150+ Loxodon Names List of Authentic Ideas That Stand Out

Loxodon names are as fascinating as the creatures themselves. Descendants of mighty elephants, Loxodons embody strength, wisdom, and an unwavering sense of justice. Their names reflect these attributes and hold deep cultural significance within their communities.

Each Loxodon name tells a story – a tale that spans generations and invokes the power and wisdom of those who came before. A Loxodon’s name is not given at birth but earned through a rite of passage during adolescence.

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How To Choose Loxodon Names?

Choosing a Loxodon name for your Dungeons and Dragons character can be an exciting journey into the lore of these elephantine, wisdom-filled beings. Start by considering the Loxodon’s cultural background in the game world.

Are they from a tribe that values tradition, or perhaps a more cosmopolitan setting? Names like “Ganesha,” inspired by the elephant-headed deity, or “Tuskguard,” reflecting their formidable appearance, can be fitting choices.

Once you’ve got a list of potential names, think about how they align with your character’s class, background, and personality traits. A Loxodon cleric might have a name that reflects spirituality, while a Loxodon warrior could have a name that embodies strength.

Loxodon Names

Loxodon names incorporate elements from nature like Ivorycloud, symbolizing purity and grace, or Thunderhoof, alluding to the Loxodons’ formidable strength.

Loxodon Names

1. Tuskor — Popular because it references the Loxodon’s tusks.

2. Ganeshi — Wisdom from human mythologies.

3. Lumbra — A play on “lumbering,” describing their majestic gait.

4. Greyhide — They have distinctive skin.

5. Trunka — Their trunk’s adaptability makes them cute and strong.

6. Matrianna — Often for respected female Loxodons.

7. Ivorybane — Popular with warriors, feared by hunters.

8. Thunderfoot — Reflects their weight and footsteps.

9. Sagesnout — Refers to their smell.

10. Ancestor — Respects lineage and history.

11. Tuskmight — A name of physical and emotional power.

12. Elephara — A name that slightly references their elephant form.

13. Tembona — Inspired by Swahili elephant, ‘tembo.’

14. Pachyder — Pachyderm, Elephantidae alternate.

15. Heirtrunk — For those who inherit intelligence or something else significant.

16. Stompwise — Popular with wise, heavy Loxodons.

17. Ganeshael — Another allusion to elephant-headed Ganesha.

18. Duskhide — Reflects their skin and calmness.

19. Snoutlore — The wise beyond their years.

20. Herdheart — Essential to their family and community.

21. TitanTusk — A term for huge Loxodons.

22. WisdomTooth — A fun name that implies wisdom.

23. MysticMatriarch — Spiritual leaders are women.

24. Monolith — Reflects their magnitude and constancy.

25. Wartusk — Refers to warrior culture.

26. Plodwise — Their deliberateness and wisdom.

27. AncestralMight — A term encompassing their physical and spiritual strength.

28. HearthTusk — Conjures family warmth.

29. RootSnout — Refers to their groundedness.

30. Celephor — Elegant and represents their cosmic wisdom.

31. Solumn — A play on’solemn,’ reflecting their seriousness.

32. PachySage — The herd’s smart Loxodon.

33. StoneHide — Describes their toughness.

34. WiseTread — For philosophers.

35. SacredTrunk — Shows their physical and spirituality.

36. Nellumbo — A reference to the lotus, which symbolises purity and holiness.

37. SteadyTusk — Invokes trust.

38. Mossback — Loxodons aged and smart.

39. GreySage — Especially wise older Loxodons like it.

40. CliffStrider — Referring to their mountainous residences.

41. BoulderTusk — Loxodons as strong as boulders.

42. Eldertusk — A indication of age and respect.

43. SolemnStride — For people with a deliberate, majestic walk.

44. NobleTrunk — For royals.

45. WiseWander — Reflects their wisdom and itinerant lifestyle.

46. ThunderSage — Loxodons with fierce presence but delicate knowledge.

47. LotusTusk — Brings purity and power.

48. TerraStride — Shows their earthly wisdom.

49. ElderStride — For the wisest and oldest.

50. IvoryGrace — Beautiful, smart, and a nod to their ivory tusks.

Male Loxodon Names

Loxodon male names not only reflect their strength and wisdom but also highlight their unique individuality.

51. Ganeshor — A powerful, intelligent name honouring Ganesha.

52. Tuskorin — Uses “Tusk” with a male suffix for flair.

53. Thunderus — Powerful and majestic.

54. StoneTusk — Their toughness and tenacity.

55. IronTrunk — Shows strength and stiffness.

56. Herdan — Male version of “herd.”

57. Plodan — Combining ‘plodding,’ their lumbering pace, with masculinity.

58. Greymore — Sounds noble and matches their skin.

59. Boulderon — Solid as a boulder.

60. Titanus — It conveys immense force.

61. Sagehorn — For smart male Loxodon.

62. Strideron — Referring to their huge steps.

63. Cliffmane — Their towering houses and male might.

64. Stonetread — A strong, trustworthy person.

65. Stalwartusk — Combined’stalwart’ with ‘tusk.’

66. Gritsnout — Shows toughness and resilience.

67. Sagefoot — Smart and steady.

68. Thunderhoof — Sounds macho and forceful.

69. Gravitas — Shows their gravity.

70. ValorTusk — It implies boldness.

71. Wisdomhorn — For smart and strong people.

72. Solemnus — Shows their seriousness.

73. Trunkhardt — From ‘trunk’ and ‘hard,’ signifying hardness.

74. MountainStride — References their natural habitat.

75. SturdyTusk — Strong and steady.

76. HonorSnout — A code of ethics and honour.

77. IronStride — For strong, unyielding walkers.

78. StrongHide — Means strength and resilience.

79. SageStride — From the wise and learned.

80. WiseHoof — Wisdom and masculinity.

81. BoldTrunk — Shows boldness and strength.

82. EarthHorn — As solid as rock.

83. TerraTusk — Strong and earthy.

84. Valianthide — A mix of ‘valiant’ and ‘hide.’

85. GrandHorn — Grand size and demeanour.

86. MajesticStride — The male Loxodon has a beautiful walk.

87. MightHoof — Strong and commanding.

88. NobleTusk — A noble birth or behaviour.

89. PrudentTrunk — Smart and cautious.

90. Thunderhorn — Loud, masculine name.

91. DigniStride — Has dignity and value.

92. BoldTread — Courageous and determined.

93. ValorStride — Noble and valiant name.

94. NobleStride — For a noble Loxodon.

95. StoneHoof — Strong and unyielding.

96. EarthStride — Safe and sound.

97. TerraHoof — Another tribute to their earthy wisdom.

98. AncientTusk — For respected older men.

99. RegalStride — Appears royal or important.

100. TitanStride — Strong and impressive.

Female Loxodon Names

Female Loxodon names mean powerful presence and these gentle giants deserve names that reflect their strength and grace.

101. Tuskora — A feminine take on “Tuskor.”

102. Ganeshelle — Honouring wisdom and femininity.

103. Lumbria — A slow “lumbering,” their stately stroll.

104. Ivoryana — Nice and ivory.

105. SageSnoutess — A feminine knowledge.

106. Thunderfeet — Reflects their weight yet is lighter.

107. Matrielle — A royal name for leaders.

108. Plodette — A lovely perspective on their leisurely, stately walk.

109. GraceTrunk — A elegant manner.

110. Tembella — Inspired by Swahili elephant term “tembo,” with a feminine twist.

111. Greydonna — A smart and royal female name.

112. Stonetessa — Strong and steadfast.

113. Herdiana — A feminine “herd.”

114. Stridelia — Referring to their big steps in a feminine way.

115. Mossmaiden — For wiser elder women.

116. Cliffella — A feminine touch for their highland dwellings.

117. LotusTrunka — Represents purity and strength.

118. TerraStridea — Earthly wisdom in a feminine form.

119. Elephara — Their elephantine nature inspired their feminine name.

120. Wistaria — A feminine take on “wisdom”.

121. WisdomTuskette — Wise and respected.

122. Valorana — Bravery in female form.

123. Gritsnouta — Means toughness and resilience.

124. Boulderelle — Solid and resilient.

125. Stridessa — For majestic walkers.

126. StrideLady — Another reference to their grandeur.

127. Ganeshaella — A feminine dedication to the elephant-headed god.

128. Thunderessa — Combining strength and femininity.

129. Solemnelle — Shows their seriousness.

130. Majestessa — For the royal female Loxodon.

131. ValiantTusk — Bravery and courage.

132. GraceHoof — Strong but kind.

133. TerraHoofa — Earthy and female.

134. WisdomHoofette — Smart and steady.

135. Snoutlady — For the knowledgeable and respected.

136. Treadessa — Determination and courage.

137. WisdomSnouta — For the intelligent female.

138. NobleTread — For a noble Loxodon.

139. GrandTuskess — Grand size and demeanour.

140. RegalHoof — Appears royal or important.

141. MajesticHoof — Grand and impressive.

142. PrudentTrunka — Smart and cautious.

143. BoldStride — Courageous and determined.

144. EarthStridea — Safe and sound.

145. HonorTusk — A code of ethics and honour.

146. TerraTread — Strong and earthy.

147. AncientStride — For respected older women.

148. GraceStride — Reflects graceful walking.

149. RegalStridea — Appears royal or important.

150. DigniStep — Has dignity and value.


1. What is a Loxodon?

A Loxodon is a fictional creature often depicted as an elephant-like humanoid in various fantasy settings, such as Dungeons & Dragons.

2. How do I pronounce Loxodon?

The correct pronunciation of Loxodon is lohk-suh-dahn.

3. Can I use Loxodon names for my real-life baby?

While Loxodons may inspire unique and interesting name choices, they are usually associated with fantasy worlds and not typically used for real-life babies.

4. Are there any cultural or historical references behind Loxodon names?

Loxodon names often draw inspiration from ancient civilizations that revered elephants, such as Indian, African, or Southeast Asian cultures.

5. Do Loxodon names have specific meanings?

Some Loxodon names may have symbolic meanings related to strength, wisdom, or other qualities associated with elephants and their lore.

Final Words

Loxodon names are a unique and captivating aspect of the fantasy world. Through their meaningful origins and carefully chosen components, these names offer insight into the rich history and culture of the Loxodon race.

Exploring Loxodon names can provide inspiration and create a deeper connection to these magnificent creatures.

Embrace the wonder of their language and use it to enhance your own storytelling or gaming experiences. Let their names come alive in your world, adding depth and authenticity to your creations.

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