350+ Troll Nicknames Non Provocative Ideas For Having Fun

Troll nicknames are a way for trolls to anonymously communicate and identify themselves to one another. Some of the more popular troll nicknames include “sir,” “daddy,” and “big guy”. Attention all Trolls. Are you looking for the perfect nickname to show off your unique and creative personality? Then look no further.

Trolls are a unique and fascinating group of people. They are often misunderstood, but that doesn’t stop them from being hilarious and entertaining. Some of the most popular troll nicknames are things like “Rain Man” or “Butterfly”.

Take a quick look at Funny Character Names. As the internet has grown, so too has the popularity of trolling. People use different nicknames to troll others, and some of these nicknames have become quite popular. Some examples include “Fred,” “Darth Vader,” and “The Godfather”.

Troll Nicknames

Imaginative, inventive, and downright outrageous troll nicknames are the perfect way to have some fun and stand out from the crowd. Are you fed up with being called the same old boring names day in and day out? Well, why not shake things up with a troll nickname?

1. Unstoppable Force – Anyone who is able to overcome great obstacles in their life.

2. The Immortal – A nickname for someone who is seemingly unstoppable and immortal.

3. The Destroyer – A person who is known for causing destruction, usually in a physical sense.

4. The Beast – A person who is strong, powerful, and ferocious.

5. Dark One – A person who is associated with darkness, either in their appearance or in their actions.

6. Angel of Death – A person who is known for bringing death, destruction, and chaos.

7. The Innocent – A person who is pure and innocent, usually in contrast to the rest of the world.

8. The Legend – A person who is famous and well-known, usually for their accomplishments.

9. The Outcast – A person who is rejected by society and is an outcast.

10. The Rebel – A person who rebels against authority and rejects societal norms.

11. The Maverick – A person who is independent and does things their own way.

350+ Troll Nicknames Non Provocative Ideas For Having Fun


Have you ever had someone call you a weird name and you didn’t know what it meant? Well, there are a lot of cool troll nicknames out there that people use on each other.

12. Skree — A name for a Troll who always screams or makes loud noises.

13. Hukka — A name for a Troll who smokes hookah or other tobacco goods all the time.

14. Zuljin — A name for a strong Troll ruler or leader.

15. Nisha — A name for a Troll who talks quickly or is funny.

16. Malaspinas — A name for a Troll who is always getting into trouble or making trouble.

17. Jintha — A name for a Troll who always has a story or tale to tell.

18. Galara — A name for a Troll who knows how to use magic or has a mysterious air about them.

19. Voodoodoll — A name for a Troll who likes to use dark magic like voodoo.

20. Krag’wa — A name for a Troll who knows how to hunt and track like a pro.

21. Drakuru — A name for a Troll who knows how to make potions or is good at alchemy.

22. Hamedi

23. Forium

24. For Willow

25. For Journeyman

26. Orcs- evil

27. Tunher and Duheron

28. Atae

29. For Tag

30. Arany

31. Trolls Berry

32. Kabanda

33. Forscape

34. For Creator

35. Angel of death

36. Sligo

37. Zulabar

38. Malrakir

39. Laojin

40. Trolls Seed

41. For Jet

42. Jumoke

43. Chenille

44. OsamasGhost

45. Ymer- very old

46. Maalik

47. Hyptu

48. Jotnar- gigantic

49. Noobies Predators

50. Zinjold

51. Trolls Highlight

52. For Javelin

53. Zoljin

54. Erodjan

55. For Smar

56. Names Prestige

57. Halasuwa

58. Names Layer

59. Kanjin

60. Hermoine

61. Diana

62. Kaijin

63. Laojin

64. Vinjin

65. Vriska

66. Names Hiatus

67. Kea

68. Tirezi

69. For Urbane

70. Alzim

71. For Attract

72. Names Optimal

73. Trolls Commando

74. Namopolis

75. Names Bridge

76. Avargin

77. Zebajin

78. Basmeht

79. For Bank Shot

80. Seshi

81. Venhap

82. Names Dreamy

83. Names Art

84. Tizali

85. Nyabingi

86. Trolls Angel

87. For Choice

88. Trolls Lion

89. Bonoqo

90. Ayagi

91. Trolls Miraculous

92. Trolls Pause

93. Trolls Review

94. Jabomve

95. Hailith

96. Bunjin

97. Zunabar

98. For Charm

99. Prerrahar

100. Valja

101. Wonjin


Trolls are always up for a good time, and they know how to have fun. They come up with some of the funniest, most clever nicknames for each other.

102. Gub — A name for a Troll who is small or who looks harmless and cute.

103. Razzashi — A name for a Troll warrior or fighter who is fierce and aggressive.

104. Zul’jin — This is a great name for a troll boss, whether in a game or in real life, because it means “chieftain.”

105. Jin’rokh — This is a scary name for a troll fighter or hero, as it means “breaker of heroes”

106. Rastakhan — A name that means “king of the trolls” is a good fit for a strong and powerful troll boss.

107. Zanzil — This is a great name for a troll shaman or healer because it means “witch doctor.”

108. Sen’jin — It means “tribe of trolls” and is a great name for a group of trolls or a clan.

109. Vilebranch — The name “corrupted branch” fits a group of trolls who have gone bad.

110. Darktusk — A troll with a name that means “evil tusk” is feared for being strong and mean.

111. Hexx — A troll who does dark magic should have a name that means “curse”

112. Jabir

113. Gamjee

114. Anonymous knight

115. Jinjin

116. For Operation

117. Names Defender

118. Girisha

119. Yishi

120. Jadis

121. Jalai

122. Trolls Heart

123. Trolls Dash

124. Kizie

125. Zhoumai

126. Zebajin

127. For Merch

128. Kahnane

129. Jiranty

130. Kanjin

131. For Zen

132. Killspree

133. For Ivy

134. Zulbaljin

135. Rapshider

136. mountain

137. Teza

138. Dynos

139. Mike

140. Seji

141. Trolls Plasma

142. Plain privilege

143. For Precise

144. Dixie

145. For Hype

146. Trolls Lavish

147. Ekon

148. Zulkraa

149. Zufem

150. Osamaisback

151. Bad2TheBone

152. Aavo

153. Zalma

154. Teshi

155. Kaijin

156. Zufem

157. Trolls Symbol

158. For Burn

159. Trolls Stone

160. Zufem

161. Trolls Aisle

162. Names Dobby

163. Ditit

164. Trolls Wax

165. Trolls Path

166. Names Spike

167. Names Eagle

168. Jezemalu

169. Ben

170. Hrungnir

171. Zola

172. Shadrala

173. Teza

174. Tayo

175. Trolls Palace

176. Dark elf

177. Shaktilar

178. Names Tog

179. Makas

180. Trolls Develop

181. Zevrij

182. Meimei

183. Usitutie

184. Yoko Brono

185. Zulrea

186. Rasberm

187. Trolls Melancholy

188. Seshi

189. Trolls Kepler

190. Names Answer

191. Kiya


Trolls are people who enjoy messing with other people on the internet. Some of the most popular troll nicknames are ones that reference their personality or appearance.

192. Zul’Gurub — The City of Gold is a name that fits a place where trolls meet or a treasure chest.

193. Shadra — This is a great name for a troll who worships spiders or is good at finding and killing them.

194. Gan’arg — The name “crazed troll” fits a troll who has gone crazy or is known for being unpredictable.

195. Hakkari — The name means “bloodthirsty,” which is a good fit for a fierce troll fighter or hunter.

196. Gurubashi — It means “tribe of the jungle” and is a great name for a group of trolls who live in a forest or jungle.

197. Voodoo — The name “Magical Beliefs” is a good fit for a troll who does black magic.

198. Zul’Farrak — The name means “city of gold and jewels,” which is a good name for a treasure trove or a place with a lot of money.

199. Zul’Aman — A place with a name that means “place of power” is likely to be mysterious or magical.

200. Zul’Drak — Land of the Blue Snake is a great name for a troll land or region.

201. Skarr — This is a good name for a troll fighter or mage who is good at fire magic because it means “scorched earth.”

202. Kyvir

203. Trolls Ambition

204. Jinjin

205. Zallah

206. For Pursue

207. Ajin

208. Names Help

209. For Focus

210. Baymorda

211. Names Turbo

212. Names Ether

213. Trolls Bash

214. Usitutie

215. Trolls Impulse

216. Trolls Scry

217. Ziataima

218. For Invader

219. Kea

220. MindlessKilling

221. Kaijin

222. Peraihar

223. Trolls Acute

224. For Accentuate

225. For Liquid

226. Lujle

227. Names Wink

228. Prerrahar

229. Trolls Flow

230. Trolls Block

231. Trolgar

232. Renjai

233. Jiwli

234. Vujii

235. Detbun

236. Aigamuxa

237. Trolls Treasure

238. Zinjo

239. Seji

240. For Spur

241. Zevrij

242. Immortal fantoms

243. Matuna

244. Trolls Dove

245. Trolls Lab

246. Juwurri

247. For Cue

248. Hakalai

249. For Domain

250. Trolls Country

251. Names Though

252. Seshi

253. DeathSquad

254. Names Sunshine

255. Names Touch

256. Jaryaya

257. Hoodah

258. Names Bikram

259. Zebajin

260. Broman

261. For Flicker

262. Yera

263. Baze Fire

264. For Trans

265. Slaying crashers

266. Wanjin

267. For Vivid

268. Names Debt

269. Mustard Gas

270. Chris

271. Namegy

272. Names Cute

273. Ditid

274. For Younger

275. Yera

276. Names Production

277. Trolls Live

278. For Story

279. For Netic

280. For Affect

281. Kanjin


Some people think that these nicknames are funny, while others find them offensive. Whatever your opinion may be, it’s interesting to know what the common troll nicknames are.

282. Trollbane — a name that means “troll killer” and would fit a hero or fighter who is known for killing trolls.

283. Frostmane — The name “Cold Mountain” is a great one for a troll who lives in a snowy or mountainous place.

284. Shadowglen — meaning “shadowy valley,” which is a good name for a dark place where trolls live.

285. Blackblood — meaning “dark blood,” this is a good name for a troll who is feared for their dark magic or violence.

286. Shadowcaster — This is a great name for a troll mage who does shadow magic because it means “caster of shadows.”

287. Raptorstrike — meaning “hawk hunter,” which is a good name for a troll hunter who knows how to hunt hawks.

288. Hakkari — The name means “bloodthirsty,” which is a good fit for a fierce troll fighter or hunter.

289. Tiki — This is a great name for a troll who is good at making wooden figures or other things.

290. Darkmoon — This is a good name for a troll who is good at dark magic or sorcery because it means “dark moon.”

291. Bloodscalp — This is a name for a troll fighter that means “scalper of blood.” Troll warriors are known for being brutal in battle.

292. Zenjala

293. Skunkape- deformed

294. Names Livid

295. Malak

296. Ajia

297. Trolls Firefly

298. Names Sticker

299. Teja

300. Trolls Paradise

301. Rhazin

302. For Immense

303. Zulraja

304. Girisha

305. Voyambi

306. For Programmatic

307. Tezzi

308. Knuckle Duster

309. Names Marvel

310. Saonji

311. Zoljin

312. Wanjin

313. Feylin

314. Yesha

315. Vintenkle

316. Erodjan

317. Trolls Blink

318. Namlia

319. Trolls Spring

320. Javilla

321. Jubukraa

322. Trolls Nifty

323. Beatster

324. Trolls Wizard

325. Kurzol

326. Teshi

327. Trolls Shop

328. Talos- bronze body

329. Peter

330. Kaijin

331. Zulyafi

332. Yesha

333. Shakawatha

334. For Milk

335. Names Wellbeing

336. Brash thugs

337. Kaijin

338. Birwire

339. Ted Bundy Handsome

340. Names Hole

341. Names Bash

342. Mckokiner

343. Teza

344. Mezilkree

345. Renjai

346. Trolls Splendor

347. Zulmara

348. For Operator

349. Trolls Kisan

350. Sligo

351. For Tender

352. Trolls Easy

353. Names Gear

354. For Lifted

355. Sligo

356. Zonjerya

357. Names Temple

358. For Strive

359. Teshi

360. For Simple

361. Names Plush

362. Ayarhajin

363. Names Division

364. Reji

365. For Bunny

366. Veteran of death

367. Maalik

368. Twerhers- hero of the

369. Names Bench

370. Killspree

371. For Pedigree

Final Words

Be aware of the different troll nicknames that could be used against you, especially if you’re new to online discourse. Being familiar with the different slang terms can help protect yourself from being targeted and make sure you’re responding in a way that is respectful and doesn’t instigate further trolling. Many troll nicknames are clever and funny. They can be used to troll others, or just for laughs. If you’re ever the victim of a trolling attack, remember to use a clever nickname in return! This can help put an end to the harassment quickly.

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