250+ My Favorite Things List Questions | Food, Travel, Music

Favorite Things List: Want to know about someone, you will stay with for the next ten minutes? Our brain simply stops working in such moments. Using these open ending questions you can easily raise topics. Completely two unknown people can freely chat as if they know each other for years. Difficult for introverts. Asking one simple question isn’t a big deal. Cheat the small talks to leave a powerful impact on their mind.

Spend quality time connecting with new people. No need to push your mind hard to frame new questions. Take a look at this list quickly and pick what you want to know about. Framing questions sometimes tempted to run out of the great idea. Starting on a good note with tested methods will boost your confidence. Pick questions only you want to take the conversation to a deeper level. Don’t like to read books? Don’t feel like you have to rattle “Who is your favorite author?” to act nerd.

You can read How Well Do You Know Me Questions for more ideas. Each question serves a purpose. Do not ruin it by playing quick QnA rounds. Once you are done with asking the question listen very carefully. Your presence of mind can help you pick some sub-topics. Follow the path shown by the other person. Having a hard time building good communication? Practice listening attentively. Every human loves to be heard!

My Favorite Things List Questions

Want Favorite Things List Questions to know a person? Open ending questions will force them to reply more than yes or no. Take the conversation deep to learn more and build strong relationships. Add “What/Who is your favorite” before each topic mentioned below. The top 10 list of favorite things ideas are for a quick glance:

  1. TV show
  2. Color
  3. Celebrity
  4. YouTuber
  5. Hobby
  6. Emoji
  7. Movie
  8. Band
  9. Song
  10. Quote


  • Breakfast Food
  • Fruit
  • Italian Dish
  • Dish At Thanksgiving
  • Comfort Food
  • Burger
  • Way To Eat Bacon
  • Food Of All Time
  • Way To Cook A Steak
  • Drink At Starbucks
  • Ice Cream Sundae Toppings
  • Alcoholic Drink
  • Asian Dish
  • Cake
  • Flavor Coffee
  • Vegetable
  • Chocolate Candy
  • Cookie
  • Ice Cream Cone
  • Pizza Toppings
  • Flavor Starburst
  • Fast Food Restaurant
  • Dessert
  • Cup Ice Cream
  • Thai Food
  • Thing At A Buffet
  • Dish At Olive Garden
  • Pumpkin-Flavored Treat
  • Pasta Dish
  • Cereal
  • Fast Food French Fries
  • Soda
  • Ice Cream Flavor
  • Thing To Cook
  • Fruity Candy
  • Hard Drinks


  • Cartoon
  • DC Movie
  • Show On The Discovery Channel
  • Classic Movie
  • Harry Potter Movie
  • Youtuber
  • South Park Character
  • Tv Show
  • 80S Movie
  • Pixar Movie
  • Actress Over 50
  • Leonardo Dicaprio Movie
  • Tiktok Influencer
  • Hobbit From The Lord Of The Rings
  • Family Guy Character
  • Funny Movie
  • Cartoon Cat
  • Nolan Movie
  • Chick Flick
  • Celebrity
  • Simpsons Character
  • Marvel Movie
  • Scary Movie

250+ My Favorite Things List Questions Food, Travel, Music


  • Rollercoaster
  • Fictional place you would like to visit
  • Place to go with Family
  • Thing about Traveling
  • Thing to do at the Mountains
  • Theme Park
  • Kind of Vacation
  • Vacation you have taken
  • Ride at a Carnival
  • Way to Travel
  • Thing to do at the Beach
  • Thing about America
  • Haunted Place
  • Travel Vlogger
  • Country you want to visit
  • Road to drive on


  • Sport
  • Hockey Team
  • Football Team
  • Winter Sport
  • Basketball Team
  • Olympic Sport
  • Professional Athlete
  • Baseball Team
  • Sport To Play


  • Beatles Song
  • String Instrument
  • Instrument
  • Band Or Music Artist
  • Music Genre
  • Style Of Dance
  • Boy Band
  • Disco Song
  • 80S Song
  • Cover Song
  • One-Hit Wonder
  • Foreign Band/Artist
favorite things list template
Favorite Things List Template


  • Children Show
  • Fairy Tale
  • Age
  • Toy as a child
  • Teacher
  • Superhero
  • Board Game
  • Christmas present
  • Game to play outside
  • Halloween Costume
  • Dr. Seuss Book
  • Nursery Rhyme
  • Color Power Ranger
  • Childhood Memory
  • Video Game
  • Thing about School
  • Lunchbox Snack

Rapid Fire

  • Place To Meet Up With Friends
  • Holiday
  • Brand Of Toilet Paper
  • Question You’Ve Answered So Far
  • Dinosaur
  • Person you’ve never met
  • Extracurricular Activity
  • Way To Cheer You Up
  • Breed Of Dog
  • Place To Shop
  • Perfume/Cologne
  • Type Of Bear
  • Makeup you can’t live without
  • Car Color
  • Wild Animal You’D Like As A Pet
  • Outfit You Have
  • Thing To Wear To Bed
  • Soap Scent
  • Department Store
  • Thing To Do When You’Re Sick
  • Day Of The Week
  • Hair Color
  • Animal At The Zoo
  • Breed of dog
  • Candle Scent
  • Youtube Video
  • Big Cat
  • Place For A Piercing
  • Natural Disaster
  • Sea Creature
  • Person You’Ve Never Met
  • Small Mammal
  • Animal
  • Article Of Clothing
  • Flower
  • Baby Boy Name
  • Way To Communicate
  • Baby Girl Name
  • Thing to do when you’re sick
  • Way To Relax
  • Thing About Spring
  • Question you’ve answered so far
  • Thing about a rainy day
  • Thing You’Ve Done In The Last 24 Hours
  • Thing About A Rainy Day
  • Thing In The Sky
  • Brand of toilet paper
  • Place to meet up with friends
  • Makeup You Can’T Live Without
  • Store In The Mall
  • Color Rose
  • Thing To Look Forward To
  • Piece Of Jewelry
  • Crafty Thing To Make
  • Thing you’ve done in the last 24 hours
  • Shoes
  • Wild animal you’d like as a pet
  • Bird


Favourite” is a noun describing an object. It means something very close to our hearts. No matter if we owned it or not. Not everyone is born with wealth as a gift from their ancestors. One needs to really work hard to procure their favorite items great idea. Fear of failure can take you to that spot.

Mankind is blessed by God to dream. Practicing good desire and working smart can make your dream come true. Stop looking at the missing parts inside you. Discuss your goal with your well-wishers. Announce you are coming for it with a great idea. Remember impossible is made from “I m possible”. Focus on your goals and what you can achieve.

Favorite food, clothes, hobby are very common questions. To present the great gift for the one you must know. The gift ideas are all over the internet. Connection with the gift ideas is more important. If your gift ideas don’t touch the soul it’s vain. Great gift worths spending for.

Why are the best things in life really difficult to get?

Best things are actually not difficult to get. Our tendency is to treat things that are difficult to get are best. As children, we use to get happy with a simple chocolate bar. The same taste does no impact our dopamine level today. Our taste changes are faster than you can imagine. A great idea with proper practice is necessary.

Humans have a tendency to ignore things that are easily available. No matter how valuable it is. We only can realize the value, once we lost it or can’t afford it. Imagine you are happy with your bonus arrived with salary. Your friend passed by with a Lamborghini. In a blink of an eye, your happiness has gone!

Rejected by crush one often are not happy with the partner who approached him/her. Love and excitement for something we never achieved drives our emotions. You need to constantly put time and good energy to achieve something. Couch potatoes can only admire six abs, but cannot have them. Favorite food after all not easy to leave.


1. What are examples of favorite things?

Color, Birds, Hobbies, Types of Chocolates, Foods are examples of favorite things.

2. What are your favorite questions for couples?

What is your favorite body part in me?

3. What is the number 1 hobby in America?

Binge-watching web series or TV series is now the hottest trend.

4. What are some people’s favorite activities?

Watching TV series or experimenting with different food recipies.

5. What are some unique hobbies?

Directing short films, making handmade wooden products are the rarest hobbies.

Final Words

Thank you for reading my article. I tried to provide more than 100 favorite things list. Favorite food, great gift, gift ideas are the common concerns. Let me know your thoughts about this post in the comment section below. Share the good words on Facebook or Twitter.

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