50+ New Muscular Names for Men, Women, and Dogs Just For You

Muscular names have been a popular trend in recent years, particularly in the fitness and bodybuilding communities. These names often consist of one or two words that convey strength, power, and athleticism, such as Titan, Hercules, or Spartan. The origin of these names can be traced back to ancient mythology and history, where legends of powerful warriors and demigods have inspired people for centuries.

The muscular names are a popular approach for fitness professionals to promote themselves and stand out in a crowded market. Fitness fans can build a dedicated following by choosing a strong and distinctive moniker. These names can also motivate people to stay focused and reach new heights.

Take a quick look at Fitness Instagram Names. Muscular names can be entertaining and effective for fitness marketers, but they may not be a good long-term investment. While a remarkable name might help someone stand out, their actions and outcomes will define their success in the field. Muscular names may be appropriate for fitness practitioners but unprofessional for other professionals.

Muscular Names

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50+ New Muscular Names for Men, Women, and Dogs Just For You


From ancient mythology to contemporary popular culture, muscular male names suggest power and strength.

1. Atlas — In honour of the Titan who supported the globe on his shoulders.

2. Thor — named for the Norse deity of lightning and thunder.

3. Zeus — named for the Greek god of lightning and thunder.

4. Hercules — named for the mythical Greek hero.

5. Achilles — named for the Greek warrior who participated in the Trojan War.

6. Samson — a biblical person renowned for his extraordinary physical strength and power.

7. Goliath — called after the biblical giant warrior David defeated.

8. Titan — named after the mighty and immortal Greek giants.

9. Apollo — named for the Greek god of light and music

10. Ares — named for the Greek fighting god Ares.

11. Poseidon — named for the Greek sea god Poseidon.

12. Adonis — derived from the ancient Greek god of beauty and desire.

13. Mars — named for the Roman combat deity Mars.

14. Odin — named for the Norse deity of intelligence.

15. Beowulf — named after Anglo’s mythical hero.

16. Colossus — named for the enormous statue of the ancient Greek titan Helios.

17. Conan — called after the invented barbarian warrior by Robert E. Howard.

18. Cyclops — called for the largest.

19. Gladiator — derived from the ancient Roman combatants who fought at the Colosseum.


Women with muscular names reflect a ferocious and mighty character based in mythology and folklore.

20. Valkyrie — A formidable warrior woman from Norse mythology.

21. Amazon — A group of female warriors from Greek mythology.

22. Artemis — She is the goddess of hunting and the forest, and she is renowned for her physical power.

23. Athena — Often represented as a strong warrior, the goddess of wisdom and combat.

24. Gaia — The Greek soil goddess, representing strength and power.

25. Hera — In Greek mythology, the queen of the gods, noted for her power and determination.

26. Isis — Often represented as muscular and robust, the Egyptian goddess of childbirth and fertility.

27. Kali — Often represented with powerful arms and legs, Kali is the Hindu goddess of destruction and power.

28. Medusa — A Greek legendary creature with snakes for hair who is renowned for her ferocity and terrifying gaze.

29. Nike — Usually represented as a muscular figure, the Greek goddess of triumph.

30. Penthesilea — A queen of the Amazons who is renowned for her physical strength and combat prowess.

31. Rhea — The Greek goddess of motherhood and fertility, associated with strength and power.

32. Sekhmet — Usually represented with powerful arms and legs, the Egyptian goddess of war and might.

33. Shakti — A Hindu goddess of strength and vitality who is frequently represented with a strong figure.

34. Sif — A Norse fertility and harvest goddess renowned for her physical strength and endurance.

35. Skadi — Often represented as a strong warrior, the Norse goddess of skiing and hunting.

36. Thetis — The Greek goddess of the sea, representing strength and might.

37. Tiamat — A Mesopotamian goddess of chaos and might, frequently represented with a strong physique.

38. Xochiquetzal — A goddess of love, fertility, and beauty in Aztec mythology, frequently represented with a muscular figure.

39. Yemoja — A Yoruba sea deity who represents strength and power.


Muscular dog names express force and fury, making them ideal for breeds noted for their strength and athleticism.

40. Hulk — Named for the comic book character renowned for his immense size and power.

41. Diesel — Called for the gasoline used in engines with high horsepower.

42. Tank — Given the name of a military vehicle, which represents strength and might.

43. Goliath — Named for the biblical giant from the story of David and Goliath.

44. Thor — Named for the Norse thunder and strength deity Thor.

45. Zeus — Named after the Greek mythological king of the gods who was renowned for his strength and power.

46. Apollo — Associated with athletic power; named after the Greek god of the sun and song.

47. Atlas — Taking its name from the mythical figure who carried the weight of the universe on his shoulders.

48. Caesar — Taking its name from the mighty Roman Emperor.

49. Grendel — Monster from the epic poem Beowulf, renowned for his ferocity and might.

50. Maverick — Known for her independence and strength willed character from the movie Top Gun.

51. Maximus — Named after the famously courageous and strong gladiator from the film Gladiator.

52. Odin — Taking its name from the Norse deity of wisdom, war, and death, and linked with strength and might.

53. Samson — The biblical person who was renowned for his incredible physical prowess.

54. Titan — Named for the mighty deities of Greek mythology.

55. Brutus — Given the name of the Roman senator who played a crucial role in the killing of Julius Caesar.

56. Conan — Named after the physically formidable barbarian hero from the novels of Robert E. Howard.

57. Fang — A name derived from a sharp canine tooth, denoting fury and might.

58. Jax — Character from the video game Mortal Kombat whose physical strength and combat skills are well-known.

59. King — A name derived from a king, denoting strength and authority.

Final Words

Muscular names have become a popular trend in recent years, particularly in the fitness industry. These names have their origin in ancient mythology and history, and serve as a way for individuals to brand themselves and stand out in a crowded market. While the use of muscular names can be effective in the short term, it is important to consider whether it is a wise investment in the long run, and whether it is appropriate for one’s particular profession or industry.

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