150+ Unique Leonin Names You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Leonin names in Dungeons & Dragons carry the robust echoes of the lion’s roar and the warm resonance of sun-drenched plains. The Leonin are a race of lion-like people who were first seen in the Mythic Odysseys of Theros. They are known for their honor, bravery, and strong group bonds. So, their names often represent these qualities, capturing both their royal nature and the lively nature of their culture.

Dungeons & Dragons is a famous role-playing game that has been played by millions of people all over the world. Its magical world is known for being very detailed. One group, the leonins, stand out for their elegance and grace among the many animals and people who live in these worlds. With their regal looks and imposing presence, these cat-like people have become a popular addition to the Dungeons & Dragons world.

Take a quick look at Goliath Names. Going into the world of Leonin names is like exploring the vast savannahs where these noble beings might live. Each name shows something about their fierce but loyal nature, their strong bonds with each other, and their culture of worshiping the sun. As we learn more about this interesting world, we start to see how lively and strong the Leonin are. Each name is a reminder of their rich history and proud spirits.

Leonin Names

Leonin names are usually bold. They may evoke their military culture, regal lion-like character, or savannahs. Names might be “Razorfang,” “Sunmane,” or “Thunderscream.”

1. Rrosh — A bold name. Fits a powerful character.

2. Xajiir — It means “an agile hunter”. Great for a nimble character.

3. Zhotha — Leader of the pack in Leonin. Use it to show leadership.

4. Saan — Swift as the wind is its meaning. Perfect for quick-witted characters.

5. Qaash — It means “strong heart”. A brave name.

6. Grra

7. Tzesh

8. Qorah

9. Vetho

10. Oso

11. Fyrro

12. Zinj

13. Ghara

14. Krorr

15. Wesh

16. Zhosa

17. Gyrra

18. Rroza

19. Ghoji

20. Sesh

21. Thorr

22. Qhorr

23. Qesh

24. Zhash

25. Zhoj


Male Leonin names stress strength, power, and fearsomeness. They could be inspired by famous warriors, powerful statements, or the Leonin’s lion-like nature. Consider “Kharesh,” “Rargon,” and “Duroth.”

26. Zhaan — Leader in Leonin. Perfect for strong

27. Qhorr — Courageous one Great name for a brave man.

28. Xorr — It means “fast runner”. It suits a fast, agile temperament.

29. Sesho — Wise one in Leonin. An intellectual name.

30. Ghash — meaning “strong as a rock”

31. Throsh

32. Xhosho

33. Weshi

34. Krorri

35. Ghorr

36. Tzesho

37. Vethor

38. Ghaji

39. Qho

40. Zhasho

41. Osha

42. Gyrra

43. Rroso

44. Ghesh

45. Tzhaan

46. Fyrri

47. Sorr

48. Rraan

49. Qhorri

50. Gysha


Female Leonin names may convey strength and power with a feminine touch. They may reference powerful women, beauty, or the creature’s lion-like qualities. Examples are “Shira,” “Vayra,” and “Lionella.”

51. Zhoji — It means “light” or “luminary”. It suits a character who inspires.

52. Saani — Means “beauty”

53. Qaashi — Kind-hearted is the translation. It shows compassion.

54. Grra — It means “courageous one”. Excellent for a courageous female character.

55. Thasha — Wise and intelligent. A wise and intelligent character deserves this name.

56. Zhashi

57. Osoi

58. Fyrro

59. Zhosa

60. Ghara

61. Krorri

62. Weshi

63. Zhoji

64. Seshi

65. Qhorr

66. Qeshi

67. Zhashi

68. Zhoji

69. Ghoji

70. Seshi

71. Thorr

72. Qhorri

73. Qeshi

74. Zhashi

75. Zhoji


Puns, exaggerations of Leonin features, and lion-related phrases can make funny Leonin names. Try “Purrfect,” “Roarshock,” or “Scratchmittens.”

76. Claw-dius — Claudius-related pun

77. Paw-ter — A humorous take on Peter.

78. Furr-ank — Frank pun. For a plain Leonin furry character.

79. Grrr-ald — Gerald reimagined. Perfect for an always-growling character.

80. Purr-ter — Play on purr

81. Tail-or

82. Scratch-id

83. Whisk-er

84. Mane-fred

85. Fur-enzio

86. Leo-pard

87. Purr-son

88. Growl-ard

89. Roar-ick

90. Fuzz-ald

91. Mew-lan

92. Hiss-ter

93. Grrr-egory

94. Purr-cy

95. Lick-ard

96. Pounce-alot

97. Bite-ly

98. Snarl-son

99. Rumble-ard

100. Purr-kins


Leonin names are sweet and playful. The Leonin’s furry look, kitten-like features, and attractive temperament may inspire them. Examples are “Fluffmane,” “Pouncepaws,” and “Snugglefang.”

101. Snuggles — A kitten-like Leonin’s name.

102. Fluffy — A great Leonin name.

103. Cuddles — An affectionate Leonin name.

104. Soft-paw — Beautiful name for a kind Leonin.

105. Purrfect — A nice pun on perfect.

106. Whiskers

107. Twinkle-Toes

108. Tiny Roar

109. Furball

110. Kitty-Cat

111. Sunshine

112. Bright-Eyes

113. Warm-Purr

114. Sweet Roar

115. Happy-Tail

116. Pouncey

117. Cuddle-Bug

118. Snuggle-Lion

119. Playful-Pounce

120. Kitty-Soft-Paws

121. Love-Bug

122. Fuzzy-Wuzzy

123. Tiny-Claws

124. Little-Lion

125. Purr-Purr


Cool Leonin names reflect their power and majesty. They may be edgy, represent the creature’s strength and resilience, or originate from mythology or literature. Try “Stormclaw,” “Goldeneye,” or “Savannahstrider.”

126. Thunder Roar — A strong name for a thunderous Leonin.

127. Swift Claw — Suitable for a Leonin warrior.

128. Lightning Paw — Lightning-fast Leonins deserve creative names.

129. Storm Mane — A storm-like Leonin.

130. Night Prowler — A clever name for a stealthy, nocturnal Leonin.

131. Golden-Eye

132. Shadow Pounce

133. Fearless Roar

134. Quick-Slash

135. Fire Mane

136. Wind Pounce

137. Ice Claw

138. Steel-Eye

139. Dark Prowl

140. Silent Roar

141. Rapid Strike

142. Blaze Mane

143. Flash Paw

144. Thunder Strike

145. Iron Claw

146. Storm-Eye

147. Brave Heart

148. Swift Chase

149. Bold Prowl

150. Moon Strike

Final Words

In Dungeons & Dragons, Leonin names are a unique way for players to get into the game’s rich history and world-building. These names not only show how brave and strong the leonin race is, but they also give us a look at their culture and practices. When making their leonin characters, players can choose from a wide range of names, from strong and dominating ones like Kaelthas and Valor to more subtle and elegant ones like Seraphine and Astraea. So dive into the world of leonin naming customs and see what kind of character you can make.

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