350+ Rap Playlist Names that will make you say “Wow”

Rap Playlist Names

Rap music is one of the most popular genres in today’s society. It has become a source of entertainment for many people and has helped to shape the identity of African-Americans. People who are into rap music are often known to listen to playlists while they perform their routines. For rap lovers, we have come up with the largest list of Rap playlist Names ideas.

These playlists usually feature songs that have been released in the past year and some can last up to an hour-long. They come with a set order, which makes them easy to follow as well. This list features 350+ Rap playlist names that will make you say “Wow.” As always, please use your own judgment when it comes to what names work best for your music library. Enjoy!

Rap Playlist Names

Here are some popular Rap Playlist Names.

  • Motivational Rap Beats
  • Definitely Moving On
  • Rap
  • GhettoSh*t
  • Those Nights.
  • Golden Era Hip Hop
  • Never miss an awesome playlist again
  • Ultimate Breakdance Showdown
  • Gods of Rap
  • wishing you godspeed
  • trap quad
  • Motivation Jam
  • Rock the Night Away
  • Flex Mane Messiahs
  • Upcoming Rappers
  • money trees
  • chillin to some hipster rap.
  • $$$$$$
  • Mellow Vibes
  • The Game
  • W.E.D.
  • king kylie inspired.
  • Late Night DJ
  • Florida Rap
  • Mellow Street
  • Bangin Beats
  • Pop Rap Songs
  • Bangers and Mash
  • Hip-Hop Hallelujah
  • Number Them
  • Dedicated to My Crew
  • Fire In The Workplace
  • Odd Mod Culture
  • Party Starter Squad
  • Lofi City Beats
  • Betcha Bot
  • Friday Vibes Only Hits
  • Words Of Pain
  • odd future wolf gang.
  • Purple Piste Chill
  • Ye-me
  • Unexpected Fantasy
  • Bling Language
  • Without Loose
  • Hood Matters
  • Troubled Youth

Cool Rap Playlist Names

Cool Rap Playlist Names

Looking for some of the cool rap playlist names for your Spotify Account then here are some ideas.

  • Rap Slow
  • Wavy Hip Hop Beats
  • Mellowest Raps of all Time
  • The True Blue Soundtrack
  • Ghetto Swag
  • Champagne & Pools
  • B-Boy Day Dreamin’
  • Minor Rap Luv Mix
  • Back in the Day Raps
  • Rap Masterpieces
  • Lit Trap Music
  • Gods of Rap
  • Hardest Drill Rap
  • Summer Jamz
  • Rap Songs Evergreen Hits
  • $100’s
  • Rock Out!
  • The Ultimate Motivational Rap Collection
  • Essential Rap Playlist
  • Mixed Bag Hip Hop
  • Global Rap Jams
  • Under the Influence
  • Hoodie Squad
  • Hip Hop Evolution
  • Dope Anthems
  • Dirty Hiphop
  • Beats and Pieces Vol. 1
  • Jig Pumpin’
  • rhythm and poetry
  • Rap God What?
  • Eskimo: UK Grime Playlist
  • Black Obscura
  • Fresh New Jams
  • Riddin’…
  • hip-hop & rap
  • sleep queen
  • Bando Chronicles
  • Rhyming Overload
  • Trip in Heaven
  • Endless Love
  • i got the juice.
  • Rap Monsters
  • Hip Hop Anthems
  • Fierce Riddims
  • Can’t Stop Tha Funk
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Good Rap Playlist Names

Here are a few Good names for rap playlists.

  • RE-lax
  • Trill Seekers
  • Burn Living
  • I Am Dope
  • FIRE Hip-Hop Mix
  • Whoop Whoop
  • Seattle hip hop
  • Fade Muffle
  • Impulses
  • Up and Comers
  • Dej Loaf World
  • Thrash Talk Poets
  • Chill Pill Panache
  • TrapCaviar
  • Drool Buzz
  • Success Never Comes Easy
  • For my Gym Rats
  • Goon Graff
  • Hip Hop Beats and Instrumentals to Work to
  • Instrumental Hip Hop with Flute
  • Dopetrackz Musik
  • I am not your favorite rapper.
  • Last Night Out
  • The Best Rap Songs
  • Smooth Flow
  • Bangers
  • WEEDont even
  • Too Packed Tupac
  • Whoop Scum
  • Good Vibes Playlist
  • Deep Cuts
  • Snazzy Jay-Z
  • Lyrical Chillhop
  • Bizzle Boom
  • Nikes and Newports Vol. 1
  • Gangsta Rap Classics
  • Sexy Tomorrow
  • Turn Up The Speakers
  • Zombie Ice
  • Rap Lunch Break
  • Rap Hits
  • Oops Clan
  • Get littt, stay littt
  • The Slept on Ones
  • Time For Nightmare
  • Gheto Paradise

Spotify rap playlist names

Spotify Rap playlist names

If you love Spotify and make a rap playlist there then the following Spotify rap playlist names could be ideal for you.

  • Down South Trap Hop
  • After Party
  • UK Rap
  • Chaotic Grooves
  • Go Hard or Go Home
  • Castle Of Power
  • Street Life
  • All Day Hip-Hop
  • Biscuit Stomp
  • Hip Hop Essence
  • The Get Down Soundtrack
  • PurpleDream
  • Bling Bling
  • 20 Years of Sphere of Hip-Hop
  • Trap and Bass
  • All About that Bass
  • Mini Nikkis
  • The Night is Young
  • A-dialogue
  • Gangsta Rhymes
  • Green Bum
  • Beta State
  • novacane, baby
  • Nano Hop
  • Hip Hop Caviar
  • Party Harder
  • drinks on me
  • I guess my neighbours love me
  • Sneaker Rush
  • 50 Cents Too Many
  • Twerk Diamonds
  • Upstate Aesthetic
  • Hip Hop Party Invasion
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Break Em Down
  • Move to Rap
  • Favorite Rap Songs
  • Scratch Essentials
  • Baddie
  • Deep in Hip Hop
  • Street Meat Graffiti
  • summer nights w friends
  • Country Rap Playlist
  • Badass Girls Work
  • Juicy Beats
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Hip-Hop Playlist Names

  • Rap the Day Away
  • Build up To Party
  • SnoopyDees
  • Lofi Vibes
  • Feels Like Party Time
  • 2 Legit 2 Quit
  • Jiggy Dope
  • Dedicated to a hoe
  • Counting Cookies
  • Baller Bongs
  • Rap Party
  • Mob Squad
  • Smoke Dooze
  • Brood Talks
  • Faded
  • Wake up Call
  • Gangsta Raps
  • Calm Hip Hop Mindset
  • The Alternative Guide to Hip Hop
  • Conversations – Hip Hop x Soul
  • Get Ur Freak On
  • Feel Good Raps
  • Dot Dot Dash Dash
  • Headed to the Beach
  • good raps, dope tracks.
  • Buck Zilla
  • Old School Eminem
  • Bling Bling Rap Collection
  • Magic Moments
  • Gimme a Break Drake
  • You wanna play rough? OK
  • french rap
  • Summer Vibes Rap Songs
  • Selected Beats
  • 2 am + 30 degrees
  • Club Hits
  • All You Have Is Now
  • Rap/pop fever
  • Try This Rap Songs Mix
  • Cold Winter Nights
  • Ghost Bent
  • Bodylanguage
  • New Rap Japanese
  • Just Like That
  • Power Hour Beats
  • Somewhere In The Hills

Rap Playlist Names for Party Songs

  • Drip Trip
  • Still Mad feat
  • Something To Keep You Going
  • White Girl Rap
  • Nikes and Newports Vol. 1
  • Touch the Sky
  • Music Is All We Got
  • Rizzle Hood
  • Rappers Republic
  • Blow Your Mind Raps
  • Chill Rap Songs
  • Rap Mania!
  • 90’s Hip Hop Playlist
  • Nikes and Newports Vol. 1
  • Groove to Kendrick
  • Return of The King
  • Alpha Doggies
  • Bling Things
  • Conscious Hip Hop
  • Funk is funk
  • New Trap Bangers (2017)
  • Hip Hop Pool Party – Vol. 1
  • Be Easy, Be Free
  • Booty Tunes
  • Bring My Cheese
  • Epic Dodge
  • Chill Rap
  • Modern Hip Hop
  • Post Malone Vibes
  • Hip Hop Quest
  • Hotline Bling
  • Hoe Bait
  • Lofi HipHop
  • Mode Thugs
  • Drulow Ba
  • Trap To This – Viral Hip-Hop
  • Bright Smoke

List of Rap Playlist Names

How to Come Up With a Good Rap Playlist Name?

When you’re deciding what to call your Rap Playlist, there are some things you should consider. If your music is categorized by genre, it might be helpful to use a descriptive title for your playlist. For example, you could choose a name for a playlist called Jungkook Off. While you might not have the most original idea, a catchy title can increase your audience’s interest.

1. Art of Feel-Goodism

One popular playlist name in hip hop is “Art of Feel-Goodism” in a Hip Hop Playlist Name. The song is about feeling better and is often about doing more damage to the world. Some of the tracks on the playlist are instrumental and aimed at making you feel better. “Songs to Make You Stop Crying” is a longer playlist geared towards helping people feel better, and “Chill Tunes” is an instrumental collection. These types of playlists are very useful when exercising or performing chores.

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2. Should be Memorable

To come up with a good Rap Playlist name for Jungkook Off, you should first understand who he is. The Korean rapper is known for combining the words ‘on’ and ‘chill’, which both mean ‘100’. Until now, BTS was credited with his name. BTS is a popular K-pop group, and their English language skills are improving by the day. Whether you’re a fan of the rapper or just want to know what the fans are saying, you’ll need to be as creative as possible in your playlist name to make it memorable.

3.  Emotions Matters

When creating a playlist, remember to think of the emotion you’d like your fans to experience when listening to a particular song. Then, expand on the emotion you want to invoke. After all, the music evokes many different feelings. Regardless of the genre, the goal is to make the listener feel a variety of emotions, so it’s important to consider all of these aspects when creating your playlist.

4. Use Theme

After reading some Korean literature, you can use this theme to create a memorable name for your playlist. This is especially important if you’re putting Jung Kook on a mixtape. It will make fans feel more connected to his music. You can choose a name that’s memorable for Jung Kook, and it’s likely to get more views.

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