300+ Computer Names Smart Ideas For Your New PC

Choosing a name for your computer is an important decision. With the right name, your computer will be uniquely identified and your friends will recognize it whenever you connect online.

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Computer Names

Selecting the best computer names can be a challenging task. It is important to consider the identity and purpose of the computer to make sure that you choose an appropriate and meaningful name.

  • Athena — Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena is an ideal name for a computer that is used for knowledge work. After all, computers are often our modern-day oracles, helping us to access information and make decisions.
  • Battery — This name is perfect for a laptop that is always on the go. Like a battery, it provides power and energy, keeping us productive when we need it most.
  • Binary — This name pays homage to the computer’s roots in mathematics and science. Binary code is the foundation of all computer programming, making it a fitting name for the machine that allows us to harness its power.
  • Blue Screen of Death — This name is both ominous and accurate, as the blue screen of death is the dreaded error message that often appears when a computer crashes. While it may not be the most positive name, it is certainly a memorable one.
  • Brain — The brain is the control center of the body, and similarly, the computer is the control center of our digital lives. Naming your computer brain emphasizes its importance in organizing and managing information.
  • Cascade — This name evokes the image of a waterfall, which is fitting for a computer that is constantly processing large amounts of information. The name also has a calming connotation, which can be helpful when working on a stressful project.
  • Cloud — This name refers to the worldwide network of computers that store and share data. It’s a fitting name for a computer that is constantly connected and homes a vast amount of information.
  • Colossus — This name was inspired by the massive supercomputers of the early 20th century. While modern computers are much smaller, they are still incredibly powerful, making this an appropriate name.
  • Corpus — This name is derived from the Latin word for body, which is fitting for a machine that is an extension of our own bodies. Corpus also has a scientific connotation, as it is often used in research to refer to a body of text.
  • Einstein — This name pays tribute to the world’s most famous physicist, whose work was instrumental in the development of the computer. Einstein is a fitting name for a machine that is used for creativity and innovation.

300+ Computer Names Smart Ideas For Your New PC


Once you’ve considered the purpose of your computer, it’s time to start brainstorming potential names. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas plays on words that describe your interests.

  • Quick Computing
  • Geotech
  • Global Technology
  • Manframe Systems
  • Centiv Services
  • Computer Solution
  • Home Of Computer
  • The Escape Hatch
  • Callidus Cloud
  • Program Prodigies
  • Computers Galore
  • Arte Digital
  • Betacom
  • Richmary Discovery
  • Ameritech Computer Services
  • Corporate Computers
  • Gecko Software
  • Underground Elephant
  • Endless Technology Solutions
  • Computer Geek 911
  • Pivotal Computer System
  • Good Value Computer
  • Byte Back
  • Park Slope Computers
  • Cosmic Computer
  • Thoughtworks Inc.
  • Onyx Systems
  • The Chip Merchant
  • Access Computers
  • Techsavies
  • Simpliflex
  • Computer Guy Services
  • Crywolf
  • Magic Solutions
  • Computer Cafe
  • Dynamic Robotics
  • Phish And Chips
  • Computer Academy
  • Desktop
  • Robak Computer Services
  • Fusion-Io
  • Flexen Systems
  • Gateway
  • Blueswitch
  • Golden Source
  • Macbook Repair Shop Nyc
  • Computer Clinic
  • Precise Network
  • Onyx Graphics
  • Tip-Top Computers
  • New Network
  • Learn Academy
  • Applied Computer Solutions
  • Crown Computers
  • Compuset
  • The Computer Experts
  • Digicomputing Systems
  • Computer Team
  • Tech Cloud
  • Apple Repair Station


Try thinking of puns if you’re a movie buff, you could name your computer “Reel Life” or “Movie Madness.” If you’re a fan of music, you could go with “TuneIn” or “Songbird.” Be creative and have fun with it.

  • Sweet Memory It
  • Crest Computer
  • Computer Lounge
  • Cortona Corp
  • Argee Computer
  • Yentex Computers
  • Central Computers
  • Dark Energy
  • Pc Tag
  • Quantum Computer Systems Inc.
  • Net Worth
  • The Computer Stop
  • Idera
  • Click Bait
  • Gigabyte Shop
  • Appster
  • World Of Computers
  • Leading Edge Group
  • Quality Macs
  • Tech Heroes
  • Golden Gate Computing
  • Advanced Computers
  • Digisonics
  • Laptop Dancers
  • Uptown Computers
  • Press Wizards
  • Bright Star Technology
  • Computer Repair Cafe
  • Red Hat Inc.
  • Cognitech Corporation
  • Common Compute
  • Tech 2 U
  • Thirdwave
  • Queue Techno
  • Fifth Generation Systems
  • Alphaberry
  • On Time Computer Repair
  • Fastech
  • T-Store
  • Unisys Corporation
  • The Computer Restorers
  • Crossdeck
  • Desktop Doctor
  • No Border Productions
  • Computer 5000
  • Xonicwave
  • Computer Sam
  • Greenman
  • Technofighter
  • Fieldglass
  • Mega Computers
  • Open Box Pc
  • Compatible
  • Concur Technologies
  • Computer Counterparts
  • Minutes Repair
  • Soft Touch Computers
  • Lifeline Computer Services
  • Jailbreak
  • Sharp Systems


Many kawaii lovers choose names that are inspired by their favorite characters or Anime. If you’re not a gamer, you may want to opt for a more simple name that reflects your interests or personality.

  • Green Switch Systems
  • Get Online
  • Cloudline Solutions
  • Lightsurf
  • Repairology
  • Home Computer Rescue
  • Best Way Global
  • Phoenix Computers
  • The Data Mat
  • Icomputer
  • Gamesync Gaming Center
  • Quantum Comp Solutions
  • Byte Knight Technology
  • Night Coders
  • Extremepc
  • Netiq Corp
  • Blaze Computer
  • Generic Technology
  • Access Computer
  • Robot Mode
  • Transzap Inc.
  • The Bookkeeper’s Friend
  • Device Logics
  • Mortar Software
  • Nerd Busters
  • Jk Computer Services
  • Ctrl+Pc
  • Vast Computer
  • Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Fix Computers
  • Tabbed Laptops
  • Digiview
  • Efficient Technology
  • Data Byte
  • Xgineer Solutions
  • Digiload
  • Xactware Solutions,
  • Dogtown Media
  • Neroprox Systems
  • One Click Computers
  • Secure Networks
  • Thoughtworks
  • Cogito
  • On-Time Tech
  • Hyphenet
  • Cincom Systems
  • Clever Compute
  • Infofix
  • Capsule Hr
  • The It Guy
  • The Computer Storeroom
  • Cirque Corporation
  • Sensiflex
  • Bigfoot Communications
  • Computer Comrades
  • Cubicale Spade
  • Greytech Systems
  • Computer Outfitters
  • Tips From Marcus
  • Computer Constructors


When choosing computer names, you should first consider their purpose. If you plan on using your computer mostly for gaming, you’ll want to pick a name that reflects your gaming persona.

  • Rally Corp
  • Productive Edge
  • Citrix Online
  • Softeque
  • Computers For All
  • Founded 404
  • Just Right
  • Techvelvet
  • Tech Yogi
  • Redtrex Network
  • Novarad
  • The Computer Gurus
  • Amaget Computer Store
  • Creative Computers
  • Ideal Computer
  • New Age Computers
  • Tips From Sandra
  • The Disk-O
  • Update Green Electronic
  • The Hardware
  • Over Byte
  • Amiga Corporation
  • Nerd Repair Center
  • Actnet
  • Cash For Your Mac
  • Computer Madness
  • Jellyvision
  • Graphon Monkey
  • Simpleblend
  • Byte Able
  • Sphere Service
  • Smart Source Rentals
  • Computer Lab
  • Hercules Computer
  • High Voltage Software
  • Lavastorm Analytics
  • The Slipped Disk
  • Pixel Fixers
  • Processor
  • Ensurra
  • Motherboard
  • Microtech
  • Intel Instruments
  • Solve My Pc
  • Focus Pc
  • Smart Computer Service
  • Follow Per Click
  • Student Computer Services
  • Mediashell
  • Xceptional
  • Gone Phishing
  • Beanstalk Computer
  • The Byte Side
  • My Computer
  • Press Any Key
  • Cimetrix
  • Does Compute
  • Smart Pc Repair
  • The Computer Clinic
  • Technology Galaxy

Final Words

Computer names are important and should be unique. Not only will this help you remember and identify your computer, but it can also help you avoid any trouble. By using a name that is easy to remember, you can keep your computer running smoothly and safely.

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