75+ Township Names Inspiring Ideas For Your Emerging City

Township names tell the story of our history and reflect the people who have gone before us. Whether it’s the name of a small village that dates back to a time long gone, or a borough commemorating an important figure, it’s the name of these townships that gives us a deeper understanding of our culture and our collective heritage.

Selecting the best township name can be an exciting yet daunting task. A good township name should be memorable, easy to pronounce, and reflective of the character and identity of the community. If you’re looking for some creative ideas for Township names, you have come to the right place.

Take a quick look at New York City Nicknames. Whether you’re starting a new neighborhood or giving a historic one a facelift, unique and meaningful names can help to set the tone. This post offers a range of creative ideas for township names, explored with a bold and assertive tone.

Township Names

Many township names are derived from the history and culture of the region. Researching the history and culture of the area can provide inspiration for a unique and meaningful name.

1. Cedarville — A town named after the cedar tree.

2. Maplewood — A town named after the maple tree.

3. Lakeside — A town situated by a lake.

4. Riverside — A town situated by a river.

5. Forest Hills — A town situated on the hills surrounded by forests.

6. Cherry Hill — A town named after the cherry tree.

7. Greenfield — A town with green fields.

8. Brookdale — A town with a brook or stream.

9. Hillcrest — A town situated on top of a hill.

10. Sunnydale — A town with sunny weather.

11. Pine Grove — A town with pine trees.

12. Willow Creek — A town with willow trees by a creek.

13. Ashland — A town named after the ash tree.

14. Birchwood — A town with birch trees.

15. Meadowbrook — A town with a meadow by a brook.

75+ Township Names Inspiring Ideas For Your Emerging City


Names that reflect the natural environment of the area can create a sense of connection and pride for residents. Consider names inspired by the landscape, flora, and fauna of the region.

16. Rockville — A town with rocks.

17. Westwood — A town situated to the west.

18. Northfield — A town situated to the north.

19. Southgate — A town situated to the south.

20. Eastview — A town with an eastward view.

21. Woodland Heights — A town situated on a highland with woodlands.

22. Springdale — A town with spring water.

23. Oak Hill — A town with oak trees on a hill.

24. Stonebrook — A town with stones by a brook.

25. Cherry Creek — A town with cherry trees by a creek.

26. Oak Grove — A town with oak trees.

27. Forestville — A town surrounded by forests.

28. Riverdale — A town situated by a river.

29. Pine Ridge — A town on a ridge with pine trees.

30. Ashwood — A town with ash trees.


A good township name should be simple and easy to pronounce. Avoid names that are too long, complicated, or difficult to spell.

31. Windham — English, “homestead with a windy hill”.

32. Tilden — Old English, “fenced pasture”.

33. Beekman — Dutch, “man from the brook”.

34. Whitewater — English, “stream with white water”.

35. Maricopa — Spanish, “people of the river”.

36. Sparta — Greek, “land of the sown”.

37. Brunswick — German, “brown settlement”.

38. Verona — Italian, “city in Italy”.

39. Haverhill — Old English, “hill with oats”.

40. Manassas — Native American, “place of refuge”.

41. Kingston — Old English, “king’s town”.

42. Montpelier — French, “mountain of stone”.

43. Caldwell — English, “cold stream”.

44. Radnor — Welsh, “great height”.

45. Zanesville — American, named after the Zane family.


Consult with community members to get their input on potential names. This can help build a sense of community ownership and pride in the name.

46. Madison — Old English, “son of Maud”.

47. Ashland — English, “land of ash trees”.

48. Newburgh — Scottish, “new town on the burgh”.

49. Skowhegan — Native American, “watching place for fish”.

50. Darien — Gaelic, “small oak grove”.

51. Arcadia — Greek, “region of rural peace and simplicity”.

52. Chesapeake — Algonquin, “great shellfish bay”.

53. Warwick — Old English, “dwellings near the weir”.

54. Kentwood — Old English, “wood of the border people”.

55. Bellingham — Old English, “hamlet with bell tower”.

56. Greenville — Old English, “village with green fields”.

57. Danville — Old English, “settlement of the Danes”.

58. Sidney — Old English, “wide island”.

59. Hadley — Old English, “heathery field”.

60. Franklin — Old English, “free man’s land”.


When selecting a township name, consider how it will hold up over time. A name that is too trendy or specific to a certain time period may not stand the test of time.

61. Bloomfield — Old English, “field of flowers”.

62. Fairfield — Old English, “fair village”.

63. Hillsboro — Old English, “fortified hill”.

64. Wexford — Irish, “county in Ireland”.

65. Leominster — Old English, “monastery of the Leofwine”.

66. Norwood — Old English, “north forest”.

67. Brighton — Old English, “bright town”.

68. Brandywine — Old English, “wine with brandy”.

69. Charleston — Old English, “settlement of the Charles”.

70. Hanover — German, “high banks”.

71. Millville — Old English, “mill town”.

72. Prospect — Latin, “view or outlook”.

73. Belvidere — Italian, “beautiful view”.

74. Easton — Old English, “eastern town”.

75. Gloucester — Old English, “Roman fort”.

76. Holliston — Old English, “hill of holly trees”.

77. Middlebury — Old English, “middle fortification”.

78. Nottingham — Old English, “homestead of the followers of Snot”.

79. Pembroke — Welsh, “land’s end”.

80. Putnam — Old English, “putting man’s land”.

81. Ridley — Old English, “reed meadow”.

82. Sherman — Old English, “shear man’s land”.

83. Sudbury — Old English, “south fortification”.

84. Tewksbury — Old English, “Tewk’s fortress”.

85. Wayland — Old English, “land by the road”.

Final Words

Choosing a township name for your game might be difficult but fun. The name’s origins and meaning must match the game’s concept and storyline. A well-chosen township name can enhance the game’s lore and immersion.

Including the game’s location and culture can also make the township name more real and unique. It can also help distinguish the game from others in its genre. A well-chosen township name can define the game and attract fans.

Game developers must choose the right township name. With a little research and ingenuity, you can create a township name that properly encapsulates your game and makes it more memorable for gamers.

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