125+ Spiritual Names With Meaning For Your Grateful Destiny

125+ Spiritual Names With Meaning For Your Grateful Destiny

Spiritual names are key to understanding our individual connection to the divine. They can serve as a reminder of our origins, and our life purpose, and as a sign of who we authentically are. Having a spiritual name can be empowering, as it often serves as a touchstone for our life purpose and spiritual goals.

Choosing a spiritual name is an ancient tradition, but it is also an important part of life today. Whether you consider yourself a spiritual seeker or just curious, there are many reasons why spiritual names are so important. Your spiritual name is a representation of your soul and who you really are. It is a way to connect to the higher part of yourself and to the universe.

Take a quick look at Elemental Names ideas from Water, Fire, Air, And Earth. From a deeper connection to the greater divine to connecting to your true identity and deeper purpose in life, spiritual names can help bring out the true essence of your being and make you the best person you can be. A spiritual name is like a frequency that helps to connect you to the energy of the divine.

How To Choose The Best Spiritual Names For Your Baby?

Selecting the best spiritual names involves careful consideration of various factors like the name’s meaning, origin, and importance. Your name should reflect your ideals, beliefs, and spirituality. Choosing a spiritual name requires three considerations:

  1. Reflect on Meaning: Many spiritual traditions value name meaning. Consider whether the name matches your spiritual beliefs or indicates attributes you value. A meaningful, uplifting name can inspire and motivate you, reminding you of your spiritual path and beliefs.
  2. Origin: A name’s origin can reveal its cultural, historical, and spiritual importance. Names vary by culture and religion. Make sure the name’s origin matches your spiritual values. Choosing a name from your spiritual path can give depth and meaning.
  3. Connect with Your Intuition: Your ideal spiritual name is one that resonates with you. Choose a spiritual name by following your instincts. It should reflect your spiritual path and goals. Take your time, consider your options, and pick a name you love.

Spiritual Names

Have you ever felt an indescribable, magical connection with a certain name? An affinity that almost transcends your usual understanding of language? If you have, you’ve experienced the power of spiritual names. Spiritual names are an incredibly powerful tool that can help you to transform your life.

125+ Spiritual Names With Meaning For Your Grateful Destiny


1. Aanya — Sanskrit origin, signifying “grace” or “favour”.

2. Aanya — Meaning “inexhaustible” or “limitless” in Sanskrit.

3. Aarav — Sanskrit origin, signifying “peaceful” or “calm”.

4. Aditi — Sanskrit origin, “free” or “unbound” in meaning.

5. Aditya — Meaning “sun” or “son of Aditi, the Hindu goddess of abundance” in Sanskrit.

6. Advaita — Sanskrit origin, signifying “non-dual” or “unique”.

7. Advaita — Sanskrit origin, signifying “unique” or “singular”.

8. Ahava — Meaning “love” or “divine affection” in Hebrew.

9. Aisha — Meaning “living” or “alive” in Arabic.

10. Akash — Sanskrit origin, signifying “sky” or “space”.

11. Amal — Meaning “hope” or “aspiration” in Arabic.

12. Amara — Meaning “grace” or “divine gift” in its original African language.

13. Amara — Meaning “eternal” or “immortal” in Greek.

14. Amara — Sanskrit origin, signifying “immortal” or “eternal”.

15. Amira — Meaning “princess” or “leader” in Arabic.

16. Amrita — Meaning “immortal” or “nectar of the gods” in Sanskrit.

17. Amritsar — Meaning “pool of nectar” or “immortal essence” and of Sanskrit and Punjabi origin, after a holy city in Sikhism.

18. Anahata — unstruck or “unbeaten” is of Sanskrit origin and refers to the heart chakra.

19. Ananda — Meaning “bliss” or “happiness” in Buddhism.

20. Ananda — Sanskrit origin, signifying “bliss” or “joy”.

21. Anaya — Meaning “unique” or “one-of-a-kind” in Sanskrit.

22. Annapurna — full of food or “full of abundance” in Sanskrit, after the Hindu deity of nourishment and plenty, with the meaning “full of food” or “full of plenty.”

23. Anshika — Sanskrit origin, signifying “a part” or “a fragment”.

24. Aradhya — Sanskrit origin, signifying “worshipped” or “divine”.

25. Aria — Meaning “lioness of God” with a Hebrew origin.

26. Aria — The origin of the word “melody” or “song” is Italian.

27. Arielle — Meaning “lion of God” or “divine strength” in Hebrew.

28. Arjun — Meaning “bright” or “shining” in Hindi, after a warrior prince in Hindu mythology whose name means “bright”

29. Aryan — Sanskrit origin, signifying “noble” or “honorable”.

30. Asha — Meaning “truth” or “divine law” in Sanskrit.

31. Atman — Sanskrit origin, signifying “soul” or “true self”.

32. Avalon — Celtic name meaning “apple island” or “place of peace.”

33. Ayaan — Meaning “gift of God” or “divine blessing” in Arabic.


34. Bodhi — Sanskrit origin, signifying “awakening” or “enlightenment”.

35. Bodhisattva — A term of Sanskrit origin used in Buddhism to refer to a selfless being who has attained enlightenment.


36. Celestia — Meaning “heavenly” or “celestial” in Latin.


37. Deva — Sanskrit origin, signifying “god-like” or “divine”.

38. Devansh — part of the divine or “gift of God” in Sanskrit.

39. Devika — Sanskrit origin, signifying “little goddess” or “divine”.

40. Divya — Meaning “divine” or “celestial” in Sanskrit.

41. Divya — Meaning “divine” or “celestial” in Sanskrit.


42. Elara — Meaning “shining” or “bright” in Greek.

43. Eshita — Sanskrit origin, meaning “desired” or “longed for”.

44. Ezekiel — Meaning “God strengthens” or “God will strengthen” in Hebrew.


45. Faiza — Meaning “victorious” or “successful” in Arabic.

46. Farah — Meaning “joy” or “happiness” in Arabic.

47. Fatima — Meaning “one who abstains” or “one who weans” and of Arabic origin, after the daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.


48. Grace — Meaning “divine favor” or “blessing” in English.


49. Iman — Meaning “faith” or “belief” in Arabic.

50. Imani — Meaning “faith” or “belief” in Swahili.

51. Ishaan — Sanskrit origin, signifying “sun” or “sunbeam”.

52. Ishani — Sanskrit origin, signifying “goddess” or “divine”.

53. Ishvara — Sanskrit origin, signifying “supreme being” or “divine lord”.

54. Ishwari — Sanskrit origin, signifying “goddess” or “divine”.

55. Isra — Meaning “night journey” or “nocturnal” in Arabic.


56. Jagdish — lord of the universe or “ruler of the world” in Sanskrit.

57. Jai — Meaning “victory” or “triumph” in Sanskrit.

58. Jai — Meaning “victory” or “triumph” in Sanskrit.

59. Jivana — Originating in Sanskrit and meaning “life” or “vitality”

60. Jnana — Meaning “knowledge” or “wisdom” in Sanskrit.

61. Jyoti — Meaning “light” or “radiance” in Sanskrit.


62. Kairos — Meaning “the perfect moment” or “divine timing” in Greek.

63. Kareem — Meaning “noble” or “generous” in Arabic.

64. Kavya — Meaning “poetry” or “artistic expression” in Sanskrit.


65. Liora — Meaning “my light” or “God’s light” in Hebrew.

66. Luna — Meaning “moon” or “divine light” in Latin.


67. Madhava — Meaning “sweet like honey” or “delightful” in Sanskrit, after a name for the Hindu deity Vishnu.

68. Mahin — Meaning “related to the moon” or “moon-like” in Persian.


69. Namaste — A yoga and spiritual practice salutation of Sanskrit origin that means “I bow to the divine within you”

70. Nehemiah — Meaning “comforted by God” or “God’s comfort” in Hebrew.

71. Nirakar — formless is of Sanskrit origin and means “without shape”

72. Niranjana — spotless or “pure” derives from the Sanskrit.

73. Nirupa — Meaning “spiritual” or “divine form” in Hindi.

74. Nirvana — Meaning “state of enlightenment or liberation” in Sanskrit.

75. Noor — Meaning “light” or “illumination” in Arabic.

76. Noorani — Meaning “radiant” or “illuminated” in Arabic.


77. Omri — Meaning “God speaks” or “divine revelation” in Hebrew.


78. Phoenix — Greek origin, named after the mythical bird that rises from the embers to symbolize rebirth and change.


79. Rahim — Meaning “merciful” or “compassionate” in Arabic.

80. Rahma — Meaning “mercy” or “compassion” in Arabic.

81. Raja — Sanskrit origin, signifying “king” or “royalty”.

82. Rayaan — Arabic origin, signifying “paradise gates” or “luxurious.”

83. Rishi — Sanskrit origin, signifying “sage” or “seer”.

84. Roohi — Meaning “soul” or “spirit” in Arabic.

85. Roshan — Meaning “bright” or “shining” in Persian.

86. Rukmini — Meaning “radiant” or “shining” in Sanskrit, after a Hindu deity whose name means “radiant.”

87. Rumi — Meaning “mystic” or “inspired” and of Persian origin, after a famous Sufi poet, with the denotation “mystic”


88. Safiya — Meaning “pure” or “sincere” in Arabic.

89. Sahil — Meaning “shore” or “coast” in Arabic.

90. Sanya — Meaning “radiant” or “glowing” in Sanskrit.

91. Satori — Meaning “sudden enlightenment” or “spiritual awakening” in Japanese; “moon” or “goddess of the moon” in Greek.

92. Selene — Meaning “burning one” or “fiery angel” in Hebrew.

93. Seraphina — Sanskrit origin, signifying “divine feminine energy” or “power”.

94. Shakti — The Sanskrit word for “peace”

95. Shanti — Originating in Sanskrit and named for the Hindu deity of destruction and transformation.

96. Shiva — The origin of the word “auspicious” or “fortunate” is Sanskrit.

97. Shreya — Meaning “sun” or “radiant light” in Latin.

98. Solara — Meaning “sun standing still” or “celestial event” in Latin.

99. Solstice — Arabic term for a practitioner of Sufism, an Islamic esoteric belief system.

100. Sufi — Meaning “radiant” or “beautiful” in Sanskrit.

101. Sushma — Tibetan origin, signifying “holder of wisdom” or “upholder of teachings.”


102. Tenzin — Meaning “greatest” or “highest” in Arabic.


103. Uzma — Meaning “one who has renounced worldly attachments” or “detached” in Sanskrit.


104. Vairagi — Meaning “god of the water” or “rain” in Sanskrit.

105. Varun — Meaning “knowledge” or “sacred scripture” in Sanskrit.

106. Veda — Meaning “altar” or “sacred place” in Sanskrit.

107. Vedika — Sanskrit origin, signifying “dawn” or “morning”.

108. Vihaan — Meaning “light” or “radiance” in Arabic.


109. Yara — Originating in Sanskrit and meaning “fame” or “glory”

110. Yash — Meaning “jasmine flower” or “fragrance” in Arabic.

111. Yasmin — Meaning “grace” or “beauty” in Arabic.


112. Zenith — Spiritual enlightenment and growth at the highest stage.

113. Zara — Meaning “radiance” or “shining,” it represents the divine light inside and the connection to higher consciousness.

114. Zephyr — Spirituality’s relaxing and purifying breeze.

115. Zahirah — Shining or “luminous,” it symbolises soul radiance and spiritual beauty.

116. Zoltan — Life or “alive,” it symbolises the soul’s eternal nature and connectedness to the universe.

117. Zaraiah — God’s radiance, combining “Zara” and “Yah,” means divine benefits and spiritual light.

118. Zohar — Means “splendour” or “brilliance,” symbolising spiritual teachings’ deep understanding.

119. Zuni — Represents Zuni spirituality, embracing nature and spirits.

120. Zainab — Fragrant flower, it symbolises spiritual purity and soul blossoming.

121. Zephyrine — West wind, it symbolises spiritual vitality and transformation.

122. Ziva — Means “radiance” or “brightness,” symbolising inner illumination and spiritual rebirth.

123. Zadkiel — Righteousness of God, an archangel of charity, forgiveness, and spiritual regeneration.

124. Zayn — Beauty or “adornment,” it represents the soul’s pure beauty.

125. Zahid — It means “ascetic” or “devout,” indicating a spiritually disciplined life.

Final Words

Choosing a spiritual name entails considering its meaning, origin, and personal significance. When picking a name, consider your spirituality, values, and goals. You can choose a meaningful spiritual name by researching, reflecting, and connecting with your intuition.

When you receive a spiritual name, it is important to use it regularly. This helps to keep the connection strong and to anchor the new energy and vibration into your life. You can use your spiritual name in meditation, prayer, or even just in your everyday life as a way to connect to the divine.

It is believed that when you receive a spiritual name, you are also given a new vibration and a new identity. This new identity is different from your earthly name and is more in line with your true spiritual nature.

There are many benefits to having a spiritual name. One of the most powerful is that it can help you to connect to your true identity. It can help you to let go of old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you. It can also help you to connect to your higher purpose in life.

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