9 Powerful Vajrasana Yoga Steps: How To Do, Benefits, Images


Yoga the ancient form of exercise not only brings the body into shape but also connects our mind with the body. Vajrasana is a form of yoga that specially focuses on back pain, which most of our generation has to deal with, and also improves leg muscles.

Vajrasana benefits, how to do Vajrasana, and the time duration you need to hold your pose, everything is explained below.


Vajrasana Sanskrit word “Vajra” means thunderbolt weapon and the “Asana” means posture. Know how Vajrasana Benefits back pain and strengthens leg muscles. Like other yoga postures, this is also just not only targets only two body areas. One of the simplest forms of yoga Asana, yet an extremely effective exercise that you can perform literally anywhere.

Vajrasana Benefits

The list shows the other benefits of Vajrasana to improve our health qualities:

Helps lower back pain
Improves pelvic muscles
Improves digestion
Helps to reduce menstrual cramps
Helps to reduce menstrual cramps
Helps to reduce obesity
Helps to relieve knee pain
Improves High-pressure health problems
Improves sexual organs
Improves thigh muscles
Increasing blood circulation to the lower abdominal region
Relieving or preventing constipation


Vajrasana is one of the easiest yet effective forms of Yoga. How to do Vajrasana steps – the answer is comprising of 5 simple steps. You just need a yoga mat and an even floor to perform the asana. Folds of clothes will perform as well, make sure it is well layered. The goal is to protect the knees from any form of injury.

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Vajrasana Steps

Let’s begin with the Vajrasana steps simplified in 5 easy steps for you:

1. Begin with kneeling on the floor. Pick up a yoga mat for protection.
2. Stand straight with your arms by the sides, pull your knees and ankles together and point your feet in line with your legs. The bottoms of your feet should face upward with your big toes touching.
3. Exhale as you sit back on your legs. Lean forward and slowly drop your knees on your mat. Your buttocks will rest on your heels and your thighs will rest on your calves.
4. Keep your heels close to each other & put your hands on your thighs and adjust your pelvis slightly backward and forward until you’re comfortable.
5. Straighten your back and look forward breathe in and out slowly. Hold this for a while


The yoga posture Vajrasana images guide explains how to do the asana. Read the simplified 5 steps and follow the pictures for the best results. The asana will help you to improve your leg muscles, digestion, and many ways already discussed above. The best part about this yoga postures is that you can perform it in any even surfaces, basically anywhere.




Sit in asana with heels pointing outwards and huge toes contacting. The body is upstanding, hands lay on the thighs. Loosen up the entire body. >Breathing regularly place the hands on the floor close to the hindquarters. Twist the elbows and gradually slender the body back until the elbows lay on the floor. Lower the head in reverse until the highest point of the head contacts the floor. Unite palms before the chest and hold the stance. >Breathing is loose and marginally more profound than ordinary, breathing in through the nose and breathing out through the mouth. >With the assistance of the elbows gradually come back to the beginning position.

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Expands adaptability of the spine and hips and stretches the thigh muscles. It fortifies the lungs and is useful for asthma and bronchitis.

Stay away from this Asana during an asthma assault, with intense torment in the district of the lumbar spine or knees. Additionally evade after any knee or stomach medical procedure.



Vajrasana meaning

Vajrasana is a bowing posture, and it takes its name from the Sanskrit word Vajra (वज्), which implies precious stone or thunderclap. Asana (आसन), obviously, implies a present. This jewel present is likewise called Adamantine Pose. You can endeavor some Pranayam while sitting in this position. All that You Need To Know About The Asana


Since you realize how to do Asana impeccably, what are you sitting tight for? This asana is an ideal blend of reinforcing the body and centering the brain. It may be probably the simplest asana in yoga, however, it is very testing to ensure your psyche and body are entirely still.

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