan — Elf.
  • M’rasa — Leopard.
  • Narin — Fire.
  • Oruss — Mountain.
  • Sarin — Lady.
  • Tavar — Winter.

Female Khajiit Names

Gaming has many amazing and powerful female Khajiit names, each with their own significance and force. Female Khajiit names show power and resilience. This blog lists female Khajiit names with meanings to inspire characters. See the colourful list of female Khajiit names and their meanings, from classic to obscure!

  • Dyruss — Strong.
  • Emin — Truth.
  • Goram — Angry.
  • Jandar — Bold.
  • Kalthar — Courageous.
  • Lorin — Leader.
  • Myris — Gift.
  • Nevosa — Snow.
  • Nirni — green.
  • Ohmes—Raht – Two-Legs.
  • Ohmes — Tall.
  • Ohrindo — Orindo’s Land.
  • Pahmar—raht — Cat—Men.
  • Pellitine — Chrysanthemum.
  • Q’awa — Scarab.
  • Ra’jhir — Sunrise.

Khajiit Names

Elder Scrolls Khajiit Names

Looking for a unique Elder Scrolls Khajiit name? You’ve found it! Here is a complete list of Khajiit character names. This selection offers deliberate creativity and iconic Elder Scrolls style to set your character apart. We have names for everyone, from simple to unique! See our whole Elder Scrolls Khajiit names list!

  • Ahzirr Traajijazeri, a clever Khajiit warrior from Morrowind, is well-known among Elder Scrolls enthusiasts.
  • Azhir Khaal—A powerful and feared Khajiit sorcerer from Morrowind.
  • Oblivion introduced Baan Dar. Baan Dar is a brave Khajiit who risks everything to aid the player’s character.
  • Fahari—Fahari means “dawn” in Khajiit.
  • J’zargo—J’zargo. Skyrim’s J’zargo, a smart and eccentric Khajiit scholar, travels with the player.
  • Kharjo—Morrowind introduced Kharjo. Kharjo, a devoted Khajiit warrior, assists the player character.
  • Oblivion’s Lukiul Uxith. Lukiul Uxith, a strange Khajiit city, holds a powerful relic.
  • Skyrim introduces Ma’raq. Archery-savvy Khajiit warrior Ma’raq is feared.
  • Razum-dar — Oblivion introduced Razum-dar. Razum-dar, a crafty Khajiit agent, aids the player.
  • Oblivion’s S’henra Tajir. S’henra Tajir, a hidden Khajiit city, holds a powerful item.

Good Names For A Khajiit

Naming your Khajiit is difficult, but don’t worry. The Elder Scrolls games and mythology offer some of the best Khajiit names. The most dedicated Elder Scrolls fans helped us create a careful and complete list. This list has amusing, exotic, and royal names. Let’s begin!

  • Oran — Light.
  • Saren — Worthy of Trust.
  • Taren — Noble.
  • Vythe — Radiant.
  • Edrus — Wealthy.
  • Fyruss — Mighty.
  • Ghavyn — Proud.
  • Haskill — obedient servant.
  • Iribael — The bringer of rain.
  • J’darr — Quiet one.
  • K’driss — Unending.
  • P’weet — Clever.

Male Khajiit Names

Khajiit names are special in Tamriel’s rich culture. Male Khajiit names convey the mythological cat-like species’ history, reputation, and aesthetic. This blog will cover the meanings and origins of some of the most famous male Khajiit names and their significance.

  • Haja — Proud.
  • J’an — Gift.
  • Lahni — Blade.
  • Mahei — Tempest.
  • Meeran — Gifted.
  • N’deela —Ungle.
  • Odei — Unending.
  • Pahmar — Leopard.
  • Raht — Rider.
  • S’rendarr — God of Mercy.
  • Tavani — Spring.
  • Urshilaku — clan.
  • Y’ffre — God of the forest.
  • Udriin — Wind.
  • Vasha — Foreigner.

Cool Khajiit Names

Khajiit is a race of cat-like creatures that hail from the province of Elsweyr in the continent of Tamriel. They have Names like “Fuzzyfur” and “Lumpybelly.

  • E Brus — Black.
  • Ehtila — Shy.
  • Fadawi — Desert Wind.
  • Gahju — Bull.
  • Halin — Sandy.
  • Heiraj — yells.
  • Inukh — Intelligent.
  • Iri—Vasi — Nirn Root.
  • Jamali — Beauty.
  • Jumati — Wide.
  • Khiba—jo — Zebra.
  • Khali — Defending.
  • Lanfah — Lantern.

Khajiit Names

Funny Khajiit Names

Want to spice up your gaming? Why not give your character a quirky Khajiit name? Funny Khajiit names help your character stand out and provide delight to the gaming community. This blog will give you some funny Khajiit names to show off your ingenuity! I hope you enjoy choosing a Khajiit name as much as I did writing this blog.

  • Raht — Man.
  • Rajhin — Thief.
  • S’enche—raht – Cheetah-Men.
  • Sambada — Zebra.
  • Sarethi — Desert.
  • Seht — Smith.
  • Ghilan — Water.
  • Wahla — Dancer.
  • Xukas — Fool.
  • Yahudira — Leader.
  • Zissou — Lion cub.
  • Darvyn — Great soul.

Clever Khajiit Names

Looking for a creative Khajiit character name? Finding the appropriate name for a new Dungeons and Dragons character or a video game character might be difficult. This blog offers many Khajiit name ideas to help you get started. Each name’s significance adds depth to character development. See which names you like!

  • R’dush — Rough.
  • S’driss — Sharp.
  • T’oris — Noble.
  • Viridian — Green.
  • Wahid — One.
  • Xarxes — The scribe.
  • Y’diss —Queen.
  • Zaphyr — Wind.
  • M’aiq — liar.
  • Ma’dril — Kitten.
  • Nadaj — Promising.

Cute Khajiit Names

We have charming, wacky Khajiit names for Elder Scrolls: Blades! We have names for everyone- funny, serious, or significant. This blog will study Khajiit’s names and culture. Read on for your perfect Khajiit name!
  • Voruss — Giant.
  • Xalas — Fallen.
  • Yalor — Savior.
  • Zelas — Zealous.
  • M’rine — Sea.
  • N’doum — Unknown.
  • A’tor — Lion.
  • A’tume — Lioness.
  • Azurah — Thestars.
  • Bhavin — Young.
  • Darjee — Lotus.

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Final Words

Khajiit names are a reflection of their personality. They can be playful and whimsical, or cunning and deadly. No matter what their name might suggest, all Khajiits have something interesting to offer. So why not give one a try? After all, a little bit of uniqueness never hurt anyone.

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