200+ Bad Boy Names For Brave Personality

Edginess meets allure in the world of bad boy names. Perfect for your novel's rogue hero or your newborn maverick, our names are treasures.

Bad boy names stand out with their distinctive sound and deep-rooted charisma in a sea of common names. Names for bad boys exude a sense of adventure and defiance.

Bad Boy Names

1. Ace: One, Unity (Latin)

2. Archer: Bowman (English)

3. Arlen: Pledge, Oath (Irish)

4. Asa: Healer (Hebrew)

5. Ashton: Ash Tree Town (English)

6. Axel: Father of Peace (Scandinavian)

7. Axton: Stone, Rock (English)

8. Bastian: Venerable (Greek)

9. Beau: Handsome (French)

10. Blade: Knife, Sword (English)

11. Blaze: Flame (English)

12. Bodhi: Awakening, Enlightenment (Sanskrit)

13. Brett: From Brittany (French)

14. Brock: Badger (English)

15. Bryce: Speckled (Celtic)

16. Cade: Round, Barrel (English)

17. Cain: Acquired (Hebrew)

18. Caius: Rejoice (Latin)

19. Cash: Hollow (English)

20. Caspian: From Qazvin, Iran (English)

21. Chase: Hunter (English)

22. Colt: Young Horse (English)

23. Cyril: Lordly (Greek)

24. Cyrus: Sun (Persian)

25. Dante: Enduring (Latin)

26. Dax: Leader (French)

27. Daxton: Warrior who Conquers Greatly (English)

28. Declan: Man of Prayer (Irish)

29. Dexter: Skillful (Latin)

30. Dmitri: Devoted to Demeter (Russian)

31. Drake: Dragon (English)

32. Draven: Child of Shadows (English)

33. Duke: Leader (Latin)

34. Egan: Little Fire (Irish)

35. Eli: Ascended, Uplifted (Hebrew)

36. Elon: Oak Tree (Hebrew)

37. Elvis: All Wise (Norse)

38. Emmett: Universal (English)

39. Enoch: Dedicated (Hebrew)

40. Enzo: Home Ruler (Italian)

41. Ezekiel: God Strengthens (Hebrew)

42. Ezra: Help (Hebrew)

43. Falcon: Bird of Prey (English)

44. Felix: Happy, Fortunate (Latin)

45. Fergus: Man of Vigor (Scottish)

46. Finn: Fair (Irish)

47. Finnian: Fair (Irish)

48. Fletcher: Arrow Maker (English)

49. Flint: Stream (English)

50. Flynn: Son of the Red-Haired One (Irish)

51. Fox: Wild Animal in Dog Family (English)

52. Gael: Stranger (Celtic)

53. Gage: Pledge, Oath (French)

54. Gareth: Gentle (Welsh)

55. Garrick: Oak Spear (English)

56. Gideon: Hewer (Hebrew)

57. Grady: Noble, Illustrious (Irish)

58. Griffin: Strong Lord (Welsh)

59. Gunner: Bold Warrior (Scandinavian)

60. Gunner: Warrior (Scandinavian)

61. Harley: Hare’s Meadow (English)

62. Hawk: Bird of Prey (English)

63. Heath: Wasteland (English)

64. Hendrix: Estate Ruler (German)

65. Holt: Wood, Forest (English)

66. Hugo: Mind, Intellect (Latin)

67. Huxley: Hugh’s Meadow (English)

68. Ignatius: Fiery One (Latin)

69. Igor: Warrior of Peace (Russian)

70. Ike: He Will Laugh (Hebrew)

71. Indy: Independent (American)

72. Isai: God Delivers (Hebrew)

73. Isaias: Salvation of the Lord (Hebrew)

74. Ivan: God is Gracious (Russian)

75. Ivor: Archer’s Bow (Scandinavian)

76. Jagger: Carter (English)

77. Jax: God has been Gracious (American)

78. Jax: Son of Jack (American)

79. Jaxton: God has been Gracious (American)

80. Jensen: Son of Jens (Scandinavian)

81. Jericho: City of the Moon (Arabic)

82. Jett: Black Mineral (English)

83. Jorvik: Wild Boar Estate (Scandinavian)

84. Jude: Praised (Latin)

85. Kael: Slender (Gaelic)

86. Kai: Sea (Hawaiian)

87. Kane: Warrior (Irish)

88. Kasper: Treasurer (Persian)

89. Keanu: Cool Breeze (Hawaiian)

90. Kendrick: Bold Power (English)

91. Knox: Round Hill (Scottish)

92. Lance: Land (German)

93. Landon: Long Hill (English)

94. Lars: Crowned with Laurel (Scandinavian)

95. Lazarus: God is My Help (Hebrew)

96. Levi: Joined, Attached (Hebrew)

97. Loki: Trickster God (Norse)

98. Loki: Trickster (Norse)

99. Lucian: Light (Latin)

100. Lucius: Light (Latin)

101. Maddox: Fortunate (Welsh)

102. Magnus: Great (Latin)

103. Marcel: Little Warrior (French)

104. Mars: God of War (Latin)

105. Maverick: Independent, Nonconformist (American)

106. Max: Greatest (Latin)

107. Maximus: Greatest (Latin)

108. Merrick: Fame, Power (Welsh)

109. Milo: Soldier or Merciful (German)

110. Nash: By the Ash Tree (English)

111. Nero: Strong, Vigorous (Latin)

112. Nico: People of Victory (Greek)

113. Nico: Victory of the People (Greek)

114. Nikolai: Victory of the People (Russian)

115. Nolan: Descendant of the Famous One (Irish)

116. Oden: Frenzy, Rage (Scandinavian)

117. Orin: Pale Green (Celtic)

118. Orion: Boundary, Limit (Greek)

119. Orion: Son of Fire (Greek)

120. Orlando: Famous Land (Italian)

121. Oscar: Friend of Deer (Irish)

122. Otis: Wealthy (German)

123. Ozzy: Divine Spear (German)

124. Pax: Peace (Latin)

125. Paxton: Peace Town (English)

126. Phoenix: Dark Red (Greek)

127. Pierce: Rock (English)

128. Preston: Priest’s Town (English)

129. Quade: Fourth (Latin)

130. Quentin: Fifth (Latin)

131. Quillan: Cub (Irish)

132. Quincy: Estate of the Fifth Son (French)

133. Quincy: Fifth Son’s Estate (French)

134. Quinlan: Very Strong (Irish)

135. Quinn: Descendent of Conn (Irish)

136. Quinten: Fifth (Latin)

137. Ragnar: Warrior or Judgment (Norse)

138. Raiden: Thunder and Lightning (Japanese)

139. Rex: King (Latin)

140. Rhett: Advice (Dutch)

141. Rocco: Rest (Italian)

142. Ryder: Knight, Mounted Warrior (English)

143. Ryker: Rich (German)

144. Saul: Asked For, Prayed For (Hebrew)

145. Saxon: Swordsman (German)

146. Seth: Appointed (Hebrew)

147. Silas: Man of the Forest (Latin)

148. Slade: Valley (English)

149. Soren: Stern (Scandinavian)

150. Stone: Rock (English)

151. Storm: Tempest (English)

152. Talon: Large Claw of a Bird of Prey (English)

153. Tate: Cheerful (Norse)

154. Thatcher: Roof Thatcher (English)

155. Thor: Thunder (Norse)

156. Thorne: Thorn Bush (English)

157. Titan: Defender (Greek)

158. Tristan: Sad (Welsh)

159. Troy: Foot Soldier (Greek)

160. Ulric: Wolf Power (English)

161. Ulric: Wolf Power (German)

162. Ulysses: Wrathful (Latin)

163. Upton: Upper Town (English)

164. Uriel: God is My Light (Hebrew)

165. Uzi: My Strength (Hebrew)

166. Vance: Marshland (English)

167. Vesper: Evening Star (Latin)

168. Viktor: Conqueror (Latin)

169. Vito: Life (Latin)

170. Vlad: Rule (Slavic)

171. Vladimir: Ruler of the World (Slavic)

172. Vulcan: Flash, Blaze (Latin)

173. Wade: To Go (English)

174. Waylon: Land beside the Road (English)

175. Wes: Western Meadow (English)

176. West: Western Stream (English)

177. Wilder: Untamed, Wild (English)

178. Wolf: Wild Animal (German)

179. Wolfgang: Traveling Wolf (German)

180. Wyatt: Brave in War (English)

181. Xander: Defender of the People (Greek)

182. Xanthos: Golden, Yellow (Greek)

183. Xavian: Bright, Splendid (Arabic)

184. Xavier: New House (Spanish)

185. Xeno: Foreign Voice (Greek)

186. Xerxes: Ruler Over Heroes (Persian)

187. Xylon: Forest (Greek)

188. Yale: Fertile Upland (Welsh)

189. Yardan: To Flow Down (Hebrew)

190. Yardley: Enclosed Meadow (English)

191. Yardley: From the Enclosed Meadow (English)

192. York: Yew Tree Estate (English)

193. Yuri: Farmer (Russian)

194. Yves: Yew (French)

195. Zack: Remembered by God (Hebrew)

196. Zander: Defender of the People (Greek)

197. Zane: God is Gracious (Hebrew)

198. Zeke: God Strengthens (Hebrew)

199. Zephyr: West Wind (Greek)

200. Zoltan: Life (Hungarian)

Bad Boy Names List

How To Choose The Best Bad Boy Names?

Here are some steps to selecting a name that resonates with the character or person you have in mind:

  1. Define the Personality: Consider the traits that define a ‘bad boy’ in your context. Is he rebellious, strong-willed, mysterious, charismatic, or a combination of these? Understanding the personality you want the name to reflect will narrow down your choices.
  2. Consider the Sound and Rhythm: Some names have a naturally strong, sharp, or edgy sound that fits the bad boy image. Pay attention to how the name sounds when spoken aloud. Names with hard consonants (like K, X, Z) or names that are short and punchy often fit the bad boy persona well.
  3. Look at Meanings: The meaning behind a name can add an extra layer of depth and significance. Choose a name whose meaning aligns with the character or qualities you’re aiming to represent. For example, a name meaning “strong” or “rebel” might be more fitting for a bad boy character.
  4. Uniqueness vs. Familiarity: Decide if you want a name that is unique and stands out or one that is more familiar yet still carries a bad-boy vibe. Sometimes, a common name with a bad-boy character can create an interesting contrast.
  5. Avoid Passing Trends: While it’s tempting to choose a name that’s trendy, remember that trends can fade. A name that sounds cool today might feel dated in a few years. Aim for a name with timeless appeal.

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Final Words

Selecting a name for a bad boy character or a baby boy with an edge involves more than just picking a name off a list. These names often carry strong, distinctive sounds and meaningful origins that align with traits of independence, strength, and a rebellious spirit. Ultimately, the ideal bad boy name should resonate with the unique identity and character of the individual or fictional character it’s chosen for, leaving a memorable and lasting impression. Whether it’s for a newborn or a character in a story, these names offer a sense of individuality and flair that sets them apart from the ordinary.

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