250+ Apartment Names & What They Say About The Building

There are numerous apartment names, for but “apartment” is one of the most common. This name is frequently selected because it is distinctive and has no specific meaning.

The developers of a new apartment building being constructed in a city have decided to call it “The Loft.” Residents of the building are enthusiastic about the idea and have begun selecting their names. Among the most popular options are The Loft 102, The Loft 203, and The Loft 459.

All apartment building names normally include at least one letter that stands for a specific function or characteristic.

Names for Apartments With Meanings

Typically, the initial letter of each apartment building’s name is its initialism– AKA, lame, CAP, City Hall, etc. Depending on the building and its location, alternative letters may be substituted for the initialism.

  • Maple Leaf Gardens – The name of this apartment complex is derived from the Canadian symbol of the maple leaf. The maple tree’s leaves are also used to produce maple syrup.
  • Forest-view Manor – As the name suggests, this apartment complex is located next to a forest. The name Forestview Manor was selected to highlight the area’s natural splendour
  • Sunset Ridge – This apartment complex is situated in a gorgeous region with sunset views. The name Sunset Ridge was chosen to highlight the complex’s breath-taking views.
  • The Sanctuary– A safe place; a refuge.
  • The Haven– A place of safety; a harbor.
  • The Nook– A small, cozy corner.
  • The Loft– An open, airy space.
  • The Cottage– A small, cozy home.
  • The Manor– A large, stately home.
  • The estate– A large property or estate.
  • The Villa– A luxurious home.
  • The Palace– A grand, imposing home.
  •  The Castle– A large, fortified home.
  • The penthouse– The highest level of luxury.
  • The townhouse– A home in the city.
  • The brownstone– A historic home with character.
  • Harmony Park
  • Hilltops Luxury Apartments
  • Grand Arc Apartment Rental Co.
  • Zeal Homes
  • Dream House
  • Queens Peak Apartment
  • The Grand Maison
  • Studio Plaza Apartments
  • Latitude Apartments
  • Greenville apartment
  • Loving Rivers
  • Garden Houses
  • Grown pastures Rental
  • Mzs Realty
  • Lucky Lake Apartments
  • The Green Oaks
  • The Umpire
  • Cellars At Pearl
  • The Main Luxury Apartments
  • Orchid Apartment
  • Peaceful Neighbors
  • A Place 2 Vape
  • Noble Park
  • Dun– A– Villa
  • Sunny Shines
  • Easy Breezy Homes
  • Garden View
  • Union Square Condominiums
  • The Rooftop Landing
  • Ocean Shores
  • Vista Residences
  • Crystal Apartments
  • Greater Homes
  • Gracious Gardens
  • Uptown Apartment
  • Next Apartments
  • Crossing Apartments

Sunset Ridge

Apartment Complex Names

Numerous apartment complexes exist in the United States. The opulent Trump International, Regency, and Park Place complexes are among the most popular residential structures.

  • The Mansion is an ideal name for an apartment complex that serves as a palace for its tenants. Mansion is frequently used to denote a huge and elegant residence.
  • The Castle– This is an ideal name for a residential complex that serves as a fortress for its occupants. The term “castle” is frequently employed to denote a formidable and impregnable fortress.
  • The Estate– This is an excellent moniker for an apartment complex that serves as an estate for its residents. The term “estate” is frequently used to describe a vast and aesthetically pleasing property
  • The Manor– This name is ideal for an apartment complex that serves as the inhabitants’ stately house. Manor is frequently used to indicate a huge and impressive residence.
  • The Bungalow– This name is ideal for an apartment complex that serves as the inhabitants’ pleasant home. The term “bungalow” is frequently used to describe a cosy and compact dwelling.
  • Pinetree Palace
  • The Landlord Hates You
  • Queens Peak Condo
  • Visvona Realty Rental
  • Cooperating System
  • Block Lofts
  • Vaughan Place
  • Luxury Walk
  • The Rooftop
  • Peace And Passion
  • Dorsett Square
  • SkyCastle Apartments
  • The Homely Homes
  • Safe Den
  • Gift City
  • The Star Grand Residences
  • The Brothers Villa
  • Peace Waters
  • Archived Apartment
  • Jolly City
  • Twin Fountains
  • Earthy Yard Rental
  • Perfectionists
  • Millenial Haus
  • The Dorm Room
  • Standard rentals
  • Greenway Court Apartments
  • Infinity by Crown Group
  • Gleeful Homes
  • Coronado Apartments
  • Settled Square
  • Boardwalk Center
  • Crown Meadow
  • One Uptown
  • Welcome Home
  • The Millenial
  • Happy Homes

The Bungalow

Apartment Building Names

If you’re looking for an apartment building with a name that means something, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll share a list of apartment building names and their meaning.

  • The Arboretum– The term “arboretum” is derived from the Latin word meaning tree. This name would be appropriate for an apartment complex surrounded by trees and nature. It would be a pleasant and tranquil residence.
  • The Promenade– “promenade” refers to a leisurely stroll or walk. This would be an excellent name for an apartment complex located in the heart of a lively metropolis. It would be a haven where city dwellers could escape the hustle and bustle of urban life.
  • The Observatory– The term “observatory” conjures up pictures of a location from where one can see very far away. This is a fantastic name for an apartment complex with expansive city or countryside views.
  • The Atrium– The term “atrium” evokes ideas of a bright and spacious area. This would be an excellent moniker for a building with a spacious and open floor layout. It would be a space for residents to unwind and appreciate natural light.
  • Space Gardens
  • Orchard Point Serviced Apartments
  • Luxury Landing
  • Vinewood
  • Stanley Park Apartments
  • Arctic Green Blocks
  • Into The Woods
  • Life Villa
  • Presidential Place
  • Lakeside View
  • Pecos Flats
  • Mindtree Garden
  • The Luxurious
  • Sunset Square
  • Truth apartments
  • The Mates
  • Green Apartments
  • Happy Elysiam
  • One Park Place
  • Sky Walk
  • Sunset Towers
  • Apollo Homes
  • WinterSpring Rental
  • Green Gardens
  • The Luxury Nest
  • Vanilla Heights
  • La Grande Maison
  • Artist’s Alley
  • Liv Apartments
  • Complex And Courts
  • Venmo Towers
  • The Regal Apartments
  • Homely Villas
  • The Village
  • La Casa
  • Hope Town


Cool Apartment Names

People frequently approach me for name suggestions for their new flat. Therefore, I have produced a list of my favourite apartment names, along with their meanings. I hope you find this information useful!

  • Home– “Home” is the first and most obvious option for naming your residence. It is a simple yet potent name that evokes feelings of warmth and comfort. In addition, it is a terrific opportunity to demonstrate your hospitality and welcome to your guests.
  • Haven– “Haven” is another excellent option for naming your flat. Numerous positive meanings are associated with this term, such as a location to rest and escape the chaos of the outside world. Additionally, it demonstrates that you are someone who cares for and prioritises their home.
  • Refuge– If you want a name with a spiritual connotation, “Refuge” is an excellent option. It signifies a safe and secure location, which is ideal for an apartment. In addition, it implies that your home is a location where individuals can find solace and tranquilly.
  • Sanctuary– “Sanctuary” is the ideal name if you want to indicate that your flat is a sacred space. It is a common term for churches and other religious structures, but it can also be used for residences. It conveys that your house is a place of reverence and respect where individuals can find peace.
  • Nest– “Nest” is another excellent choice for an apartment name. This name symbolises that your residence is a warm and welcoming location, ideal for lounging and nesting. In addition, it communicates a sense of safety and protection, which is ideal for an apartment.
  • Hearth– If you’re looking for a name that portrays a sense of cosiness and warmth, “Hearth” is an excellent option. It is a term commonly connected with fireplaces, although it can also be used to refer to flats. Additionally, it implies that your home is a location where individuals can find solace and tranquilly.
  • Standard At Legacy
  • Galleria Oaks
  • Wells Place Apartments
  • The Griffin
  • Hopeful Homes
  • Homemaker
  • Private Apartments
  • Hillside Canyon Apartments
  • Snapchat Court
  • Harmony Place
  • Silver House
  • Pinetree Place
  • Century Tower
  • Olive Homes
  • Slatewood
  • Garden View Villa
  • Centro Crown
  • Lakeview Mews
  • Sunshine Complex
  • Jungle Siesta Realty Rental Co.
  • Broad Viewer Apartments
  • Paradise Palms
  • The Electric Lady
  • Jubilant Village
  • Hillside Apartments
  • Peachy Palace
  • New Age Living
  • Heartfelt Homes
  • Ray White Residential
  • Gateway To Heaven
  • Ultrapad Realty Rental
  • Tropicana Trump
  • Greenspace
  • Green Palace
  • Urban Pinnacle
  • Blissful Village
  • The Views

The Crack House

Funny Apartment Names

There are many humorous apartment names available. But what’s really hilarious is their hidden significance. This blog post will examine some of the most amusing apartment names and their meanings.

  • The Butthole– The Butthole is one of the more humorous apartment names on the list. Additionally, it is one of the most literal. The Butthole is an apartment building housed within a giant butt sculpture’s anus. The significance of the name is rather obvious.
  • The Crack House– The Crack House is an additional humorous apartment name with a literal meaning. The Crack House is an apartment building set in a big butt sculpture’s crack.
  • The Dumpster– The Dumpster is an apartment complex that is located in a dumpster. The meaning behind the name is pretty self– explanatory.
  • The Ghetto– The Ghetto is a group of apartments located in a ghetto. The significance of the name is rather obvious.
  • The Hood– The Hood is a neighborhood– based apartment complex. The significance of the name is rather obvious.
  • Big Tree Apartments
  • Downtown Apartment
  • Lake View Apartments
  • Virage Luxury Apartments
  • The Top Residence
  • Watergate Apartments
  • Sunshine Block
  • Impeccable Homes
  • Glamour Houses
  • MasterGlory
  • Pearl apartments
  • Glitz Villa
  • Meridian Apartments
  • The Village Trinity Hills
  • Luxurious Lake
  • Gardenview Apartments
  • The Fedora
  • The View
  • Ideal homes
  • Friendly Village
  • Newland apartments
  • Sunshine Sprint
  • Grandeur Homes
  • The Pirates
  • Nostalgia
  • Do Not Enter
  • College View Apartments
  • Conexta
  • MowTown Glory
  • Centro
  • Cheer Village
  • Hashtag Houses
  • Creekside Apartments
  • Oak Ridge Apartments
  • Minded Manor
  • Cottage Way
  • East Side Living

The Promenade

Good Apartment Names

Do you want your apartment complex to stand out from the rest? Then you need to select a name that is not only unique, but also has a meaning behind it. In this blog post, we will share with you a list of good apartment names with meaning.

  • The Oasis– This is the ideal name for an apartment complex that serves as a haven for its tenants. The term “oasis” refers to a refreshing oasis in a desert.
  • The Pearl– This is the ideal name for an apartment complex that serves as a gem for its occupants. The term “pearl” is frequently employed to denote anything of exceptional value.
  • The Garden– This is the ideal name for an apartment complex that is a tenants’ paradise. The term “garden” is frequently used to describe a beautiful and tranquil environment.
  • The Vineyard– This is the ideal name for an apartment complex that serves as a sanctuary for its tenants. The term “vineyard” is frequently used to denote a grape– growing region.
  • The Brooklyn Block
  • Trust Houses
  • Sky Homes
  • Boardwalk Research Luxury Apartments
  • The Anjuman Cottage
  • The Internet Building
  • Peacock Palace
  • Terminals Building
  • Green Orchid Point
  • Luxury Home
  • Reside On Surf
  • Ecostay
  • Inside Edge
  • The States Of People
  • Partners
  • CityViews
  • The Paragon
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Shades Of People
  • The Unfinished Writing Projects
  • One Circular Quay
  • Safe Homes
  • Waterside Towers
  • The Bend
  • Blue Sky
  • One Eighties Residences
  • Village Voices
  • Worldly Town
  • The Villas
  • Ensemble Realty Rental
  • Southline Coast
  • Elite Apartments
  • Tranquil Tavern Apartments
  • Life on the Green
  • UrbanCurves Rental Co.
  • The Heavens
  • Tamarind Place

Tips to Find a Good Name For Your Apartment

Naming your apartment can be a fun and creative way to show off your personality. But it can also be a daunting task. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to name your apartment, so you can find the perfect name for your home.

1. Generate a list of possible names

Create a list of potential apartment names to get started. Record any name that comes to mind, regardless of how weird or humorous it may appear. Your list can easily be trimmed down later.

2. Evaluate the apartment’s location

The location of your flat might be a fantastic source of inspiration for its moniker. If your apartment is located in a city, for instance, you may name it after your favourite street or district. If the location is rural, you could name it after a local lake or forest.

3. Consider your favourite items.

Your favourite things can be an excellent source of inspiration for the name of your apartment. If you enjoy reading, you may name your flat after your favourite author or book. Alternatively, if you have a passion for music, you may name it after your favourite band or song.

4. Be innovative

Don’t be scared to get imaginative with the name of your flat. You can even mix some of the aforementioned methods to create something genuinely original. You might, for instance, name your apartment after your favourite book series and place it in your neighbourhood.

5. Consult with Relatives

If you’re having trouble naming your flat, don’t hesitate to approach your friends and family for assistance. They may have brilliant ideas you hadn’t thought of. Ensure that the name you choose is one with which you are comfortable. Ultimately, it’s your home, therefore you should be satisfied with its moniker.

6. Find Inspiration in Popular Culture

You can also draw ideas for apartment names from popular culture. You may, for instance, name it after your favourite television programme or film. Or, you might name it after a beloved character from a book or film.

7. Trust Your Intuition

Ultimately, you should choose the name with which you feel the most comfortable. Choose the name that you believe best represents your home based on your intuition.

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Final Words

It is vital to realise that apartment names might be really significant to the residents. Additionally, it is essential to keep in mind that various people have varied residential preferences. Also, while it is always a good idea to give an apartment a name that will make it unique and memorable, it is important to keep in mind that everyone has different tastes.

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