350+ Ninja Names for Your Fantasy Character

ninja names

Ninja names can comfort or camouflage persons who prefer to remain hidden. They can also identify an artist. There are various ninja names, so choose wisely.

Ninja names vary in popularity. Sasuke, Uchiha, Kiryu, and Kitsune are well–known ninjas. There are so many ninja names to select from. Choosing the right name is crucial to becoming a successful ninja.

Would–be ninjas! This post examines the history of ninja names. From Iga and Koga clan naming practises to modern pseudonyms, we’ll cover it all.

Ninja Names With Meaning

Looking for Ninja Names with Meaning? If so, enjoy! This post will provide Ninja Names with Meaning and explain each one.

  • Shinobi– “To steal” in Japanese. Shinobi were stealthy and could move unobserved.
  • Hattori Hanzo– Hattori Hanzo was a Tokugawa shogunate Ninja. His espionage and assassination skills were well–known.
  • Fujibayashi Nagato– Fujibayashi Nagato was a Tokugawa shogunate Ninja. He could control the weather and create illusions.
  • Kirigakure Saizo– Kirigakure Saizo was a Tokugawa shogunate Ninja. He was a stealthy assassin.
  • Orochimaru– Orochimaru was a Tokugawa shogunate Ninja. He could change into animals and perform amazing illusions.
  • Jiraiya– Jiraiya was a Tokugawa shogunate Ninja. He was a ninja who could summon frogs.
  • Hagakure Fuma– Hagakure Fuma was a Tokugawa shogunate Ninja. His ninjutsu skills and invisibility made him famous.
  • Sarutobi Sasuke– Sarutobi Sasuke was a Tokugawa shogunate Ninja. His ninjutsu and wall–climbing skills were well–known.
  • Kaze no Yaiba– Kaze no Yaiba was a Tokugawa shogunate Ninja. His ninjutsu and wind control skills were legendary.
  • Senju Tobirama– Senju Tobirama was a Tokugawa shogunate Ninja. He was a ninja who could produce enormous waterfalls.
  • Uchiha Madara– Uchiha Madara was a Tokugawa shogunate Ninja. He was a ninja who could control a nine–tailed demon fox.
  • Namikaze Minato– Namikaze Minato was a Tokugawa shogunate Ninja. His ninjutsu and teleportation skills were well–known.
  • Senju Hashirama– Senju Hashirama was a Tokugawa Ninja. He was skilled in ninjutsu and could control wood.
  • Uzumaki Naruto– Uzumaki Naruto is a Tokugawa shogunate Ninja. He’s skilled in ninjutsu and can transform into a nine–tailed demon fox.
  • Rapid Mark
  • Blackshot
  • Scarletflash
  • Snowflash
  • The Quiet Mirage
  • Lethalflake
  • Superb Tyranny
  • Female Slayers
  • Closed Moguls
  • Darksaw
  • The Serpent Wolf
  • The Dark Thunder
  • Scarlet claw
  • Military Squad
  • Lighteye
  • Scarlettooth
  • The Swift Wanderer
  • Red strike
  • Goldentooth
  • Hollowstrike
  • Silentshiv

Cool Ninja Names

Need a ninja name? Done! This post lists cool ninja names and their meanings.

  • Shinobi no Mono– Shinobi no Mono means “endurer.” It’s a great name for a tough, determined ninja.
  • Rokurokubi– “Six–necked ghost” implies Rokurokubi. It’s great for a swift, agile ninja who can vanish into the shadows.
  • Tengu– “long–nosed goblin” It’s great for a ninja who likes to trick adversaries.
  • Kappa– “Water imp” signifies Kappa. It’s great for a swift, fluid ninja who’s comfortable on land and in water.
  • Oni– Oni means “devil.” It’s great for a powerful, fearsome ninja.
  • Soulless– Soulless implies “soulless.” Perfect for a cool, dispassionate ninja who can stay focused in chaos.
  • Dragon– Dragon signifies “mythical beast.” It’s for a formidable, fire–breathing ninja.
  • Lightning– Lightning means “light flash.” It’s great for a lightning–fast, deadly ninja.
  • The Muffled Crane
  • Darkflow
  • Swiftbeat
  • Darkbeat
  • Crimsonlock
  • Bulletflow
  • The Flying Dragon
  • Deathshadow
  • Hollowshot
  • Rapidflake
  • Aggressive Force
  • Ghost Shade
  • Rabid Claw
  • Ghostsaw
  • The Steel Image
  • Accidental Mafia
  • Lethalkill
  • Jolly Gang
  • Panoramic Deadly
  • The Ghost Whisper

Female Ninja Names

Need a female ninja name? Here’s a nice selection of names.

  • Kikyou– “bellflower” Perfect for a stunning ninja.
  • Hotaru– Firefly–named Hotaru. Hotaru suits a swift, nimble ninja.
  • Shizuka– “Quiet” means Shizuka. Shizuka is for patient, disciplined ninjas.
  • Akane– “deep red” Akane is great for a fearless ninja.
  • Hikari– Light–means Hikari. Hikari is a wise ninja’s name.
  • Yumiko– “lovely child” Yumiko is an elegant, attractive ninja name.
  • Sachiko– “Happy child” Sachiko is great for an optimistic ninja.
  • Miyuki– “deep snow” Miyuki is a cool–headed ninja’s name.
  • Kaida– “small dragon” Kaida is a courageous, powerful ninja name.
  • Tamiko– “People’s child” Tamiko is a caring, unselfish ninja.
  • Lightningstreak
  • The Floating Laugh
  • Lethal Bang
  • The Scarlet Hawk
  • Bloodflake
  • Dreameyes
  • Black beat
  • Stillsaw
  • Iron Claw
  • Silentcrash
  • Darkmoon
  • Dreamstroke
  • Ninja Zoja
  • The Crouching Fire
  • The Mystic Phoenix
  • Rapidstreak
  • Irontooth

Yumiko- Female Ninja Names-

Anime Ninja Names

Ninja names frequently mirror natural elements, despite being linked with darkness and stealth. This article lists Anime ninja names and their meanings.

  • Hokage – The village’s chief and most powerful ninja was the hokage. Hokage means “fire shadow” in Japanese.
  • Kage – Kage means “shadow” in Japanese. It’s also used for ninja village commanders.
  • Sannin – Three of the village’s strongest ninja. sannin means “three ninja” in Japanese.
  • Jounin – Elite village Ninja. jounin means “elite ninja” in Japanese.
  • ANBU – “Black Ops” is ANBU in Japanese. ANBU is the ninja villages’ military police.
  • Chunin – Chunin are middle–ranking ninjas. chunin means “middle ninja” in Japanese.
  • Genin – Genin are low–level ninjas. genin means “low–level ninja” in Japanese.
  • Ninja NiNi
  • Silent Strike
  • Lightningstain
  • Snowstrikes
  • Black Streak
  • Insidious Nitsi
  • The Unmoving Saber
  • Cloistered Niteenew
  • Death Claw
  • Bullet mark
  • Lethal Strike
  • Thunderkill
  • The Steel Phantom
  • Hollowstain
  • Dreamshadow
  • Swiftsign
  • Tachi
  • Still Flow
  • Goldenbeat
  • Lethal Flake
  • Ghost Tooth

Ninja Names Male

Ninja names are generally passed down from generation to generation and are used for identification. Hashirama, Sasuke, and Uchiha are ninja names.

  • Kaito – “ocean wave”.
  • Hiroshi – “wide moat”.
  • Kenji – “intelligent second son”.
  • Daisuke – “great helper”.
  • Takeshi – “military strength”.
  • Ryosuke – “fertile son”.
  • Yuma – “prosperous home”.
  • Kenta – “big ocean”.
  • Atsushi – “Happy, joyful”.
  • Shun – “excellent, perfect”.
  • Dotonbori – “Earth pillar”.
  • Gekkou – “Moonlight”.
  • Hayabusa – “Peregrine falcon”.
  • Inazuma – “Lightning bolt”.
  • Somethotheirdso
  • Macabre Exterminators
  • The Red Death
  • Dreamkill
  • Rapidmark
  • Silverstain
  • Hollowmark
  • Blackshadow
  • The Slender Viper
  • Thunderblade
  • Deathscar
  • Dead Linger
  • Dream Stain
  • Jadeshade
  • Kyoketsu-Shoge
  • Superfly Nicherty
  • Scarletstrikes
  • The Nimble Wolf

Atsushi- Ninja Names Male-

Japanese Ninja Names

Japanese ninja names are common. Always have a significance, whether shortened or not. Iwa–san, Uchihime, and Ashura–san are notable ninjas.

  • Koga – “Small Stream”.
  • Masamune – “Late Autumn”.
  • Mochizuki – “Full Moon”.
  • Hattori – “Resident of the Waterfall”.
  • Fuma – “Incense Smoke”.
  • Kuzan – “Cold Mountain”.
  • Kawakami – “River of the ravens”.
  • Sarutobi – “Monkey on the Ground”.
  • Fujibayashi – “Wisteria Branch”.
  • Momochi – “Peach Forest”.
  • Black Sign
  • Silverkill
  • Scarlet Moon
  • Crimsonbang
  • Silentbeat
  • Silverstrikes
  • The Snake Child
  • Mals Nails
  • The Snake Demon
  • Kusari-Gama
  • Goldenlock
  • Scarlet Eyes
  • Darkshot
  • Rabidsign
  • Decay Execasu
  • The Cloaked Secret
  • Ironbeat
  • Lightbang
  • Historical Occupation
  • Ironstroke
  • Meek Strategy
  • Lightstrikes
  • Fierce Conandie

Ninja turtle Names

Are you looking for a list of Ninja turtle Names with meaning? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a list of names, along with a description of each name’s meaning.

  • Leonardo– The first name on our list is Leonardo. This name is of Italian origin and means “brave lion.” This name is perfect for a leader, like Leonardo was for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Donatello– Donatello is the next name on our list. This name is of Italian origin and means “gift from God.” This name is perfect for a creative thinker, like Donatello was for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Michelangelo – Michelangelo is the next name on our list. This name is of Italian origin and means “angel.” This name is perfect for a free spirit, like Michelangelo was for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Raphael– Raphael is the last name on our list. This name is of Italian origin and means “God has healed.” This name is perfect for a tough fighter, like Raphael was for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Good Ninja Names

There are many different ninja names out there, but here are 5 of the best. They will help you stand out from other ninja and make you more likely to be accepted by your peers.

  • Jack–O–Lantern – because you’re so full of hot air.
  • Smoke Bomb – because you’re always causing a scene.
  • Steel Trap – because you’re so hard to get away from.
  • Sensei – because you’re always giving people bad advice.
  • The Flash – because you’re always running away from. your problems
  • Lightflash
  • Ghostflow
  • Quickcrash
  • BO (Staff)
  • Dream Lock
  • Scarletstain
  • Deathclaw
  • Silentsign
  • Dead Eyes
  • The Unmoving Jackal
  • Snow beat
  • Lethaltooth
  • The Mystic Striker
  • Lightlock
  • The Jade Death
  • Rapidbang
  • Deadlock
  • Caltrop
  • Phantom Tooth
  • Phantom Tooth

Rokurokubi- Cool Ninja Names-

Spy Ninja Names

Spy Ninja is a game that was created in 2002. It quickly became popular and has been known for its strategic gameplay. Spy Ninja was later ported to many platforms.

  • Jiraiya – “Toad”.
  • Kakashi – “Scarecrow”.
  • Kisame – “Demon shark”.
  • Madara – ” spot”.
  • Minato – “Port”.
  • Mugen – “Infinity”.
  • Nagato – “Long door”.
  • Neji – “Screw”.
  • Oboro – “Haze”.
  • Orochimaru – “Big snake”.
  • Raikage – “Light.
  • The Scarlet Hunter
  • Silentlock
  • Redmoon
  • Lethalslinger
  • The Sanguine Moon
  • Darkstrikes
  • Silver Shade
  • Small Veterans
  • The Slender Rock
  • Black Mark
  • Lightningfall

Funny Ninja Names

whatever your reasons, you’ll find what you’re looking for on this list of funny ninja names.

  • Kuma – meaning “bear”.
  • Tetsu – meaning “iron”.
  • Juro – meaning “ten”.
  • Hebi – meaning “snake”.
  • Nindaime – meaning “second generation”.
  • Neko – meaning “cat”.
  • Saru – meaning “monkey”.
  • Inu – meaning “dog”.
  • Tora – meaning “tiger”.
  • Kitsune – meaning “fox”.
  • Shishi – meaning “lion”.
  • Ushi – meaning “cow”.
  • Gorilla – because, why not?
  • Hoshi – meaning “star”.
  • Suke – meaning “assistant”.
  • Hayabusa – meaning “falcon”.
  • Kabuto – meaning “helmet”.
  • Kyubi
  • Deadcrash
  • The Phantom Knife
  • Ironsaw
  • The Sanguine Vision
  • Deathshiv
  • Silverbash
  • The Bronze Ranger
  • Rapidflash
  • Harmonious Liquidators
  • Tognianted
  • Adamant Admirals

Badass Ninja Names

Need a cool ninja name? Done! This post lists badass ninja names and their meanings.

  • Koken– Koken means “fierce swordsman” and is given to swordsman ninjas.
  • Mushin– Mushin means “no mind” and is given to ninjas who can empty their mind in battle and focus on the task at hand.
  • Myojin– Myojin means “divine being” and is given to master ninjas.
  • Sokuren– Sokuren means “quick runner” and is given to ninjas who flee and escape.
  • Tetsugen– Tetsugen means “iron will” and is granted to resilient ninjas.
  • Jade Flow
  • Steeleyes
  • Ninja Jackal
  • Jade Moon
  • Bulletfall
  • Souttente
  • Jadeslinger
  • Rabidbeat
  • Darkstroke
  • Blackbeat
  • The Jade Smile
  • Rabidblade
  • Hollow Stroke
  • Hook sword
  • Bulletstrike
  • Red Bash
  • Killcrash

Jack–O–Lantern - Good Ninja Names-

Black Ninja Names

Cool, edgy black ninja names. Knowing their meaning is equally cooler. This post lists popular black ninja names and their meanings.

  • Kenshin – Kenshin is a manga about a former assassin who vows to never kill again. He now helps the needy and fights evil.
  • Kurosaki – Kurosaki is a popular manga about a ghost–seeing doctor. His gift helps the dead and living find justice.
  • T’Challa –T’Challa is king and defender of Wakanda in Marvel Comics. He’s the Black Panther.
  • John Shaft – John Shaft is a shrewd private investigator from the 1971 film Shaft.
  • Juka – Popular anime Juka is about a teenage ninja who wants to be the strongest.
  • Rokuro – Rokuro is a popular anime series about a teenage ninja whose parents were murdered. He becomes the strongest ninja to revenge their deaths.
  • Kai – Kai is a popular manga about a ghost–seeing doctor. His gift helps the dead and living find justice.
  • The Steel Wolf
  • Crimsonkill
  • Quicksaw
  • Scarletsign
  • The White Secret
  • Rapid Fall
  • The Light Dream
  • Snow Shiv
  • Forgetful Vigor
  • Lightshadow
  • The Muffled Image
  • Snowsign
  • Deadtooth
  • Dreamblade
  • Blowgun (Fukiya)
  • Lightningstroke
  • Darkbash
  • Deadstroke
  • Dream crash
  • The Flying Child
  • The Red Shadow

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Final Words–

Ninja names create intrigue and mystery. It’s crucial to select a ninja name that reflects who you are. Use a ninja name to stand out.

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