70+ Saiyan Names Ideas That You Can Pick For Your Child

70+ Saiyan Names Ideas That You Can Pick For Your Child

This blog post explores Saiyan names, their origins, and their varied meanings and purposes. We study the inventive and unique identities of these mythical warriors and how different tribes and cultures use these names to give them more meaning. This post should help Saiyans choose names more thoughtfully.

Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan are common Saiyan names. Some Saiyans use multiple names, while others use one. Each Saiyan has a distinct manner of referring to themself.

Saiyan names go beyond identification. These names have significance, history, and creativity. Each name has a story, origin, and meaning in the Saiyan naming custom.

List of Saiyan Names

Most Saiyan names come from their old language, assumed to be a derivative of ancient Earth languages. Many Saiyan names resemble Earth names. Like,

  • Nappa—”Cabbage” in Hebrew.
  • Sarada—Japanese for “salad.” It’s Sasuke and Sakura Uchiha’s daughter.
  • Bage—”Vegetable” in African. Dragon Ball’s Saiyan character’s name.
  • Beatroo—An English name based on “beetroot,” Beatroo is a rare Saiyan name.
  • Noppal—The most unusual Saiyan name is Noppal. It may be a play on “nopal” or “cactus” in Hebrew.
  • Paragu—Spanish for “of the cactus”
  • Bokcho—Korean for “cabbage”
  • Carole—French for “cabbage,” Carole.
  • Articho—Spanish for “artichoke”
  • Suncho—Spanish for “sunflower.”


  • Gobo—Japanese for “burdock”
  • Orat—Hebrew for “cabbage.”
  • Lery—French for “radish,” Lery.
  • Noino—Most Saiyan names are derived from the plants and vegetables of their native planet, although a few are more inventive.
  • Pumpki—An unique Saiyan name, Pumpki may be a pun on “pumpkin”.
  • Galanga—”Ginger” in Thai.
  • Planta—Spanish for “plant.”
  • Cress—English cress meaning “cress”.
  • Okarot—Okarot is a rare Saiyan name. It may be a play on “nopal” or “cactus” in Hebrew.
  • Gorlick—Gorlick means “cabbage” in Hebrew.
  • Cassa—Latin for “cabbage.”
  • Kolard—Hebrew for “cabbage.”
  • Totoma—Hebrew for “cabbage”
  • Dive—”Turnip” in French.
  • Avoca—Irish name based on “avocado.”
  • Lemogras—”Lemongrass” in French.


Saiyan Names For Boys

Are you expecting a boy and seeking a name that captures the Saiyans’ bravery from “Dragon Ball Z”? Choosing a distinctive baby name might be difficult! Fortunately, there are many powerful Saiyan names for baby boys. This site covers everything from Vegeta and Goku to Broly and Champa. Check out these Saiyan names!

  • Sarada—Japanese for “salad.” It’s Sasuke and Sakura Uchiha’s daughter. Sarada’s name indicates her independence.
  • Kassava—African for “cassava.”
  • Raddis—Raddis means “radish” in Hebrew.
  • Tichoke—Vietnamese for artichoke.
  • SabiLemogras—”Sable lemongrass” in French.
  • Matiloto—”Wild spinach” in African.
  • Corget—French for “turnip,” Corget.
  • Colrab—Hebrew for “cabbage.”
  • Been—Irish name Been is a pun on “bean”.
  • Corgetta—French for “small turnip,” Corgetta.
  • Galalang—”Ginger” in Thai.
  • Rutaba—The Arabic name means “turnip”.
  • Okora—Hebrew for “cabbage,” Okora.
  • Rutaba—”Turnip” in Arabic. Rutaba is powerful.
  • Radis—”Radish” in Hebrew. Radis is a vigorous, independent plant.
  • Gula—Arabic for “turnip.”
  • Komatsuna—Japanese mustard greens.
  • Aubergee—French for “turnip.”
  • Colrab—Hebrew for “cabbage.”
  • Kaper—”Cabbage” in Hebrew.
  • Spargu—Hebrew for “asparagus,” Spargu.


Saiyan Names For Girls

Have you searched for a powerful name for your daughter? If so, a Saiyan name for girls is perfect! Saiyan names have a long history of bravery and valour, making them ideal for your child. This site can help you find meaningful Saiyan names for your daughter that meet varied origins and expectations. Explore Saiyan names for girls that spark your imagination.

  • Celleri—”Celery” in French.
  • Iceber—Hebrew for “cabbage,” Iceber.
  • Parsnap—The English term means “parsnip”.
  • Okarot—A play on “nopal” or “cactus” in Hebrew.
  • Peppa—The Hebrew name Peppa is a spin on “pumpkin” or “gourd”.
  • Komatsuna—Japanese mustard greens.
  • Gangal—Hindi for “onion,” Gangal.
  • Okchoy—”Bok choy” in Chinese.
  • Lettus—Latin for lettuce.
  • Niun—Hebrew for “cabbage,” Niun.
  • Collar—Latin for “neck,” Collar.
  • Aspara—Greek for “asparagus”
  • Squas—Italian for “squash.”
  • Escar—”Turnip” in French.
  • Turrip—”Turnip” in Latin.
  • Ugula—Latin for “onion,” Ugula.
  • CallionRugool—The Hebrew word means “turnip”.
  • Matillo—”Wild spinach” in African.
  • Pasley—”Parsley” in Hebrew is Pasley.
  • Celeron—”Celery” in French.
  • Luffa—Arabic for “sponge.” Luffa plants make natural sponges.
  • Beetroo—Beetroo means “beetroot” in Hebrew. Beetroo is a robust, independent plant.

How to Find a Good Saiyan Name?

Names define Saiyans. Finding a solid Saiyan name is important if you’re joining the military, changing jobs, or expressing yourself. Choosing a nice Saiyan name might be challenging, especially for beginners. Fortunately, there are simple ways to choose a wonderful Saiyan name that reflects your ideals. This blog discusses choosing a good Saiyan name.

Names are identities. You and others see you. Names should represent personality, interests, and ideals. Remember these things when choosing a Saiyan name.

  • Famous Saiyans can help you find a nice name. These Saiyans are famous for their accomplishments. These names can inspire your own.
  • The meaning of names might help you choose a Saiyan name. This helps you grasp what a name means and how it affects your identity. Knowing a name’s significance can help you choose one.
  • Finally, listen to the name. Good Saiyan names are easy to pronounce and sound decent. You don’t want a name that’s hard to pronounce or unpleasant.

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Final Words

Saiyan names are highly individualised and frequently represent the individual’s culture or personality. Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta are among the most prevalent names. Also, many Saiyan names have either positive or bad connotations or specific meanings. For example, Bulma’s name may signify her scientific brilliance, whereas Zarbon’s name may signify evil. So, it is essential to select a name that shows your individuality and does not annoy others.

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