Ultimate PUBG Map Guide – Compare Maps, Find Loot, Best Drop

Pro PUBG Players must need to memorize PUBG Map to create solid strategies to end the game with a delicious chicken dinner. BattleGrounds PUBG is the most played game on earth right now and with new PUBG Maps also the gamers are improving the game. This post is a complete guide from the very scratch to top – what are the places to take your positions in-game. Stay up to date, because we update this post every season.

BATTLEGROUNDS PUBG mobile 4 PUBG Map – Orange, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi. Know PUBG maps Size, Land Area, Water Area, Road Coverage, etc, and cool strategies.

Ultimate PUBG Map Guide – Compare Maps, Find Loot, Best Drop

PUBG makers are updating both the gameplay and PUBG MAP to give its users a glitch-free smooth multiplayer gaming experience. PUBG map you play presently is the best version after many updates. Rigorous updates not only just removed the lags but also removed a huge number of bad players especially hackers over the past few months. Before jumping into details, we should know the must-know facts about PUBG maps.

Ultimate PUBG Map Guide

A quick look at the size difference in the PUBG Map. The unit is in KM (aka. kilometers). Sanhok is the smallest map. Vikendi is the medium map size. Both Erangel and Miramar are the same in size, even if you feel Erangel is bigger. I also felt that way. Bigger the size, lower the competition. Because the area is low, opponents will drop at close distance, causing early fights.

PUBG Map Size
Erangel PUBG Map 8×8 km
Miramar PUBG Map 8×8 km
Sanhok PUBG Map 4×4 km
Vikendi PUBG Map 6×6 km

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How many of you know that the very first playable map from PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Erangle PUBG map is a fictional Russian island? From the sources, we also can get to know that it was occupied by Soviet Union forces. The fictional pubg map Erangle is located in the Black Sea. The fictional Island was a focal point of testing for Weapons and Biological/Chemical Experiments for the Military.


The table explains the crucial pieces of information about Erangel PUBG map. Players should have a basic idea about the Erangel map. The ratio between surface and water will give you good idea about the zone placements. Stay prepared before you begin the journey.

Size 8×8 km
Ejectable Area (%) 0.5871
Foliage 0.3064
Land Area (%) 0.5147
Military Weapon Spawns 4,689(+18)
Player Start Spawns 10
Road Coverage 0.0428
Total Loot Spawns 24,058(+18)
Total Vehicle Spawns 633(+1)
Water Area (%) 0.4853

Erangel is the principal guide of PUBG Mobile, and it is available to everyone straightforwardly from the earliest starting point. PUBG’s Erangel holds an outstanding heart in the spot of many, and most acknowledge where to drop on the PUBG Erangel map for the best loot. Notwithstanding what your points are, we got you made sure about: Below, you can find each noteworthy information about the PUBG Mobile Erangel map.

Erangel is nearly exceptionally enormous than Sanhok, so the clients have bunches of free spots to decide for filling and investigating. It is moreover the best one: While Miramar is proportionate to the extent of land size, Erangel offers a much more prominent playable ground.

  • Not recommended for the rank push.

It also offers a lot of stature changes, similarly as conduits to swim through and a ton of foliage to crease behind – which implies it’s so far a generally cherished of many. All things considered, this is a significant guide that offers heaps of different zones, a collection of loot and numerous enemies to kill.

Erangel: It is still the best map for everything. This is the most played map ever. Most of old players knows about the best locations to hide and camp to the end of game. You can easily find vehicles and traveling is very much easy compare to other maps. Bur be careful because as it is the most favourite map and oldest map, everyone knows most strategies of every place of erangnel. – Mr. Kashyap K Mehta, Quora


You can choose to start a firefight legitimately in the wake of landing or you can go look for an agreeable spot while others fight. It was all we had for so long, with the pubg map 8km by 8km island being the spot most got their first Chicken Dinner or squad up to take on the world together. It’s not just PUBG insightfulness, either – Erangel is a key paradise. It offers a great deal of close to nothing, however identikit, structures spread over various towns, with moving fields in the center.


Do you know that the map from PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS MIRAMAR PUBG MAP is a fictional Mexico place? The fictional pubg map Miramar is located in a deserted area. The fictional deserted place Miramar is the second playable map created for PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. MIRAMAR PUBG MAP

The table explains the crucial pieces of information about MIRAMAR PUBG map. Players should have a basic idea about the Miramar map. The ratio between surface and water will give you a good idea about the zone placements. Stay prepared before you begin the journey.

Size 8×8 km
Ejectable Area (%) 0.6479
Foliage 0.3264
Land Area (%) 0.8059
Military Weapon Spawns 7929
Player Start Spawns 10
Road Coverage 0.0692
Total Loot Spawns 43343
Total Vehicle Spawns 452
Water Area (%) 0.1941

Miramar is the second playable guide for BATTLEGROUNDS. Miramar offers extraordinary scenes and thick urban areas. In any case, that isn’t very, and we legitimize this by saying that Miramar is relatively as expansive as Erangel, in any case, its plunder isn’t as also spread.

Structures on explicit areas of the guide are pitiful. On that now and again there are issues with vehicle convey too. From the beginning wanted to be a 4×4 km map, Miramar is an 8x8km city-driven guide with an open desert plain and country zones. This makes Miramar a badly designed guide for veritable as well.

  • Recommended for the rank push.

Legitimately, we talked about little maps being weight, and in this way, Miramar hops up on third before Vikendi, which could make individuals acknowledge we’re abnormal. Miramar will make pubg map another Battle Royale experience where the old procedures from Erangel may not work anymore and new systems are required. It later opened up after a short time on the twelfth of December for PC (dispatch of 1.0) and the 24th of May, 2018 for Xbox One.

Miramar: Miramar purely skill dependent map. You will not find any snakes playing this map because there is no grass but lots of ridges for cover. Sniping and attacking skills matters the most. Most of players of miramar map are aggressive attackers and didn’t back from fights. – Mr. Kashyap K Mehta, Quora


Movement on this guide started in July 2017, PUBG Corp utilized the official discharge update (1.0 update) to test Miramar in 3 rounds of testing stages. With an island toward the pubg map southeast home to jail and littler towns, the whole zone is cut off from the west and north-east by monster precipices and mountains, with advancing toward metal divider toward the north keeping untouchables out, and players in.


How many of you know the map from PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Sanhok PUBG map is a real place? We also can get to know that it was in Htukkanthein Temple in Mrauk U. The real pubg map Sanhok is located in Western Myanmar. The real temple Htukkanthein is built with the dual purpose of being a fortress and a Buddhist temple.


The table explains the crucial pieces of information about the SANHOK PUBG map. Players should have a basic idea about the Sanhok map. The ratio between surface and water will give you a good idea about the zone placements. Stay prepared before you begin the journey.

Size 4×4 km
Ejectable Area (%) 0.3847
Foliage 0.4318
Land Area (%) 0.4926
Military Weapon Spawns 4546
Player Start Spawns 5
Road Coverage 0.0727
Total Loot Spawns 13889
Total Vehicle Spawns 198
Water Area (%) 0.5074

Sanhok is as a general all about the size of the military establishment of Erangel. A couple of differences in the plane mechanics in Sanhok, with the exception of several limits, essentially any bit of the guide is open from any flight way. Thick grass also gives a good situation to moving and sneaking in secretiveness.

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You can keep showing up correspondingly arranged for each game and start gathering your mental guide. There are two smaller islands on the western side of the guide. We’ll research all of these components and how your playstyle can be adjusted to misuse these new factors. With how reasonably pubg map little the guide is crossing over the guide is much more straightforward to pull off during the time range of the match.

  • Big No for the rank push.

Sanhok map has a brilliant, daytime atmosphere. This gives a better than average all-in-vogue view, and clarity of sight when endeavouring to spot enemies. The most striking complexities among Sanhok and Erangel and Miramar are the size, Zone timing, Terrain, and its loot scattering over the guide.

Nevertheless, a continuous PUBG update added a foggy pubg map or murky atmosphere to this guide. Besides, at whatever point the foggy atmosphere appears during continuous connection, it will in general be outstandingly trying to endeavour to discover enemies. There are three islands in Sanhok to play on, each related to each other by ranges.

Sanhok: Never meant for rank push. Hardly anyone will happy to push ranks in sanhok as people loss much points in this map and hardly gain points even after good game. It is also a snake heaven map. You will find snakes at every 5 minutes. – Mr. Kashyap K Mehta, Quora

In this way, if you have a specific area that you feel works best for your playstyle, chances are you will have the choice to land drop there each game. Sanhok is PUBG’s most diminutive guide yet, assessing at essentially 4x4km appeared differently in relation to the 8x8km of Erangel and Miramar.


What’s more, the tropical wild setting presents a huge gathering of new indispensable concerns, as does the rough scene that envelops the typical activity networks. To get an increasingly significant appreciation of the new guide, we tended to the expert’s forward-thinking on what their most prominent takeaways and concerns are from their time in Sanhok as of not long ago.

Also, become acquainted with the mind-boggling subtleties of incorporating structures, scenes, and the best turns to make all through the game. The rule pubg map ideal situation of this kind of scene is that there’s a huge amount of spreads to conceal in. The greatest PUBG island is arranged on the east side of the wild guide and incorporates half of the total land zone. This moreover helps when you are learning the guide.

Considering the sloping domain and plentiful trees around the island a vehicle can achieve more harm than all else if you aren’t wary. It may be essential to depend more upon pubg map sounds and guide signs to suffer and win during the fog. Trees and bushes, for example, give a radiant view to sharpshooters to channel the district safely without revealing oneself to an extraordinary.


Do you know that the very new playable map from PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Vikendi PUBG map is a fictional Castle in Trakai? The fictional pubg map Vikendi is located in Lithuania. The fictional castle Vikendi is located in the middle of the river crossing the island of Vikendi, nearby Vikendi’s largest river.


The table explains the crucial pieces of information about the VIKENDI PUBG map. Players should have a basic idea about the Vikendi map. The ratio between pubg map surface and water will give you a good idea about the zone placements. Stay prepared before you begin the journey.

Size 6×6 km
Ejectable Area (%) 0.5878
Foliage 0.0692
Land Area (%) 0.4029
Military Weapon Spawns 5443
Player Start Spawns 6
Road Coverage
Total Loot Spawns 28614
Total Vehicle Spawns 336
Water Area (%) 0.5971

Who has expected to battle it out on tremendous maps, Erangel has been the essential decision to go until Vikendi landed. That is reduced by the presentation of another pubg map vehicle, the Snowmobile, which is a really faultless two-seater that handles much better on the day from work, extensively increasingly terrible on the standard scenes like streets and standard ground.

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Looking at the other three maps, Vikendi offers sensibly higher plunder similarly to striking consistent affiliation. The new guide checks 6×6 on the scale, which is basically shorter than the 8×8 Erangel.

  • Not a Good Experience for lower-end devices.

The Vikendi map feels immense. Enormous. I recognized that the more minute 6×6 field will make for a persistent association experience like Sanhok. The snow gives up give an impression of travelling astonishingly more, with lesser refuges flung on the inside.

Vikendi: This is the worst map for users of mid range mobiles and heaven for users of good performance mobiles. Map lags too much compare to other maps. So most people stay away from this map. Also it has lots of place and cover. It also gives same points for surviving as Miramar and being the newest map has advantage that people will not able to find you easily in last circles. Also If this map does not lags on your mobile than you will rank up much easily in this map. – Mr. Kashyap K Mehta, Quora


They prop awake for ten minutes as one sharp player, TheDirewolf, appears in this video, which on the off chance that anything genuinely makes them intangibly less pubg map colossal: with Vikendi matches enduring around twenty minutes, a shot clock on impressions construes the individual who was once in that spot could be old history now.

The snow map is neither that solid like Sahhok, nor it is that accommodating like Erangel and Miramar. The new Vikendi map measure 6×6 in size which sits in the size of Erangel and Miramar 8×8 and Sanhok 4×4 guide size.


  • What is the BEST PUBG MAP? Ans. Vikendi is one of the coolest maps to play PUBG.
  • Best PUBG MAP LOOT area? Ans. Shooting Point, Northern Extreme, Primorsk, Pochinki, and School are the best places.
  • New PUBG MAP KARAKIN map update? Ans. PUBG’s new map called Karakin has something that sounds very much like Bluehole Mode, but with a twist. It’s called the Black Zone, and it levels buildings.
  • How has PUBG MAP ROTATION done? Ans. Rotating is usually done when the player or his team is out of the zone or is in a dangerous area of the map where they cannot survive.
  • Where is HATIN IN PUBG MAP? Ans. Ha, Tinh is a rustic region with a ton of houses situated on the Northwest side of the guide “Sanhok”. There are a lot of players that like to drop into Ha Tinh in light of the fact that it is brimming with weapons and different things like mending things, shields, and weapon connections.

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This was the best post on the internet for Ultimate PUBG Map Guide. Like no guns are completely perfect, in the same way, no maps are perfect. We suggest you pick one and master the skill and understand the strategy – then keep playing around. Thank you for reading. Share this post with your squad.

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