500+ Cool Among Us Symbols for Making a Catchy Username

Among Us Symbols

If you’re seeking, Among Us symbols, this is the post for you. Champw makes it simple to copy the symbols and paste them where you want them. Because we enjoy assisting others, we noticed that there were significant challenges in gathering symbols, therefore we made it simple for you.

Among Us is a 2018 online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio Innersloth. The game was inspired by the party game Mafia and the science fiction horror film The Thing. Among Us is a popular game among gamers all around the world. However, when they searched for Cool Among Us Name symbols, they were disappointed with the results. However, Champw will always be there when you have no other choice. So, in this article, I’ll show you 500+ Among Us Symbols that you may use with your Among Us usernames.

Previously I have discussed on Among Us names list you can check that but in this article, I will share some Cool Among Us symbols to use.

Among Us symbols

Here in this list, Common Among Us symbols are given as you can quickly access the symbols easily. these symbols are 100% supported on Among Us. Include it in your Among Us name and make it cool looking

٭ 💥─╦̵̵̿╤ඞ ඞ🔫ඞ 𐐘
Ø 𐐘 𐑀 ඞ
ඞ⚔ ඩ 𐐘ඞ ඞ🚽
【】 ⦇⦈

Among Us Character Symbols

Among Us Character Symbols

Looking for Among Us Character Symbols then must check this list.

(;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) ඞ⠀
ඞ sussy ( ・ω・) ඞ SUS
ඞ ඞ ඞ 💀 🗡ඩී 𐐘 ඞ
ඞ sus (•_•)
𐐘⚔ ඩ susi ඞ ඞ⚔ඞ
╰⋃╯ ☁☁☁
𐐘🤝ඞ ඞඞඞ Sus ඞ
ඞඞඞඞ ඩ𐐘
( ㅅ ) Скала 🐇🦴

Among Us Text Symbols

Hre is the lit of Text symbols for Among Us.

baka💀 ඞ⚔️ඞ 😳ඩ🎮
🤨📸 ඩ 𐐘
ಥ_ಥඞ ඞ🔪 ;-;
ഒඞ ඞ🔪ඞ;-;’ ඩut
SUS𐐘 🦦 ඞ🎨
ඞ¬ඞ ඞ𐐘
(●’◡’●) 🧔🏼‍♀️
ඞ susie (T_T)
ඞ suspekt ඞ 🛸 ⛹🏾‍♀️
H̶̿̀͊̍̈́͑̓̈́̃̆́ ඞඞ ඞˢᵘˢ
𐐘ඞ 8==D 🔫 ඞ
ඞ🔪ඞ 𐐘ඩඞ
18+ ඩි
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Among Us Arabic Symbols

Here are Arabic  Among Us Symbols free to use.

إ ٷ ۆ
ئ ٸ ۇ
ا ٹ ۈ
ب ٺ ۉ
ة ٻ ۊ
ت ټ ۋ
ث ٽ ی
ج پ ۍ
ح ٿ ێ
خ ڀ ۏ
د ځ ې
ذ ڂ ۑ
ر ڃ ے
ز ڄ ۓ
س څ ۔
ش چ ە
ص ڇ ۖ
ض ﺿ ڈ ۗ
ط ډ ۘ
ظ ڊ ۙ
ع ڋ ۚ
غ ڌ ۛ
ـ ڍ ۜ
ف ڎ ۝
ق ڏ ۞
ك ڐ ۟
ل ڑ ۠
م ڒ ۡ
ن ړ ۢ
ه ڔ ۣ
و ڕ ۤ
ى ږ ۥ
ي ڗ ۦ
ً ژ ۧ
ٌ ڙ ۨ
ٍ ښ ۩
َ ڛ ۪
ُ ڜ ۫
ِ ڝ ۬
ّ ڞ ۭ
ْ ڟ ۰
ٓ ڠ ۱
ٔ ڡ ڶ
ٕ ڢ ڷ
ڣ ڸ
ڤ ڹ
ڥ ں
ڦ ڻ
ڧ ڼ
ڨ ڽ
ک ھ
ڪ ڿ
ګ ۀ
ڬ ہ
ڭ ۂ
ڮ ۃ
٠ گ ۄ
١ ڰ ۅ
٢ ڱ
٣ ڲ
٤ ڳ
٥ ڴ
٦ ڵ
٧ ٮ
٨ ٯ
٩ ٰ
٪ ٱ
٫ ٵ ٲ
٬ ٶ ٳ
٭ ٴ

Japanese Smiley Face Symbols For Among Us

Here are some examples of Japanese smiley faces Among Us symbols for copy and paste. >>>More Japanese Smiley face 

✌(ツ) =)
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ϡ
 (ツ゚) ت
ӱ ಠ_ಠ

Currency Among Us Name Symbols

This Currency type Among Us name symbol looks very cool for your Among Us username. It can provide your name with a High value worthy.

¢  ៛
 $  ₠  ₪
 €  ₡
 ₥  ﷼  ƒ
 ₦  ¤  ௹
 ₧ ฿

Arrow Type Among Us Symbols

Arrow Type Among Us Symbols

The arrow always shows the direction that may be correct or incorrect. So choose your Arrow Type Among Us Symbols carefully from the list

 ⥆  ⟹
 ⤀  ⟺
 ⤁  ⥜
 ⤔  ⥊  ⥝
 ⤧  ⥞
 ⤝  ⤱  ⥣
 ⤟  ⥦
 ⤢  ⥖  ⤷  ⥩
 ⤣  ⥂  ⥮
 ⥘  ⥃  ⥯
 ⤥  ⥙  ⥪
 ⤪  ⥛
 ⤂  ⥻  ⤌

Special Type Among Us Name Symbols

these are some special picks from ChampW.com. Nobody uses those Symbol in Among Us name I Think

 ㊄  ㈨
 ㈡  ㊅  ㈩
 ㈢  ㊀  ㈧
 ㊈  ㊂

Greek Among Us Symbols

Greek Among Us symbols are for those who are totally independent. If you have a leadership quality you can use these Greek Symbols.

 χ α Υ ξ
ψ β Φ ο
 ω  γ  Χ π
 Α  δ  Ψ  ρ
Β  ε  Ω  ς
 Γ  ζ  Μ  σ
 Δ η Ν  τ
Ε θ  Ξ  υ
 Ζ  ι  Ο  φ
 Η  κ Π Κ
 Θ  λ Ρ  Λ
 Ι  μ  Σ ν

Chinese Among Us Name Symbols

China is a country of unity and symbolizes Martial Arts and there is a huge list of Chinese Among Us symbols for you. This name can make a sense of a PRO player in your friend circle

 ㊚  ㊖
 ㊛  ㊪  ㊗
 ㊝  ㊎  ㊣
 ㊞  ㊤
 ㊠  ㊑
 ㊡  ㊰  ㊧

Japanese Among Us Symbols

Japanese Among Us Symbols

As Japanese Among Us symbols are cool and stylish in look, so Among Us player uses these symbols in their Among Us user name. We also have a lost list of it

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 ぃ  ヌ
ノ ハ  ク  ほ
 う  ぼ
 ぇ  ケ  ぽ
 ヒ  ゲ  ま
 ぉ  み
 お  ピ  む
 ザ  も
 き  ゃ
 ぎ  ジ  や
 く  ス  ゅ
 ぐ  ズ  ゆ
 げ  ボ  ゼ  よ
 こ  ポ  ソ  ら
 マ  り
 さ  ミ  る
 ダ  れ
 し  ろ
 じ  ゎ
 ャ  ッ  わ
 す  ツ  ゐ
 ぞ  ゕ
 た  ・  ゖ
 だ  ゚ ゛
 レ  ヽ  ゜
  っ  ロ  ヾ  ゝ
 つ  ヮ  ゞ
 づ  ワ  ゟ
ヰ ヱ  ㍿  ゠
 ば  ァ
 と  ン  ぱ  ア
 ど  ヴ  ひ
 び  イ
 に  ヶ  ぴ  ゥ
 ぬ  ふ  ウ
 ね  ぶ  ェ
 の  ヹ  ォ

Korean Among Us Symbols

As Koream Symbols are Cool in look. So if you use a Korean Name symbol into your Among Us username that might give a High Popularity in your friend circle.

 ㅰ  ㅙ  ㅊ
 ㄲ  ㅱ  ㅚ  ㅋ
 ㄳ  ㅲ  ㅛ  ㅌ
 ㄴ  ㅳ  ㅜ  ㅍ
 ㄵ  ㅴ  ㅎ
 ㄶ  ㅵ  ㅏ
 ㄷ  ㅶ
 ㄸ  ㅷ  ㅠ  ㅑ
 ㄹ  ㅸ  ㅒ
 ㄺ  ㅓ
 ㄻ  ㅺ  ㅥ  ㅔ
 ㄼ  ㅻ  ㅦ
 ㄽ  ㅼ  ㅧ  ㅖ
 ㄾ  ㅽ  ㅨ  ㅗ
 ㄿ  ㅩ  ㅘ
 ㅀ  ㅪ  ㆇ
 ㅁ  ㆀ  ㅫ  ㆈ
 ㅂ  ㅬ  ㆉ
 ㅃ  ㆂ  ㅭ  ㆊ
 ㆃ  ㅮ  ㅈ
 ㅅ  ㆄ  ㅯ  ㅉ
 ㅆ  ㆅ  ㅇ  ㆆ

List Of Among Us Symbols

How to type Among us symbol?

1. Launch your device’s browser.
2. Go to https://champw.com/ and search for among us symbols.
3. Choose an emoji or the Among Us symbol from the table.
4. Select and Copy.
5. Paste it wherever you desire, such as in the rename column in Among Us or elsewhere.

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Final Words

Thank you for reading this helpful blog. I think you got your desired Among Us Name symbols. If you got yours then please share the article with your friends to help us grow.

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