110+ Unicorn Nicknames You Need to Know ASAP

110+ Unicorn Nicknames You Need to Know ASAP

Unicorn nicknames are a whimsical way to add personality and charm to these mythical creatures.

From mystical monikers to cute and quirky names, there’s no shortage of options for unicorn lovers.

Whether you’re naming your own plush toy or brainstorming ideas for a storybook character, discovering the perfect nickname can be an adventure in itself.

Unicorn Nicknames

Discover the most enchanting unicorn nicknames in our magical collection. Find the perfect name for your mystical companion today!

Evelyn Butter Milk—This nickname represents new beginnings and fresh starts.

Fiery Dante—The unicorn’s driving ambition is symbolised by its nickname.

Witty Astra—This term represents the unicorn’s acute intelligence and wit.

Adorable Lucy—This term represents the unicorn’s kindness.

Lady Night Moon—Unicorns are mysterious and magical, hence this moniker.

Razz Berry Julie—The unicorn’s vivid energy is symbolised by its nickname.

Pinkish Diamond—Unicorns are rare and precious, hence its nickname.

Merry Lily—Unicorn happiness is symbolised by this nickname.

Gabriella Sky—This term represents the unicorn’s infinite potential.

Peppermint Mallows—This unicorn moniker represents its gentle and comforting demeanour.

Mia Magic—This term represents the unicorn’s remarkable abilities.

Thunder Heart—Unicorn strength is symbolised by this nickname.

Joyous Jake—The unicorn’s cheerfulness is symbolised by its nickname.

Gentle Chaos—Unicorns are peaceful and chaotic, hence their nickname.

Twilight Shadow—Dark and mystical unicorn energy is symbolised by this nickname.

Plum Coral—Unicorns are peaceful and relaxing, hence its moniker.

Sweet Milky Way—This term represents the unicorn’s endless, mysterious journey.

Auburn Dawn—This moniker represents unicorn beauty and tenderness.

Little Apple—Unicorn innocence and purity are symbolised by this nickname.

Unicorn Nicknames infographic

Cool Unicorn Nicknames

Get creative with cool unicorn nicknames and add a touch of magic to your pet’s name. Find inspiration and create a name that shines brightly.

Cheery Hugs—This term represents the unicorn’s caring hug.

Apple Pie Cuddles—This unicorn moniker represents its friendly and caring presence.

Sweet Frosted Pony—This term represents the unicorn’s gentleness.

Majestic Cloud Pony—This term represents the unicorn’s regal nature.

Bubble Gum—This term represents the unicorn’s fun and excitement.

Princess Onyx—This term represents the unicorn’s enigma and royalty.

Misfit Blossom—This term honours the unicorn’s remarkable beauty.

Lovely Rainbow Wings—This nickname represents unicorns’ wonderful and colourful spirit.

Radiant Isabella—The unicorn’s dazzling spirit is symbolised by its nickname.

Sassy Sky Dancer—This term represents the unicorn’s bravery.

Night Wing—Unicorns are mysterious and magical, hence this moniker.

Penny Rose Sweetheart—This unicorn moniker represents its gentleness and love.

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Sweet Amber—This term represents the unicorn’s calming energy.

Lovely Cuddles—Unicorns are affectionate and gentle, hence its moniker.

Huggy Buns—Unicorns are pleasant and cosy, hence its moniker.

Winter Hope—This term represents unicorns’ resilience and optimism.

Shimmering Sally—This moniker represents unicorn pleasure and sparkle.

Jade Star Berry—Unicorns are smart and mysterious, hence this nickname.

Cloud Nova—This name represents the unicorn’s grace and dignity.

Sappy Dahlia—This term represents the unicorn’s joyful vitality.

Magenta Marvel—This moniker represents unicorn creativity and imagination.

Draco Nocturne—This term represents the unicorn’s enigmatic power.

Pony Boo—The unicorn is mischievous and playful, hence this moniker.

Briar Mighty—This term represents the unicorn’s bravery.

Cute Unicorn Nicknames

Get ready to dive into a world of cuteness with our irresistible collection of unicorn nicknames. Find the perfect name to match your majestic creature now!

Frosty Fizz—This term represents the unicorn’s cold, refreshing character.

Love Bubbles—This term represents the unicorn’s kindness.

Porcelain Blanca—Unicorns are delicate and elegant, hence its moniker.

Happy Custard Puff—This moniker represents unicorn delight and sweetness.

Sweet Peaches—This term represents the unicorn’s gentleness and love.

Bashful Tamara—This term represents the unicorn’s shyness and humility.

Shining Luna—This nickname represents the unicorn’s sparkling energy.

Nectarine Blossoms—This term represents the unicorn’s lovely, fragrant atmosphere.

Choco Butter Puff—This term describes the unicorn’s creamy, delicious character.

Dynamic Ivy—Unicorns are lively, hence its moniker.

Lala Pony—Unicorns are carefree and playful, hence its moniker.

Rainbow Waffles—This nickname represents the unicorn’s beautiful and colourful presence.

Sebastian Brave Heart—This term represents the unicorn’s bravery and honour.

Fluffy Buttercup—This term describes the unicorn’s cuddly character.

Gentle Clementine—This term represents the unicorn’s kindness.

Doobie Huggy—This term represents the unicorn’s loving hug.

Stallion Lou—This name represents unicorn strength and power.

Chubby Huggy—Unicorn comfort and security are symbolised by this nickname.

Unique Unicorn Nicknames

Looking for extraordinary unicorn nicknames? Dive into our collection of rare and remarkable names to find the perfect moniker for your fantastical creature.

Golden Galaxy Prancer—This term represents the unicorn’s regal nature.

Sweet Ginger Lolli—Unicorns are lovely and delightful, hence its moniker.

Mystic Rainbow Tail—Unicorns are mysterious and magical, hence this moniker.

Sparky Daydreamer—Unicorns are inventive and whimsical, hence its moniker.

Mr. Cotton—This term represents the unicorn’s warm and compassionate disposition.

Love Bug—This term represents the unicorn’s compassion.

Samantha Sugarplum—This term describes the unicorn’s sweetness and delight.

Soft Little Pony

Hopeful Tina—This term represents the unicorn’s optimism.

Mystic Bubble Pop—This term reflects the unicorn’s charm and playfulness.

Cocoa Dream Puff—This term represents the unicorn’s dreamy, delicate nature.

Twinkling Starlight—This name represents the unicorn’s brilliance.

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Serendipity Sky—This term represents the unicorn’s serendipity and magic.

Fluffy Marshmallow—Unicorns are fluffy and warm, hence its moniker.

Andromeda—This nickname represents the unicorn’s starry and magnificent character.

Dainty Clover—Unicorns are delicate and charming, hence its moniker.

Stealthy Kira—Unicorns are sneaky and mysterious, hence its nickname.

Jolly Jammy—This term represents the unicorn’s joy.

Jade Breaker—The unicorn is daring and bold, hence this moniker.

Ruby Rose—The unicorn is passionate and lively, hence this moniker.

Bubble Puffs—This term represents the unicorn’s bubbliness and fun.

Lemon Nibbles—Unicorns are energetic and playful, hence its moniker.

Buttercup Baby—Unicorns are delicate and caring, hence its moniker.

Honey Nut Poney—This nickname represents the unicorn’s sweetness and comfort.

Melody Marigold—This term represents the unicorn’s gracefulness and melody.

Creative Unicorn Nicknames

Get inspired with our list of creative unicorn nicknames. Discover whimsical names that perfectly capture the essence of these majestic creatures

Dancing Sparkles—This term represents the unicorn’s vitality.

Cinnamon Honey Bun—This nickname represents the unicorn’s sweetness and comfort.

Nomnom Sugar Plums—This term describes the unicorn’s deliciousness.

Nyx Strong Heart—This term represents the unicorn’s bravery and strength.

Princess Candy Sparkles—Unicorns are sparkling and majestic, hence its moniker.

Enchanted Moon Beam—This term represents the unicorn’s enchantment and mystique.

Jelly Puffs—The unicorn is bouncy and playful, hence this moniker.

Crimson Flora—Unicorns are colourful, hence its nickname.

Helios Spot—Unicorns are brilliant and sparkling, hence its moniker.

Glittery Princess—Unicorns are gorgeous and royal, hence its nickname.

Esme Fury—This term represents the unicorn’s fervour.

Magic Bubble Gum—This term reflects the unicorn’s sweetness and charm.


Fuzzy Wuzzy—This term describes the unicorn’s cuddly character.

Midnight Star Gaze—Unicorns are fascinating and starlit, hence its nickname.

Frosty Tingle Cakes—This term represents the unicorn’s cold and sweet character.

Soft Little Pony—This term represents the unicorn’s fuzzy character.

Take Flight Young Pony—This term represents the unicorn’s daring and ambition.

Opal Eyed Beauty—This term represents the unicorn’s allure and mystery.

Black Gloom—This term represents the unicorn’s darkness and mystery.

Scarlett Joy—Unicorns are fiery and passionate, hence its moniker.

Magical Day Dreamer—Unicorns are dreamy and fanciful, hence its moniker.

Butterscotch—This term represents the unicorn’s calming character.

Cute Cornelia—This nickname represents the unicorn’s joy and love.

Delightful Moonbeam—This term represents the unicorn’s tranquillity.

Fiery Carmine—This term represents the unicorn’s boldness and enthusiasm.

Angel Crumb Princess—Unicorns are ethereal and enchanting, hence its moniker.

How to find a good Unicorn Nickname?

Unicorns are mythical creatures that represent magic, beauty, and grace. So why not add a touch of enchantment to your life by finding the perfect unicorn nickname? Here are a few tips to help you on your quest.

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Assess your personality

Are you calm like a moonlit forest? You may have a burning spirit that ignites others. These traits can inspire your unicorn name. For instance, ‘Whispering Willow’ or ‘Dreamy Harmony’ may suit a tranquil person.

Consider your specific skills and hobbies

Is rainbow painting your speciality? A master at spreading joy everywhere? Adding these traits to your unicorn nickname can make it unique. ‘Rainbow Whisperer’ or ‘Joyful Sparkle’ may define you.

Unleash your imagination!

Unicorns represent limitless creativity and imagination, so use yours to find the right name. Use wordplay, alliteration, or multiple languages to create an exotic nickname that grabs attention immediately.


1. What are some popular unicorn nicknames?

Some popular unicorn nicknames include Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Stardust, Glitterhorn, Moonbeam, Twinkletoes, Unicornio, and Aurora.

2. Can I create my own unicorn nickname?

Absolutely! Feel free to get creative and come up with your own unique unicorn nickname that reflects your personality or interests.

3. Are there any traditional unicorn nicknames?

Yes, there are a few traditional unicorn names that have been used for centuries such as Pegasus, Starlight, Magic Mane, and Dreamweaver.

4. How can I find a suitable unicorn nickname for myself?

You can find a suitable unicorn nickname by considering your favourite colours, magical abilities you’d like to possess, or even traits you admire in unicorns such as gracefulness or bravery.

5. Can I use my unicorn nickname as a username on social media?

Of course! Using your unicorn nickname as a username on social media platforms can add a fun and whimsical touch to your online presence.

6. Are there any famous unicorns with unique nicknames?

Yes! Some famous unicorns with unique nicknames include Buttercup (from The Last Unicorn), Fizzgig (from The Dark Crystal), and Li’l Sebastian (from Parks and Recreation).

7. What if I want a more mystical-sounding unicorn nickname?

If you prefer a more mystical-sounding unicorn nickname, consider using words like Enchantia, Mystique, Celestia, Seraphina, or Lunastratus.

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Final words

Unicorn nicknames are a fun and creative way to add some magic to our everyday lives. Whether you choose to give yourself a magical moniker or nickname your loved ones after these mythical creatures, the possibilities are endless.

From Sparkle Horn to Rainbow Mane, each nickname captures the enchantment and wonder of unicorns. So why not embrace your inner unicorn and start using these whimsical nicknames? Let’s spread some joy and make the world a little more magical with our unicorn-inspired names. Give it a try and let your imagination soar!

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