75 Altmer Names Ideas From The Elder Scrolls V You Must Try Today

75 Altmer Names Ideas From The Elder Scrolls V You Must Try Today

Altmer (High Elves) are mer from Tamriel’s Summerset Isles. Altmer names reflect their ancient traditions and magical skills. Altmer names are elegant, wise, and powerful because they combine their rich past with unique aspirations. We explore Altmer names and their meanings in this post. The ancient Aldmeri language underpins Altmer culture and history, including their names. Each name represents an Altmer’s status and relationship to their forefathers.

Scholars and adventurers welcome to Altmer names. We boldly seek knowledge and truth to understand Altmer culture. Grab your quills and parchment and plunge into Altmer terminology. Today, we will reveal the meaning behind these prestigious titles and gain a new understanding of the High Elves. Are you ready for this language journey? Start now. Altmer name history is our first topic. Every name is connected to Altmer’s history and heritage.

Take a quick look at Dunmer Names. The etymology of these names might reveal their ancestors and cultural influences. Valenwood and Summerset may recall the Altmer’s rule over these large lands. They recall their golden past and power over the land. Altmer names have unique symbolism. Altmer names frequently express their refinement and sophistication. Names are full of graceful, flowing sounds and beautiful vowels. Aelindra and Calendoril embody Altmer values.

Altmer Names

Altmer names also reveal a person’s social status and goals. Noble families give their children grand names to emphasize their prestige in Altmer culture. These names are sophisticated and respectful, reminding them of their expectations. Commoners may choose names that reflect their talents or desires to climb above their position or make a distinction in their field.

External cultures and interactions shaped Altmer names. The Altmer have interacted with Bosmer, Dunmer, and Tamrielians throughout history. The Elder Scrolls interactions have shaped Altmer’s nomenclature, creating a diverse mix of names that represent their global connections.

1.    Alinor — A unisex name that could mean ‘brilliance’. This is also the name of the capital city of the Summerset Isles.

2.    Artaeum — Another unisex name that means ‘noble art’ and symbolizes the Altmer’s love of scholarship and the arts.

3.    Lillandril — A unisex name that could mean ‘song of enthusiasm’—ideal for an Altmer who enjoys music.

4.    Eton Nir — An prominent Altmer name that means ‘highest mountain’ and represents strength and power.

5.    Crystal Tower — A one-of-a-kind unisex name that represents the Altmer’s pristine and mysterious sides.

6.    Vulkhel Guard — It is named after a major port city and can signify a love of the sea or travel.

7.    Summerset — Meaning’set in summer,’ this is an ideal name for an Altmer who enjoys warm and sunny days.

8.    Auridon — A name that represents the dawn and a new beginning.

9.    Ondolemar — It means ‘mariner’ and is ideal for an Altmer who enjoys the sea.

10. Silatar — This name, which means “island of light,” is perfect for a mystical or spiritual Altmer.

11. Mathiisen — A location name that could be translated as ‘Math’s island,’ demonstrating the Altmer’s dedication to knowledge.

12. Sunhold — A unisex name that represents the sun’s intensity and splendor.

13. Elden Root — This might be translated as ‘olden root,’ indicating an Altmer’s reverence for ancient wisdom and nature.

14. Lillandrill — Enthusiastic song,’ ideal for an Altmer bard or poet.

15. Shimmerene — A one-of-a-kind name that means “light of shimmering light” for an Altmer with a bright personality.

16. Seyda Neen — A city name that might represent a person’s connection to their homeland.

17. Skywatch — A one-of-a-kind name that reflects the Altmer’s affinity for the sky and heavenly bodies.

18. Torinaan — This name, which means ‘loyal wave,’ could represent an Altmer’s steadiness.

19. Direnni — This can reflect one’s dignity and authority if named after an aristocratic clan.

20. Dusk — A fascinating, one-of-a-kind moniker for an Altmer who appreciates the peace and seclusion of dusk.

21. Firsthold — It’s an excellent name for a leader because it represents domination and authority.

22. Marbruk — A city name that could mean ‘marble bridge,’ implying an appreciation for architecture or sturdiness.

23. Rellenthil — A one-of-a-kind name that means “dance of joy,” ideal for an Altmer who enjoys partying.

24. Seaside Sanctuary — A unique but calming name that represents peace and serenity.

25. Eagle’s Strand — It’s ideal for a brave and independent Altmer, symbolizing independence and strength.

75 Altmer Names Ideas From The Elder Scrolls V You Must Try Today


Male Altmer names are typically sophisticated and frequently extravagant. They typically consist of multiple syllables and may have an ancient or mysterious tone. Examples could include “Aicantar,” “Calcelmo,” “Faelion,” or “Ondolemar.”

26. Aicantar — Means ‘loving music,’ and is ideal for a male Altmer bard.

27. Nelacar — This name can imply ‘champion light,’ which would be appropriate for a heroic Altmer.

28. Niranye — Translates to “faith in the endeavor,” which is appropriate for an Altmer with lofty goals.

29. Carandial — This name, which means ‘radiant home,’ could be appropriate for an Altmer with a strong sense of belonging.

30. Vingalmo — A name that means ‘long life’ and is appropriate for an elder male Altmer.

31. Estalenya — A powerful name that signifies ‘light of determination’ and is perfect for a male Altmer warrior.

32. Valano — This name translates to “strength,” and it represents a strong and powerful masculine Altmer.

33. Thalmor — It is a fitting name for a leader, as it means “hammer of the people.”

34. Curwe — A one-of-a-kind name that can imply ‘crafty,’ perfect for a cunning or sneaky Altmer.

35. Iirenoore — It’s a great name for a sea-loving Altmer, meaning “master of the sea.”

36. Ancarion — A name that can signify ‘light of life’ and is ideal for an encouraging and hopeful Altmer.

37. Rulindil — This name, which means “brilliant star,” would be appropriate for a scholarly or wise Altmer.

38. Tandilwe — This name, which means ‘teacher,’ would suit an Altmer who appreciates passing on knowledge.

39. Ranis — A commanding name that can signify ‘ruler,’ befitting of a noble Altmer.

40. Aldmer — Old elf’ is a fitting term for an elderly Altmer.

41. Larethor — A beautiful name for a valiant and fearless Altmer, meaning “golden hero.”

42. Tharstan — This name can imply ‘faithful,’ which is appropriate for a trustworthy Altmer.

43. Earmil — A name that means’love,’ ideal for a kind-hearted and kind Altmer.

44. Orchelor — This name, which means “golden song,” would be appropriate for a bard or musician.

45. Lorcalin — Translates to ‘golden hall’, representing nobility and power.

46. Nurelion — A powerful name that signifies “lion strength,” perfect for a bold Altmer.

47. Miranya — This name signifies ‘destiny’, great for an Altmer who believes in fate.

48. Rolis — A commanding name that means “ruler of the people.”

49. Thirsk — A unique name that can mean ‘thirst for knowledge’, ideal for a scholar.

50. Anarenen — This name can translate to ‘sunlight’, perfect for an optimistic and positive Altmer.


Female Altmer names are frequently melodic and regal. They are similarly polysyllabic and may possess a sense of elegance and beauty. A few examples are “Aerin,” “Nelacar,” “Faralda,” and “Nirya.”

51. Quaranir — Meaning ‘queen of Nirn’, this name would fit a powerful, regal female Altmer.

52. Nirya — This name can mean ‘endeavor’, perfect for a determined female Altmer.

53. Calcelmo — A beautiful name meaning ‘light of calculation’, for a scholarly or mage female Altmer.

54. Arannelya — Translates to ‘royal light’, fitting for a noble or regal female Altmer.

55. Elenwen — Meaning ‘star maiden’, this name would suit a female Altmer with a celestial or ethereal personality.

56. Altansil — A beautiful name meaning ‘radiant star’, suitable for a kind-hearted female Altmer.

57. Belanor — This name can translate to ‘strength and light’, representing a strong and inspiring female Altmer.

58. Eraven — A unique name that means ‘light of wisdom’, ideal for a wise and intelligent Altmer.

59. Hillevi — Meaning ‘healthy battle’, this name would fit a strong and healthy female Altmer warrior.

60. Lisondor — Translates to ‘beautiful gift’, suitable for a cherished female Altmer.

61. Meryaran — A unique name that means ‘joyous song’, perfect for a cheerful and musical Altmer.

62. Nalinril — This name can mean ‘song of joy’, great for a joyful and optimistic Altmer.

63. Quaranir — Meaning ‘queen of Nirn’, this name would fit a powerful, regal female Altmer.

64. Ranil — Translates to ‘queen’, fitting for a noble or regal female Altmer.

65. Sinrien — Meaning ‘mystic moon’, this name would suit a female Altmer with a celestial or ethereal personality.

66. Tumindil — A unique name that means ‘good heart’, great for a kind and compassionate Altmer.

67. Valaste — Meaning ‘strong’, this name would fit a strong-willed or ambitious female Altmer.

68. Aranyamil — Translates to ‘golden love’, a beautiful name for a lovable Altmer.

69. Caelia — Meaning ‘heavenly’, this name would suit a virtuous and angelic Altmer.

70. Darvynea — A unique name meaning ‘giver of life’, perfect for a caring and nurturing Altmer.

71. Eressea — Translates to ‘lonely one’, a fitting name for a solitary or independent Altmer.

72. Fainriel — Meaning ‘radiant beauty’, this name would suit a beautiful and radiant female Altmer.

73. Gildasel — This name can translate to ‘golden light’, reflecting a positive and sunny personality.

74. Heddvild — Meaning ‘fight’, this name is perfect for a strong and courageous Altmer warrior.

75. Iranye — This name can mean ‘goddess of the rainbow’, perfect for a colorful and vibrant female Altmer.

Final Words

High Elves value Altmer names. These names indicate their nobility, magic, and connection to Auri-El. Altmer society’s complexity is shown in its naming conventions and meanings. Altmer names reflect their rich history and a strong feeling of identity. When you meet an Altmer, take a moment to enjoy their name, which is a doorway into their world.

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