350+ Island Names : Mythical, Fantasy Name Ideas

Island Names

Island names are a source of delight and comfort, often creating the cornerstone for a place’s identity. There are many beautiful islands, from Scotland’s desolate Islay Isles to The Virgin Islands’ lush coral atoll. Here, we take a look at some of the more popular ones.

Our globe is full with wonders—from majestic mountains and breath—taking beaches to fascinating creatures and cultures. But have you ever paused to consider the beauty and individuality of our various islands? From the island of Yap with its ancient money to the mystery and majesty of Easter Island, the names of these isolated pieces of land tell stories of their own. We’ll investigate some of the world’s most stunning islands’ names.

Each island name has a unique history and appeal. Skye, Mull, Caithness, and Islay are common island names. Ask the locals for their suggestions when naming a vacation destination.

Island names are infinite. Some name ideas are artistic, while others are more practical. However, everyone should try some cool and distinctive island name suggestions. 350+ favorites.

Cool Island Names

For many, islands are a symbol of paradise, peace, and exploration. To many, what better way to explore the world than to name an island after something special? A name that brings to mind a story, a feeling, and a memory. With this blog we have compiled a list of cool island names with special meaning and stories behind them, sure to ignite excitement and curiosity in the reader!

  • Isla de Mujeres, Mexico— The Island of Women
  • Kaua’i, Hawaii— The Garden Isle
  • Isla Bastimentos, Panama— The Island of Misfortune
  • Treasure Island, Florida— The Island of Buried Treasure
  • Isla Mujeres, Mexico— The Island of the Moon Goddess
  • Lazy Bay, Alaska— The Bay of A Thousand Islands
  • Bermuda— The Island of Shipwrecks
  • Isla Caja de Muertos, Puerto Rico— The Island of the Dead
  • Isla del Sol, Bolivia— The Island of the Sun
  • Isla de los Muertos, Venezuela— The Island of the Dead
  • Sanibel Island, Florida— The Island of Shells
  • Isla Coiba, Panama— The Island of the Lost
  • Isla de Janerror, Brazil— The Island of theJanuary Moon
  • Isla Matanceros, Cuba— The island of the Butcher
  • Isla de la Juventud, Cuba— The island of Youth
  • Isla de Pascua, Chile— The Easter Island
  • Isla Robinson Crusoe, Chile— The Island of Robinson Crusoe
  • Isla Norfolk, Australia— The Norfolk Island
  • Isla Mujeres, Greece— The Island of the Nymphs
  • Isla Taboga, Panama— The Island of Flowers
  • Isla Grande, Brazil— The Big Island
  • Isla Santa Maria, Chile— The Island of Saint Mary
  • Islote El Garbanzo, Venezuela— The Island of the Garbanzo
  • Isla de café, Colombia— The Coffee Island
  • Isla del Coco, Costa Rica— The Island of Coconuts
  • Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua— The Island of Two Volcanoes
  • Isla La Gomera, Spain— The Island of La Gomera
  • Isla El Hierro, Spain— The Island of El Hierro
  • Isla de las Palomas, Spain— The Island of the Pigeons
  • Isla de los Reyes, Peru— The Island of the Kings
  • Dansui Reef
  • Jumping Frog Springs
  • Doris Shores
  • Laguna Land
  • Oceanus Rock
  • Mbumba Haven
  • Ruuku Island
  • Pink Turtle Island
  • Lala Tropic
  • Gorgons Reef
  • Kazemi Springs
  • Ariels Land
  • Holokai  Sanctuary
  • Mbumba Bay
  • Triton Retreat
  • Okina Sanctuary
  • Yam—Yam Bay
  • Mamizu Springs
  • Hinami Springs
  • Sweetfish Bay
  • Bane Reef
  • Lusca Springs
  • Acheron Springs
  • Luana Land
  • Monster Rock
  • Triton Reef
  • Aruna Reef
  • Ariels Rock
  • Lost Lily Land
  • Lusca Shores

Catalina Island

Funny Names for Islands

Whether you’re looking for something funny, wacky, or unique, island names can be a creative and fun way to introduce yourself to the world! Here is a list of funny island names with meanings that will bring a smile to your face. From funny puns to playful phrases, each island name will brighten up your day! So let’s take a fun trip to the most memorable island names and find out what makes them so special.

  • Penguin Island— Penguins inhabit this Antarctic island! Penguin, a bird, inspired the island’s name.
  • Polar bears inhabit Bear Island in the Arctic Ocean! The island’s name plays on “bear,” an animal.
  • Monkey Island— This Caribbean island has many monkeys! The island’s name is a monkey pun.
  • Elephant Island— Elephants inhabit this African island! Elephant, an animal, inspired the island’s name.
  • Lion Island— This Indian Ocean island has several lions! Lion, an animal, inspired the island’s name.
  • Tiger Island— Tigers inhabit this South China Sea island! Island name
  • Giraffe Island— This Mediterranean island has several giraffes! Giraffe—an animal—is the island’s name.
  • Hippos live on Hippo Island in the Nile! The island’s name plays on “hippo,” an animal.
  • Rhino Island— Rhinos inhabit this Gulf of Mexico island! Rhino, an animal, inspired the island’s name.
  • Camel Island— A camel—filled Arabian Sea island! The island’s name plays on “camel,” an animal.
  • Isla de Pascua, or “Easter Island,” is one of the world’s most famous islands due to its unique history and culture. Easter Island’s statues are famous.
  • Isla Mujeres— The “Island of Women” is off Mexico’s coast. Beaches and lovely waters draw vacationers to the island.
  • Isle of Wight— “Island of the Wights” describes this English island. The island’s history and beauty draw tourists.
  • Catalina Island— Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo named this California island. Beaches and calm waters draw vacationers to the island.
  • Santa Catalina Island— Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo named this island off the California coast. Beaches and calm waters draw vacationers to the island.
  • Kaua’i— Hawaii’s “Kanaloa’s child” island. Kaua’i, the oldest and northernmost Hawaiian island, attracts tourists with its gorgeous beauty.
  • Yam—Yam Haven
  • Ceto Land
  • Sharkfin Isles
  • Mizuka Reef
  • Damona Island
  • Seahorse Reef
  • Etsumi Bay
  • Oceanus Springs
  • Mundele Land
  • Oceanus Land
  • Kauai  Land
  • Noelani  Sanctuary
  • Aegaeon Rock
  • Moana Island
  • Aloha Springs
  • Kingfisher Island
  • Suna Sanctuary
  • Nessie Reef
  • Kazemi Tropic
  • Gorgons Springs
  • Aruna Retreat
  • Hasumi Haven
  • Lost Lily Reef
  • Whale Bay
  • Nammu Bay
  • Ushio Shores
  • Mundele Shores
  • Aomi Bay
  • Kauai  Bay

Cute Island Names

Island names can be amusing, crazy, or unusual ways to announce yourself to the world! This compilation of humorous island names with meanings will make you smile. Each island name will brighten your day with jokes and humorous phrases! Let’s take a pleasant trip to the most memorable island names and find out what makes them special.

  • Solitude Island— This name nicely captures the impression of being far from daily life. You can unwind on the island.
  • Friendship Island— Ideal for a group of pals seeking a getaway. Fun, adventure, and memories await on the island.
  • Love Island— Perfect for honeymoons or romantic getaways. You may relax and focus on your relationship on the island.
  • Treasure Island— Its treasures await discovery. It’s ideal for exploration and discovery.
  • Paradise Island— The ultimate tropical escape. The island is a place to unwind and enjoy life.
  • Hidden Island— This island awaits discovery. It’s a great location to relax and unwind.
  • Dream Island— Here, anything is possible. It’s ideal for freethinking and creativity.
  • Magic Island— Explore this enchanted island. It’s ideal for exploring new things.
  • Adventure Island— Adventurers will love this island. It offers thrilling challenges and new adventures.
  • Imagination Island— Here, your imagination can run wild. It’s ideal for free—form creation and exploration.
  • Secret Island— Solve this island’s mystery. Detectives can test their talents here.
  • Jurassic Island— Dinosaurs await discovery on this island. It’s ideal for adventurers and explorers.
  • Atlantis— A mythical paradise. It’s ideal for imagining new worlds.
  • Doom Bay
  • Cool Sun Isles
  • Reito Springs
  • Coconut Seal Reef
  • Ceto Isles
  • Numako Bay
  • Tua Reef
  • Kailani  Rock
  • Poseidon Retreat
  • Jumping Frog Bay
  • Nammu Isles
  • Banana Rock
  • Nessie Rock
  • Kauai  Springs
  • Kailano  Land
  • Nereus Tropic
  • Keone Reef
  • Kongo Bay
  • Arcadia Reef
  • Kailani  Reef
  • Makara Bay
  • Tua Tropic
  • Gorgons Isles
  • Suna Tropic
  • Tua Springs
  • Lost Souls Isles
  • White Tiger Haven
  • Monster Isles

Lazy Bay

Good Island Names

Looking for the perfect tropical paradise island name? Done! These profound island names are great for any wildlife refuge. These names convey tranquillity, peace, and adventure, whether you’re seeking an exotic getaway or a remote hideaway. Let your creativity go wild with our selection of wonderful island name ideas.

  • Blue Island— Blue Island is a peaceful getaway from daily life.
  • Green Island— Nature enthusiasts will love this lush island.
  • Island of the Sun— Tourists and beachgoers love the Island of the Sun for its lovely weather and vistas.
  • Island of the Moon— For a magical, otherworldly experience, the Island of the Moon is a popular choice.
  • White Island— White Island is a luxury resort and beach paradise.
  • Black Island— For those seeking seclusion, Black Island is ideal.
  • Red Island— For a fun and adventurous holiday, Red Island is a popular choice.
  • Yellow Island— For a bright and sunny holiday, Yellow Island is ideal.
  • Purple Island— Visitors seeking a unique experience choose Purple Island.
  • Rainbow Island— With its vibrant colors, Rainbow Island will wow you.
  • Damona Shores
  • Yasumi Sanctuary
  • Nohea Rock
  • Mbumba Land
  • Reito Haven
  • Kai Bay
  • Jumping Frog Reef
  • Lala Reef
  • Damona Land
  • Dodola Rock
  • Takiko Sanctuary
  • Dansui Land
  • Wildflower Springs
  • Kongo Tropic
  • Takiko Tropic
  • Lost Lily Bay
  • Shizumi Shores
  • Nohea Retreat
  • Kai Rock
  • Bane Rock
  • Wild Swan Tropic
  • Makara Reef
  • Dodola Reef
  • Kingfisher Haven
  • Almus Rock
  • Acheron Island

Fantasy Names for Islands

Do you desire your own fantasy island? You govern a mysterious, exciting place? This blog post lists fantasy island names and their meanings to help you construct your own island. This list can help you build a magical vacation destination by naming your island something symbolic or personal. Start now and imagine your own fantasy island!

  • Avalon— Arthurian legend’s island. It’s King Arthur’s final resting place and a healing location.
  • Atlantis Islands— The Titans lived on the Atlantean Islands. A flood wrecked them in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Gardariki— Norse giants live on Gardariki, the “Island of theoros.” Ragnarök, the final god—giant conflict, is claimed to have occurred there.
  • Hy—Brasil— The “Island of the Blessed” is a phantom island off Ireland’s coast. The Sidhe live there in mist.
  • Lemuria— An advanced civilisation lived on this ancient continent that sank into the Indian Ocean. Dragons were born there.
  • Lilliput— Gulliver’s Travels’ tiny inhabitants live on Lilliput. Lilliput’s six—inch—tall people are infamous for fighting.
  • Maldives— The Indian Ocean island nation is a renowned tourist destination. Its beaches, azure waters, and luxury resorts are famous.
  • Shangri—La— A mythical Himalayan paradise, Shangri—La is a sanctuary of tranquility. It’s ideal for escaping the world’s stresses.
  • Valhalla— An huge hall in Asgard, Valhalla is where Norse heroes are buried. Its feasts and drinking are overseen by Odin.
  • Ys— Ys, a legendary island outside Brittany, was the capital of a prosperous kingdom. After a massive flood, its residents fled to the mountains.
  • Lala Rock
  • Tua Retreat
  • Hanalei  Springs
  • Ariels Isles
  • White Tiger Island
  • Dodola Isles
  • Poseidon Bay
  • Acheron Bay
  • Sharkfin Sanctuary
  • Banana Springs
  • Dodola Springs
  • Damona Reef
  • Mamizu Bay
  • Keone Springs
  • Achelous Bay
  • Pure Heart Retreat
  • Mamizu Rock
  • Kala Springs
  • Electra Shores
  • Kongo Rock
  • Silver Wing Tropic
  • Afuru Shores
  • Poseidon Haven
  • Nohea Sanctuary
  • Pink Turtle Springs
  • Kingfisher Tropic

Magic Island

Tropical Island Names

Everyone enjoys sun, sand, and seaside breeze. Tropical island living is incomparable, which is why so many people dream of visiting one. Why not name your exotic island? This blog explores tropical island names with unusual meanings. Discover your island match in the tropics!

  • Jamaica— Beautiful Caribbean island Jamaica. Jamaica means “wood and water” in Taino. Jamaica’s beautiful beaches, mild weather, and nice people draw tourists. Swim, sunbathe, hike, and visit Jamaica’s many heritage sites.
  • Bahamas— The Bahamas are over 700 Atlantic Ocean islands. Bahamas means “shallow water” in Spanish. Sandy beaches, blue oceans, and lush tropical scenery draw tourists to the Bahamas. Swim, snorkel, sunbathe, and explore the Bahamas’ cays and reefs.
  • Barbados— Caribbean island. Barbados means “beard” in Portuguese. Barbados’ pristine sand beaches, sparkling waters, and pleasant people draw tourists. Swimmers can enjoy Barbados.
  • Bermuda— Atlantic Ocean island. Juan de Bermúdez, a Spanish adventurer, named Bermuda in 1503. Bermuda’s pink beaches, turquoise oceans, and British colonial history draw tourists. Swim, sunbathe, explore Bermuda’s fortifications, and visit the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo.
  • Cayman Islands— Caribbean archipelago comprising three islands— Cayman Islands. The Carib word “caiman” means “crocodile,” hence Cayman. The Cayman Islands’ white sand beaches, clean oceans, and tropical sceneries draw tourists. Swim, snorkel, sunbathe, and explore the Cayman Islands’ cays and reefs.
  • Dominica— Caribbean island. Dominica was discovered on a Sunday, hence its name. Dominica draws tourists.
  • Fiji— Fiji is a South Pacific archipelago of approximately 300 islands. Fiji means “chiefs” in Fijian. Fiji’s beautiful sand beaches, turquoise oceans, and tropical sceneries draw tourists. Swim, snorkel, sunbathe, and explore Fiji’s reefs and rainforests.
  • Grenada— Caribbean island Grenada. Grenada means “pomegranate” in Spanish. Grenada’s pristine sand beaches, clean oceans, and tropical sceneries draw tourists. Swim, snorkel, sunbathe, and explore Grenada’s reefs and rainforests.
  • Haiti— A Caribbean island. Haiti means “mountainous nation” in Taino. Haiti’s pristine beaches, sparkling waters, and kind people draw tourists.
  • Jamaica— Caribbean island. Jamaica means “wood and water” in Arawak. Jamaica’s pristine beaches, sparkling waters, and pleasant people draw tourists. Swim, snorkel, sunbathe, and explore Jamaica’s reefs and jungles.
  • Puerto Rico— Caribbean island. Puerto Rico means “port” in Spanish. Puerto Rico’s pristine sand beaches, sparkling waters, and pleasant people draw tourists. Swim, snorkel, sunbathe, and explore Puerto Rico’s reefs and jungles.
  • St. Lucia— Caribbean island St. Lucia. St. Lucia means “light” in Latin. St. Lucia’s white sand beaches, sparkling oceans, and tropical sceneries draw tourists. Swim, snorkel, sunbathe, and explore St. Lucia’s reefs and rainforests.
  • Trinidad and Tobago— A Caribbean island. “Trinidad” means “three” and “tobago” means “peaks” in Spanish. Trinidad and Tobago’s white sand beaches, clean oceans, and tropical sceneries draw tourists. Swim, snorkel, sunbathe, and explore Trinidad and Tobago’s reefs and jungles.
  • Acheron Land
  • Bakunawa Tropic
  • Little Crab Land
  • Little Crab Island
  • Bane Isles
  • Thalassa Haven
  • Thalassa Land
  • Mundele Island
  • Lost Souls Land
  • Sweetfish Springs
  • Anapos Bay
  • Bakunawa Sanctuary
  • Nereus Island
  • Dodola Bay
  • Luana Retreat
  • Bluebird Island
  • Hydra Shores
  • Scarlet Rock
  • Luana Shores
  • Nerina Island
  • Cool Sun Rock
  • OceanEye Tropic
  • Hanalei  Haven
  • Mbumba Shores
  • Thalassa Tropic
  • Numako Tropic
  • Etsumi Springs

Mythical Island Names

Want to explore the fabled world of gods, goddesses, and creatures? Do you want to discover a fascinating island with long—forgotten secrets? Today, we will examine some of the most intriguing mythical island names and their secret meanings.

These islands lend mystery and interest to fantasy worlds, making each adventure more thrilling. Let’s dive into this fascinating list of mythical island names and meanings!

  • Avalon— Arthurian legend introduces Avalon. Beautiful, peaceful, and therapeutic. King Arthur is buried at Avalon.
  • Atlantis— Perhaps the most famous mythological island. Atlantis sank into the sea. It was a utopia with superior civilisation.
  • Lemuria— This vanished continent sank into the Indian Ocean. A race of animal—talkers lived there.
  • Shangri—La— Tibet’s mythical Shangri—La is hidden in the mountains. It is a peaceful, beautiful realm where everlasting beings live.
  • Avalon— Arthurian legend introduces Avalon. Beautiful site.
  • Helios— Greek mythology’s sun god’s island.
  • Lemuria— This vanished continent sank into the Indian Ocean.
  • Shangri—La— Tibet’s mythical Shangri—La is hidden in the mountains.
  • Gorgons Sanctuary
  • Mamizu Island
  • Oceanus Haven
  • Ariels Island
  • Suna Bay
  • Wildflower Retreat
  • Sharkfin Shores
  • Luana Rock
  • Yam—Yam Retreat
  • Fear Hallow Reef
  • Mbumba Rock
  • Tua Shores
  • Scarlet Bay
  • Yasumi Reef
  • Lost Lily Retreat
  • Lala Island
  • Pink Turtle Haven
  • Atlanta Bay
  • Nerina Tropic
  • Doris Tropic
  • Mizuka Retreat
  • Dogon Springs
  • Sirona Land
  • Nereus Land


Island Names for girls

Choosing a name for your child is exciting and scary. Island names are available! Island female names with meaning are included here. Explore classic, exotic, unique, and gender—neutral names. You’ll find your particular girl’s island name after due deliberation and investigation.

  • Molokini— A crescent—shaped islet off Maui’s southwest coast, Molokini attracts snorkelers and divers. Hawaiian means “pearl,” giving it a gorgeous and distinctive baby girl name.
  • Southern California’s Catalina Island is a paradise. Catalina, meaning “island” in Latin, is appropriate for your child.
  • Bali— A province of Indonesia on the westernmost Lesser Sunda Islands, Bali is known for its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and verdant rice terraces. Bali means “island of the gods” and is suitable for a female.
  • Panama— Central America’s third—largest country has lush jungles, lovely beaches, and the Panama Canal. Panama, meaning “plenty of fish,” is a creative and fascinating baby girl name.
  • Sicily— The largest Mediterranean island, Sicily attracts tourists with its beautiful beaches, lovely towns, and rich history. Sicily, meaning “country of the sun,” is a sunny name for a girl.
  • Kai Tropic
  • Narius Tropic
  • Mizuka Rock
  • Wild Swan Rock
  • Narius Springs
  • Makara Shores
  • Wildflower Haven
  • Itotaki Tropic
  • Narius Bay
  • Kauai  Tropic
  • Reito Island
  • Nessie Land
  • Keone Bay
  • Hasumi Bay
  • Kongo Shores
  • Dansui Retreat
  • Lost Lily Island
  • Nu—Nu Island
  • Nessie Tropic
  • Kailani  Retreat
  • Acheron Reef
  • Jumping Frog Rock
  • Nammu Tropic
  • Shizumi Isles
  • Seahorse Tropic
  • Itotaki Sanctuary
  • Acheron Rock
  • Hydra Rock
  • Laguna Isles
  • Loe Retreat
  • Mizuka Island
  • Bane Haven
  • Anapos Rock
  • Aomi Retreat
  • Mihiro Island
  • Wild Swan Sanctuary

Weird Names for Islands

Looking for interesting island names with fascinating history and meanings? You’re here! This blog lists and explains unusual island names. It inspires creativity and contemplation. Let’s explore some strange islands with intriguing names and meanings!

  • Island of the Dolls (Isla de las Munecas), Mexico— This island in the canals of Xochimilco in Mexico City is famous for its dolls hanging from the trees. The dolls were offered to the island’s divinity to pacify the ghost of a young girl who died in the canals. The young girl’s ghost haunts the island, which is now a tourist attraction.
  • Brazil’s Monkey Island— A big capuchin monkey colony inhabits this Amazon river island. The monkeys, introduced in the 1970s to safeguard them from hunters, gave the island its name. Visitors can see monkeys in their natural habitat on the island, a famous tourist destination.
  • Island of the Goats (Isla de las Cabras), Puerto Rico— This small island has a herd of wild goats. Spanish colonists introduced goats in the 18th century, giving the island its name. The goats are now a tourist attraction on the island.
  • Island of the Swans (Isla de las Cisnes), Spain— Swans live on this small Canary Island. The 18th—century introduction of swans gave the island its name. Swans can be seen in their natural habitat on the island, which attracts tourists.
  • Island of the Dogs (Isla de los Perros), Mexico— Dogs live on this small Gulf of Mexico island. The island’s name comes from Spanish colonists’ 16th—century dogs. Dogs can be seen in their natural habitat on the island, a famous tourist destination.
  • Japan’s Cat Island— Cats live on this little island off Okinawa. The 18th—century introduction of cats gave the island its name. Cats can be seen in their natural habitat on the island, a famous tourist destination.
  • Easter Island— Birds inhabit this vast island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. The 18th—century introduction of the bird gave the island its name. Visitors can see birds in their natural habitat on the island, a famous tourist destination.
  • Aomi Haven
  • Damona Isles
  • Kai Springs
  • Little Lotus Island
  • Cool Sun Tropic
  • Noelani  Springs
  • Mihiro Land
  • Silver Wing Springs
  • Keone Shores
  • Mizuka Tropic
  • Numako Island
  • Kazemi Reef
  • Acheron Isles
  • Nerina Retreat
  • Sandy Feet Reef
  • Moana Tropic
  • Pink Turtle Rock
  • Keone Retreat
  • Shizumi Tropic
  • Dogon Land
  • Achelous Rock
  • Celadon Sanctuary
  • Bluebird Shores
  • Celadon Shores
  • Etsumi Shores
  • Arcadia Island

St Lucia

How to find a good Island Name?

Finding the right name is the first step to owning an island. It’s hard to choose with so many options! In this blog post, we’ll give recommendations and criteria to help you pick the perfect island name, whether it’s little and charming or huge and imposing. Let’s get creative!

When naming your island, consider these factors. Important elements include—

1. Your island’s location

Finding a name for your island is easier if you know its location. If you desire a Caribbean island, consider tropical names. Celtic names may be better for a Scottish island. Name your island based on its location.

2. Your island size

When naming your island, consider its size. Isla de Amor might fit a little, personal island. If you want something greater, Madagascar might work. Let your island’s size inspire the appropriate name.

3. Island heritage

Is your island volcanic? If so, Hawaii or Mt. Etna might work. Is your island mythical? Atlantis or Avalon might be better. Name your island after its history and mythology.

4. Your island’s meaning

Is your island name supposed to tell a story? If so, consider this when brainstorming. Names like Isla del Sol or Isla de la Luna could reflect the island’s peacefulness. You might even name your island Isla de Aventura to represent your personality. Name your island based on its significance or tale.

5. Island name pronunciation

Consider pronunciation when name your island. You want everyone to pronounce your island name! Isla de los Reyes is an easy—to—pronounce name. If you want something more native, Okinawa or Fiji would work. Name your island based on its pronunciation.

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Final Words

Island names can be inventive and unusual. Some islands are named after military bases, others after historical individuals or important places to the islanders. The island’s name doesn’t matter—a it’s terrific way to diversify a trip.

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