150+ Cool Assassin Names for Male & Female

150+ Cool Assassin Names for Male & Female

The names of assassins are a mystery to most. Nonetheless, the majority of assassins are relatively unknown. Here is a list of ten of the most well-known assassin names and their possible meanings.

Choosing the ideal assassin name can be challenging. There are numerous options available, and you must choose one that fits the character you are developing. This blog is intended to present you with a variety of assassin names to assist you in finding the ideal one for your plot. We have gathered a collection of traditional and contemporary assassin names that are suitable for any character you may choose to create. We hope this list serves as a useful resource.

Several factors should be considered when selecting an assassin’s name. You must first ensure that the name inspires terror in the hearts of your victims. A good assassin’s moniker should be menacing and evocative of his or her abilities. Second, you must ensure that the name is memorable and easy to say. After all, you want your victims to be able to recall who murdered them when they tell the authorities the story. Lastly, you must ensure that the name is unique. There are numerous assassin personas in existence, and you want yours to stand out.

List of Assassin Names from Mythology

Assassins have always been intrigued by their daring and mystery. We will show you a list of assassin names from different countries, time periods, and interesting stories, along with their meanings, to help you grasp their significance. Travel!

  • Azrael – Angel of Death — The Jewish and Islamic Angel of Death is Azrael. “God helps” is his name. Azrael, the Jewish Angel of Death, takes souls from corpses. Azrael, one of the four archangels in Islam, records good and bad deeds.
  • Cain – First Murderer — “Acquired” is his name. Jealous Cain killed Abel. He was expelled from Paradise and marked so no one would.
  • Dagda – Celtic God of Death — Celtic death god Dagda. He’s called “good god”. Dagda usually has a long beard and is large. He often carries a club and cauldron. Dagda fathered Brid in Celtic legend. He married Morrigan.
  • Eir – Norse Goddess of Healing— Norse healing goddess Eir. Mercy/peace is her name. Eir is a blonde young woman. She carries healing plants. Asclepius learned healing from Eir, a Norse goddess.
  • Grim Reaper – Personification of Death — The Grim Reaper personifies death. He’s usually a black-cloaked skeleton. He often carries a scythe. Folklore loves the Grim Reaper. He represents death in art and literature.
  • Freya – Norse Goddess of Death — Norse death goddess Freya. Lady’s her name. Freya has long golden hair and is lovely. She rides black cat-pulled chariots. Freya, the Norse goddess of love and fertility, Valkyrie queen.
  • Grim – Another Name for Death — Another Term for Death His name means “hooded one”. Grim is usually a skeleton in a cloak. Grim is Death in numerous stories. He often carries a scythe.
  • Harvest – The Season of Death — The season of death. Crops are harvested and days shorten. Several cultures celebrate Harvest with festivals. People also contemplate life and death.
  • Kali – Hindu Goddess of Death — Hindu goddess of death Kali. “Black one” describes her. Kali is a four-armed black woman. She often carries a sword and a severed head. Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction, is Shiva’s wife.
  • Morrigan – Celtic Goddess of War — “Great queen” is her name. Morrigan usually has black hair. Death is considered normal in many cultures. Folklore typically personifies death. Assassin names from various cultures and time times have implications. These assassin names and their origins are examined here.
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  • Grimnir – Norse God of War — Battle deity Grimnir is Norse. “Masked” is his name. Grimnir has a blacksmith’s hammer and is muscular. He often wears black caulking armor. Odin’s father is Grimnir. He’s also a brave god.
  • Hel – Norse Goddess of Death— Norse death goddess Hel. “Hidden” is her name. Hel is usually a pale woman. She rides black horses or chariots. Hel rules the Norse underworld, Helheim. Loki’s daughter.
  • Kali – Hindu Goddess of Death —”Black one” describes her. Kali is usually a dark-skinned woman. She wears a skull skirt and a head necklace. Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction, is Shiva’s wife.
  • Persephone – Greek Goddess of the Underworld —  Her name means “destroyer”. Black-haired Persephone is normal. She often holds pomegranates. Persephone, the underworld queen, is in Greek mythology. Zeus and Demeter’s daughter.
  • Sekhmet – Egyptian Goddess of War— “Powerful” is her name. Sekhmet usually has a lioness head. She carries swords and spears. Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of power, Ptah’s wife.
  • Nemesis – Greek Goddess of Retribution — “Give what is due” is her name. Nemesis is usually a winged woman. She often carries a sword or scale. Nemesis is the Greek goddess of justice and balance. Revenge is her goddess.
  • Samael – Jewish Angel of Death — “God’s venom” is his name. Samael usually has wings. He carries swords and scorpions. Samael, the Jewish Angel of Death, takes souls from corpses.
  • Yama – Hindu God of Death — “Restrainer” is his name. Yama is a green-skinned dude. He rides buffaloes and black chariots. Yama, the Hindu god of justice, rules the underworld. Dharma’s god.
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Female Assassin Names

It is often difficult to come up with fitting names for female characters, yet that doesn’t mean you should settle for a generic name. If you are looking to create a formidable female assassin character, you should consider something that serves as a warning to your adversaries. To help you with this idea, here is a list of some of the most distinct and powerful female assassin names, each with its own unique meaning.

  • Baalzebub — “Lord of the Flies”.
  • Calamity Jane — ” bringer of disaster”.
  • Delilah — ” seductive woman”.
  • Fenris — ” large and dangerous wolf”.
  • Harpy — “monstrous woman with the body of a vulture”.
  • Jormungandr — “World Serpent”.
  • Lilith — “first wife of Adam”.
  • Morrigan — “war goddess”.
  • Nidhogg — “river serpent”.
  • Scylla — “monster with six heads”.
  • Typhon — ” giant with a hundred heads”.
  • Valkyrie — ” chooser of the slain”.
  • Circe — “enchantress”.
  • Delilah — ” seductress”.
  • Jezebel — “evil woman”.
  • Lilith — “first wife of Adam”.
  • Morticia — “death—like”.
  • Pandora — “all—gifted”.
  • Widowmaker — “one who brings death to widows”.
  • Morgana — “sea—witch”.
  • Oberon — “queen of the fairies”.
  • Semiramis — “legendary Babylonian queen”.
  • Titania — “goddess of the moon”.
  • Niviane — ” destroyer”.
  • Furiae — ” rage”.
  • Alecto — “unending anger”.
  • Megaera — “grudging”.
  • Tisiphone — “avenger of murder”.
  • Erinnyes — “fury”.
  • Megaera — “jealous anger”.
  • Tisiphone — “avenging murder”.


Male Assassin Names

A collection of badass male assassin names with meaning can be useful for writing, role-playing, or just inquisitive. This blog post lists male assassin names with powerful origins and descriptions that add character and depth to your story, whether you’re inspired by fantasy, history, or classic literature. Explore and find your creation’s name!

  • Azrael—Hebrew for “whom God helps”-fits a main assassin.
  • Cain—the Bible’s first murderer-means “acquired” or “possessed”.
  • Cassius—Latin for “empty” or “shallow.”
  • Ernst—Germanic for “serious” or “resolute”.
  • Kane—Celtic for “Tribute” or “Warrior”.
  • Killian—”Little tough one” in Irish.
  • Lachlan—Scottish for “land of lakes”.
  • Malik—Arabic for “king” or “ruler”.
  • Neo—Greek for “new” or “young”.
  • Rami—Arabic for “high” or “exalted”.
  • Samael—Hebrew for “poison of God”-fits a ruthless assassin.
  • Damien—Greek for “tame”-is the Antichrist’s name.
  • Ethan— “Strong,” “solid,” or “long-lived” in Hebrew.
  • Garrett—Germanic for “spear thrower” in English.
  • Jude—a Latin name meaning “praised” or “offer thanks”-fits an assassin.
  • Kane—Celtic for “warrior”.
  • Malcolm—A Scottish name derived from “mael” meaning “disciple” and “coluim” meaning “dove,” Malcolm is ideal for a murderous assassin.
  • Saul—first Israel’s king, whose name means “desired” or “asked for” in Hebrew.
  • Xavier—Latin for “bright” or “new house,” this name is appropriate for a new assassin in your novel.
  • Zane—A Hebrew name meaning “God is gracious”-ironic for a murderer.
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Cool Assassin Names

Looking for a fantastic assassin name for yourself or a character in your story? This blog post lists excellent assassin names and their meanings for you to choose from! This list contains something for everyone, whether you want a strong name or a funny one. Take your time to find the perfect name and learn its meaning. Start!

  • Hellequin—from Old French “mask.” This name suits a stealthy assassin.
  • Samael—”Venom of God” in Hebrew. This name suits a dangerous and efficient assassin.
  • Chupacabra—A Mexican folkloric name. “Goat-sucker” refers to a monster that drains its victims’ blood. This moniker suits an assassin who kills quickly and mercilessly.
  • Morrigan—Celtic goddess of war and death. This name suits a ruthless assassin.
  • Raven—Raven connotes mystery and darkness. This name suits a mysterious assassin.
  • Phantom—A ghostly name. Ethereal assassins need this name.
  • Whisper—A stealthy name. This name suits a silent, deadly assassin.
  • Death-associated Reaper. This name suits an efficient and brutal assassin.
  • Death—Death is self-explanatory. This name suits a feared and respected assassin.
  • Damien—The devil’s name. This name suits a nefarious assassin.
  • Hades—Greek underworld god Hades. This name fits a cold-blooded assassin.
  • Merlin—Magic and mystery are connected with Merlin. This name suits a deceptive assassin.
  • Loki—Norse deity of cunning and trickery. This name suits a devious assassin.
  • Rook—Rook suggests a raptor. This name suits a fast, decisive assassin.
  • Cobra—A deadly, venomous snake. This name suits a swift and lethal killer.

How to find a good Assassin Name

Whether it’s for Halloween, for a business name, or for cosplay, choosing a good assassin name can be both difficult and intimidating. For starters, it’s important to remember that the ideal assassin’s name should be memorable, clever, and professional. In this blog, we will discuss some tips and tricks for finding a good assassin name that meets these criteria.

  • Pick a name that is easy to remember and pronounce.
  • Avoid choosing a name that is too similar to other assassin names.
  • Make sure your name is not too long or too short.
  • Choose a name that reflects your assassin persona.
  • Avoid using your real name.
  • Brainstorm with a friend or family member.
  • Use an online name generator.
  • Get creative!

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Final Words

Assassin names can be incredibly powerful and evocative. They can make a target feel unsafe, or inspire a sense of dread. If you’re thinking of naming your assassin character, consider something that will fit the role you want them to play in your story.

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