200 Nicknames for Andrew to Stop You Searching Further

Nicknames for Andrew are so famous because they are unique and can be seen as a reflection of the person. Andrew is known as the nickname the rapper nicknames for him are “Themba” and “Makaveli”. Also, Andrew is one of the most famous basketball players of all time and his nicknames are some of the most well-known in the sport. He has been called “The Human Cannonball” and “The Godfather of Basketball”.

The nicknames of Andrew sounds very social person and loves to get to know new people. Nicknames are a great way to remember people and keep them in your mind. Andrew can be called Big Ben, Captain America, and Iron Man.

Take a quick look at Nicknames for Nick for more ideas. They make him feel more comfortable and show their support. He really needs nicknames for people who are close to him because he can’t remember their last names. Some of Andrew’s favorites are “Dirty Andrew” and “Ziggy.

Nicknames for Andrew

Nicknames for Andrew include “Sandpaper Andrew,” “The Andrew Striker,” “The Andrew Chief,” and “The Andrew Wiggles.” He was given this nickname because he was always working hard and never taking no for an answer.

  • Andreo – A nickname having Latin American origins.
  • Dewey – A sweet and endearing nickname for a gentleman who is as mild-mannered as the dew that falls in the morning.
  • Lil-Rew – for an Andrew who is rather little but has an endearing appearance.
  • An-Drool – If he does, literally, drool in his sleep, then he is deserving of this nickname.
  • Doobie-Doobie – Choose this nickname for a man who seems to be high all the time!
  • Andyhood – for Andrew, who is shy and introverted and prefers to spend his time in the company of a select few people.
  • Andy BunnyBoo – Choose this alias for your significant other if his name is Andrew.
  • Dre – This one is piquant despite its brevity and crispness.
  • Andrez – Andrew spelled using the Old Greek alphabet.
  • Drew-me-in – I have a nickname in mind for him if he’s the kind of lover boy that takes pleasure in being very physical.
  • Andrzej – A kind of endearment used in Polish for a man whose name is Andrew.
  • Dodger-Drew – You have come up with the ideal nickname for him, especially if he is the sneakiest person you know.
  • An-Doo – A slightly altered version of Andrew with a few letters switched around.
  • Drewby – A cheeky nickname given to a person named Andrew who is often getting into trouble.
  • Andrzej – The Polish equivalent of the name Andrew.
  • Andreios – for an Andrew who is rugged and manly.
  • Drew Boo – This affectionate nickname is sure to put a smile on the face of the person you care about most.
  • Andris – A Greek form of the English name Andrew that means “manly warrior.”
  • Drel – A diminutive form of the more common name Drew, with the “W” omitted.
  • Demandy – An Andy who has such high expectations.
  • Drewpy – A more appropriate name for a person named Andrew who is known for his slothful attitude.
  • Andras – a reference to an Andrew who has Greek ancestry.
  • Andyroo – for a macho man who has a soft spot in his heart.
  • Andy – Without a doubt, the most well-known and frequently used term of endearment for Andrew.
  • Da-Drew – The only one of its kind.
  • Dy’ – This is a short form of the name that is pronounced “Dy.”
  • Andruff – A hilarious take on the character of Andrew, who just so happens to have dandruff.
  • Andrewski – Use this for a guy named Andrew who thinks he knows everything there is to know.
  • Kanga-Drew – In reference to Drew, who is vivacious and restless.
  • Scooby-Drew – He is most assuredly the outsider in his group’s competition.
  • Andreu – A suitable nickname for a man who possesses robust masculinity and unwavering bravery.
  • Daddy-Drew – Because there isn’t a single girl in the world who wouldn’t want him to be her father.
  • And – It looks like “Rew” won’t be required for this one.
  • Rew – Drew, with a capital “D”
  • Andreios – You should use this nick name for a man who is quite masculine.
  • Andrello – A familiar name for Andrew with an accent on the Italian language!
  • Andrello – A nickname with an Italian accent added to it.
  • Da-Drew – A nickname given to a person who is unique in comparison to others.
  • Andrez – Another wonderful example of an Old Greek nickname that we adore.
  • Drewbin – Adapted from the well read travel blog written by Drew Binsky, for another Drew who has a passion for travelling.
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One of the coolest nicknames for Andrew is:

  • Ant Rew – Make fun of an individual named Andrew who appears to be very underweight by calling him Skinny Andrew.
  • Androcles – It literally translates to “glory of a man.”
  • Drewby – Something jovial and endearing for a Drew to have.
  • Drew Boi – All Andrews, no matter their age, look great with this nickname.
  • Scandrew – You should use this nickname to refer to a man who causes problems and scandal.
  • Dy’ – Straightforward and concise.
  • Handy-Mandy – This would be an appropriate nickname for Andrew if he were a handyman or just particularly skilled with a variety of tasks.
  • Anndra – The Scottish version of the name Andrew.
  • Androcles – This nickname means “Glory of a Man” when translated into English.
  • Angrew – For an Andrew, he is developing at an astonishingly quick pace.
  • Andras – Choose this nickname for a man whose name is Andrew and whose ancestry is Greek.
  • Dread-D-Drew – The Andrew who everyone else tries to avoid at all costs.
  • Drew-Boi – For the benefit of Andrew.
  • Andsy – A charming name that will bring you a sense of emotional proximity to Andrew.
  • Andrea – A name with a Greek origin for a male variation of the name Andrew.
  • Cookie Doo – We are well aware of your fondness for cookie dough. Therefore, we changed it such that it rhymes with Andrew.
  • Booby Drewby – Choose this endearing nickname for a chubby guy whose name is Andrew.
  • Drew Woo – Something wonderful for the delightful Andrew.
  • Sand-Rew – for an unclean and dishevelled being.
  • Dewey – That’s about as soft as the dew in the morning for an Andrew.
  • Drewpiter – The very possession of Jupiter.
  • Dew – pronounced “Drew” with a “r.”
  • Peek-a-Drew – For a youngster who enjoys the game of Peek-a-boo more than anything else in the world.
  • Anderson – A nickname that has a refined and uncomplicated feel to it.
  • Druww – With a strong accent placed on the letter “w.”
  • Drewpanzee – for an Andrew who has the appearance of being silly and odd.
  • Droopy Drew – This is for the Drew in your life who is the most pathetic or unmotivated.
  • Astro Andy – for an astrologer or someone who is passionate in astronomy.
  • Andrioosha – Andrew in a manner similar to how a Russian would say it.
  • BigDrew – for the intimidatingly large and powerful man who strikes fear into the hearts of all.
  • Dew – Taking in the sight of newborn Andrew must undoubtedly be just as invigorating as observing a dewdrop.
  • Drew – Andrew would adore something that is condensed and to the point.
  • Andy-iana – If he has a feminine nature, then there’s no reason why not.
  • Andy-Nutz – for a strange individual who exhibits unusual tendencies.
  • Drewbin – You should give this person this nickname if they engage in a lot of trash talking.
  • Drowsy-Drewy – If he always seems exhausted, he’s inviting this label upon himself by doing so.
  • Andee – for an Andrew who can pull off both femininity and masculinity.
  • Digi-Drew – for an expert in digital technology or a technology whiz by the name of Andrew.
  • Andrea – A Greek word that refers to a masculine person.
  • Andriy – In reference to an Andrew who has Ukrainian ancestry.

200 Nicknames for Andrew to Stop You Searching Further


Andrew nicknames can be fun, funny, or just different:

  • Andy Dandy – A man who possesses a high level of sophistication may be called “Pete.”
  • Andro – Andy spelled with a “r”
  • Sandy – Comparable to Sandy, although it can also be used to make fun of a sleazy individual named Andrew.
  • An-Drool – If the Andrew in your life drools while sleeping, he has legitimately earned the right to be referred to as “Drools.”
  • Andy-Bunnyboo – In memory of Andrew, a kind and caring person.
  • Drew Nut – It will have the same familiar sound as a doughnut, but with a unique twist to it.
  • Andie – A contemporary form of the name Andy in modern English.
  • Lil Rew – A cute and diminutive child is referred to by this nick name.
  • Mean-drew – He is the most obnoxious example of Drew you could ever come across.
  • Andy Candy – If someone with the name Andrew is both sweet and savoury in equal measure, then he has most likely earned the right to bear this name.
  • Andronicus – Andrew is a name that originates from Classical Greek and means “male victor.”
  • Dru – A condensed and easier to remember form of the nickname Drew.
  • Anderz – A nickname for Andrew, but with a new and interesting twist!
  • Dr-ewwwy – if you’ve ever met an Andrew more repulsive than this one.
  • Androop – This is for Andrew, who never seems to get enough sleep and always looks exhausted.
  • Aindriú – intended for a manly individual of Irish ancestry.
  • Roo – Rew, but spelled in a slightly different way.
  • Drewbacco – Andrew and Tobacco are on par with the ages 5 and 6.
  • Pandrew – For a Drew that brings to mind a fluffy and endearing Panda bear.
  • Andy Bandy – A nick term for someone named Andrew who is prone to having mishaps or harming himself.
  • Drewy – This is something that would be perfect for a young boy named Andrew.
  • Jungle-Drew – We believe that he would enjoy this if he had a daring and exploratory spirit.
  • Ant-rew – A humorous term for a diminutive man who goes by the name Andrew.
  • Druuuu – A nick name that places a lot of stress on the letter “U.”
  • Andrewed – Even though Andrew wasn’t the name his parents had in mind for him, he ended up going by that name.
  • Drew Bear – A man with the name Andrew who is tall, dark, and attractive can be referred to by this pet name.
  • Andraz – This is a pet form of the given name Andrew, which also exists in Slavonic.
  • Handy Mandy – Choose this nickname for a man who is skilled at performing a variety of different tasks.
  • Andrius – This exotic nickname is perfect for a charming young man.
  • Andy Gandhi – This is a punny nickname for Andrew, who is an elderly spirit stuck in the body of a young man!
  • Drey – Drawn from the person’s name Drew.
  • Drooly – A cute and funny nickname for a child named Andrew who constantly drools.
  • Dreamy – Take this option if a man by the name of Andrew fits the bill of the ideal partner for you.
  • Drew-Bear – in reference to Andrew who is tall, dark, and handsome.
  • BlueDrew – If he has a penchant for the colour blue, you should refer to him by this name.
  • Mountain Drew – Use this for an intrepid traveller who is unafraid of anybody or anything.
  • Andreu – for one who possesses masculine qualities such as strength and bravery.
  • Eww – An Andrew with a temperament that is extremely annoying.
  • Androminator – What nickname would have been given to Andrew if he had become the Terminator?
  • Crew – I was wondering if your Andrew has a trendy crew cut. If you answered yes, then go with this option.
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Stand out from the rest with smart Andrew nicknames:

  • Sandy – A derisive nickname given to a person in order to make fun of their poor personal hygiene.
  • Andrius – A Lithuanian-born Andrew may be referred to by this nickname.
  • Scandy – for a young man who is both problematic and controversial.
  • Drewd – Drew with a capital D
  • Hunky-Drewy – for a Drew who has a sexy appearance.
  • Andi-Dip – for an Andy who enjoys staring at the stars and identifying the various constellations.
  • Anndra – This is a Scottish nickname that can be given to a person who was born and raised in Scotland.
  • Drew-D-Dreamer – Our contemporary Joseph, whose name is Drew.
  • Anderson – This nick name has the air of an experienced and uncomplicated person.
  • Andy – Without a doubt, the most common form of the name Andrew.
  • Daddy Drew – Consider giving this nickname to your grandfather.
  • Drel – It’s Drew, but without the “w” in the middle.
  • Andro – This Greek nickname is best given to a person who has a rugged appearance.
  • Big-A – If Andrew has a large frame, then “Big Bod” is an apt nickname for him.
  • Drew – Quite possibly the most common form of the name Andrew used as a nickname.
  • Andyroo – Choose this nickname for a badass who also happens to be cute!
  • Drew-Boo – Especially for a true sweetheart.
  • Li’l A – You may make baby Andrew appear even cuter by having his nickname put on a onesie and wearing it.
  • Drowsy – A nick name that is sure to get a chuckle out of you for the napping enthusiast in your life.
  • Andriy – This is a nickname that people call Andrew who speak Ukrainian.
  • Drewster – for an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind type of Drew.
  • Drewberry – For a true sweetheart who makes something much tastier than berries.
  • Dru – A straightforward and endearing rendition of Drew.
  • Sugar-Drew – A shortened version of the nickname given to the kindest person you know.
  • Aindriu – This is an Irish form of the English and Scottish name Andrew.
  • Candy – For an Andrew who is as palatable as sugary treats.
  • Randy Andy – for the Andy who is the most bizarre person you know.
  • Andy Nuts – Someone who is clumsy may earn the nickname “klutz” as a nickname.
  • Mandy – This is a feminine form of the name Andrew, which would sound absolutely ridiculous if given to a male child.
  • Andris – This is a Greek nickname for the name Andrew that literally translates to “fighter.”
  • Mandy – A variation of Andrew that has a more feminine sound to it; this can make it a funny or a cruel nickname for a male whose name is Andrew.
  • Andrewski – A Greek form of Andrew. See also Andrew.
  • Laundrew – You happen to have a hilarious laundry story that involves Andrew. Can you tell me about it?
  • Andry – This is the perfect nickname for Andrew, who has a reputation for having a short fuse.
  • Anderz – Anders with a very minor alteration.
  • Ant-Rew – for an Andrew that is bite-sized or has the appearance of being charming.
  • Drey – The name derives from the popular nickname, Drew.
  • Andy-Gandhi – If he is an elderly guy trapped in a young body, then he has earned the right to be referred to by this pet nickname.
  • Roo – The nick name “Rew,” spelled with a slightly different letter combination.
  • Drewmingo – for an Andrew who has legs that are long and lanky and give the impression that they belong to a flamingo.
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The unique list of nicknames for Andrew that will be popular with your favorite people:

  • Andrii – A term used in Ukrainian for someone who is macho and uncompromising.
  • Drewby-Booby – for Andrew, who appears to be overweight.
  • Mountain Drew – Your very own bottle of Mountain Dew, right here and right now.
  • Andrii – This is a variant of the name Andrew that is used in Ukraine.
  • Andi-Candi – This is a fitting nickname for him if, in fact, he is twice as sweet as candy.
  • Andronicus – This term of endearment originated in Classical Greek and translates to “masculine victor.”
  • Pandrew – A pet name for an individual named Andrew who has the appearance of a cute Panda.
  • Eww – This is the perfect nick name for an Andrew who makes you want to throw up all the time!
  • Sugary-Dewy – Dedicated to the kindest Andrew still living.
  • Dizzy Drew – Consider giving Andrew this amusing nickname if he has a fragile disposition and easily loses his cool over trivial setbacks.
  • Drewberry – Choose this adorable nickname for a hottie who is more delectable than a bowl full of berries!
  • Andraž – The name Andrew adapted to Slovene pronunciation.
  • Andre – Andrè would be a good match for him if he had a dreamy personality or if he was French.
  • Chimpandrew – This is a funny nickname for a guy who you would consider to be similar to a chimpanzee.
  • Mandrew – For an Andrew who is strong and manly
  • Andre – If this person is French or just a dreamy dude, then we’ve found the right place for him!
  • Candy – Someone with the name Andrew who is exceptionally palatable is referred to by this alias.
  • Andork – A slang name for Andrew that comes from the fact that he can be awkward in social situations.
  • Doobie-Doobie – If Andrew is a smoker, he’s probably going to be pretty high about this nickname (no pun intended!).
  • Merry Drew – This endearing nickname is perfect for a gentleman by the name of Andrew who exudes happiness at all times.
  • Drewpanzee – The perfect nickname for a kooky individual whose name is Andrew.
  • Rew – Another cute and quick nickname that we all prefer for Andrew.
  • Andy-Bandy – For an Andrew who is prone to getting hurt and is frequently need to wear bandages and casts.
  • Andy-Dandy – for a man who exudes class and sophistication.
  • Deja Drew – If he looks like a striking man, it will work out perfectly.
  • Merry-Rew – for a person who is happy and full of energy.
  • Hamdrew – For an Andrew who has a passion for ham.
  • Drew Woo – This is a fitting nickname for a man who can win over everyone with his charisma.
  • Andreo – In honour of Andrew, a courageous man with Spanish ancestry.
  • Anjew – It makes perfect sense if he is Jewish.
  • Android – for a self-proclaimed “tech geek” named Andrew who happens to have experience working with Android.
  • Dreamy – because Drew is so ridiculously beautiful.

Final Words

Nicknames for Andrew include “The Hero” and “Pitbull”. He has a unique ability to step up when it matters most and his fearless approach to life makes him one of the most popular players on the team. With his help, the Flyers are destined to make a run at the playoffs.

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