Bow Names: 350+ Unique & Intriguing Names to Choose From

Which bow name suits you? Names depend on the person’s tastes and the bow’s benefits. These bow names are popular.

Bow names are limitless. Everyone can find something. There are several bow names to choose from. Starting can be difficult with so many options.

Many bow names have their own history and flavour. This list has a bow for everyone, whether you want to buy one or keep one in stock. Why wait? Name your bows now!

Bow Names With Meaning

Did you know that there are different types of bows? And each bow has a different name with a special meaning?

In this blog post, we’ll list some of the most popular bow names and their meaning.

  • Brahmastra — Ancient Indian warfare used the Brahmastra, a mass-destruction weapon. Its effects are still felt today despite its demise.
  • Robin Hood’s bow—named for the archer-outlaw.
  • Longbow—this bow is long.
  • Recurve bow—curved limbs boost arrow speed and accuracy.
  • Compound bow— pulleys and cables boost arrow speed and accuracy.
  • Crossbows— which impale targets, are effective for hunting and combat.
  • Olympic bow—lightweight and compact, this bow is used at the Olympics.
  • Hunting bow —Hunting bows are larger and heavier than other bows.
  • Target bow—a smaller, lighter bow used for target practise.
  • Wind—A rapid, nimble bow.
  • Sun — A happy-looking bow.
  • Rain – A cleaning bow.
  • Snow—A gorgeous, cold bow.
  • Star—A distinctive bow name.
  • Bolt
  • Eagle Strike
  • Willow Max Bow
  • Fearful Titanium Warbow
  • Scorpion King Bow
  • Eye of Fidelity
  • Thirsty For Blood
  • Cataclysmic Ebon Piercer
  • Iron Chord
  • Pierce Through Eye
  • Gladiator
  • Steel Striker
  • Willow Striker
  • Precision
  • Dancing Oak Composite Bow
  • Jade Infused Titanium Crossbow
  • Death Cry
  • The Banished
  • Skeletal Piercer
  • Perfidy
  • Hardwood Piercer
  • Chills Down Spine
  • Siren’s Call
  • Breakthrough
  • Maple Piercer
  • Curved Iron Heavy Crossbow

Artemis' Bow

Minecraft Bow Names

Each bow has a unique name, often with deep meaning. This topic covers Minecraft bow names and their meanings.

  • The Short Bow—weakest Minecraft’s bow. Its range and damage are lower than other bows. It’s also the fastest and useful in close combat.
  • The Long Bow—second-weakest Minecraft’s bow. It’s longer than the short bow but less powerful. It’s also slower.
  • The Power Bow—third-weakest Minecraft’s bow. It has higher range and damage than other bows. It’s also slow.
  • Flame Bow—fourth Minecraft’s weakest bow. Though shorter than the power bow, it does more damage. It’s the fastest, but it burns your arrows.
  • The Infinity Bow—strongest Minecraft’s bow. It’s limitless and damaging. It’s also the slowest and requires charmed ingredients to craft.
  • Pig Bow—This pink bow is utilised by beginner players. Pig Bows are cheap and easy to find, making them good beginner bows.
  • Diamond Bow—The game’s most powerful and costliest bow. Experienced players use it to quickly defeat opponents.
  • Nether Bow– Only Nether players can use this bow, crafted from Nether resources. Due to its unique qualities, the Nether Bow is strong but hard to use.
  • Tipped Arrow Bow—This bow can be loaded with special arrows with poisonous or flammable tips. Players that want to control their opponents should use the Tipped Arrow Bow.
  • Iron Compound Bow
  • Final Whistle
  • Devil In Strike
  • Huntress
  • Enchanted Straight Bow
  • Drawback
  • Vengeful Skeletal Longbow
  • Call Me Hades
  • Recruit’s Oak Repeater
  • Tranquilizer
  • Beesting
  • Crossfire Bow
  • Frozen
  • The Last Breath
  • Oak Striker
  • Redwood Bow
  • Meteor Lash
  • Infused Bow
  • Clutch
  • Knight Of Bows
  • Demonic Piercer
  • Howling For Relief
  • Ethereal Redwood Shortbow
  • Sturdy Swift Bow
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Anime Bow and Arrow Names

There is no limit to the names that anime fans can come up with for their bow and arrow. Some names that have been popular in recent years include– Arrow of Light, The One True God’s Arrow, and Blue Steel. There are so many choices for anime fans to make when it comes to naming their bows and arrows, it’s hard to know where to start.

  • Arisa from “Hunter x Hunter”– Arisa is a member of the Phantom Troupe, an organization of thieves in the anime series “Hunter x Hunter”. She is known for her clean and orderly appearance, as well as her cold and calculating personality. Her name means “clean and orderly”, which is a reflection of her personality.
  • Kai from “Naruto“– Kai is a shinobi from the anime series “Naruto”. He is a member of the Hidden Leaf Village’s Anbu Black Ops. He is known for his cold and calculating personality, as well as his great strength. His name means “revelation”, which is a reflection of his nature as a shinobi.
  • Yumi from “Inuyasha”– Yumi is a bow–wielding miko from the anime series “Inuyasha”. She is a kind and compassionate woman who is always willing to help others. Her name means “bow”, which is a reflection of her weapon of choice.
  • Tsurugi from “Rurouni Kenshin”– Tsurugi is a samurai from the anime series “Rurouni Kenshin”. He is a skilled swordsman who is always seeking to improve his skills. His name means “sword”, which is a reflection of his skills and his chosen weapon.
  • Ichijo from “Bleach”– Ichijo is a captain in the Gotei 13, the military organization of shinigami in the anime series “Bleach”. He is a powerful fighter and a skilled strategist. His name means “first–class”, which is a reflection of his status as a captain.

Recurve Bow

Cool Names for Bows

Bow names are limitless. Some people choose classic names, while others prefer unique, attention-grabbing names. Mr. Bow, Star-Bow, Soaring Eagle, Mystic Arrow, and Safari Arrow are five common bow names.

  • The Dapper Dan—a confident bowtie.
  • Cupid—A crimson or pink bowtie symbolising love.
  • The Professor—An elegant bowtie.
  • The Adventurer bowtie—symbolises wanderlust and discovery.
  • The Gentleman—A dapper bowtie.
  • The Playful – A bowtie that is fun and whimsical.
  • The debonair – A bowtie that is sleek and suave.
  • The Trendsetter – A bowtie that is fashion–forward and stylish.
  • The timeless – A bowtie that classic and enduring.
  • The unique – A bowtie that is one–of–a–kind.
  • Smooth Kill
  • Target Amiss
  • Compound Lasher
  • Doom
  • Driftwood Shooter
  • Bone Bolter
  • Scorpion
  • Slytherin In Disguise
  • Sting Of Devil
  • Bolt Of Iron
  • Crazed Bow
  • Stryker King
  • Raging Cyclone
  • Twilight Titanium Recurve
  • Desolation Bone Straight Bow
  • The Bad Omen
  • End At Heart
  • Bronzed Repeater
  • Maple Bow
  • Dwarstrike
  • Demonic Warpwood Bow
  • Treachery’s Ebon Self Bow
  • Whisperwind
  • Work Of Jade
  • Legendary Ironbark Strike
  • Graviton
  • Doom Steel Flatbow
  • Eye of Truth
  • Liar’s Driftwood Arbalest
  • Mosquito
  • Recovering Deaths
  • Doom’s Kiss
  • Kornet
  • Hunger Striker

Good names for Bows

The bow of love, accuracy, and accuracy II are common bow names. Choose the right bow name because each has pros and cons.

  • Artemis—Greek mythology’s hunt goddess. Zeus and Leto’s daughter and Apollo’s sister.
  • Lakshmi—The Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. She’s Vishnu’s wife.
  • Odin—Norse god of war and wisdom. He was Thor’s father.
  • Baldr—The Norse deity of peace and beauty. Odin and Frigg’s son and Nanna’s husband.
  • Apollo—The Greek sun and music god. Zeus and Leto’s son and Artemis’ twin brother.
  • Durga—The Hindu goddess of strength and force. She’s Shiva’s wife.
  • Zeus—Greek mythology’s god king. Cronus and Rhea’s son, he married Hera.
  • Thor—The Norse god of thunder. Odin and Frigg’s son and Sif’s husband.
  • Freya—The Norse goddess of love and beauty. Odin and Frigg’s daughter and Thor’s sister.
  • Mosquito Death Bite
  • Shadow’s Strike
  • Summoner Of Death
  • Bringing Typhoon
  • Titanium Crossfire Bow
  • Stealthy Lover
  • Swooshing Hearts
  • Poison At Heart
  • Skeleton Escape
  • Doom At Call
  • Tempest Crown
  • Massiveshortbow
  • The Bullseye
  • Skullforage
  • Featherdraw
  • Possessed Striker
  • Yew Launcher
  • Healer Killer
  • Yew Striker
  • Enchanted Striker
  • Shooter Of Fantasy
  • Archer’s Driftwood Composite Bow
  • Zero Miss
  • Beasting Mess
  • Kiss Of Hell
  • Slicing Through Storm
  • Prickle Heavy Crossbow
  • Last Breath
  • Broken Bones
  • Steel Launcher
  • Doom’s Ironbark Shortbow
  • Lastgun
  • Viper And Fury
  • Seathing The Chord
  • Brutal Striker
  • Pain Of Strike
  • Recruits Bone Recurve
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Legendary Bow Names

Bowhunters often take aim based on a bow’s name. The Bowman’s Warthog, Wyatt Earp’s Old Hickory, and presidential arrows are among the most popular bows. No wonder these names are renowned in bowhunting.

  • Apollo’s Bow– In Greek mythology, this bow was wielded by the sun god Apollo. It was said to be able to shoot arrows with such accuracy that they would never miss their target.
  • The Bow of Ulysses– This bow was used by the legendary Greek hero Ulysses during his ten–year journey home from the Trojan War. It was said to be unbreakable and could shoot arrows with such force that they would penetrate any armor.
  • Artemis’ Bow—Greek mythology’s huntress Artemis used this bow. It shot arrows with precision and strength and never missed.
  • The Bow of Odysseus—Odysseus used this bow on his ten-year trip home from the Trojan War. It was unbreakable and shot arrows that could through armour.
  • The Bow of Hercules– This bow was used by the legendary Greek hero Hercules. It was said to be incredibly powerful and could shoot arrows with such force that they would penetrate any armor.
  • The Bow of Achilles– This bow was used by the legendary Greek hero Achilles during the Trojan War. It was said to be unbreakable and could shoot arrows with such force that they would penetrate any armor.
  • The bow of Cupid– This bow was used by the Roman god of love, Cupid. It was said to be able to shoot arrows that would make people fall in love.
  • The bow of Robin Hood– This legendary English folk hero was said to be skilled in archery and known for his acts of Robin Hood was said to have used this bow to shoot an arrow into the Sheriff of Nottingham’s heart.
  • The bow of Zephyrus– In Greek mythology, this bow was used by the god of the west wind, Zephyrus. It was said to be able to shoot arrows with such force that they would penetrate any armor.
  • The bow of Atalanta– In Greek mythology, this bow was used by the huntress Atalanta. It was said to be incredibly accurate and never miss its target.
  • Calamity
  • Blessed Ashwood Repeater
  • Hedgehog
  • The Grim Reaper
  • Titanium Straight Bow
  • The Death Bearer
  • Trophy Shooter
  • Final Sigh
  • Zealous
  • Misfortune’s Ashwood Speargun
  • Spiteful Iron Compound Bow
  • Ritual Oak Piercer
  • Striker In Crossbow
  • Talonestrike
  • Last Kiss
  • Engraved In Heart
  • Starshot
  • Willow Of Reflex
  • Anguish’ Steel Reflex Bow
  • Reflex Like Snake
  • The Heartpiercer
  • Shadow Of Hell
  • Eye Of Target
  • Windstalker
  • Hanstrung Crossbow
  • Redwood Dark Bow
  • Bronzed Bow
  • Smooth Like Wolf
  • Frienzied
  • Mended Killer
  • Calf Of Strike
  • Prophecy At Work
  • Spine Of Bow
  • Bowman’s Driftwood Warbow
  • Willow Hunting Bow
  • Barbarian Driftwood Bow
  • Trophy Chord

Hunting Bow Company Names

Bowhunting Company names are always debated. Some think the company’s name comes from a bowstring snapping, while others think it’s about customer service. Hunting enthusiasts will remember and enjoy the company’s name.

  • Archery Trade Association – The Archery Trade Association is the industry’s leading trade association. With a name like this, your customers will know that you’re a company that values tradition and the sport of archery.
  • Bowhunters of America – As the name suggests, this is a company that is geared towards bowhunters. This is a great name for a company that wants to show its customers that it caters to their specific needs.
  • The Archer’s Choice—great name for a bow company. It shows clients that you take your items seriously and will give them with the greatest equipment.
  • BowTech—a terrific name for a technology and innovation company. This moniker implies that your organisation leads industry innovation.
  • Matthews Archery—a terrific name for a long-standing firm. It evokes quality and heritage.
  • Hoyt Archery—A terrific moniker for a top-tier firm. Your company’s name, Hoyt, is a well-known archery brand, indicating your commitment to excellence.
  • Morrison Archery—a terrific name for a customer-focused company. Choosing Morrison for your company shows that you care about your clients and giving them the greatest experience.
  • PSE Archery—a terrific moniker for a performance-oriented company. PSE is a well-known archery brand, so naming your company after it shows your commitment to quality.
  • Diamond Archery—Great name for a high-end bow manufacturer. Diamond is a symbol of quality, so naming your firm after it shows your commitment to offering the greatest items.
  • Bear Archery—Perfect for a traditional company. Your company’s name, Bear, honours archery’s long heritage.
  • Lightning
  • Titanium Crossbow
  • Engraved Skeletal Crossbow
  • All Kill
  • Vehement Chord
  • Terror Hunter
  • Truthstrike
  • Vixen
  • Hunting Kills
  • Wretch Of Salvation
  • Splinter Of Fury
  • Roaring Oak Heavy Crossbow
  • Roaring Of Tides
  • Wrapwood Fire Shooter
  • Don’t Forget
  • Oak Warbow
  • High-Strung
  • Craved Of Revenge
  • Gladiator Ebon Warbow
  • Baneful Ebon Recurve
  • Hardwood Heavy Crossbow
  • Crescent Moon Swayer
  • Icicle
  • Phoenix Inferno
  • Song Of Death
  • Thunder Striker
  • Twisted Fate
  • Crafted
  • David bowie
  • Eternal Kill
  • Yearning
  • Nightmare
  • Soul Taker
  • Charming Killer
  • Wood Bow
  • Fusion Flatbow
  • Driftwood Bolter
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Destroyer of Worlds

Funny Bow Names

Bow names are fun and unique. These names are ideal for having fun or naming your bow.

  • Bowsette – A popular name for the female version of Bowser from the Mario series, who became an internet meme.
  • Boushin – Japanese for “hornless cow”.
  • Bovina – A play on the word “bovine”, meaning cow–like.
  • Bowsy – A combination of “bow” and “psycho”.
  • Bowzilla – A combination of “bow” and “Godzilla”.
  • deadly bow – A name for a bow that is so powerful it can kill.
  • Destroyer of Worlds—A bow that can destroy worlds.
  • Legolas—Lord of the Rings character.
  • Robin Hood – The famed archer.
  • Cupid — The bow-and-arrow-wielding Roman deity of love.
  • Hawkeye—Marvel Comics character.
  • Green Arrow—DC Comics character.
  • Katniss—The Hunger Games’ protagonist.
  • Cupcake—A little, pretty bow name.
  • Thunder—A loud, forceful bow.
  • Ominous Call
  • Reincarnated
  • Wretched Willow Speargun
  • Baneful
  • Piercer Of Dark
  • The Bad Buddy
  • Piercer Of Ice
  • Hedgelog
  • Name Of Hades
  • Daobolism Fury
  • Ghastly Maple Crossfire
  • War-Forged Willow Reflex Bow
  • Strike Like Eagle
  • Whisper Of End
  • Kill Catcher
  • Swiftpiercer
  • Exiled Compound Bow
  • Three In One
  • Warbow Of Dark
  • Inherited
  • Enthusiast Dark Souls
  • Death Service
  • Hardwood Reflex Bow
  • Trapper’s Sting
  • Razor Cut
  • Horror Strike
  • Needle
  • Truestrike
  • Fury Of Aim
  • Massive Ashwood Striker
  • Oak Reflex Bow
  • Stormfury Steel Striker
  • Messenger Of Death
  • Ironbark Crossbow
  • Ranger’s Maple Warp-Bow
  • Feral Blow
  • Curve Of Aim

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Final Words

Personal bow names are important. Finding the right bow name for your personality and shooting style is key. will assist you choose from the many possibilities.

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