550+ Gang Names: Badass, Scary, Fiction & Real Gang Names

Gang Names

Typically, gang names are names associated with gangsters. The class names are also used. In reality, any US gang needs a name, whether it’s for a noble cause or not.

For some reason, scary names seem to command more respect than common names. Nonetheless, some gangs with sweet names but deadly names have managed to survive—a thug. It’s a secret that bad guys form good guys gangs to help people, and they have huge power and huge social media followings. So you can form a good gang.

A gang’s name is vital. Because a gang’s name is its sole identity. Want to name your gang well? Check out our list of Gang Names. These collections should help you name your gang.

Gang Names

Most gangs like terrifying names since they seem to command greater respect. We have found gangs with adorable names that are more deadly than those with badass names.

1.  The Best Wing: “The Best Wing” signifies a tight-knit group of individuals who have each other’s backs, supporting and protecting one another in a world that may seem indifferent or hostile.

2.  Gang Bang: “Gang Bang” is a name that evokes a raw and intense representation of gang culture.

3. Valley Racers: The name “Valley Racers” brings forth a different theme related to gang culture – the need for speed and the thrill of adrenaline.

4. Baby One Punch: “Baby One Punch” delves into the dangerous and tragic world of child exploitation within gangs.

5. Back to the Future: “Back to the Future” pays homage to the nostalgia and longing for a simpler time that some gangs may embody.

6. The Devil’s Ride: “The Devil’s Ride” explores the dark and ominous side of gang culture.

7. Venom: It represents a group that may operate with malicious intentions, causing harm to others for personal gain.

8. Little Puppet—  This name signifies a group that relies on coercion and exploitation to maintain their power structure.

9. The Copper Wolverine Band: The name signifies a group that prides itself on resilience and the ability to overcome obstacles.

10. Winger: This name symbolizes a group that rejects conformity and refuses to adhere to traditional norms.

11. Beretti Crime Family: This name signifies a group that operates under a hierarchical structure, with clear roles and responsibilities for its members.

12.  Pagan’s Motorcycle Club—  This name signifies a group that forms a close-knit community, bound together by a shared passion for motorcycles and a desire for camaraderie.

13. Gervasi Crew: This name signifies a group that operates with authority and control, seeking to expand its sphere of influence.

14. Skullcrusher: This name signifies a group that instils a sense of dread in those who cross their path. Members of this gang may be known for their brutality and ruthless nature, using violence as a means to maintain their reputation.

15. Street gangs: This Name delve into the theme of urban disenfranchisement and the desperate search for identity and belonging.

16. Loves Criminal Gang: This Name explores the theme of forbidden love and the consequences that come with it within a gang setting.

17. Gangs biker: This Name delves into the theme of rebellion and freedom within a motorcycle gang.

18. The Insomniacs: This Name explores the theme of restlessness and dedication within a gang.

19. The Inbreds: This name signifies a group that spans multiple generations, with family members passing down their affiliation to the gang.

20. Black Spider: This name signifies a group that operates in the shadows, striking fear into the hearts of their enemies.

21. Hi-Hats: This name signifies a group that embraces artistic pursuits, using their talents to leave their mark on the world.

22. Arrested Daily: This Name delves into the theme of rebellion and defiance within a gang.

23. The Alligator Riders: This Name explores the theme of resilience and adaptability within a gang.

24. The Fat Tony’s: This Name delves into the theme of loyalty and brotherhood within a gang.

25. Garter: This name signifies a group that uses their charm and seductive nature to manipulate others.

26. Storm: This Name delves into the theme of chaos and unpredictability within a gang.

27. The Liberation Front: This Name explores the theme of social justice and activism within a gang.

28. The Azure Blooddrop Brotherhood: This Name delves into the theme of mysticism and ancient traditions within a gang.

29. The Ice Snake Posse: This Name explores the theme of cunning and subterfuge within a gang.

30. Taz: This Name delves into the theme of chaos and unpredictability within a gang.

31.  Party Balls

32.  Don Trigger

33.  The Brass Eagles

34.  Trash Talkers

35.  Tank

36.  Scrappy

37.  Faster

38.  Jets

39.  Fox

40.  Playboys

41.  Cascade

42.  The Ebony Owl Syndicate

43.  Vagos Motorcycle Club

44.  Latin Kings

45.  The Angels of Death

46.  Beltrán-Leyva Cartel

47.  Fright

48.  Knightriders

49.  The MC – MC stands for “Motorcycle Club”.

50.  Norteños

51.  Gualtieri Crew

52.  The Hobos

53.  Naughty Boys

54.  Lil Mike

55.  Barrio Azteca

56.  Ogbanjieh

57.  Aces and Eights

58.  The League of Extraordinary Bastards

59.  Margarita

60.  KUMI

61.  Switchblade Sisters

62.  Reem

63.  Supreme Team

64.  The Poison Ivies

65.  Juárez Cartel


67.  Mods

68.  Spoon

69.  The Rejects

70.  Blackjack

71.  Rock Riders

72.  Trinitario

73.  Hash tag

74.  Duck Duck Goose

75.  The White Sharks

76.  Decepticons

77.  Laster ‘Baby face’ Nelson

78.  Tough Tony

79.  Bomber

80.  Del Fuegos

Good Gang names

Check here for a list of Good Gang names.

81. The Predators: Evokes a sense of power and danger, implying the members are fierce and strong

82. Shadow Hunters: This name suggests the gang operates covertly

83. Iron Brotherhood: Conveys a sense of unity and strength, hinting at a bond among the members

84. Viper Legion: Suggests a lethal edge, and that the group is not to be messed with

85. Phantom Riders: Implies the gang is elusive, quick, and effective in their dealings.

86. Smiler: A lighthearted name that implies cheer and positivity, suggesting the gang is friendly and welcoming.

87. Sunbears: A name that implies warmth and energy.

87. The Grizzly Cross Soldiers: Conveys an image of a powerful and well-equipped unit, with an air of intimidation.

88. Atalanta: Hints at swiftness and agility, suggesting the members move quickly and act decisively.

89. The Flower Bunch: Suggests a sense of beauty and grace, and implies the gang is composed of individuals who are attractive and popular.

90. Sonny Red: Implies a fiery, passionate attitude, and suggests the members of this gang are fierce and determined.

91.  Blood King

92.  The Thunder Jackals

93.  The Cardinal Seals

94.  The Growlers

95.  Moltisanti Crew

96.  Jamba Juicy

97.  Nip and Tucks

98.  Sinaloa Cartel

99.  La Giggles

100.  Varrios Los Aztecas

101.  Rollin’ Heights Ballas

102.  Spitefulness

103.  Satan’s Bitches

104.  Electra

105.  The Undead

106.  Broken Faces

107.  Young Bastards

108.  Blood Is Thicker Water

109.  Pookie

110.  Iron cut

Gang Names For Girls

To give a name to any female or group of girls who always act bossy or have a gangster character, simply use any of the nice girl gang name ideas given below.

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111. Diamond Divas: Suggests glamour and toughness, a powerful combination

112. Venus Vipers: Melds the femininity of Venus with the danger of vipers, creating an intriguing contrast

113. Scarlet Shadows: Evokes an image of mysterious, stealthy females

114. Lioness League: Implies a sense of unity and strength among the women

115. Black Rose Syndicate: Conveys a sense of beauty and danger, a classic combination

116. Jaguar: A suggestion of power and agility, with a hint of exotic danger.

117. Mousey: An intriguing contrast to the previous suggestion, evoking timidity and smallness.

118. Ranger: Conveys a sense of strength and courage, suggesting a group of powerful women.

119. The Invisibles: A suggestion of mysteriousness and power, a group that is strong yet unseen.

120. Tomcat: An assertion of strength and ferocity, with an added hint of femininity.

121. The Sanguine Coyotes: Suggests a combination of boldness and cunning, a formidable group of women.

122. Dungeons And Dragons: A suggestion of bravery and strength, with a hint of magical power.

123.  Basilisk

124.  Tony Jack

125.  The Spider Sisterhood

126.  The Men

127.  ‘Icepick Willie’ Alderman

128.  Bleeding Streets

129.  Chatter Box

130.  Irish-American

131.  One Million Boys

132.  Bromance

133.  Blood Relatives

134.  The Unfazed

135.  Phantasm

136.  The Freaks

137.  Midnight

138.  Shaggy

139.  The Emerald Demon Syndicate

140.  My Folks

141.  Amazon

142.  The Honey Badgers

143.  Lefty

144.  Panessa Crime Family

145.  Duchess

146.  Vamp

147.  The Crows

148.  The Soul Stealers

149.  The Royal Alligators

150.  Hotel California

151.  Black Guerrilla Family

152.  Otarik

153.  Get Poppin’

154.  Gordon

155.  Bane

156.  Gustin Gang

157.  The Destroyers

158.  Busy ingers

159.  The Eternals

160.  Ishtar

161.  Sparky

162.  The Snake

163.  Los Solidos

164.  The Electric Undead Clan

165.  Brigands MC

166.  The Jade Mammoth

167.  Folk Nation

168.  Joker

169.  Da Nang Boys

170.  The Belladonnas

171.  Mullen Gang

172.  Scatty Girls

173.  Coffin Cheaters

174.  The Green Chainsaw Brotherhood

175.  White Hand Gang

176.  The Gold Trolls

177.  Phantom

178.  The Kings Men

179.  Mickey the Cobra

180.  Boonie

181.  The Electric Lily Soldiers

182.  First Ladies

183.  Young Gunners

184.  Westmob

185.  rd Street Saints

186.  The Black Hog Syndicate

187.  Sour Patch Kids

188.  WHYOS

189.  Los Zetas

190.  Paco Magic

191.  Snitch Killers

192.  Danger Don

193.  Brave and Insane

194.  Bullet

195.  The Hand Tribe

196.  The White Enigmas

197.  Mayans MC

198.  Nerds In Hoodies

199.  Matsetsenkane

200.  She-Wolf

201.  The Crimson Takers

202.  Thelma And Louise

203.  San Fierro Triad

204.  Masher

205.  The Baby Faces

206.  Cross The Track Boys

207.  The Diamond Pistol Gang

208.  The Azure Monkeys

209.  Faces Only Loved By Mothers

210.  Toecutter’s Gang

Funny Gang Names

Here are some of the Funny Gang Names.

211. The Prankster Posse: Suggests the group might be more about mischief than danger

212. Laughing Lunatics: A funny, slightly chaotic name, perfect for a gang that doesn’t take itself too seriously

213. Trouble Tumblers: A humorous name that suggests the gang stumbles into trouble rather than seeking it out

214. Misfit Marauders: Suggests the gang is made up of individuals who march to their own beat

215. Chaos Curators: Implies the gang enjoys a bit of disorder and mayhem

216. The Black Bulldog Association: A name that hints at the group’s intimidating nature and strength.

217. Russia From My Backyard: A name that implies the gang is rebellious and willing to take risks.

218. Wild Hogs: A name that implies the gang is wild, unruly, and unpredictable.

219. Razor: Suggests the gang is sharp and dangerous.

220. Cifaretto: Implies the gang is intimidating and not to be messed with.

221. The Orange Blossoms: A name that suggests the gang is joyful, vibrant, and full of life.

222. The Sapphire Butterflies: A name that implies the gang is gentle, graceful, and beautiful.

223. Ñetas—A Spanish term meaning “brave warriors” that reflects the gang’s boldness and fearlessness.

224.  Khumalo Gang

225.  Quiet Godfather

226.  East Side Ballas

227.  The Flame Owls

228.  Charles ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd

229.  Key Key

230.  The Black Badgers

231.  Hogan Gang

232.  Butt Cracks

233.  Patriots

234.  Mors Navis

235.  New Day Co-Op

236.  Kitchen Knives

237.  Forgettables

238.  Darko

239.  Rednecks

240.  Sinister Mob Motorcycle Club

241.  Spud

242.  Corset

243.  The Demon Sharkfin Gang

244.  Hot Shots

245.  The Yellow Leopards

246.  Knives and Shattered Lives

247.  The Pre-Schoolers

248.  Almighty Black P Stone Nation

249.  Uptown Riders

250.  Roadrunners

251.  Tommy Twitch

252.  Lai Changxing

253.  Rivet


255.  Slapped Wrists

256.  Chief Strike

257.  Zoe Pound

258.  Maniac Latin Disciples

259.  Chamberlain Gangster Families

260.  Mamba

261.  Gambetti Crime Family

262.  Dominicans Don’t Play

263.  Scum Bags

264.  Killer Joker

265.  The Underbellies

266.  Gask

267.  Tongs

268.    Stroke

269.  Wan Kuok-koi

270.  Packing Meat

271.  Mania

272.  Skate Witches

273.  Dementor

274.  Demon Coyotes

275.  The Castellaneta Crime Family

276.  Pearl Heart

277.  The Salmon Skin Rolls

278.  White Tights

279.  Satyr

280.  Ice Box

281.  Enyo

282.  Grudge

283.  The Cobalt Crow Association

284.  The Female Bunch

285.  Running Eagle

286.  The Women Of Limbo

287.  Smasher

288.  Silent Tooters

289.  Miklo

290.  Marielitos

291.  Fully Clothed

292.  Santa Monica

293.  Mogambo

294.  Gypsy Jokers

295.  Spider

296.  Carson Avenue Families

297.  Cavezza

298.  The Black Knuckles

299.  Ironclad

300.  Crucible

301.  The Black Bats

302.  Maniac Messengers

303.  The Green Hogs

304.  The Russian Roulette

305.  Ron Ron

306.  The Grapes of Math

307.  Pirus

308.  The Royal Badger Syndicate

309.  La Raza Nation

310.  Barese Crew

Mafia Group Names

Mafia Group Names

Looking for Mafia Group names then the below names could perfectly match your expectation.

311. Sable Serpents: A dark, dangerous name suitable for a powerful mafia group.

312. Silent Reapers: Implies the mafia group operates quietly and lethally.

313. Onyx Organization: Suggests the group is well-structured and not to be underestimated.

314. The Obsidian Order: A name that conveys a sense of power and mystery, fitting for a mafia group.

315. Crimson Cartel: Implies a violent edge to the group and suggests they have a wide reach.

316. Free Style: A name that implies that the mafia group operates without being bound by rules.

317. The Cobalt Fangs: A name that conveys a sense of strength and suggests the mafia group is a force to be reckoned with.

318. Gulf Cartel: Suggests the group is deeply entrenched in criminal activities and is not to be taken lightly.

319. Paramour: A name that implies the group is capable of seducing its victims into their grasp.

320. We Talk A Lot: A name that hints at the group’s ability to get information they need to operate.

321. Charade: Suggests the group is skilled at deception and hiding their true intentions.

322. San Fierro Rifa: A name that implies the mafia group is rooted in the culture and traditions of a specific place.

323. Spatafore Crew: Suggests the mafia group is well established and secretive.

324.  The Copper Skeletons

325.  Matching Carpet

326.  Pandora

327.  Ragen’s Colts

328.  Pollos Hermanos

329.  Vex

330.  Nine Trey Gangsters

331.  The Fabulous Foursome

332.  Rock Machine

333.  Grease man

334.  Peewee

335.  Queen Bees

336.  The Demon Vipers

337.  Popoye

338.  The Rat Pack

339.  Javelin

340.  The Sticky Fingers

341.  Head B!tches In Charge


343.  The Velvet Mafia

344.  The Vermin

345.  My Wife and Kids

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346.  Rebels Motorcycle Club

347.  Voodoo

348.  The Jade Mambas

349.  The Crystal Honey Badger Clan

350.  The Sapphire Pincer Riders

351.  Dirtbags

352.  Bumpy

353.  Kilo Tray Ballas

354.  Agony

355.  Drug Experts

356.  Box Cars

357.  Steel forge

358.  Grape Street Watts Crips

359.  Vegas Blasters

360.  The Sapphire Slicers

361.  Satan’s Helpers

362.  The Azure Skeleton Syndicate

363.  Tom, Dick, and Harry

364.  Bandidos Motorcycle Club

365.  Athena

366.  Lost MC

367.  Black Widow

368.  Slammer

369.  Steen

370.  Torpedo

371.  The Acolytes

372.  Little Clown

373.  Shadow

374.  Spanish Gangster Disciples

375.  The Blue Roses

376.  Original Covenant Ballas

377.  The Gladiatrixes of Ludus Achillea

378.  Kurupt

379.  The Orange Blooddrop Association

380.  Agrippa

381.  The Ruby Crows

382.  Vipers

383.  Young Guns

384.  Mad Dog

385.  Stinky Feet

386.  Bear

387.  Eddie-Buff

388.  Clumsy

389.  Automatic

390.  Pussycat!

391.  Billy the Butcher

392.  Money Over Life

393.  Doom

394.  Logan Heights Gang

395.  Narcissus

396.  We Hustle for a Living

397.  The Crystal Skeletons

398.  Yahoo Yahoo Boyz

399.  Texas Syndicate

400.  The creeper

401.  Bobby Doyle

402.  The Diamond Snakes

403.  The Flame Tear Soldiers

404.  Street Preachers

405.  The Family

406.  Vinnie Terranova

407.  The Pricks

408.  Boston Tea Parties

409.  The Pink Ladies

410.  Charlie’s Angels

Gang Nicknames

Having a good Gang nickname is an important part of a gang. here are some ideas.

411. Boulder: Suggests someone solid and unmovable – a foundational member of the gang

412. Whisper: This nickname could belong to someone who operates silently

413. Razor: Implies a sharp mind or a lethal nature

414. Ghost: Suggests someone elusive and hard to pin down

415. Tempest: Conveys a volatile and stormy personality

416. The Brass Bears: Denotes someone strong and unyielding.

417. The Sanguine Ravenclaws: Suggests a mysterious individual with a penchant for problem-solving.

418. Family Ties: Represents loyalty and a deep connection with loved ones.

419. Beware Brothers: Conveys a warning to those who cross the group’s paths.

420. Mr Cisco: Implies a leader who can be trusted to make the right decisions.

421. Lil Man: Denotes a small yet formidable individual.

422. The Punishers: Indicates a relentless and uncompromising attitude.

423. High On Our Supply: Symbolizes a group that is always prepared and ready for action.

424. Animus: Signifies an individual with unwavering courage and determination.

425. The Azure Hogs: Suggests a team that is willing to take risks and explore new opportunities.

426. Jheri Curls: Implies someone with a flashy and stylish personality.

427.  Bulls

428.  Most Dangerous Clique

429.  Shagro Junior

430.  The White Butterfly Soldiers

431.  The Honey Badger Gang

432.  Nerve

433.  Hufflefluffs

434.  Rugged Sailors

435.  The Azure Thorns

436.  Blao

437.  Travieso

438.  Wraith

439.  Yardies

440.  Cool Daddy cake

441.  The Jade Rider Riders

442.  The Anonymous

443.  The Black Cats

444.  Baddies and Buddies

445.  Centerfire

446.  Tony the Cripple

447.  Ashtart

448.  The Ebony Ghosts

449.  El Monte Flores

450.  South Rancho Ballas

451.  Sex Money Murda

452.  Enmity

453.  Williams

454.  Florencia

455.  Husband Killers

456.  Dirty Money

457.  Creeper

458.  Minx

459.  Born Killers

460.  The Jade Riders

461.  The Stinky Fingers

462.  Fearless and Flawless

463.  Boulder

464.  Across Borders

465.  Wolf Tickets

466.  Culver City Boys

467.  Spyder

468.  San Fierro Triads

469.  Butterfingers

470.  Pumps


472.  The Men Of The Night

473.  Rascal

474.  Small Imps

475.  Belle Starr

476.  Lone Wolfpack

477.  Skulls

478.  Fantastic

479.  The Flame Knuckles

480.  The Butterflies

481.  Dracula

482.  Drug Sniffers

483.  Jesse James

484.  Fresno Bulldogs

485.  Bed, Bath, and Beyonce

486.  Lady Trap Stars

487.  Nuestra Familia

488.  Strike Eagle

489.  Grim Reaper

490.  That Guy

491.  Messina Crime Family

492.  The Jumping Jacks

493.  Sekhmet

494.  The Cobalt Boar Syndicate

495.  Clit Mob

496.  Mai-Mai

497.  Organized Morons

498.  Unarrestable

499.  The Toad Squad

500.  Mexikanemi

501.  Marge On The Lam

502.  The Denim Wolverine Association

503.  Hagas Hombres

504.  Team America

505.  Wendigo

506.  The Plastics

507.  Azrael Sylla

508.  The Troll Soldiers

509.  Medellín Cartel

510.  The Buzzards

Cool Gangs Names

Cool Gangs Names

If are you looking for cool gang names then these nicknames can be ideal for you.

511. Silver Sabers: Implies a cutting-edge and sense of prestige

512. Night Prowlers: Conveys an image of a gang that operates under the cover of darkness

513. Iron Specters: Suggests a combination of power and elusiveness

514. Emerald Enforcers: Implies a sense of prestige and authority

515. Phantom Phalanx: Suggests an invisible but tightly-knit and formidable group.

516. The Ivory Water Squad: Represents a sense of purity and strength.

517. Kevlar: Indicates a strong and virtually impenetrable outer shell.

518. Liberated: Suggests a new state of freedom and liberation.

519.  The Black Liontooth Clan

520.  The Blooddrop Riders

521.  The Alleycats

522.  Pretty Mike

523.  Savage Huns

524.  Different Time Zone

525.  HERd

526.  Colestah

527.  Mothman

528.  Brotherly Harmony

529.  Spicy Sugars

530.  Cannon

531.  Chor Bazaar

532.  Pu$$y Posse

533.  East Nashville Crips

534.  Straight Flush

535.  Black Spades

536.  Comancheros Motorcycle Club

537.  The Emerald Snakes

538.  Savage Skulls

539.  Ancelotti Crime Family

540.  Hundreds and Thousands

541.  Runaway

542.  Girls of Old Town

543.  Siege

544.  The United Front

545.  Shy Girl

546.  Atilla

547.  Dagger Demon

548.  The Fleet

549.  Los Mexicles

550.  Pee Wee

551.  Inferno

552.  Worldwide Wolfpack

553.  Money Comes First

554.  Bethnal Green Mob

555.  Poody Bear

556.  Yu Zuomin

557.  Calamity Jane

558.  Dragonfly

559.  The Fire Jackals

560.  The Scarlet Liontooth Association

561.  Viper

562.  The fang

563.  Dopey

564.  Blue Wolverines

565.  Fanatic B!tches

566.  The Sanguine Eagle Soldiers

567.  Mental Mafia

568.  The Dandies

569.  Rage X-Skull

570.  Victorious Secret

571.  Meat Beaters

572.  Kahina

573.  Medb

574.  Mom’s the Boss

575.  Hot Bean

576.  The Orange Pistol Band

577.  The Sharkfin Soldiers

578.  The Pistols

579.  Highschool Rejects

580.  Galante Crime Family

581.  Caprice

582.  Dreads

583.  El Chuey

584.  Somali Outlaws

585.  Don Leonard

586.  The Blue Shark Association

587.  Devi

588.  The Scarlet Rose Crew

589.  Varrio Nuevo Estrada

590.  Sharpies

591.  Mexican Mafia

592.  The Moth Brotherhood

593.  Chief Executioner

594.  Belly Ups

595.  Rollin’ s Harlem Crips

596.  Venice

597.  In-n-Outs

598.  Gizmo

599.  Jack White

600.  Money Over Everything

601.  Don’t Peek

602.  Boyz In Da Cornfield

603.  Stacks

604.  Charlie ‘Lucky’ Luciano

605.  Lost Glass Slipper

606.  The Saber Squad

607.  Kool G Rap

608.  X-habit

609.  The Crystal Bear Company

610.  The Thunder Honey Badger Posse

Gang Names Ideas

Here are some Gang Names Ideas.

611.  Azure Assassins: A gang that’s lethal and possibly linked to the sea or the sky

612.  Bloodstone Brotherhood: Suggests a tightly knit group with a dangerous edge

613.  Silent Sovereigns: Implies a group that rules quietly, but effectively

614.  Obsidian Outlaws: A group that operates outside the law and is not to be underestimated

615.  The Unseen Union: An elusive gang that operates covertly

616.  Killer

617.  The Gay Mafia

618.  The Sanguine Bat Gang

619.  The Blue Demon Crew

620.  Nine-Tenths

621.  Happy

622.  Ginger

623.  Westside Locos

624.  Wolf

625.  Valet Minds

626.  Psycho

627.  Hidden Valley Kings

628.  Dream Team

629.  Hell’s Angels

630.  The Grey Ghosts

631.  The Jade Badgers

632.  Lil’ Loco

633.  Nice Guys

634.  Black Widows

635.  Home Sweet Home

636.  Danger Dog

637.  Royal Death Soldiers

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638.  Bellona

639.  Shower Posse

640.  The Rolling Phones

Prison Gang Names

Do check here for Prison Gang Names here.

641.  Iron Bars Inc: A name that references the prison environment directly

642.  Concrete Kings: Implies a sense of power and control within the prison walls

643.  Cage Rattlers: Suggests a gang that disrupts the status quo in prison

644.  Stone Soldiers: A name that implies resilience and toughness

645.  Cellblock Sovereigns: Conveys an image of ruling the prison environment

646.  Vice Kings

647.  Westies

648.  The Grizzly Hogs

649.  The Avenues

650.  Little House on the Prairie

651.  Crooked Steps

652.  The Jackal Soldiers

653.  The Yellow Pygmy Riders

654.  Tee Tee

655.  Sausage Party

656.  We Are Family

657.  Miami Boys

658.  Rudeboys

659.  Hopscotch Mafia

660.  The Blue Alien Tribe

661.  Lucerne Street Doggz

662.  Rough Riders

663.  Almighty Vice Lord Nation

664.  Eye to Eye, Ear to Ear

665.  Jezebels

666.  Fang

667.  Minotaur

668.  Yellow Cobra Association

669.  Kitten

670.  The Yellow Lilies

671.  Nevada

672.  Spring Breakers

673.  Pooh

674.  Crips

675.  ACAB

676.  Keem

677.  Wheels of Soul

678.  Hillbillies

679.  Scare Faces

680.  The Gold Honey Badgers

681.  The Chainsaw Gang

682.  Young Threats

683.  Blaze

684.  Spooky

685.  Shorty

686.  Money Over Bitches

687.  La Shy Girl

688.  Hazard

689.  Four Corner Hustlers

690.  Satan’s Saints

691.  Outlaws Motorcycle Club

692.  Cali Cartel

693.  One-Hit Wonders

694.  Colada

695.  Red Ryder

696.  Don’t Spoil It

697.  Life Is a Highway

698.  Cuneo Crime Family

699.  North Side Gang

700.  Old Lady

701.  Friends Forever

702.  Diaz Cartel

703.  The Thunder Undead

704.  Golf Bag

705.  The Cardinal Toad Posse

706.  Sharks

707.  Medusa


709.  Max

710.  Smokey

Street Gangs Names

If you are looking for Street Gangs Names then do check the below name ideas. Find the perfect Street Gangs Name ideas here.

711.  Asphalt Apostles: A gang that sees the street as their religion

712.  Concrete Cavaliers: Implies a sense of adventure and disregard for the law

713.  Gutter Guardians: Suggests the gang sees themselves as protectors of their territory

714.  Pavement Princes: A name that implies the gang holds power on the streets

715.  Urban Outlaws: This gang doesn’t play by the rules of society

716.  Matrix

717.  Monkey Mouths

718.  Vatos Locos

719.  Bats

720.  The Chicken Tenders

721.  Get Rich or Die Tryin

722.  The Scarlet Needles

723.    Inch

724.  Posse Full of Dicks

725.  The Bronze Warthog Company

726.  Winter Hill Gang

727.  The Denim Horns

728.  The Snitches

729.  DiMeo Crime Family

730.  Temple Drive

731.  Baby-Shanks

732.  Fortune Favors The Brave

733.  Widow

734.  Temple Street

735.  FashionDivas

736.  Shieldmaiden

737.  Cougar

738.  The Street Brawlers

739.  The Lizzies

740.  Sharp Cuts

741.  Dragon

742.  Butter Fingers

743.  Rubble

744.  The Unholy

745.  The Yellow Troll Brotherhood

746.  Orthros

747.  Screwdriver

748.  City Rats

749.  Tempest

750.  The Grizzly Snake Syndicate

751.  Lupisella Crime Family

752.  Scissors

753.  Venice Shoreline Crips

754.  One Time at Band Camp

755.  Baddest

756.  The Jade Blossoms

757.  C Blacks

758.  The Onyx Swords

759.  Grim Bastards

760.  The Yellow Bear Association

761.  Mongols Motorcycle Club

762.  K&A Gang

763.  OutLaw Gangster Disciples

764.  Azusa

765.  United Blood Nation

766.  Vile

767.  Selkie

768.  The Ebony Warthog Clan

769.  Shriners

770.  Zopo

771.  Aprile

772.  What’s Up, Gang?

773.  th Street gang

774.  California Girls

775.  Prison Graduates

776.  The Needle Clan

777.  Future Silver Foxes

778.  Wind in Our Chest Hair

779.  Hornet

780.  Titanium

781.  The Ebony Razor Band

782.  Gutsy Goon

783.  The Untouchables

784.  Han Not Solo

785.  The Ruby Boars

786.  The Fab Four

787.  Mickey Cobras

788.  Altieri Crew

789.  The Blue Alligator Riders

790.  Gangster Disciples

791.  The Flame Sabors

792.  C’s Gets Degrees

793.  The Violet Skull Brotherhood

794.  The Thunder Toads

795.  Paiyaso

796.  Waste Brains

797.  Dismay

798.  Spanish Cobras

799.  Baccalieri Crew

800.  Bear Trap

801.  The Coyote Company

802.  Pooh Bear

803.  The Cardinal Chainsaws

804.  Animal Crackers

805.  The Lumps

806.  Ghetto Brothers

807.  Red Wolves

808.  Cyclops

809.  Young Boys Inc

810.  Tottenham

List of Gang Names

What are the Core things to keep in mind for a Good Gang Name?

1. Personality

Personality Whatever nickname is chosen, it should fit the gang’s characteristics. There is one exception to this unwritten rule: selecting a name that contradicts the individual for humorous purposes.

2. Toughness

Your name should make you appear more challenging!

3. Specialty

Use their gangster group tasks to help you give them a good gang name!


Are you the group’s kingpin or just a pawn? The more powerful you are in your group, the more scary your gang name should be.

5. Name plays

Maybe your real name is the best method to prove you’re a thug.


1. What is a gang?

A gang is a group of individuals who come together to engage in criminal activities, territorial control, and maintain a sense of identity and power.

2. How can I join a gang?

We strongly discourage joining gangs as they involve illegal activities that can have serious legal consequences. Instead, focus on positive community involvement and finding healthy ways to connect with others.

3. Are all gangs involved in crime?

The primary purpose of most gangs is to engage in criminal activities such as drug trafficking, robbery, and violence. However, it is important to note that not all groups or associations are considered gangs if they do not participate in illegal actions.

4. Can someone leave a gang once they’ve joined?

Leaving a gang can be extremely difficult and dangerous as it often involves severing ties with the group and potentially facing retaliation. Seeking support from law enforcement agencies or community organizations can provide assistance for those wanting to leave a gang.

5. Do gangs have specific names or symbols?

Many gangs adopt unique names, symbols, hand signs, colours, tattoos or other identifying markers to establish their presence and territorial control. These elements help members recognize each other while also sending messages to rival groups.

6. How can we prevent young people from joining gangs?

Preventing youth from joining gangs requires creating safe environments where they feel supported by family, schools, and communities. It involves providing education about the dangers of gang involvement, promoting positive alternatives such as sports or arts programs, and offering mentorship opportunities to guide them towards a healthier path.

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Final Words

gang names encompass a myriad of themes beyond the initial depiction of danger and adventure. They reflect power dynamics, territorial instincts, mysteriousness, cultural pride, and rebellion against societal norms. These names serve as symbolic representations of the values, interests, and identities that unite individuals within these groups, emphasizing the sense of belonging and purpose they find in a world that often appears unforgiving.

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