90+ Mustache Nicknames That Will Make You Chuckle

The world of moustache nicknames is not just a whimsical diversion; it serves as a testament to the power of self-expression and identity. In a society that often overlooks the importance of individuality, these nicknames act as a way for individuals to reclaim their uniqueness and assert their presence in the world.

Each nickname tells a story, reflecting not only the style and shape of the mustache, but also the personality and values of the wearer. Beyond their entertainment value, these nicknames also carry a historical significance. Many of the classic mustache nicknames have deep roots in different cultures and eras.

For example, the nickname “Tom Selleck” pays homage to the iconic actor known for his striking moustache in the 1980s. By adopting this nickname, individuals are not only referencing a famous figure but also connecting themselves to a specific era and its associated ideals. Similarly, the nickname “Handlebar” alludes to the handlebar mustaches popularized in the late 19th century, conjuring up images of dapper gentlemen from a bygone era.

Mustache Nicknames

Furthermore, the creativity behind mustache nicknames highlights the importance of humour and lightheartedness in our lives. In a world that can often feel mired in seriousness and stress, these playful monikers serve as a reminder to embrace joy and find delight in the simplest of things. Whether it’s the quirky “Crumb Catcher” or the mischievous “Upper Lip Umbrella,” these names invoke a sense of whimsy that can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

1.  Candy Cane—The term evokes youthful wonder and holiday laughter. It reminds us to embrace our enchantment, enjoy life’s sweetness, and approach each day with whimsy. Candy Cane mustache-wearers radiate joy wherever they go.

2.  Hipster—The Hipster nickname takes us through counter-culture and trendsetting. This mustache defies popular norms. It symbolizes persons who defy social norms and embrace their own way. The hipster mustache challenges the current quo and reminds us that it’s alright to be different and follow our own path.

3.  The Wiseman—The Wiseman mustache suggests old wisdom, erudition, and sage guidance. It symbolizes individuals who survived life’s storms and gained wisdom. The Wiseman mustache symbolizes age and wisdom. It reminds us to respect our elders and value their advice.

4.  The Charmer—The Charmer is charismatic and charming. This mustache symbolizes enchanters. It represents confidence, elegance, and grace. The Charmer mustache wearers are magnetic and infectious. They make everyone feel special and loved, creating a lasting impression.

5.  The Maverick—The nickname takes us on an exhilarating ride through boldness and independence. Like its namesake, this mustache depicts nonconformists. The Maverick mustache rebels and defies convention. It inspires others to be bold and follow their ambitions.

6.  Dirt Squirrel—The nickname evokes a wandering lifestyle and adventurous exploration of the woods. This mustache symbolizes nature and outdoor freedom. Dirt Squirrel mustache-wearers are tough and resourceful, willing to get their hands dirty for their causes.

7.  Stache—Stache emphasizes the simplicity and timeless attractiveness of a well-groomed mustache. It symbolizes those who value traditional style and faith in simplicity. The Stache mustache represents conservative values and a rejection of unnecessary embellishment. The Stache mustache conveys sophistication and authority.

8.  Accidental Ponytail—This mustache nickname adds humor and playfulness. It symbolizes people with ponytail-like mustaches. This nickname encourages us to embrace our oddities. The Accidental Ponytail mustache reminds us to laugh at life’s surprises.

9.  The Goatee—The Goatee nickname is sophisticated and mysterious. This mustache symbolizes calm, confident people. The goatee mustache represents refinement and individuality. It symbolizes those who defy aesthetic standards and stand out. The Goatee mustache attracts attention and intrigues spectators with its mysterious nature.

10.  Dali Moustache—The term honors Salvador Dali’s mustache. This odd mustache symbolizes innovation and art. The Dali Moustache symbolizes nonconformity and defiance. The Dali Moustache signifies creativity and dedication. This nickname reminds us to be creative and defy conformity.

11.  Whisker Biscuit—The mustache moniker Whisker Biscuit adds whimsy and fun. It symbolizes folks who like silliness and simple pleasures. Whisker Biscuit mustaches represent fun and carefreeness. Whisker Biscuit mustache-wearers inspire us to laugh at ourselves and enjoy the simple things.

12.  Horseshoe—The term evokes masculinity and ruggedness. Strong, resilient, no-nonsense people wear this mustache. Cowboys and motorcyclists associate the Horseshoe mustache with toughness and determination. Horseshoe mustache-wearers command respect and admiration.

13.  Caterpillar—The cute insect is compared to a bushy mustache. This mustache symbolizes patience, growth, and change. The Caterpillar mustache symbolizes patience and beauty. The Caterpillar mustache symbolizes wisdom and maturity, urging us to trust the process and be devoted to personal improvement.

14.  Crumb Catcher—This mustache moniker is practical and functional. It jokes about the mustache trapping food particles during meals. The Crumb Catcher mustache represents cleanliness and detail. Crumb Catcher mustache-wearers are practical and orderly. This moniker reminds us to appreciate the little things and practice good hygiene.

15.  Pinocchio—The Pinocchio nickname explores creativity and storytelling. The Pinocchio mustache symbolizes playfulness and love of fantasy. Dreamers and life-magic believers wear the Pinocchio mustache, like the wooden puppet who wanted to be a boy. This moniker reminds us to pursue our dreams and use our imagination every day.

16.  Chewbacca—The nickname honors the furry Star Wars figure. The Chewbacca mustache symbolizes intense loyalty to loved ones. Chewbacca mustache-wearers are loyal and helpful. Like Chewbacca’s everlasting dedication to his friends, this moniker reminds us to build great relationships.

17.  Dental Drapes—A comical mustache nickname. It jokes about the mustache’s resemblance to a dentist’s bib. The Dental Drapes mustache represents playfulness and an openness to unorthodox aesthetics. Dental Drapes mustache-wearers are humorous and self-deprecating. This moniker reminds us to be ourselves and find comedy in everything.

18.  Lip Curl—This moniker explores body language and facial movements. The Lip Curl mustache conveys naughtiness. Lip Curl mustache-wearers are noted for their subtle gestures and statements. This nickname reminds us of the power of nonverbal communication and the value of small things in our interactions.

19.  Tache—The mustache nickname Tache adds refinement. Elegant and sophisticated, it is a French mustache reduced. Tache mustache-wearers are considered classy. This nickname encourages a refined demeanor and lifelong excellence.

20.  Lip Warmer—This mustache moniker brings warmth and comfort. It symbolizes kind people. Warm embraces characterize the Lip Warmer mustache. Compassionate and empathetic, Lip Warmer moustache-wearers can make others feel comfortable and loved. This nickname reminds us to treat others kindly.

Cool Mustache Nicknames

21.  What The Hell Mustache—The moniker explores unpredictability and non-conformity. It symbolizes freethinkers. The What The Hell Mustache represents defiance and independence. The What The Hell Mustache is associated with spontaneity and defiance of norms. This moniker reminds us to live life boldly and spontaneously.

22.  Spaghetti—Mustache nicknames can be funny. It jokes about the mustache resembling pasta threads. Spaghetti mustaches represent fun and playfulness. Spaghetti mustache wearers remind us to laugh and enjoy life. This moniker reminds us to laugh and grin.

23.  Grizzled Grandeur—Exploring knowledge and experience. It symbolizes survivors. The Grizzled Grandeur mustache represents a lifetime of wisdom and authority. Grizzled Grandeur mustache-wearers are confident and respected. This moniker reminds us that wisdom is the key to personal growth and enlightenment.

24.  Lip Locks—Romance and sensuality define Lip Locks. It symbolizes charismatic people. The Lip Locks mustache signifies love and seduction. Lip Locks mustache-wearers can captivate and arouse. This moniker reminds us to be passionate and explore love and connection.


25.  Bristol Batons—This mustache nickname is musical. It symbolizes artistically gifted people. The Bristol Batons’ mustache represents a conductor’s baton, demonstrating their ability to generate lovely melodies and harmony. Artists using the Bristol Batons mustache may capture life’s essence. This moniker reminds us to be creative and discover inspiration.

26.  Groucho—This mustache moniker adds humor and wit. It symbolizes quick-witted, funny people. The Groucho mustache represents Groucho Marx’s famed mustache. The Groucho mustache reminds us to laugh at life’s ups and downs. This moniker reminds us to always smile and not take oneself too seriously.

27.  Soup Stache—This mustache moniker is culinary. It symbolizes foodies and simple pleasures lovers. The Soup Stache depicts the warmth of a warm bowl of soup. Soup Stache mustache-wearers love life’s simple pleasures. Slow down, enjoy the moment, and find joy in the little things with this moniker.

28.  Face Lace—Face Lace explores art and uniqueness. It symbolizes those who express themselves through facial hair. Face Lace mustaches represent delicate facial patterns. Face Lace mustache-wearers defy social norms. This nickname reminds us to be ourselves and speak freely.

29.  The Boss—An authoritative name. It symbolizes powerful people. The Boss mustache evokes powerful figures. Boss mustache-wearers can lead. This moniker reminds us to take charge and lead to improve our personal and professional lives.

30.  Taz—Mustache nicknames become wild with Taz. It symbolizes life-lovers. The Taz mustache represents boundless energy and a thirst for adventure. Taz mustache-wearers are spontaneous and live life to the fullest. This moniker reminds us to be wild and passionate about life.

31.  Whiskers—Whiskers is simple and charming. It symbolizes simple, happy people. The Whiskers mustache denotes facial hair growth, expressing sincerity and down-to-earthness. Whiskers mustache-wearers are naturally charming. This moniker reminds us to enjoy simplicity and live in the moment.

32.  Punk—Mustache nicknames get edgy and rebellious with Punk. It symbolizes people who defy society and embrace their uniqueness. Punk mustaches represent non-conformity and defiance. Punk mustache-wearers are brave and determined to violate rules. This nickname reminds us to be ourselves and fight for our beliefs.

33.  Grizzly—The nickname evokes strength, toughness, and the wild. It symbolizes courageous, powerful people. The grizzly mustache evokes the majestic grizzly bear’s wild appearance. Grizzly mustache-wearers are confident and command attention. This moniker reminds us to be strong and wild.

34.  Mouth Mane—This moniker honors the elegance of a well-groomed mustache. It symbolizes well-groomed people. The Mouth Mane mustache represents a well-groomed mustache that enhances one’s appearance. Mouth Mane mustache-wearers exude classic elegance. This moniker reminds us to be meticulous and proud of our appearance.

35.  Lip Doily—The mustache moniker Lip Doily adds whimsy and charm. It symbolizes fun-loving people. The Lip Doily mustache represents a delicate, refined mustache. Lip Doily mustache-wearers have a talent for making others grin. This moniker reminds us to enjoy the simple things and not take life too seriously.

36.  Cookie Duster—This mustache nickname adds nostalgia and whimsy. It signifies fun-loving, eccentric people. The Cookie Duster mustache is thick and bushy like an old-fashioned duster, gathering crumbs. Cookie Duster mustache-wearers can make people giggle. This moniker reminds us to play and laugh.

37.  Face Fur—The moniker honors masculinity and facial hair development. It symbolizes natural beauty lovers. Face Fur mustaches represent full, well-kept facial hair that increases masculinity. Face Fur mustache-wearers have a rough appeal. This moniker reminds us to be ourselves and be confident.

38.  Hulk Hogan—The handlebar mustache-wearing wrestler inspired the nickname. It symbolizes bravery, strength, and determination. Hulk Hogan’s big mustache lends force and emphasis to one’s image. Hulk Hogan mustache-wearers are relentless and determined. This moniker reminds us to be strong and persevere.

39.  The Ol’ Push Broom—This mustache moniker is nostalgic and charming. It represents classicists and retrophiles. The Ol’ Push Broom mustache resembles a thick, bristly broom. Ol’ Push Broom mustaches are timeless and sophisticated. This nickname reminds us to love our unique tastes and the past.

40.  Goofy—Goofy adds whimsy and humor to mustache nicknames. It symbolizes playful people. Goofy mustaches are playful and fun. Goofy mustaches are naturally funny and brighten every atmosphere. This nickname reminds me to enjoy life and spread pleasure.

41.  The Zappa—Frank Zappa’s mustache inspired the name. It symbolizes innovative people. The Zappa mustache is thin and lengthy, adding quirkiness and avant-garde to one’s appearance. Zappa mustache-wearers are unconventional. This moniker reminds us to be creative and different.

Funny Mustache Nicknames

42.  Soul Patch—The Soul Patch mustache moniker adds mystique and coolness. It symbolizes calm, thoughtful people. The Soul Patch mustache represents a little patch of hair below the bottom lip that provides a bit of curiosity. Soul Patch mustache-wearers are intriguing. This nickname encourages self-reflection.

43.  Soup Strainer—This mustache moniker is practical and utilitarian. It symbolizes efficient and useful people. The Soup Strainer mustache is thick and well-groomed to prevent soup and other liquids from flowing into the mouth.

44.  Mr. Potato Head—This mustache nickname is humorous and imaginative. It symbolizes curious, creative people. Like Mr. Potato Head, the mustache may be styled and shaped.

45.  Womb Broom—This mustache nickname is cheeky and flirtatious. It symbolizes charismatic people. Womb Broom mustaches are thin, well-groomed, and seductive.

46.  Vandyke Moustache—The Vandyke nickname adds class to mustache nicknames. It portrays sophisticated people who enjoy fashion. The Vandyke mustache is a pointed, narrow mustache with a clean beard.

47.  Snot Catcher—This mustache moniker is humorous and self-deprecating. It symbolizes fun-loving people. The Snot Catcher mustache is long and bushy enough to trap wayward particles. Snot Catcher mustache-wearers may discover humor in small things and make others laugh. This moniker reminds us to laugh at ourselves and life.

48.  Firecrotch—This mustache nickname is bold and edgy. It symbolizes enthusiastic people. Firecrotch mustaches are red and stick out. The Firecrotch mustache exudes confidence and bravery. This nickname reminds us to accept our originality.

49.  The Hair Handle—This mustache nickname is useful and convenient. It symbolizes practical people. The Hair Handle mustache represents a thick, strong mustache that may be used to hold anything.

50.  Meat Cleaver—This mustache moniker conveys strength and power. It symbolizes strong-willed people. Meat Cleaver mustaches are thick, angular, and authoritative.

51.  The Bandana—This mustache moniker is rebellious and free-spirited. It symbolizes free-spirited people. Bandana mustaches indicate nonconformity and originality.

52.  Bristle Brush—This mustache nickname is elegant and refined. It symbolizes refined people. The Bristle Brush mustache is clean and precise.

53.  Double Mustache—This mustache moniker is intricate and unusual. It symbolizes complex people. The Double Mustache has two different portions, producing a fascinating look.

54.  Fault Line—This mustache moniker is unpredictable and exciting. It symbolizes daredevils. The Fault Line mustache has a zigzag shape like a geological fault line.

55.  Face Furniture—This mustache nickname is humorous and creative. It represents artists and fashionistas.

56.  Old Bullet Proof—This mustache moniker is nostalgic and historical. It symbolizes traditionalists. The Old Bullet Proof mustache evokes historical figures and a classic mustache style.

57.  Handlebar Moustache—This mustache nickname offers class and elegance. It signifies sophisticated, classic-styled people. The Handlebar Moustache resembles bicycle handlebars.

58.  Face Prickle—This mustache nickname is harsh and masculine. It symbolizes fierce but kind people. The Face Prickle mustache is short, bristly, and slightly prickly.

59.  Crumb Collector—This mustache moniker is practical and functional. It symbolizes productive and resourceful people. Crumb Collector mustaches are long and bushy, catching food crumbs.

60.  Tramp Stamp—This mustache moniker is rebellious and nonconformist. It symbolizes free-thinkers. Tramp Stamp mustaches are bold and audacious, often breaking patterns.

Cute Mustache Nicknames

61.  The Cheek Charmer—This mustache moniker adds charisma and appeal. It symbolizes charismatic people. The Cheek Charmer mustache is well-groomed and correctly formed to complement facial features and expressions.

62.  Chia Pet—The mustache nickname Chia Pet adds whimsy and fun. It symbolizes fun-loving people. The Chia Pet mustache is bushy like the popular Chia pets that produce plants.

63.  Gingerbread—This mustache nickname provides sweetness and warmth. It symbolizes kind people. Gingerbread mustaches are trimmed and shaped like gingerbread cookies.

64.  Flavor Saver—This mustache moniker evokes culinary delight and indulgence. It symbolizes foodies who cherish every bite. The Flavor Saver mustache style is groomed and positioned to preserve food flavors.

Face Prickle

65.  Face Fungus—This mustache moniker is odd and unique. It symbolizes eccentrics. The Face Fungus mustache is wild and unruly, like a fungus.

66.  Stache—This mustache nickname is simple and minimalistic. It symbolizes straightforward people. Stache mustaches are short, clean-cut, and simple.

67.  Curly Q—The mustache nickname Curly Q is humorous and whimsical. It symbolizes fun-loving people. The Curly Q mustache has tightly curled ends like a curly Q shape.

68.  Imberic—Mustache nicknames get smarter with Imberic. It symbolizes intellectuals. The Imberic mustache is meticulously groomed and sculpted.

69.  Lip Curtain—This mustache nickname adds elegance and mystery. It symbolizes polished people. The Lip Curtain mustache style elegantly drapes over the top lip, suggesting big stage curtains.

70.  Tea Strainer—This mustache nickname is practical and effective. It symbolizes efficient and useful people. The Tea Strainer mustache is cut to resemble a tea strainer.

71.  Royal Moustache—The Royal Moustache adds elegance to mustache nicknames. It symbolizes regal people. The Royal Moustache is a well-groomed mustache that evokes royalty.

72.  Cat—The mustache nickname Cat adds elegance and agility. It symbolizes intuitive people. The cat mustache is slim and well-trimmed, like a cat’s whiskers. It symbolizes a graceful life.

73.  Snot Mop—Mustache nicknames can be funny and self-deprecating. It symbolizes self-acceptance. The Snot Mop mustache is chaotic and untidy, sometimes catching drops or leftovers.

74.  Fu Manchu—The mysterious mustache nickname Fu Manchu adds intrigue. It symbolizes adventurers and cultural explorers. Dr. Fu Manchu’s mustache inspired the Fu Manchu mustache, which hangs below the chin.The Scruff—Mustache nicknames are tough and carefree. It symbolizes laid-back people. The rebellious Scruff mustache is purposefully grown out and unkempt.

75.  Mouth Brow—This mustache nickname exudes confidence and bravery. It signifies outspoken people. The Mouth Brow mustache is a thick, full mustache that dominates the upper lip.

76.  Don Johnson—The Don Johnson mustache nickname is antique and nostalgic. It symbolizes 80s mustache lovers. The Don Johnson mustache, named after “Miami Vice” actor Don Johnson, is sleek and well-groomed.

77.  The Reverse Amish—This mustache moniker is unique and non-conformist. It symbolizes those who defy convention and express their individuality. With the top lip and chin hair reversed, the Reverse Amish mustache defies expectations.

78.  Flying Saucer—The Flying Saucer mustache nickname is creative and whimsical. It symbolizes creative people. The Flying Saucer mustache is a circular mustache that extends from the upper lip like a flying saucer.

79.  Lady Tickler—This mustache nickname is charming and flirty. It symbolizes charmers. The Lady Tickler mustache is finely groomed and styled to highlight the upper lip’s curves and features, suggesting attractiveness.

80.  The Dundee—The Dundee brings adventure and wildness to mustache nicknames. It symbolizes adventurous outdoor enthusiasts. The Dundee mustache, like Steve Irwin’s, is bushy and broad, spreading from the upper lip and often complemented by a tough beard.

81.  Lip Strip— The Lip Strip nickname adds a sense of boldness and edginess to the world of mustache nicknames. It represents individuals who are not afraid to push boundaries and make a statement. The Lip Strip mustache symbolizes a mustache style that is thin and minimalistic, only covering a small strip of the upper lip, creating a sleek and daring look.

82.  Mohawk— The Mohawk nickname adds a sense of rebellion and individuality to the world of mustache nicknames. It represents individuals who defy societal norms and express themselves freely. The Mohawk mustache symbolizes a mustache style that is shaved in a narrow line down the center of the upper lip, resembling the distinctive hairstyle that shares its name.

83.  Pencil Mustache— The Pencil Mustache nickname adds a sense of sophistication and elegance to the world of mustache nicknames. It represents individuals who pay attention to the smallest details and take pride in their grooming. The Pencil Mustache symbolizes a mustache style that is thin and perfectly groomed, resembling a pencil line above the upper lip, exuding a refined and classy look.

Unique Nicknames for Mustache

84.  Muzzle Fuzz— The Muzzle Fuzz nickname adds a sense of playfulness and lightheartedness to the world of mustache nicknames. It represents individuals with a relaxed and carefree attitude towards life. The Muzzle Fuzz mustache symbolizes a mustache style that is slightly wild and unkempt, resembling a fuzzy covering on the upper lip, giving a laid-back and carefree appearance.

85.  Muttonchops— The Muttonchops nickname brings a touch of vintage charm and masculinity to the world of mustache nicknames. It represents individuals with a love for classic styles and an old-fashioned sense of style. The Muttonchops mustache symbolizes a bold and extravagant facial hair style that extends from the sideburns down to the jawline, evoking a sense of ruggedness and masculinity.

86.  Nunchuck— The Nunchuck nickname adds a sense of martial arts and strength to the world of mustache nicknames. It represents individuals with a fierce and determined attitude. The Nunchuck mustache symbolizes a mustache style that is shaped like a pair of nunchucks, with two small tufts of hair extending down from the upper lip, resembling the iconic weapon used in martial arts, reflecting a sense of power and strength.

87.  Lip Toupee— The Lip Toupee nickname adds a sense of humor and playfulness to the world of mustache nicknames. It represents individuals with a witty and light-hearted personality. The Lip Toupee mustache symbolizes a mustache style that is large and flamboyant, covering the entire upper lip in a way that resembles a toupee, creating a comical yet endearing look.

88.  Quasimodo— The Quasimodo nickname adds a sense of uniqueness and individuality to the world of mustache nicknames. It represents individuals who embrace their eccentricities and stand out from the crowd. The Quasimodo mustache symbolizes a mustache style that is asymmetrical and irregular in shape, resembling the hunchbacked character from the famous novel, evoking a sense of intrigue and mystery.

89.  Father Time— The Father Time nickname brings a sense of wisdom and experience to the world of mustache nicknames. It represents individuals who have a deep understanding of life and possess a calm and composed demeanor. The Father Time mustache symbolizes a long and flowing mustache style that extends down past the chin, reminiscent of the long beard and mustache often associated with the personification of time, reflecting a sense of wisdom and maturity.

90.  Five O’clock Shadow— The Five O’clock Shadow nickname adds a sense of ruggedness and nonchalance to the world of mustache nicknames. It represents individuals with a carefree and effortlessly cool attitude. The Five O’clock Shadow symbolizes a mustache style that is intentionally left unshaven or stubbly, giving the appearance of a shadow on the upper lip, creating a laid-back and relaxed look.

91.  Ducktail— The Ducktail nickname adds a sense of suaveness and style to the world of mustache nicknames. It represents individuals with a flair for fashion and an attention to detail. The Ducktail mustache symbolizes a mustache style that is neatly groomed and shaped to resemble the tail feathers of a duck, with the middle section elongated and pointing downward, exuding a polished and sophisticated appearance.

92.  Tache— The Tache nickname brings a sense of simplicity and no-nonsense attitude to the world of mustache nicknames. It represents individuals who prefer a minimalistic and straightforward approach to their facial hair. The Tache mustache symbolizes a mustache style that is short and well-maintained, covering just the upper lip, reflecting a practical and pragmatic demeanor.

93.  Mustachioed— The Mustachioed nickname adds an air of traditionalism and old-world charm to the world of mustache nicknames. It represents individuals with a love for classic styles and a respect for tradition. The Mustachioed symbolizes a mustache style that is full and robust, covering the entire upper lip and often styled with wax or grooming products, evoking a sense of nostalgia and timeless elegance.

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Final Words

In the world of mustache nicknames, there is a name for every style and personality. From the whimsical Candy Cane to the rebellious Maverick, each nickname tells a unique story and adds a touch of charm and character to the wearer. These monikers become part of the identity of those who proudly don their mustaches, celebrating individuality, confidence, and an unapologetic embrace of one’s true self. So, whether you have a mustache or not, take a moment to appreciate the artistry and creativity behind these playful nicknames and let them inspire you to infuse a little more whimsy and charm into your own life.

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