50+ Rihanna Nicknames Every Fan Should Know

Section 8 in the port city of Barbados, which is now a part of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, is where Rihanna was born. She was named after Rihanna, the grandmother of her mother. Her English father has given her two brothers. Her parents split when she was a child, and she lived with her mother and brother for a period before moving with her mother to France.

Rihanna has numerous monikers, but “the Queen” stands out among them. This moniker was given to the rapper and performer by her mother when she was an infant. She has also been referred to as “Marianna” and “Riri .”

This article contains 50+ nicknames for Rihanna. Some of these nicknames may date back to her time spent in Italy or Africa, while others may be more recent. Regardless of their origin, each of her nicknames is endearing and likely to make her followers pleased.

Rihanna Nicknames

Here we will share the popular Rihanna Nicknames that are most popular and describe the story behind the nickname. So lets get started.

1. Caribbean Queen 

Due to her deep ties to the Caribbean, Rihanna has been recognised for a long time as the “Caribbean Queen.” Rihanna, who was born and raised in the Bahamas, rose to fame as a part of the 2010 hit single “Only Girl (In the World)” with Ne-Yo. Michelle Bachelet, the current president of Trinidad and Tobago, contributed vocals to the song and helped promote it around her country.


2. Riri 

Rihanna is nicknamed “Riri” because to her distinctive vocal technique and the way she employs her voice to convey emotion in her songs. Her work has been hailed for its beautiful lyrics and emotional melodies, and in recent years she has become one of the most successful singer-songwriters.

3. The Barbados Babe 

Rihanna was born to Barbadian parents on November 14, 1988 in Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados. She began her musical career at the age of 15 with an album of unreleased tunes titled after herself. She returned to the studio for her third album, Anti, after selling over 100 million records and receiving several accolades, including two Grammy Awards. The album debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart and received praise from critics.

4. Ree 

Ree has always been Rihanna’s nickname. On December 15, 1988, she was born in Kingston, Jamaica. She began singing and rapping in local streets at the age of 13. In 2006, she released a mixtape titled “Know Yourself” as her first major release. The song “Work,” which was featured in the movie “The Social Network,” brought the band to prominence.

5. Anna 

Anna was the initial name given to Rihanna by her mother, Virginia Hamilton. Christopher Hamilton, Rihanna’s grandfather, also gave her the name.

6. Marianna 

Throughout her career, Rihanna has been known by numerous names, but one that is frequently referenced is Marianna. The singer was born in Barbados and came to Europe when she was 15 years old, where she began her career as a model. The 2007 release of her debut album, Tony Visconti, yielded the smash single “Lucky.”

7. Rianne 

Rihanna is referred to as “Rianne” due to the fact that she was born in 1989, just prior to the end of the Britney Spears era. Instead of following in her mother’s footsteps and pursuing a music career, Rihanna chose to concentrate on fashion and beauty. However, despite her success in all fields, she maintains an aura of mystery that makes her all the more captivating to watch.

8. Floor 

Rihanna is nicknamed as “Floor” because to her illustrious musical career. Both as a solo artist and as a member of the West Coast hip-hop collective L.A. Reid & Company, she has experienced significant success. Anti, her most recent album, was released in February and reached number two on the Billboard 200. In addition, the album spawned the Grammy-nominated hit “Bitch.

9. Rhona

Many singers and songwriters have been linked to Rihanna over the years, but few have come close to nailing the “Rhona” persona as Rihanna. Riha was raised in a musical family in Westchester County, New York, where her father is a composer and her mother is a pianist. Rihanna knew from a young age that she wanted to sing and compose her own music.


10. Run away 

Rihanna is well known for her catchy songs and stylish sense, but her true strength is her ability to Run Away difficult circumstances. She has been known to avoid cameras and paparazzi ever since she was a young child. Her parents instilled in her a strong conviction that she should “run away” from life, and she continues to adhere to this idea as an adult.

11. Ri

Rihanna was given the nickname “Ri” by her father, Bobbi Brown, when she was young. Donatella Angelina Jolie, Rihanna’s mother, also gave her the name.

12. Ray ray 

Rihanna has been known as “Ray ray” for quite some time, and not because she is youthful or attractive, but because she is an exceptional singer. In 2011, she launched her debut album, which rapidly became a success, selling over two million copies. Since then, Rihanna has released numerous additional albums, the most recent of which was in 2017.

13. Family

Family is Rihanna’s nickname because of her closeness with her father, Chris Brown. The couple has been married for two years and has two children, a daughter named North and a son named Kiari. Rihanna has made numerous public appearances with her father, frequently accompanying him on tour.

14. Debratt Ree

Rihanna’s given name is “Debratt Ree” because to the fact that her father, Ronald Ree, was a sign painter. The artist and musician was born on December 14, 1987 in London, England. Rihanna began singing at age five and began composing her own songs at age twelve. Since then, she has recorded seven albums and toured the globe.

15. Famous Rere 

Rihanna has been referred to as “Famous Rere” for quite some time. Since she has been singing and performing since childhood, her success in the music industry is not unexpected. Her music is well-known for its catchy melodies and potent sentiments, and she continues to build her reputation with each new release.


16. Pretty Ree 

Rihanna’s nickname has always been “Pretty Ree.” She rose to prominence in 2008 with the release of her self-titled first album, which yielded the hit singles “Pour It On” and “Umbrella.” Since then, Rihanna’s dynamic, pop tunes, including “Umbrella” and “Nonstop,” have continued to make waves. She has even been on the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones.”

17. Adorable Ree Ree 

Rihanna has always been an adorable girl. She is nicknamed as “Adorable Ree Ree” since she makes everyone giggle constantly. Her grin is so infectious that her laughter can illuminate a room. She simply wants to enjoy life and be surrounded by those who love her. Through her music and acting career, she has assisted a vast number of people and serves as a wonderful example for young women.

18. Rih 

Rihanna is known as the pop queen, and she has sold more than 200 million records. She has appeared in over a dozen music videos and has won multiple honours, including two Grammys. Anti, her most recent album, was released in November and was a commercial success.

19. Rihanyt

Some have nicknamed Rihanna “Rihanyt” because she is frequently confused with the Barbadian musician Rihanna. There are numerous grounds for this conclusion. First, both of Rihanna’s parents were born in the Barbadian city of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Her fan base is concentrated in Barbados and North America, where she frequently performs. Third, her rap song often features cultural references to Barbados.

20. Hanna 

Because she was born in the United States and her family is of Libyan origin, Rihanna is known as “Hanna.” Michael, Rihanna’s father, was a business executive, and Donatella, her mother, is a model. Rihanna’s family moved to Italy when she was six years old, and she began attending school in Rome. Rihanna’s musical influences include traditional Italian pop music as well as American rap and soul music.

21. Iha

Rihanna is frequently referred to as “Iha” because she was the first person to rap with the moniker. Iha was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and began rapping when he was 9 years old. Following the release of her debut mixtape, which featured the song “Work,” she began to attract public attention. After releasing another album, Monkey Business, in 2011, Iha received a Grammy for “Single Ladies” as the Best Rap Performance (Put a Ring On It).

22. Nana 

Rihanna was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, to a Haitian mother and a British father in 1988. Rihanna began singing at a young age and rapidly gained popularity as a solo performer, influenced by her mother’s nomination and her own Haitian experiences. In 2004, she made her worldwide debut on the UK music chart with the song “Nana.” The song’s popularity in London’s Chinatown contributed to Rihanna’s rise to global fame.

23. Rayon 

Rihanna was always referred to by her friends and family as “Rayon.” She was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on December 12, 1987. Christopher Rayon and Monica Gilchrist are her parents. Two of Rihanna’s sisters are younger, while her brothers are older. She began singing at the age of five, and her song “Laugh Now Cry Later” made her a teen celebrity.

24. Dior Doll

Rihanna has long been recognised as one of the most famous and successful musicians. Her appellation, Dior Doll, has contributed to her becoming a cultural phenomenon. Her distinctive style and eccentric demeanour have made her a household name, and she remains one of the world’s most popular entertainers. Throughout her career, she has published five albums and two successful singles. The release of her newest album, “Lemonade,” is scheduled for April 17th.

25. Dior Girl

Due to her likeness to fashion designer and actress Yves Saint Laurent, Rihanna has been nicknamed “Dior Girl” for a long time. Her early success as a model and rapper garnered her much critical acclaim, and she has since released a number of popular albums. The release of her most recent album, “Lemonade,” in April of this year was met with great acclaim.

26. R&B Princess 

Long recognised as an R&B princess, Rihanna is a singer, songwriter, and actor. In spite of its light music, her debut album “Rated R” sold more than two million copies. Since then, she has published three additional albums and embarked on numerous international tours. The Recording Industry Association of America has certified her most recent album “Lemonade” as platinum, making it one of the most successful recent albums to debut on the Billboard 200 chart (RIAA).

27. Great Queen

Many have dubbed Rihanna “Great Queen” because to her music, elegance, and philanthropy. She has worked diligently to build a reputation for herself in the industry and has contributed to altering the musical landscape. Rihanna has also given back to her society by contributing to charitable donations. Her goal is straightforward: “to make a difference in the world.


28. Fenty 

Rihanna is best recognised as the lead vocalist and primary songwriter for the pop-rock band Fenty. She is one of the most successful female performers of all time, having sold more than 100 million records worldwide. Born and bred in Kingston, Jamaica, Rihanna rose to prominence in 2005 when she was featured on Kanye West’s Grammy-nominated single “Fancy.” Since then, she has released five albums and garnered three Grammy Award nominations.

29. Million Dollar Legs

Rihanna is known as “Million Dollar Legs” because to her incredible physical attributes, which have made her one of the most popular celebrities in the world. Her breathtaking appearance and great physique have made her one of the most successful vocalists of all time, and she has continued to astonish audiences with her most recent endeavours.

30. The Dominatrix 

Many have referred to Rihanna as the “Dominatrix” because of her dominance over men. Through her songs and social media platforms, she has used her influence to compel others to comply with her wishes. Her videos and lyrics frequently depict her dominating her male counterparts, and she has been accused of sexual abuse.

More Rihanna Nicknames are…

31. Barb Bee 

32. Rebel Flower

33. Tip 

34. Digital Queen 

35. Cruella 

36. Moon Goddess 

37. Right Ball 

38. Re-Anna 

39. Princess of Pop

40. Cora 

41. Medusa 

42. Sweet Basil

43. Black Madonna 

45. The Bajan Beauty

46. Marion 

47. Jamaica Princess

48. Ray-Hanna 

49. Rockstar 

50. Reign Floor

51. Barbadian Beauty 

52. Rhenna 

53. Bubble

54. Hanny Hanny 

55. Hanny Smith 

56. Annie 

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