150+ Weird Starbucks Nicknames That Will Leave You Laughing

Why do so many Starbucks drinks have odd names? Each of these barista nicknames has a history! From a “Blonde Dirty Chai” to a “Honey Bear,” today we’ll explore Starbucks nicknames and their meanings. Surprise!

Starbucks drink names may seem random, but there is a reason. Each name is chosen for a reason. The Pumpkin Spice Latte is a top seller. Many found the “PSL” name too Starbuck-y. Hence, “Pumpkin Spice Latte”!

Starbucks is a popular US chain. Its nationwide locations offer a variety of food and drinks. Starbucks nicknames are memorable and keep customers coming back. “The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf,” “The Crunchie Shop,” and “The Professor’s Café” are nicknames.

List of Starbucks Nicknames with meaning

Starbucks fan? Did you know that drink nicknames like “Dirty Chai” and “White Mocha” have meaning? In this blog post, we’ll look at Starbucks nicknames and their meanings. You may be surprised.

  • Dirty Chai—Just a Chai Tea Latte with a shot of espresso. The tea is “dirty” because espresso was added.
  • White Mocha—White chocolate replaces milk chocolate in this coffee drink. White chocolate sweetens and enriches the drink.
  • Americano—Espresso and hot water make an Americano. The drink got its name from World War II American soldiers in Italy.
  • Red Eye—A Red Eye is a coffee drink with an espresso shot and regular coffee. The drink keeps you awake and gets you through the day, hence its name.
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte—A pumpkin spice, milk, and espresso coffee drink. Fall and winter drinkers prefer it.
  • Babyccino—Starbucks’ youngest customers love Babyccinos. This drink is steamed milk and foam in a kid-sized cup. Babyccinos are great pre-playground fuel.
  • Café con leche—Spanish and Latin American coffee drink. This coffee-milk drink is equal parts. Espresso often accompanies café con leches. This coffee is creamy and flavorful.
  • Cappuccino—Espresso, steamed milk, and foam make a cappuccino. Six-ounce cups hold cappuccinos. The Italian word for “hood” or “cloth” refers to the drink’s foam.
  • Chai Tea Latte— Black tea, milk, and spices make a Chai Tea Latte. Chai Tea Lattes usually have espresso. This is a cosy drink.
  • Cortado—Spanish espresso and steamed milk coffee drink. Four-ounce cups hold cortados. This drink is named after the Spanish word for “cut” because milk cuts the bitterness of espresso.
  • Dragon Drink—Iced dragonfruit, coconut milk, and lime juice make the refreshing Dragon Drink. Dragon Drinks are vegan, gluten-free, and a great alternative for coffee drinkers.
  • Flat White—Espresso and steamed milk make a Flat White. Flat Whites are usually six-ounce cups. This drink is called “flattened” because the milk is microfoamed.
  • Frappuccino—Coffee, milk, and ice make a Frappuccino. Frappuccinos are usually 16-ounce cups. “Frozen” is the Italian word for this drink.
  • Gingerbread Latte—Coffee, milk, gingerbread syrup, and cinnamon make the Gingerbread Latte. Gingerbread lattes are delicious hot or iced and perfect for coffee lovers.
  • Green Tea Latte—Green tea, milk, and honey make a healthy, refreshing drink. Espresso shots accompany green tea lattes. This coffee is lighter.
  • Hazlenut Latte—Espresso, steamed milk, and hazelnut syrup make the Hazlenut Latte. Twelve-ounce Hazlenut Lattes are typical. This drink is a “nutty” latte.
  • Iced coffee—coffee, milk, and ice. Iced coffees come in 16-ounce cups. This drink is a “cold” coffee.
  • Iced Tea—Tea, water, and ice make a healthy, refreshing drink. Lemon slices accompany iced teas.
  • Irish Coffee—coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar. Irish Coffees are usually six-ounce cups. This drink is a “coffee” Irish whiskey.
  • Italian Soda—A refreshing, healthy drink made with soda water, flavoured syrup, and ice. Lemon slices accompany Italian sodas. This coffee is light and refreshing.
  • Latte—Espresso and steamed milk make a latte. Twelve-ounce lattes are standard. This drink is called “milk” in Italian.
  • Macchiato—Espresso and steamed milk make a macchiato. Four-ounce cups hold macchiatos. This drink’s name comes from the Italian word for “stained,” referring to the way the
  • Mocha— Espresso, chocolate, and steamed milk make a mocha. Latte cups are 16 ounces. Mocha, Yemen’s coffee capital, inspired this drink’s name.
  • Peppermint Mocha—Espresso, chocolate, peppermint syrup, and steamed milk make a festive coffee drink. Peppermint Mochas usually come in 16-ounce cups. This drink is a “minty” mocha.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Funny Nicknames for Starbucks

A strange Starbucks order? Or found a funny nickname that makes you laugh while ordering your favourite drink? This article will make you smile! Here is a list of the silliest Starbucks drink nicknames, made with puns and wordplay! Be amazed and entertained!

  • The Charlie Sheen—A grande caramel macchiato—We all need a pick-me-up sometimes, and what better way to start or end your day than with a grande caramel macchiato? This caffeine-laden coffee is named after Charlie Sheen. One sip of this sweet and creamy drink will keep you up all night!
  • The Kellyanne Conway—a grande iced coffee with three pumps of vanilla—is named after the equally infamous Kellyanne Conway for its three vanilla pumps, like Conway’s three children. Like Kellyanne, the coffee is iced to keep you calm. Energize and refresh with this coffee!
  • The Legally Blonde—a grande strawberry acai refresher—is named after the popular movie for its pink colour. Strawberry acai refreshers are great summer drinks.
  • The Donald Trump—a grande coffee with two pumps of vanilla—resembles Trump’s two scoops of ice cream with steak. Trump’s ego and coffee are grande. Energize with this coffee.
  • The John Krasinski—a grande green tea Frappuccino—named after the actor for its green colour. Green tea Frappuccinos are delicious and refreshing any time of day.
  • The Coffee Yeti—Order a Yeti Frappuccino for a kick. This drink will energise you all day.
  • The Blood of Christ—Great for minimalists. Order a plain coffee and watch the barista’s reaction when you tell them what to call it.
  • The Siren’s Café—A play on Starbucks’ logo. The siren’s seductive singing lures sailors to their deaths. The dangerous and seductive power of the sea makes this nickname perfect for coffee shops near water.
  • Bean there, done that—A play on “been there, done that.” It’s perfect for coffee lovers looking for something new and exciting.
  • Cup of joe—This nickname refers to the average person. Since anyone can enjoy a good cup of coffee, it’s perfect for busy coffee shops.
  • The Black Hole—Coffee is dark and rich. It’s perfect for dark, mysterious coffee shops because coffee is mysterious.

The Donald Trump

Cool Starbucks Nicknames

Believe it? Starbucks also has cool nicknames with meanings! True! Your initials could now mean more. Here’s a list of cool Starbucks nicknames with meaning that will wow you!

  • The Siren—inspired by Starbucks’ two-tailed mermaid logo
  • The Queen of Coffee—a talented female barista.
  • The Green Mermaid – Starbucks’ Green Mermaid.
  • The Brown Mermaid – Starbucks’ Brown Mermaid.
  • The Merboy—a male barista who loves coffee as much as the women.
  • The Unicorn—an inexperienced barista.
  • The Dragon—a barista who loves coffee and wants to improve.
  • The Phoenix—a longtime Starbucks barista who has seen everything.
  • The Mythical Creature—a barista so obsessed with coffee they could be a mythical creature.
  • Fivebucks
  • Stirbucks
  • Warbucks
  • Yuppiebucks
  • Starsmucks
  • Buckies

The Queen of Coffee

Creative Nicknames for Starbucks

A fun nickname adds personality to your Starbucks order! What if you can’t name your favourite drink? We’ve compiled a list of clever Starbucks nicknames with meaning. Be amazed by the creative names you can give your favourite Starbucks order!

  • The One and Only – For a drink as unique as you are! The One and Only combines Starbucks’ most popular coffee and espresso drinks.
  • The Classic – For Starbucks’ classic coffee lovers! Starbucks’ Classic combines Pike Place Roast and blonde roast coffees.
  • The Trendsetter – For the trendsetter! Starbucks’ Trendsetter blends coffee and espresso.
  • The OG – Starbucks’ original coffee blend! Classicists will love this rich, full-bodied coffee.
  • The Newbie – The Newbie is perfect for Starbucks newcomers! Starbucks’ mild and approachable Newbie blend is ideal for beginners.
  • Night Owl— Classicists will love the Night Owl’s rich, full-bodied coffee blend.
  • The social butterfly – This drink is for the party animal! The light and refreshing Starbucks drink Social Butterfly is perfect for socialising.
  • The foodie – This drink is perfect for foodies! The foodie is a delicious Starbucks coffee blend for those who want to try new flavours.
  • The caffeine fiend – This drink is for caffeine addicts! Caffeine fiend is a bold coffee blend for energy-hungry people.

The social butterfly

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Final Words

Customers can learn about Starbucks and its products through nicknames. Starbuck, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Vanilla Bean Latte are popular. These names help customers understand what kind of drink they’ll get and find it.

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