1500+ Awesome This Or That Questions Ideas

1500+ Awesome This Or That Questions Ideas

You can turn time-wasting into creating beautiful memories with conversation starter games like This Or That Questions. Stuck at a lifeless family or friends party? Try this or that questions family or friends or crush have great fun and live the moment.

Fun time spent with people close to you creates memories. Now some people mistake creating memories with splashing money like a spendthrift. No, absolutely not. The key to a golden heart is paved through priceless conversations and trying to understand each other.

Best This Or That Questions

Entertain yourself with these handpicked best this or that questions like Netflix or YouTube, Dog or Cat, Money or Free Time, and many deep this or that questions in 2021. I am sharing this or that questions funny, this or that questions for couples, this or that game questions, this or that questions adult, this or that sex questions, this or that questions food to help you.

Best This Or That Questions
Netflix or YouTube?
Money or Free Time?
Chocolate or vanilla?
Superheroes or supervillains?
Weird or crazy?
Meet Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk?
Get a sword or nunchuck?
Carpet or hardwood floors?
Nissan GTR or a Porsche 911?
Tacos or wings?
Visit Boston or San Francisco?
Indoors or Outdoors
Eliminate ISIS or Al-Qaeda?
Play first or second violin?
Pumping iron or pumping gas?
Books or magazines?
Renaissance fair or craft fair?
Shower or tub?
Hardwood chairs or padded?
John Wayne or Clint Eastwood?
Wear skirts with opaque tights or leggings?
Date a psychopath or be a psychopath?
Football or Basketball?
Abs or chest?
Play or musical?
Reality or fiction?
Holding in a fart or holding in pee?
Hamburger or Taco?
Summer or winter?
Read manga or watch anime?
Fight 1 Gorilla or a pack of 7 Wolves?
Formal dining room or family dining room?
Truck mechanic or long haul driver?
Notebooks or lose paper?
Drive or fly?
Meet Barack Obama or Donald Trump?
Smart kid or kind kid?
Be idealistic or realistic?
Plants or collectibles?
Home garden or farmers market?
Kill or be killed?
Speed or precision?
Live in Iran or Saudi Arabia?
Coffee black or with cream and sugar?
Eating outside or cooking at home?
Beach or mountains?
Meat or fish?
Drown or be burned alive?
Book or eBook?
Bubble bath or just a hot soak?
Tent or RV?
Text message or call?
Girl Scout cookies or Keebler’s?
Be a heartbreaker or the one that always gets your heart broken?
Be stuck at age 18 or 50?
Facebook or Twitter?
Christmas or Halloween?
Personal chef or gym trainer?
Performing arts or science?
A maid or a cook?
Global warming or natural disaster?
Halloween or Valentine’s Day
Save the life of 1 human being or the life of 50 dogs?
Be the next Einstein or constantly happy?
Pizza hut or Little Caesars?
Sinful or righteous?
Live in Toronto or Sydney?
Hot tub or hot springs?
The Cavs or the Bulls?
Money or fame?
Rap or rock?
Hiking or monster truck rally?
Paint ball or arcade?
Fake or real Christmas tree?
Cambridge or Harvard?
Ice cream in a cone or dish?
Harley Davidson or Crotch Rocket?
Dancing or cooking classes?
Elegant or casual interior?
Email or snail mail?
Die early or live in a care home?
Be in the Marvel universe or DC universe?
Movies or TV shows?
Short hair or long hair?
Broccoli or green beans?
Save Humanity or Save the Earth?
Understand any language or be able to play any instrument?
Hurt or dead?
Student or teacher?
M&Ms or Kit Kat?
Live in the past or present?
Coffee or Tea?
Overprotective parents or neglectful parents?
Be born in the future or the past?
Dinner with Samuel L. Jackson or Morgan Freeman?
Pepsi or Coke?
Classical Art or Modern Art?
Live in Australia or Europe?
Good Will or Macy’s?
Cease to exist or go on to an afterlife?
4th of July or Memorial Day?
Live in 2006 or 2016?
Visit Rome or Paris?
Cosmetologist or CEO of large company?
Work with an asshole or a liar?
Sci-fi or Fantasy?
Pop music or Rock music?
Kenny G or Bob Marley?
Live a miserable life or not be born at all?
Red or green bell peppers?
Paintings or photos?
Pay US tuition fees now or pay 40% income tax once you have a very good job?
Be 5’3 or 6’8?
Book a pre-made travel tour or build your own itinerary from scratch?
Meat or Vegetables?
Shaving or waxing?
Darts or pool?
Cards or board games?
Meetings all day or producing goods?
Stripes or Polka dot?
Newspaper or online news blog?
Be deaf or blind?
Necklace or bracelets?
Eat a broccoli or eat a carrot?
Freedom or security?
Ice cream or freeze pop?
LA or Atlanta?
Magazines or newspapers?
Hunting trip or ski resort?
Date an attractive girl or an average girl?
Die or beg for money?
Hip Hop or Rock
Spend your life in prison or be executed?
Neutral colors or bold?
Gloves or mittens?
Be creative or genius?
Hitler or Stalin?
Roller coasters or ferris wheel?
Cardio or Weights
European or lake front style home?
Secretary or office manager?
Workout alone or with a partner?
Golf or basketball?
Spiderman or the Hulk?
Play Destiny or Call of Duty?
Climb a mountain or relax on the beach?
Free health care or free education?
Paperback book or eBook?
Live in Austin or San Diego?
Attend Hogwarts or Xavier’s School?
Shy or outgoing?
Charger or power bank?
A month without your car or a month without the internet?
Cats or dogs
Charisma or luck?
Live in a peaceful dictatorship or a tumultuous democracy?
Smoothie or Ice cream?
Say everything that comes to your mind or never say anything again?
Go back in time and try to fix all your mistakes or receive 10 million in cash right now?
Scary movie or a funny movie?
Roses or daisies?
FBI agent or local police?
Stand for gay rights or black/minority rights?
Necklace or Bracelet?
Eat steak or chicken for dinner?
Sharia law or Canon Law?
Cinema or Movie at home
Architectural sites or shopping?
Apartment or House
Live in Tokyo or London?
Live in Stockholm or Brighton?
Public library or bookstore?
Sandals or high heels?
Be cute or beautiful?
Heels or flats?
Compete with Amazon or Facebook?
For dinning, paper plates or china?
Be broke or dead?
Horror Movie or Comedy Movie?
Baseball or volleyball?
Racing or polo?
Travel by plane or boat?
Apples or oranges?
Jeans or sweatpants?
Tea or coffee?
Newspaper or online news?
Boston or Miami?
Live in ancient Rome or ancient Egypt?
Die unexpectedly or die slowly?
BMX racing or hang-gliding?
Savings or shopping?
Die or suffer?
Mansion or cabin?
Date someone older or younger than yourself?
Be your first love’s second choice or your second love’s first choice?
Cable or satellite?
Freedom or hope?
Google or Bing?
Elegant or casual dinner?
Netflix or YouTube?
Black and white décor?
Physical therapist or psychologist?
Comfort or style?
Be in a room with Justin Bieber or Ed Sheeran?
Sandals or flats?
Wear leggings with undies or without?
Be strong or smart?
Night owl or early riser?
Office work or outside work?
Railroad engineer or mechanical Engineer?
Be a police detective or an FBI agent?
Houseboat or yacht?
Interstates or back roads?
Antique or new?
Truck or motorcycle?
News anchor or meteorologist?
Volley ball or skateboarding?
Singing or dancing?
Anthropology dig or safari?

This Or That Questions Funny

A list of this or that questions funny like Chilly or lemon, Die by fire or drown and many more this or that questions naughty questions to lighten the serious ambiance. Few this or that questions for friends are at times this or that questions flirty type. Try these superb ideas of weird this or that questions or crazy this or that questions or hilarious this or that questions and have a great fun time.

This Or That Questions Funny
Die by fire or drown?
Chilly or lemon?
Live in Germany or Sweden?
Bass or tuna?
Be 4 feet tall or 8 feet tall?
Live in a city or a countryside?
Roses or tulips?
Comedy or horror?
Live in a cold area or a hot area?
Target or Walmart?
Camping or binge-watching shows at home?
Bruce Willis or Harrison Ford?
Sun or Moon?
Apple or Android?
E-harmony or Match?
Cruise or romantic retreat?
Be a bee or a wasp?
Cry or scream?
Blue or green?
Surprise party or theme party?
Soccer or hockey?
American made or imports?
Kill an innocent child for the good of the human race or allow the human race go extinct?
Eating whatever you want or eating healthy to stay in shape?
Football or baseball?
Cake or Cookies
Rugs or hardwood floors?
Sand or snow?
Structured routine or go with the flow?
Radio or television?
Morning or night?
Actor or model?
Spend time to save money or spend money to save time?
Be sexist or racist?
Ocean or lake?
Defend a guilty person or prosecute an innocent person?
Live in a world with religion or without?
Candy or popcorn?
Workout at home or at the gym?
Home cooked meals or Takeout
Hire a teenage boy as a babysitter or hire a teenage girl?
Wonder Woman or Supergirl?
Honesty or Other’s Feelings?
Indoor or outdoor?
Skylight or mirrored wall?
Intelligent or funny?
Live in London or Dublin?
Boss or worker?
Pepsi or Coca-Cola?
Work on Tesla or SpaceX?
Live in India or Live in China?
Be at the mercy of Cersei Lannister or Ramsay Bolton?
Bikini or one-piece?
Be caned or spend time in prison?
Live in Rio de Janeiro or Medellin?
Calls or texts?
Be a chair or a table?
Choose Robb Stark or Jon Snow as King of the North?
French or Spanish?
Paper or plastic bags?
Adopt a puppy or a baby?
Roller skating or ice skating?
Work at SpaceX or Google?
Fast or slow?
Telepathy or teleporting?
Rock or country?
Domestic or international?
Dinner date or Movie date
Group travel or alone?
A pound of quarters or a pound of dimes?
Thunderstorm or snowstorm?
Roommate a neat freak or a messy person?
Beach or hills?
Party planner or printer?
Be wise and unhappy or stupid and happy?
Be data scientist or machine learning engineer?
Be a Russian oligarch or a Saudi oil tycoon?
Aerobics or yoga?
Save an embryo or a middle-aged man?
Hot drinks or cold drinks
Pads or tampons?
Walk a dog or rock a baby?
Cremation or burial?
Evil or good?
Vacation in Barcelona or Venice?
Living room or bedroom?
Skiing or surfing?
Swimming or reading?
Live as a middle-class citizen in US or EU (for example France or Germany)?
Leggings or jeans?
Green or white?
Computer or game consoles?
Marvel or DC?
The perfect job or the perfect relationship?
Chilly or lemon?
Be loved or feared?
Live forever and be poor or be a millionaire and live to 21?
Brown or black hair?
Tattoo or piercings?
Feel overwhelming emotions or nothing at all?
Slippers or barefoot?
Skeet shoot or archery?
Metal or wood?
Have an ugly girlfriend or no girlfriend?
Choose how you die or when you die?
Sleep with clothes or Naked?
Your nails, long or short?
Sports or shooter?
Coffee Cup or Thermos?
Eat overcooked or undercooked food?
Stainless steel or porcelain sink?
Live in San Diego or Santa Monica?
Be wise or intelligent?
Sweater or Hoodie?
Go back to the past or Go forward into the future
Ghost hunting or artifact hunting
Retro or antique?
Stainless steel or Teflon cookware?
Be an honest asshole or a sweet liar?
Pasta or pizza?
Pandas or whales?
Landscaped yard or just lawn?
Handmade gifts or expensive gifts?
Traditional spaghetti or chicken alfredo?
Girl scouts or boy scouts?
Romance novels or spy novels?
Romantic or documentaries?
Work on a team or to work alone?
Yoga pants or jeans?
Short stop or third base?
Steak or Burger?
Be yourself, and nobody likes you or not be yourself, and everybody likes you?
Save or Spend?
After shave or cologne?
Visit Lisbon or Amsterdam?
Zombie outbreak or an alien invasion?
$10,000 in gold or $10,000 in BTC?
Texting or Video Call?
Train or Plane?
Harry Potter or Hunger Games
What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes?
Live in North Korea or Iran?
Date a famous musician or elite businessman?
Big ears or big feet?
Cookies or cake?
While walking: Music or Podcasts?
Be constipated or have diarrhea?
Cake or Pie?
Farmhouse kitchen or galley style?
Be vegan or vegetarian?
Chatting or Phone Call
Walking or jogging?
Nutritionist or make your own meal plan?
Take time to style your hair or wear a cap?
Die by having malnutrition or being overweight?
Rain or snow?
Ocean or Mountains?
Dominate or subservient?
Live in Jakarta or Bali?
Be part of the Rebel Alliance (Star Wars Universe) or part of Starfleet Command (Star Trek Universe)?
Watch sports or play?
Be a psychopath or sociopath?
Hairy or shaved?
Automated answering service or speak to a live person?
Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee?
Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store?
Farm or just an acre or two?
Good looks or good sense of humor?
Fight a horse-sized duck or 1,000 duck-sized horses?
Be loved or respected?
T-Shirts or sweaters?
Skates or bike?
Goalie or defenseman?
Sandals or sneakers?
Sunrise or sunset?
Rain or sunshine?
Wood cabinets or metal in kitchen?
Ireland or Hong Kong?
Swimming or Sunbathing?
Breakfast or dinner?
Nora Roberts or Heather Graham?
Paintball or motocross?
Medical examiner or emergency doctor?
Phone Call or Text?
Dog or Cat?
Sign to a major label or stay independent?
TV or Book?
Sitting or standing?
Watch sports or play sports?
Cubed or crushed ice?
Be in a gunfight or a knife fight?
Live in New York City in 1977 or 2017?
Trade some intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence?
Superman or Green Lantern?
Teacher or administrator?
Live one 1,000-year life or ten 100-year lives?
Live in New York or San Francisco?
Pop or Indie?
Life support to keep you alive for years or not?
Camping or Binge Watching Shows at Home?
Be a hammer or a nail?
Real or fake nails?
Physical illness or mental illness?
Republican or Democrat?
3 meals a day or 5 small meals?
Be chased by Godzilla or King Kong?
Live a life of happiness or achievement?
Lose your sex organs forever or gain 200lbs for the rest of your life?
Sofa or recliner?
Manicure or pedicure?
Buy a car or pay off college debt?
Be a millionaire or an average person?
Sunglasses or sun visor?
Deal with a narcissist or a sociopath?
Be single or in a relationship?
Go skiing or snowboarding?
Wear leather or lace?
Good heart or good body?
Be fat or ugly?
Live in London or California?
Live in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union?
Amusement park or historical sites?
Professional bowler or poker player?
Be famous online or in real life?
Invent something that would make you rich or save the world population from hunger?
Straight hair or curly hair?
Serious or funny?
Love or sex?
A successful career or a happy family life?
Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down?
Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny?
Salesman or lawyer?
Clean shaven or facial hair?
Batting or pitching?
Soccer or football?
Online shopping or in-person shopping?
Mexico or Monte Carlo?
Katy Perry or Lady Gaga?
Weightlifting or pilates?
Reese Witherspoon or Kirsten Dunst?
Stuff animals or dolls?
Burgers or Pizzas
Landscaper or welder?
Bubble bath or shower?
Red wine or white wine?
Tablet or Computer?
Forest or beach?
Vampires or angels?
Couch or Recliner?
Drug representative or researcher?
Credit or cash?
Bar of soap or shower gel?
Be underpaid or overrated?
Pilot a B747 or an A380?
Loose leaf or teabag?
Ncis or Criminal Minds?
Go to gym or home exercise?
Spend eternity with Christ or Satan?
Nascar or drag racing?
Sugar or spice?
Be without the Internet and your devices or your spouse for a month?
Fantasy leagues or playing with your buds?
Family or friends?
Give up your hearing or your eyesight?
Ranch style or two-story home?
Rock or hip hop?
Gold or silver?
Play Pac-Man or Flappy Bird?
Telemarketer or appointment setter?
Wax or shave?

This Or That Questions For Couples

Romance like never before with this or that questions for couples for e.g. Writing poetry or reading poetry, Mountains or beach is great this or that questions relating to understanding your partner mindset. This or that questions for boyfriend or this or that questions for girlfriend are great this or that romantic questions to know each other better.

This Or That Questions For Couples
Be in a relationship with an unattractive but kind woman/man or with an attractive but vain woman/man?
Mountains or beach?
Be a friend or a lover?
Buy a Tesla or a GTR?
Art festival or music festival?
Healthy or comfort food?
Being too warm or too cold?
Smile or eyes?
Serve or be served?
Receive roses or daisies?
Instant death or prolonged death?
Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?
Mountains or beach?
Coke or Pepsi?
Spa or gym?
Jogging or Hiking?
Be an ugly genius or a hot moron?
Win $50,000 or let your best friend win $500,000?
Rap or Electronica?
Comic Book or Comic Strips?
Soup or Sandwich?
Long nails or short nails?
Carnival or circus?
Live in a communist or a fascist country?
Wise or lays?
Spring or Fall?
A pet pig or goat?
Be curvy or slim?
Tent or camping RV?
Desktop or laptop?
Berkeley or Georgia Tech?
Woodworking or leather working?
Lose all of your old memories or never be able to make new ones?
Polka dots or stripes?
Join the mafia or a Join a street gang?
Purchase a pair of jeans in a store or online?
Hamburgers or hot dogs?
Be educated or intelligent?
Rom-coms or documentaries?
Take a pay cut or quit the job?
Forgiveness or Vengeance?
Train or bus?
Be a famous musician or actor?
Cake or Chocolate?
Working-partner or a stay-at-home partner?
Computer games or video games?
Cats or dogs?
Be financially bankrupt or emotionally bankrupt?
Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow?
Live in Ireland or Scotland?
Town or country?
Live in Romania or in Argentina?
Overdressed or Underdressed?
Read for two hours or write for two hours?
Ferrari or Jaguar?
Chef or Maître Di?
RnB or Soul?
Digital watch or analog?
Cook or waitress?
Live in Canada or the USA?
Spend time in living room or bedroom?
Wood or metal and glasses?
Islamic Sharia law or Russian Communism?
Save your mom from a burning building or 10 babies?
Online shopping or store shopping?
A witch or sorcerer?
Socks or barefoot?
Exceptional strength or intelligence
High-tech or Low-tech?
Contacts or glasses?
Toast or Eggs?
Watch live or recorded so you don’t have to watch commercials?
Doctor or engineer?
Grand Canyon or Jelly Stone?
Dyed hair or natural hair?
Hotdogs or Hamburgers
Dragon or a dire wolf?
Jodie Foster or Markie Post?
Erin Gray or Catherine Bell?
Xbox or PS?
Gardening or walking?
Kill a butterfly or lose 10 bucks?
Higher studies or work?
A rainy Sunday in bed or the mall?
Modern or rustic?
Live in Iraq or Crimea?
Soda or juice?
First base or outfielder?
Be smart but accomplish very little or stupid but accomplish a lot?
Construction worker or artist?
this or that questions: Carnival or theme park?
Open spaces or small closed in areas?
Rent or Buy?
Multiplayer or single player?
Phone or Phablet?
Boat or plane?
Be rich or have superpowers?
Writing poetry or reading poetry?
Frozen pizza or Dominoes?
Start a business or buy an existing business?
Toilet paper: Over or Under?
Know it all or have it all?
Take $300,000 right now or a 45% chance to win 25 million?
Live as a king in ancient times or a normal person in 21st Century?
Die from a heart attack or cancer?
Fight a dragon or a unicorn?
Be a genius or be wealthy?
Become a cyborg or die right now?
Superhuman strength or ability to heal quickly?
Wendigo or a Werewolf?
No food or No sleep?
Flowers or trees?
Carnivore or herbivore?
Work boots or cowboy boots?
Chips Ahoy or Nabisco?
Stoneware or China?
Snow or Rain?
Public education or home school?
Throw away your wallet with its contents (without getting it back) or release your entire search history?
Work from home or commute to work?
Sleep in the quite or with noise?
Manicure or make over?
Hot or cold?
Hunting or Fishing
Arby’s or Hardee’s?
TV shows or Movie?
Serve one year in Iraq or Niger Republic?
Adult mind in a child body or a child mind in an adult body?
Stainless steel or colors such as white or black appliances?
Love or money?
Have sex with your cousin in secret or not have sex with your wife for the first 10 years of marriage?
Supervisor or hourly employee?
Do what your mind tells you or do what an expert tells you?
Pancake or Waffle?
Sybil Sheppard or Michelle Pfeiffer?
Computer programmer or criminologist (CSI)?
Sia or Adele?
Boiled or Fried eggs
Surround yourself with good people or smart people?
Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg as president?
Fireplace or furnace?
Choose classical or rap?
Write a letter or send an email?
Triathlon or marathon running?
Live in the universe of Game of Thrones or in The Walking Dead?
Be an introvert or an extrovert?
Live in a vegetative state or die?
Be lost on a mountain or an island?
Email or letter?
Inherit a billion dollars or be self-made?
Hunting or saving?
Mom or Dad?
Hamburgers or hotdogs?
Club or House party
Hot or pretty?
this or that questions: Movie at Home or Movie at the Theater?
Brush or Comb
Big Party or Small Gathering?
Beads or pearls?
Eating dirt or eating bad food?
Writing poetry or reading poetry?
Iced tea or hot tea?
Blue or green eyes?
Author or editor?
Looks or Personality?
Be a Navy SEAL or a Green Beret?
Brains or beauty?
Hair straight or curly?
Fishing or hunting?
Visit Iran or Pakistan?
Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?
College or pro?
Cat or dog?
Dentist or podiatrist?
Receive: Email or Letter?
Bananas or apples?
Butcher block or granite counter-tops?
Thunderstorm or snow storm?
Live in Seattle or Portland?
Travel the world or focus on your career?
Fireman or policeman?
Skirts or pants?
Flip-flops or sneakers?
Makeup or No Makeup?
Live in Taiwan or Hong Kong?
Crab or Lobster
Chicken nuggets or hotdogs?
Luau or pig roast?
Coveralls or scrubs?
Spy or supernatural book or movie/TV?
High heels or flats?
Reading or writing?
Get chased by Deadpool or the Wolverine?
Liquid soap or bar soap?
Eat at Burger King or McDonald’s?
Divorce or staying in a bad marriage?
Lost or found?
Cheat or be cheated on?
Live in Hawaii or Alaska?
Government work or private sector?
Eye sight or hearing?
Give up vodka or whiskey forever?
Bunny or squirrel?
Be rich or famous?
Swimming pool or lake?
this or that questions: Steph Curry’s shot or LeBron’s athleticism?
Pirates or a motorcycle gang?
Dunkin Donuts or Tim Horton?
Swim in a pool or in the sea?
Linux or Windows?
Morning person or night owl?
When sleeping: Fan or No Fan?
Tudor or Victorian style home?
Visit Turkey or Greece?
Paint or paper?
Live in Los Angeles or Seattle area?
A job you love or one that pays you more money?
Working in a store with the public or working in research?
Perfume or body spray?
Coke or Pepsi
Fame or Money
Talking or Listening
Anthropologist or astronomer?
Call or text?
Dogs or babies?
Board games or card games?
Change your personality or looks?
Be stuck in a room with Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler?
German or French?
Secret Service or private body guard?
Hunting or fishing?
Ford or Dodge?
Strange or crazy?
Introvert or Extrovert?
Television series or movie?
Form or Function?
Facts or fiction?
For a snack something salty or sweet?
Street sweeper or sanitation supervisor?
Winger or defenseman?
Apartment or home?
Live in Paris or Nice?
Live in the USA or Australia?
Camping or safari?
Tropical or artic?
Wrestler or football player?
Go to the bar or drink at home?
Skateboarding or swimming?
Chinese or Hindu?
Chicken or Beef
Be rich and ugly or poor and good looking?
Drown or be stoned to death?
Law and Order or LA Law?
Be a thief or a liar?
Drunk or sober?
A life full of ups and downs or a monotonous life?
Doctor Who or the Walking Dead?
Live in Bordeaux or Stockholm?
Boating or roller coaster?
this or that questions: Read the book or watch the movie?
Fries or Barbeque
Elk or moose?
Cell phone or landline?
Dine out or food delivery?
Witches or wizards?

This Or That Game Questions

Superb this or that game questions to convert boring time into fun using like No friends or toxic friends, iOS or Android, and many more difficult this or that questions. Try this or that questions for crush or this or that questions to ask your crush most of the times this or that questions to ask a guy and this or that questions to ask a girl or this or that questions for girls in games to understand what they think about you. These hard this or that questions can also be used as this or that questions for kids and this or that questions for teachers

This Or That Game Questions

This Or That Game Questions
Mom or Dad?
No friends or toxic friends?
Give roses or daisies?
Pictionary or charades?
Be a cyborg or completely human?
Paper bags or plastic bags?
Frozen yogurt or ice cream?
Jeans and tee or a suit?
Be a vampire or a werewolf?
Friends or How I met your mother?
Office Job or Work from home?
Alcohol or weed?
Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
Sweater or Jacket?
Justin Timberlake or Justin Bieber?
TV Shows or Movies?
Be born white or black?
Jamaica or Rio?
Zip-up or pullover hoodie?
Long or short hair?
Beautiful partner or a smart partner?
GMC or Chevy?
Wealth or happiness?
Pepperoni pizza or cheese pizza?
Captain America or Iron Man?
Pork or chicken?
The Flash or Green Arrow?
Join the Avengers or the Justice League?
Sneakers or dress shoes?
Flip flops or water shoes?
Paper or plastic?
Fight off a crocodile or a Bear?
Fashion designer or interior designer?
Drapes or blinds?
Deaf or Dumb?
Instagram or SnapChat?
Stop crime or stop pollution?
Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
Working as a team or working alone?
this or that questions: Steak or chicken?
Farmer or factory worker?
Be punched by the Flash (Barry Allen) or Bruce Wayne?
Live in a pure anarchist society or a fascist society?
Glasses or Contacts?
Blue or Red?
Watch or play sports?
Chips and dip or chips with salsa?
Vince Flynn or Tom Clancy?
Beer with Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin?
Corporate life or entrepreneurship?
Own country or abroad?
Muffins or cupcakes?
Portland or Seattle?
Museum or amusement park?
Know all the languages in the world or know how to play all of the instruments?
Milk or juice?
Reading books or watching videos?
Sun porch or deck?
Fascism or communism?
Costume party or pool party?
Netflix or Hulu?
Plastic or glass?
Africa or Asia?
Shopping in-store or online?
Apartment or house?
Be quantitatively or qualitatively inclined?
Prepare your children for the future or prepare a future for them?
Theater or cinema?
Teleportation or time travel?
Forget who you were or who everyone else was?
Live forever or dream forever?
Smoking or drinking?
Comedy or thrillers?
Marry and divorce or never marry at all?
Truly love someone you can never have or have someone you can never truly love?
Straight or curly hair?
Kill an endangered species or a convict?
Live in Japan or China?
Stock broker or day trader?
Date someone who is rich and boring or someone who is poor and mesmerizing?
Trees or flowers?
No one at your funeral or no one at your wedding?
Be wealthy doing something you hate or be poor doing something you love for the rest of your life?
Hot or cute?
this or that questions: Make lots of money or make a huge impact on the world?
Leather or lace?
Red grapes or green grapes?
Catcher or pitcher?
Massage or facial?
Give or Receive
Mark Harmon or Tom Selleck?
Be respected or be feared?
Chocolate or Vanilla
Piercings or tattoos?
2 and Half Men or 2 Broke Girls?
Silk or flannel sheets?
Live in Arkansas or California?
Working Alone or Working in a Team?
Have a life coach or see a therapist?
Be stuck in a room for an extended period, with a smart ass or a dumbass?
Deer or bear?
Bagels or toast?
Bowling or mini-golf?
Lions or Bears?
1 million dollars right now or one penny doubling every day for thirty days?
Be enslaved or die?
Tattoos or piercings?
A long commute or a short commute to work?
Ethereum or Bitcoin?
Many causal friends or just a few close friends?
Aquarium or Zoo
Neutral colors or bold colors?
Security system or a dog?
Work for Google Brain or Google Deep Mind?
Classic or modern?
Bath or Shower?
Star Wars or Star Trek?
Red or green apples?
Hats or headbands?
Passenger or Driver?
Simpsons or Family Guy?
Field hockey or ice hockey?
Be a celebrity or be a regular person?
Be logical or creative?
Mark Wahlberg or Shemar Moore?
Nerd or jock?
Author or advertising agent?
Know when you will die or how you will die?
Markers or crayons?
Hot chocolate or coffee?
Tajh Mahal or Eiffel Tower?
McDonald’s or Burger King?
Wild animals or domestic animals?
this or that questions: Cinnamon bun or danish?
Game room or sewing room?
Family movies or adult movies?
Be adopted by excellent parents or be with your crappy biological parents?
Be middle class in America or rich in China?
Attend Hogwarts or Ilvermorny?
Strategy or puzzle?
Bowling or theater?
Work for Apple or Google?
Monopoly or chess?
Toyota or Honda?
Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin?
Running or swimming?
Fire or ice?
Egyptian cotton or silk?
One night stands or an exclusive relationship?
Work with Twitter or Snap?
Professional league coach or college coach?
Candles or wax melts?
Pilot or ship captain?
Scrubbing bubbles or Lysol?
Smooth jazz or techno?
Swim in a pool full of acid or moldy water?
Sneakers or Sandals?
Plane or boat?
Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone?
Nice car or nice home interiors?
Morning shower or evening shower?
Online or in store shopping?
Huge basic salary or huge job benefits?
Book or movie?
Banker or stock trader?
Pancakes or waffles?
Personal trainer or work out alone?
Concerts or movies?
Burgers or tacos?
Sports or video games?
Live in Boulder or San Diego?
Rural or suburban?
Truth or lies?
White meat or dark meat?
Beer or Wine?
Auctioneer or sports caster?
Live in a dystopia or an apocalypse?
Winter or Summer?
Skirts or Dresses?
Communism or capitalism?
Hugs or kisses?
New Year’s or Valentines?
Have any video game you want or any woman you want?
Fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?
this or that questions: A cruise or romantic retreat package?
Rental home or bed and breakfast?
Encounter ghost or demons?
Freckles or Dimples?
Ghost tour or historical tour?
London or Paris?
Detective novels or super heroes?
Plenty of Fish or Zoosk?
Be a Ruler or be a follower?
Wood or gas for a cook stove?
Sneakers or boots?
Chinese Communism or Russian Communism?
A 99% chance to win $100,000 or a 50-50 chance at $10 million?
Flower or vegetable garden?
Fruits or vegetables?
Never drink alcohol again or never cuss again?
Texting or phone calls?
Card games or board games?
Journalist or photographer?
Prepaid or contract cell plan?
Save your pet or a random stranger out of a river?
Day or night?
When hanging toilet paper, over or under?
New York City or Vegas?
Live in Amman or Beirut?
Video games or books?
Charmin or Angel Soft?
Spring or Autumn?
Be chased by 10,000 scorpions or 10 lions?
Be able to fly or turn invisible?
Plumber or stock market?
Straw hat or baseball cap?
Natural or breast implants?
Eggs or bagels?
Bowling or tennis?
Puzzles or board games?
Country singer or professional athlete?
President Trump or President Obama?
Insurance actuary or detective?
Roller coasters or bumper cars?
Gummy worms or gummy bears?
this or that questions: Card Game or Board Game?
Standards or classic country like Johnny Cash?
Vanilla or chocolate?
Pet fish or a lizard?
Spiral or straight stairs?
Working out three times a week or every day?
Romance or Horror?
Wicker or wood?
Be friends with Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian?
Lounge wear or jeans?
Gas station attendant or sales clerk?
Live in Boston or Minneapolis?
Long drive or long walk?
Boxer or MMA fighter?
Night or day?
Painting or drawing?
Nuts or no nuts?
Be handsome or be smart?
Mac or PC?
Work or school?
SVU or minivan?
Underwater or up in the air?
this or that questions: Glazed donut or jelly?
Sprite or 7-Up?
Formals or casuals?
Pretty Little Liars or Real Housewives?
The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?
Date a girl with a great face and bad body or a bad face and great body?
Sign Lionel Messi or Kylian Mbappe?
For home pets, hamster or rabbit?
Live in North Korea or Cuba?

This Or That Questions Adults

Matured this or that questions adults like Credit or Debit, Call or Text, Spend your money or Save your money are this or that hot questions for adults to know someone’s psychology. I love these interesting this or that questions about this or that questions for adults or this or that adult questions as it shows matuarity with easy efforts.

This Or That Questions Adults
Call or Text?
Credit or Debit?
Fox or NBC?
Quick temper or to have control?
Cardio or weightlifting?
Audi or BMW?
Live 10 minutes from work in an apartment or in a big house 45–60 minutes away from work?
Travel to France alone or go with your best friend?
$1,000,000 in your bank account or an IQ of 145+?
Be able to fly or teleport?
Sweet or salty?
Spider-Man’s abilities or mind control over 1 million ducks?
Bus or train?
Live in Los Angeles or New York?
Cadillac or Chrysler?
Nike or Adidas?
Country or city?
Large crowd or a small party?
Live in Scotland or Wales?
Invisibility or invincibility?
Cuddling or sleeping?
Thanksgiving or Easter?
Twins or single kids?
Give up music or girls?
Be a ninja or a samurai?
Thor’s hammer or a lightsaber?
Vacation or staycation?
Ninjas or Pirates?
Painfully full or starving?
Be poor in the US or the UK?
Time share or motel?
Wealth or Beauty?
Snow White or Cinderella?
Artist or curator?
Passive or aggressive?
Smoothies or milkshakes?
Lipstick or lip gloss?
Plants or flowers?
See the future or change the past?
Shower or bath?
A live-in massage therapist or a live-in chef?
Comedy or drama?
Be an FBI agent or a police detective?
Amusement Park or Day at the Beach?
Trip or staycation?
Touch or tackle football when you play?
Riding mower or push?
Working with your hands or with a computer?
Live in the UK or the US?
Pop or reggae?
Phone or computer?
Electrician or engineer?
Marlin fishing or wild boar hunting?
Get $4000 a week for the rest of your life or $3,000,000 right now?
Shorts or skirt?
this or that questions: Speak any language fluently or be able to talk to animals?
Die in your sleep or die awake?
Die from hunger or thirst?
Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg?
Small family or a large family?
Die peacefully in 5 years or horribly in 15 years?
Hunyadi or Nissan?
Giving a gift or receiving a gift?
Become one of Apocalypse’s horsemen or Galactus’s herald?
Museums or observatory?
PlayStation or an Xbox?
Art festivals or music festivals?
Kill 500 bunnies and get 5 million dollars or throw 900 kittens off Trump Tower to impeach Trump?
Ancient Greece or ancient Rome?
Dancer or singer?
Money or power?
Give up love or success?
Beautiful girlfriend or a kind girlfriend?
Monarchy or communism?
Lose both legs and both arms?
Family or adult movies?
Be poor in the United States or Sweden?
Hero or villain?
Alaska or Hawaii?
PHP or Java?
MIT or Caltech?
Off road or race track?
Live as yourself or live as someone else?
Zoo or aquarium?
Cowboy hat or knit cap?
Boxers or briefs?
Hard or soft shell tacos?
6 sons or 6 daughters?
Car or motorcycle?
Live in Paris or Live in London?
Bad breath or body odor?
Live in Palestine or Israel?
Reading or Writing
Visit Guangzhou or Taiwan?
Car or Truck?
City or Country
Wrestling or mix martial arts?
Live in Glasgow or Dublin?
Blinds or curtains?
Bare feet or shoes?
Taxi driver or bus driver?
Delivery or sit-down restaurant?
Ketchup or mustard?
Live an exciting yet unstable life or a very comfortable yet dull life?
Be able to run at 100 mph or fly at 1 mph?
Formal dining room or family banquet?
Your pet or neighbor’s child?
High tech or low tech?
Colonial or cottage style home?
Formal or casual?
Antiquing or Flea markets?
More money or more time?
Blonde or Redhead?
Shower gel or soap?
Circles or squares?
Be sticky or itchy for the rest of your life?
Skydiving or bungee jumping?
Pudding or custard?
No friends or toxic friends?
Quick temper or controlled temper?
Strategy games or bingo?
Beauty or Intelligence?
A large crowd or a small party?
Snowball fight or water balloon fight?
Eclectic or organized interior?
Push button ignitions or Key ignition?
Live action role playing or online gaming?
Depression or Infertility?
Auctions or closeout sales?
Be utterly heartbroken or single?
Cardio or Weights?
Hilary Clinton or Angela Merkel?
Red nail polish or blue?
Theme park or water park?
this or that questions: Be a happy fool or troubled genius?
Concert or play?
Money or Free Time?
Be ugly and live forever or be attractive and die in a year?
Home garden or go to farmers market?
Live in Northern or Southern California?
Romance or loyalty in a relationship?
Live in San Francisco or LA?
Memorial Day or St. Patrick’s Day?
Travel alone or travel with friends?
Be a poet or a scientist?
Fruits or Vegetables
Pen or Pencil?
Live on Earth all alone or live on Mars with your crush?
Be able to play 10 different instruments beautifully or speak 10 different languages fluently?
Crocheting or knitting?
Reading or listening to music?
Lotion or perfume?
English or Spanish?
Long hair or short hair?
Kia or Saturn?
Be homeless or in jail?
Lawyer or carpenter?
Green or blue eyes?
Alice in Wonderland or Robinson Crusoe?
Mobile Games or Console Games?
Brown hair or black hair?
Be stuck on a deserted island with O.J. Simpson or Donald Trump?
Comedy or Horror
Dine In or Delivery?
Be a sociopath or a psychopath?
Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton?
Be a master of tactics or strategy?
Kids or pets?
Be rich and dumb or poor and smart?
Skylights or mirrored wall?
State parks or off the beaten path?
Bake a cake or buy a cake?
Phoenix or St. Louis?
Rich and unhealthy or poor and healthy?
Candle light or lamp light?
Poker or chess?
Play bass guitar or drums?
Doctor or patient?
Florals or stripes?
Regular bed or waterbed?
Flea market or mall?
Be a Russian or American?
this or that questions: Scooby Doo or Tom and Jerry?
Open floor for living, dining, kitchen area or separated by walls and doors?
Success or happiness?
The toilet paper goes over or under?
Be a superhero or a supervillain?
Morning or evening?
Spider-Man’s powers or Wolverine’s powers?
Don Johnson or Eric Estrada?
Picture or Painting?
Buy a Ferrari or a Lamborghini?
Science or Art?
What’s up or Viber?
Nice Car or Nice Home Interior?
iOS or Android?
Be extremely smart or extremely lucky?
Lose your hands or lose your tongue?
Log cabin or contemporary style home?
Self-employed or a company man?
Gas or charcoal grill?
Black and white or color?
Instagram or Facebook?
Pick your clothes by what looks good on you or follow latest trends?
this or that questions: At a movie: Candy or Popcorn?
Time travel or teleportation?
Bound book or Ebook?
Invest in an A team with a B idea or a B team with an A idea?
City or Countryside?
Die by fire or drown?
Work Hard or Play Hard?
A slacker or an overachiever?
Wood working or automotive mechanic?
Pants or shorts?
Janitor or IT tech?
Scandal or the Family?
Live in England or the USA?
Be a Soviet soldier or Nazi soldier?
Dress or pants?
Music or podcasts?
Work in production or work for a company that invents great things to help the world population?
Suit and tie or jeans?
Sleep in PJs or nude?
Die in 5 minutes or live forever?
Professional cheerleader or model?
Newspaper editor or reporter?
Live in a Hindu theocracy or Islamic theocracy?
Immortality or infinite money?
Know everything about one thing or one thing about everything?
Superman or Batman?
A million Instagram followers or 100,000 dollars?
this or that questions: Have your entire wealth doubled every month, or receive 50 million dollars right now?
Dye your hair or have natural color?
Date Sean Kernan or Matthew Bates?
Your day – crazy or sane?
Eat a rat or a dog?
Bikini or one piece?
Be invisible or able to read minds?
Spend your money or save your money?
Military or civilian?
Live in a cold or hot area?
Silver or gold?
Freckles or dimples?
Home owner or renter?
Flats or Heels
Baseball or football?
Nature or indoors?
Taste or smell?
Batman or Superman?
False hope or no hope at all?
Beard or clean-shaved?
Sweating to the oldies or playing handball?
Someone do your laundry or do it yourself?
Sour or sweet?
Leather or fabric?
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio or Sela Ward?
Stephen King or John Grisham?
Trash or treasure?
Doctor or nurse?
Be with someone for passion or stability?
Nickelback or Rush?
Chandelier or lamps?
this or that questions: Die by electric chair or lethal injection?
Be smart or attractive?
Live in Arizona or Connecticut?
New year’s eve or Valentine’s day?
Paper or paneling?
CW or PBS?
Farmhouse or shingle style home?
Foosball or Ping-Pong?

This Or That Sex Questions

A list of this or that sex questions like Chocolate or Strawberry, Eat now or later and many more naughty this or that questions to ask your partner and coordiante accirding to sexual this or that questions or sexy this or that questions also known as this or that questions dirty or this or that dirty questions to have fun.

This Or That Sex Questions
Chocolate or Strawberry?
Eat now or later?
Kisses or hugs?
Make up or none?
Piano or Guitar?
Truth or Dare?
Be eaten by a shark or a tiger?
Actress or talk show host?
Be 6 inches taller or $600k richer?
Live in Mexico or Iraq?
Adventurous or cautious?
Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?
IZombie or Lucifer?
Have any makeup you want or any man you want?
Library or museums?
Live in 1968 or in 2068?
Regular radio or satellite?
College or trade school?
Action movies or dramas?
50’s or 80’s music?
Console Gaming or PC Gaming?
Fame or friends?
Shag or tight pile?
this or that questions: Miranda Lambert or Madonna?
Blinds or Curtain?
Indoor pool or Outdoor pool
Beach or mountain climbing?
Break someone’s heart or have your heart broken?
Football or Basketball
this or that questions: Be painfully aware or blissfully ignorant?
Motorcycle or Bicycle?
Girlfriend or family?
Jeweler or seamstress?
Cold or flu?
Cycle or walks?
Fisherman or lumberjack?
International Vacation or a New TV?
A pregnant teenage daughter or a junkie teenage daughter?
Reo Speedwagon or New Kids on the Block?
Sausage or bacon?
Spend your money or Save your money?
Sleep on the left or the right side of the bed?
this or that questions: Whole bean or ground?
Be European or American?
Cars or trucks?
Skiing or snowboarding?
Be a hero or a villain?
Fishing or kayaking?
Be a dragon or Unicorn?
iPhone or Samsung?
Pacman or Tetris?
Movies at home or in theaters?
Encounter a mountain lion or a bear alone in the woods?
Horror stories or mysteries?
Agents of Shield or Arrow?
Police officer or security guard?
New Clothes or New Phone?
Television or book?
Lake or river?
this or that questions: Short or long dress?
Smoke or chew?
Be on CIA’s most wanted list or ISIS most wanted list?
Ducati or Harley?
Be the fastest person alive or the strongest person alive?
Be lucky or talented?
A-frame or bungalow house plan?
Boats or 4 wheelers?
Polo or horse racing?
Rock star or race car driver?
Be decent in everything or incredibly talented in one thing?

This Or That Questions Food

Easy this or that questions food like Pancakes or waffles, Hot chocolate or coffee, Steak or chicken, Pasta or pizza, Beer or Wine, Coffee black or with cream and sugar and many more great boring time buster rapid fire this or that questions.

This Or That Questions Food

This Or That Questions Food
Hot chocolate or coffee?
Steak or chicken?
Pastries or cookies?
Salad or squash?
Ice cream or sherbet?
Grilled or pan fried?
Pinto or Lima beans?
O’Henry or Baby Ruth?
Black beans or kidney beans?
Bagels or English muffins
Taco Bell or McDonald’s?
this or that questions: Deep fried or baked?
Coffee or tea?
Pizza or subs?
Cherry or raspberry?
Mayo or salad dressing?
Everything or sesame seed bagels?
Ihop or Wafflehouse?
Food truck or diner?
Chinese or Italian?
Carnation instant breakfast or protein smoothie?
Oranges or peaches?
Apples or bananas?
Ginger ale or Sprite?
Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
Sugar or chocolate chip cookies?
this or that questions: Chips with dip or vegetables and dip?
Breaded or plain?
Peanuts or almonds?
Three Musketeers or Peppermint Patty?
Indian or Thai?
Surge Soda or Mellow Yellow?
Sub roll or ciabatta roll?
White or wheat bread?
Pringles or Lay’s?
Hot dog or taco?
Licorice or fruit roll ups?
this or that questions: Onion dip or bacon horseradish dip?
Eggs or pancakes?
Payday or 5th avenue?
Biscuits or bread?
Denny’s or Crackerbarrel?
Re-fried beans or rice?
Burgers or seafood?
Jack Daniels or Jim Beam?
Stew or chili?
Pancakes or waffles?
Slim Jim or Jerky?
Scrambled or over-easy eggs?
Poppy seed or onion rolls?
Cantaloupe or grapefruit?
Frozen veggies or canned?
Corn chips or Doritos?
this or that questions: Corn or peas?
Garlic or onion?
Juice or water?
Thousand Island or Ranch?
Catalina or vinaigrette?
Orange juice or grapefruit juice?
Dinner rolls or croissant rolls?
Drip coffee or instant?
Ketchup or mustard?
Corn muffin or blueberry?
Outback or Texas Roadhouse?
Jello or pudding?
Family run or chain restaurant?
Cinnamon or blueberry bagels?
Baked potato or onion rings?
Bacon or sausage?
Cashews or hazelnut?
Scrambled eggs or over easy?
Gum or Lifesavers?
Sweet or sour?
Garden or farmer’s market?
Breakfast bar or Slimfast?
Cheese fries or chili fries?
this or that questions: Hot dogs or hamburgers?
Green beans or broccoli?
Hash browns or home fries?
this or that questions: Wine or beer?
Mashed potatoes or baked potatoes?
Well done or rare?
Cold cereal or oatmeal?
Black coffee or cream and sugar?
Cake or pie?
Pumpkin pie or apple pie?
Watermelon or plums?
Coke or Pepsi?
Boston Market or Bob Evans?
Organic or conventional?
Beer or mixed drinks?
this or that questions: Over easy or poached eggs?
this or that questions : Hot or iced tea?
this or that questions: Cook or burn?
this or that questions : Tacos or chicken parmigiana?
Almond Joy or Snickers?
Breakfast pizza or breakfast sandwich?
Cookie dough or cookies from scratch?
Lime or blueberry?
Cook at home or take out?
Popcorn or peanuts?
American or Mexican?
Cheese and crackers or pretzels?
Cake or donuts?
Barbecue or oven?
Pastrami or bologna?
Cream and sugar or black coffee?
Salt and vinegar or sour cream and onion?
this or that questions: Carrabba’s or Olive Garden?
Swiss cake or Hoho?
Vanilla or chocolate?
Gatorade or Powerade?
Cheddar and sour cream or salt and vinegar?
Fish or steak?
Italian sub or ham and cheese?
Rice crispies or Corn flakes?
Whole grain or white?
Pork or chicken?
Chicken nuggets or chicken fingers?
Pastries or confectionaries?
Hot pretzels or nachos?
this or that questions: Cheerios or corn puffs?
French fries or onion rings?
Sweetened tea or unsweetened?
Whole wheat or rye?
Apple or cherry pie?
French fries or salad?
Sushi or smoked fish?
Breakfast or no breakfast?
Ribs or wings?
Tootsie rolls or Skittles?
Eat in or dine out?
Walnuts or sunflower seeds?
this or that questions: Trail mix or candy bar?
Cupcake or Dingdong?
Eggs or oatmeal?
Turkey and cheese or roast beef sub?
Pie or cobbler?
Apple jacks or fruit loops?
Sweet potato or French fries?
Tic-tac or Altoids?
Sour cream and onion chips or barbecue?
Grape or orange?
Pork bacon or turkey bacon?
Cook out in backyard or catered?
this or that questions : Reese’s peanut butter cup or Hershey’s bar?
Sandwich or soup?
GMOs: Good or bad?
Pancakes or muffins?
Iced or hot coffee?
this or that questions : Gas or electric stove?
Raisin bran or granola?
Pumpkin or blueberry?
Macaroni salad or potato salad?
Irish coffee or plain coffee?
Orange soda or Grape?
Perked coffee or tea?

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