10+ Famous Ed Gein Nicknames That Went Viral

Ed Gein Nicknames

Ever wonder why Ed Gein was known as the “Butcher of Plainfield”? Or what the Wisconsin “Mad Butcher” did to earn his moniker? In this blog post, we will examine some of most terrible Ed Gein nicknames, as well as the reasons why he received them.

Edward Theodore Gein was a terrible murderer and grave thief who inspired numerous fictional works, such as Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The press gave him several monikers, such as “The Butcher of Plainfield” and “The Mad Butcher of Wisconsin.”

Ed Gein is generally referred to as the “founding father of the Halloween industry” and has been tied to at least 30 killings. But Gein’s genuine identity was never revealed prior to the publication of a new documentary about his life. Today, many people refer to him as “Nicky.

Ed Gein Nicknames

Edward Theodore Gein has been known by many nicknames over the years. Here are just a few of the most popular:

1. Butcher of Plainfield

The Butcher of Plainfield is Ed Gein. He and his brother George killed three Plainfield women in 1954. John F. Kennedy pardoned the Geins after they were convicted and sentenced to death.


2. Ghoul of Plainfield

Ed Gein is known as the “Ghoul of Plainfield.” Between 1946 and 1948, he killed 30 people in Plainfield, Wisconsin. Gein was notorious for his ghostly appearance and country road dumps. Women and children were victims.

3. The Plainfield Gorilla

Edward Theodore Gein is nicknamed the Plainfield Gorilla. In criminal profiling, he was unique. His history of violence towards women made him a prime suspect for sexual offences. His appearance made him a mugshot and poster target. Gein’s perverse sense of humour often led to perilous situations, along with his extraordinary precautions.

4. The Mad Butcher

Ed Gein as the crazed Butcher in 1978’s The Mad Butcher. Gein’s cannibalism and child molestation are now forgotten. Gein’s passion to horror films, which he watched to generate inspiration for new stories and movies, is well-known.

5. The Wisconsin Cannibal

Edward Theodore Gein, the infamous Wisconsin cannibal, killed 12 people and carved their remains into ice. Many questions remain about the man. Suddenly a cannibal? How did he know other Geins? Who committed Wisconsin’s 50-year-old murders?


6. Ed/Eddie

Ed Gein, commonly known as “Eddie,” killed at least seven individuals in the 1920s and 1930s. I’m Ed Gein, an ofosexual documentary, revives Eddie Gein’s mythology. The documentary explores one of America’s most legendary killers, whose murders remain unsolved.

7. Leatherface

Edward Theodore Gein is known as “Leatherface” for his 1969 Wisconsin murders. The killings are one of America’s most infamous unsolved crimes. Unknown Richard Speck is suspected of committing the murders.

8. The Madman

Ed Gein is America’s most famous serial killer. His furious and aggressive actions earned him the nickname “The Madman.” Ed Gein is “The Madman” for various reasons. Gein was noted for his unusual murder methods.


9. The Monster of Plainfield

Ed Gein’s part in The Monster of Plainfield is still remembered today. Gein was called a “monster” for killing six women in Plainfield, Wisconsin in 1928. One of history’s most prominent serial killer instances.

10. El asesino máscara de piel

Edward Theodore Gein was originally called “El asesino m scara de piel” He was a crazed, vicious murderer in the early 1900s. Even after his 1947 execution, many are attracted by his misdeeds.

11. The Grandfather of Gore

Ed Gein, Gore’s grandpa, influenced Gorean politics. It is said that Gein drove the growth of the Gorean party and helped elect George W. Bush. He killed six individuals and destroyed numerous homes in rural North Dakota.

Final Word

In conclusion, Ed Gein nicknames provide a unique perspective on the man and his life. These nicknames also offer a insight into how he operated, which makes his crimes that much more heinous. If you are in search of different celebrity nicknames you can get it in our site.

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