150+ Names That Mean Butterfly: Just As Unique As You!

names that mean butterfly

Names that mean butterfly exist. Many names mean butterfly. This blog explores butterfly-names. Prepare for surprises!

Distinct people give butterfly names different meanings. Dandelion, Honeydew, and Japanese Harpy are pretty names. Seasonal names include Yellow Dandelion and Orange Dandelion. Other names, like Meadowweet or Blue Jay Butterfly, are after colours or butterflies.

Blue Jay, Monarch, Red-headed Blackbird, and Carpenter’s Wasp are well-known butterfly names. It relies on the owner’s personal preferences and many other factors. Butterfly names can be beautiful and uplifting. A name that indicates butterflies will get noticed.

List of Names That Mean Butterfly

Finding a meaningful name for someone special is a difficult endeavour. If you’re looking for a name that symbolises the beauty and freedom of butterflies, check out this list. We’ve gathered names from several languages and civilizations so you may pick the perfect one. Find a gift that reflects your loved one’s ideals, faith, and essence.

  • Mariposa– Mariposa is the Spanish word for “butterfly” Mariposa is a gorgeous girl’s name.
  • Papillon– Papillon is a common French name that means “tiny butterfly.” This name works for boys and girls.
  • Chou– Chou means “butterfly” in Chinese. It’s a pretty girl’s name.
  • Blom– Blom means “flower” in Scandinavian. It’s a sweet name for a girl.
  • Tovela– Tovela means “dove” in Hebrew. It’s a lovely name for a kind girl.
  • Babette– Babette means “stranger” in French. This unusual baby name is beautiful.
  • Amee– Amee means “beloved” in Hindi. It’s a sweet girl’s name.
  • Noelani– Noelani means “heavenly dew” It’s a lovely name for a nature-loving girl.
  • Iolani– Iolani means “heavenly hawk” A strong name for a strong-spirited girl.
  • Celeste– Celeste means “heavenly” in Latin.
  • Luna– Luna means “moon” in Latin.
  • Ophelia– Ophelia means “help” in Greek. Ophelia drowns herself in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
  • Pandora– Pandora means “all-gifted” in Greek. Pandora was the first woman created by the gods and handed a box of evil.
  • Seraphine– Seraphine means “fiery” in Latin.
  • Gaia– Gaia means “earth” in Greek. Gaia is the Greek earth goddess.
  • Myria– Myria means “ten thousand” in Greek.
  • Isadora– Isadora means “gift of Isis” in Greek.
  • Sylvia
  • Titli
  • Kamama
  • Bira
  • Chrysalis
  • Flutura
  • Josephina


Girl Names That Mean Butterfly

Girl Names That Mean Butterfly are special and distinctive. Have you considered naming your daughter butterfly? Many lovely girl names mean butterfly. Here are some lovely butterfly names.

  • Iris– Iris means “rainbow” in Greek. Iris is the mythological rainbow goddess and gods’ messenger. She’s usually a lovely woman with wings.
  • Mariposa– “butterfly” in Spanish.
  • Psyche– “soul” in Greek. In Greek mythology, Eros adored Psyche, a lovely mortal woman.
  • Kalliope– Kalliope means “lovely voice” Kalliope inspires epic poetry in mythology.
  • Viola– Viola means “violet” in Latin.
  • Caela– Caela is a Latin girl’s name that means “heavenly.”
  • Nelia– “bright” in Latin.
  • Columba– Columba means “dove” in Latin.
  • Aurora– Aurora means “dawn” in Latin. Aurora is the Roman morning goddess.
  • Seraphina– Seraphina means “fiery” or “burning” in Hebrew. Bible angels called seraphim.
  • Tianna– Tianna means “fairy queen” in Russian.
  • Vanna– Vanna means “butterfly” in Cambodian.
  • Yasmine– Yasmine means “jasmine flower” in Arabic.
  • Ezili– Ezili means “love goddess” in Haitian.
  • Irisa– Irisa means “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  • Malaika– Malaika is a Swahili name that means “angel.”
  • Fiona– Fiona is a Scottish name that means “white” or “fair.”
  • Bianca– Bianca is an Italian name that means “white.”
  • Elena– Elena means “bright brightness” in Greek.
  • Lilith– Lilith means “night monster” in Hebrew. Lilith, Adam’s first wife in Jewish legend.


Japanese Names That Mean Butterfly

Several Japanese names that mean butterfly. Some are well-known, some are obscure. These names are meaningful and evoke lightness, beauty, and life. We’ll surprise you with some uncommon Japanese butterfly names.

  • Komachi– Komachi is a popular Japanese girl’s name. Meaning “beautiful child,” it’s commonly given to spring-born girls. This name comes from a Heian poetess. Her beauty was thought to rival flowers and butterflies.
  • Ageha– Japanese girls are often named Ageha. This summer-born girl name means “flying flower.” This name comes from the Japanese word for butterfly and represents their beauty and grace.
  • Sakura– In Japan, spring-born females are often named Sakura. “Cherry blossom” symbolises life’s beauty and fragility. This name comes from the Japanese word for “flower” and symbolises beauty’s transience.
  • Shizuku– Shizuku is a charming yet obscure Japanese name. It means “droplet” and is given to autumn/winter-born girls. This name comes from the Japanese word for “water” and represents childlike innocence.
  • Ayame– Ayame is a popular Japanese name for summer-born females. “Iris” means natural beauty. This name comes from the Japanese term for “flower” and symbolises the iris’ elegance and grace.
  • Hinata– Hinata is a popular Japanese name for spring-born females. “Sunflower” means youth’s hope and optimism. This name comes from the Japanese word for “sun” and symbolises its warmth and energy.
  • Kohaku– Kohaku is a wonderful Japanese name. It means “amber” and is given to autumn/winter-born girls. This name comes from the Japanese word for “gold” and symbolises life’s value.
  • Momo– Momo is a popular Japanese name for spring-born females. “Peach” symbolises youth’s innocence and purity. This name comes from the Japanese term for “fruit” and represents the peach’s sweetness and friendliness.
  • Kiku– Kiku is a popular Japanese name for autumn-born females. It signifies “chrysanthemum” and represents the flower’s splendour. This name comes from the Japanese term for “flower” and represents the chrysanthemum’s tranquillity.
  • Ao– Ao is a beautiful but popular Japanese name. This summer girl name means “blue.” This name comes from the Japanese term for “colour” and symbolises blue’s beauty and mystery.


African Names That Mean Butterfly

Have you ever wondered what African names that mean butterfly? You may be surprised to know that many African cultures celebrate and honor the butterfly in their language and naming traditions. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the more popular names that feature the word “butterfly” or its derivatives. So if you’re looking for a meaningful-yet-unique name for your next little bundle of joy, you’ve come to the right place!

  • Kofi– Kofi means “born on Friday” in Ghana. “Butterfly” is another translation.
  • Ife– Ife (Nigerian, “love”) Ife means “butterfly”
  • Malia– Malia means “king” in Swahili. Also a butterfly.
  • Naledi– Naledi means “star” in South African. Naledi means “butterfly”
  • Asa– Asa means “healer” in Hebrew. “Butterfly” is another translation.
  • Kokou– Kokou means “butterfly” in Ewe.
  • Samia– Samia means “elevated” in Arabic. Also a butterfly.
  • Kefira– Kefira means “butterfly” in Hebrew.
  • Olympia
  • Greta
  • Kimana
  • Parvaneh
  • Dione
  • Cynthia
  • Caria
  • Kimimela
  • Euthalia


Boy Names That Mean Butterfly

Need a boy’s name? Something distinctive, symbolic of new beginnings? Beautiful butterfly boy names abound. Many names imply butterfly in different languages. Here are some unique names.

  • Blaise– French origin, meaning “livesby the stream.”
  • Caiden– Gaelic origin, meaning “little fighter.”
  • Finley– Scottish origin, meaning “fair-haired hero.”
  • Kaden– Arabic origin, meaning “companion.”
  • Marin–Latin origin, meaning “of the sea.”
  • Orion– Greek origin, meaning “rising sun.”
  • Quentin– Latin origin, meaning “fifth.”
  • Soren– Danish and Norwegian origin, meaning “stern.”
  • Thaddeus– Aramaic origin, meaning “gift from God.”
  • Vlinder
  • Kelebek
  • Vanessa
  • Choko
  • Tullia
  • Celastrina
  • Aponi
  • Mariposa


Last Names That Mean Butterfly

Are you ready to be amazed? Last names that mean ‘butterfly’ are a real thing, and they’re full of rich history, meaning, and beauty. In this blog, we’ll explore the remarkable significance of last names associated with butterflies and the incredible stories they have to tell.

  • Garcia– The Garcia surname has a long and colourful history. It was first employed by mediaeval Spanish nobility and afterwards by Basque warriors. Many celebrities carry the Garcia name nowadays.
  • Takahashi– This popular Japanese surname means “butterfly.” Takahashi was a 12th-century Japanese Emperor who loved butterflies. Takahashi is presently one of Japan’s most prevalent surnames.
  • Mariposa– Mariposa comes from the Spanish word for butterfly. This girl’s first or middle name is widespread in Spain and Latin America. The name Mariposa is Spanish. It was employed by mediaeval Spain’s royalty and high aristocracy. Mariposa is a worldwide icon of beauty and grace.
  • Wong– Wong means dragon. There are dragon last names, like butterfly names. The most prevalent is Wong, which means “dragon” in Cantonese. Wong is a popular Chinese and Asian surname. The Wong surname is ancient. It was first employed by mediaeval Chinese nobility and afterwards by a renowned martial clan. The Wong name is utilised as a symbol of strength and power today.
  • Ryu– Ryu is taken from the Japanese word for “dragon.” Ryu is a common Japanese and Asian surname. Ryu is a renowned surname. It was employed by mediaeval Japanese royalty and afterwards by a powerful military clan. Ryu is a worldwide emblem of strength and power.
  • Nguyen– Nguyen is the Vietnamese form of Rau. Rau is Vietnamese for “butterfly.” If your last name is Nguyen, you probably have Vietnamese ancestors.
  • Moth– Moth is another butterfly-related surname. Moth has multiple roots. It’s sometimes derived from the Old English term for “moth.” Butterfly is a common variant. If your last name is Moth, you may have English or Vietnamese ancestry.
  • Skipper– Another butterfly-related surname is Skipper. Skipper is a nickname for butterfly-catchers. If you have the surname Skipper, your forefathers probably caught butterflies.
  • Papillon– “butterfly” in French. If your surname is Papillon, your ancestors were likely from France.
  • Monarque– Monarque means “monarch” in French. Monarch refers to the butterfly in last names. If your last name is Monarque, your ancestors were likely from France or you have a Monarch butterfly link.

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Final words

The article provides a comprehensive guide to name names that mean Butterfly. It is important to do your research before choosing any name, as some names may be considered dangerous or harmful.

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