250+ Best How Well Do You Know Me Questions

How Well Do You Know Me Questions
How Well Do You Know Me Questions

How well do you know me questions are a great way to check the closeness of a couple or learn new things about your partner that you have never discovered before. These “how well do you know me” questions can be a fun way to test your partner to see how perceptive they are toward your quirks, preferences, and habits.

The following two lists of 250+ how well do you know me questions are perfect conversation starters for every occasion. It doesn’t matter if you’re hanging with your classmates, friends, or family, these questions out of mixed categories will fit in every situation.

In the previous article, I already shared Would You Rather Questions for Couples, Questions for Couples that you can Ask, Now today I will share 250+ how well do you know me questions.

How well do you know me Questions

Are you looking for some funny and interesting How well do you know me Questions for couples, friends, and family then you should check this list of 250+ ideas of Questions and also know how to play that game.

Funny How well do you know me Questions

No. Funny How well do you know me Questions
1 Did I have an imaginary friend while growing up?
2 Do I play any instruments?
3 Do I prefer coffee or tea?
4 Do I prefer swimming or running?
5 Have I ever had a crush on an animated character?
6 Have I kissed anybody in the last five days?
7 How do I feel about putting pineapple on pizza?
8 How long would I survive a Zombie Apocalypse?
9 How much money do I spend each week?
10 How often do I use social media?
11 If I could live in a fictional universe, where would I want to live?
12 If I could own anything what would it be?
13 If I were an animal, what would I be?
14 If my life would be a movie, which actor/actress would be me?
15 What alcoholic drink best describes my personality and why?
16 What always distracts me while learning?
17 What always makes me smile?
18 What childish thing do I still enjoy?
19 What do I think of hairy legs?
20 What do you think, what did I do one hour ago?
21 What era would I choose to live in if I could?
22 What is my dream travel destination?
23 What is my favorite board game?
24 What is my favorite computer game?
25 What is my most embarrassing childhood memory?
26 What is one thing I hate?
27 What is one thing I love?
28 What is something that I look really stupid doing?
29 What is the stupidest situation I almost got killed in?
30 What kind of superhero would I be?
31 What meal could I eat every day?
32 What song would I pick if I had to sing karaoke?
33 What strange habit did I have as a kid?
34 What was the most embarrassing moment in my life?
35 What was the most illegal thing I’ve ever done?
36 What was the worst situation I ever laughed in?
37 What would the exact opposite of me be like?
38 What’s my favorite taste in chewing gums?
39 What’s my least favorite type of music?
40 What’s my most annoying habit?
41 When and how did I find out that Santa isn’t real?
42 When was the last time that I peed in my pants?
43 Which character in a movie or TV reminds you of me?
44 Which Disney character am I?
45 Which fictional character would I like to marry?
46 Which word do I say way too often?
47 Would I be a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff?
48 Would I ever go on a blind date?
49 Would I rather date a stupid or ugly person?
50 Would I rather eat a bar of chocolate or a bag of chips in one sitting?
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How well do you know me Questions for Couples
How well do you know me Questions for Couples

How well do you know me Questions for Couples


No. How well do you know me Questions for Couples
1 Am I a goal-driven person?
2 Am I an artsy type of person?
3 Am I fun at parties?
4 Am I more extroverted or introverted?
5 Am I more like my mother or my father?
6 Am I more of a ‘stuff it I’m doing it’, or a ‘well, let me think about it first’ type of person?
7 Are my parents still together?
8 As of right now, how many kids do I want to have?
9 Can I speak any other languages?
10 Did I have a favorite teacher?
11 Did I play any sports when I was growing up?
12 Do I believe love can last a lifetime?
13 Do I handle serious situations well?
14 Do I hate my boss / manager?
15 Do I have a dream car in mind?
16 Do I have any morning rituals?
17 Do I have any siblings?
18 Do I have any side hustles?
19 Do I like listening more than talking, or the other way around?
20 Do I like to cook?
21 Do I plan on owning my own business in the future?
22 Do I prefer spicy food over sweet, or sweet over spicy?
23 Do I right now care more for money or passion?
24 Do I think marriages are dumb?
25 Do I usually like to plan more than improvise, or the other way around?
26 Have I ever kissed anyone of the same gender romantically?
27 Have I ever lived with a significant other before?
28 Have I ever set anything on fire while cooking?
29 Have I had any near-death experiences?
30 How can you tell when I am having a bad day?
31 How do you think I deal with difficult situations?
32 How many siblings does each of my parents have?
33 How much honesty do I need in a relationship?
34 How often do I talk to my parents?
35 How old was I when I had my first kiss?
36 If I could erase one thing of my past, what would that be?
37 If I got promoted to be a leader in my workforce, do you think I’d accept?
38 If I had the choice, would I prefer to live in a million-dollar mansion in the country, or live in a cozy apartment in the city?
39 If our life would be a movie, which actors would be us?
40 Is my family religious?
41 What always makes me smile?
42 What are my thoughts on open relationships?
43 What did I really want to be as a kid?
44 What did I wear when we first met each other?
45 What did we do for our first date?
46 What do I hate most about my job?
47 What do I love most about my job?
48 What do I truly want in this world?
49 What do I usually eat for breakfast?
50 What do you think, did I first fall in love with your thoughts or your body?
51 What is my #1 favourite beverage to drink?
52 What is my #1 favourite cuisine of food?
53 What is my #1 favourite fast food to eat?
54 What is my #1 favourite restaurant?
55 What is my #1 favourite vegetable to eat?
56 What is my biggest nightmare?
57 What is my biggest pet peeve?
58 What is my darkest secret?
59 What is my dream job?
60 What is my favorite place on earth?
61 What is my favorite smell?
62 What is my favorite word?
63 What is my favourite dessert?
64 What is my favourite part about my job?
65 What is my go-to snack?
66 What is my main ambition for this year?
67 What is my mom’s maiden name?
68 What is my most embarrassing memory?
69 What is my most hated food?
70 What is my zodiac sign?
71 What is one of my biggest quirks?
72 What is the worst trouble that I got into as a child?
73 What is/was my favorite subject in school?
74 What makes me always angry?
75 What signs do I show when I’m nervous?
76 What town did I grow up in?
77 What turns me on?
78 What was my first ever job?
79 What was my least favorite subject in school?
80 What was one of my biggest ambitions last year?
81 What was the name of my elementary school?
82 What weight goal do I want to reach this year?
83 What would I hate to have for a job?
84 What would make me jealous?
85 What would my dream house be like?
86 What would my perfect day look like?
87 What’s my dad’s name?
88 What’s my most embarrassing sex story?
89 What’s my mother’s name?
90 What’s one job I would never do?
91 What’s one of my biggest insecurities?
92 When did I begin to fall in love with you?
93 Where did we kiss for the first time in public?
94 Where do I see myself in 5 years?
95 Where do I want to live for the rest of my life?
96 Where do I want to live in the future?
97 Where would I like to spend my honeymoon?
98 Which movie always makes me cry?
99 Which parts of my body have birthmarks?
100 Who is a pickier eater you or me?
101 Who is my favorite family member?
102 Who is my main role model? / Who do usually I look up to?
103 Would I consider myself as creative?
104 Would I want my parents to live with me when they get old?
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How well do you know me Questions for Friends


No. How well do you know me Questions for Friends
1 Am I into any tv shows?
2 Am I into any video games?
3 Am I more of a dog person, or a cat person?
4 Am I part of any sporting clubs?
5 Am I the eldest child in my family?
6 Did I have any imaginary friends?
7 Do I collect anything as a hobby?
8 Do I currently play sports?
9 Do I easily get car / boat / plane sick?
10 Do I hate any countries?
11 Do I have any gay friends?
12 Do I have any half siblings?
13 Do I have any nieces/nephews?
14 Do I have any trophies / medals from the sports I’ve won?
15 Do I live with my parents?
16 Do I prefer to visit touristy attractions, or go ‘off track’ (explore where others don’t usually go)?
17 Do I prefer travelling alone, or with a person/group?
18 Do I prefer travelling by car, or by plane?
19 Do I want to join a professional sporting team?
20 Do I want to live overseas?
21 Have I done anything illegal while travelling?
22 Have I ever been to a concert?
23 Have I ever caught any overseas sicknesses?
24 Have I ever gotten into a physical fight playing sports?
25 Have I ever refereed any matches / games?
26 How many pets did I have as a kid?
27 How many siblings do I have?
28 Was I an athletic kid growing up?
29 Was I spoilt as a kid?
30 What are my hobbies?
31 What do I enjoy most about my favourite hobby?
32 What genre of music is my favourite?
33 What is my favourite hobby?
34 What is my favourite part about my family (e.g. funny, smart, honest, etc.)
35 What is my favourite sport?
36 What is my most favourite movie?
37 What sport did I play in high school?
38 What sport(s) do I hate the most?
39 What was my favourite plaything at a park?
40 What was my favourite subject in school?
41 What was my hobby that I loved growing up?
42 What was the last country I visited?
43 Where did I use to live as a kid?
44 Where do I want to travel the most?
45 Which fashion brand is my absolute favourite?
46 Which sport team do I avidly follow?
47 Which teacher did I hate the most?
48 Who do I usually hang out with?
49 Who is my #1 favourite band to listen to?
50 Who is my best friend?
51 Who is my favourite professional athlete?
52 Who is my least favourite family member?
53 Who was my best friend in primary school?
54 Who was my favourite cartoon character?
55 Who was my favourite pet growing up?
56 Would I rather visit European countries first or Asian countries?
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